Lucas Brooks

Basic Data

Name: Lucas Telkin Brooks
Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment: USS DEMORA-SULU
Current Position: Chief Engineering Officer
Service #: LTB-921025-A52O
Race: Human/Acamarian
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Date of Birth: September 25, 2392
Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth

Naturalized Earth Citizen, United Federation of Planets Sovereign Acamarian
[NOTE: The Sovereign Acamarian government automatically grants Citizenship to children born of naturalized Acamarian women. This citizenship will always be upheld by the Acamarian government even if the citizen in question has never lived on the planet. In cases where the birth does not occur on Acamar III the mother must make a request to the Sovereign Acamarian Government, as was done in Lucas Brooks case by his mother.]

Physical Description

Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown (Almost Black)
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180 lbs

Distinctive Features: Lucas Brooks has a series of partial circles and waves tattooed on his face in blue ink. Lucas Brooks also has the traditional Acamarian cleft in his forehead, however it is more subtle given his mixed heritage.

Family Data

Marital Status: Single
Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Greg Brooks (DECEASED)
Mother: Taramala (nee: Lornakin) Brooks-Suder
Siblings: Andrew - Brother (older), Joyce – Sister (twin), Andrus
Suder - Half Brother (10)
Other Family: Andezex (an-dee-zek) Lomakin (Low-mac-en) - Uncle
(Mother's side)


Primary Schooling – Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth
Secondary Schooling - Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth
Star Fleet Academy – San Francisco, California, Earth


Acamarian Tek-Mey-Tak
Holo Sports

Traditions and Beliefs

Lucas Brooks follows an ancient Clan Spiritual Path which is a religion based on the forces of the universe (some people might call fate) and uses natural elements in many of its ceremonies.

Service Record

Stardate Event
14.0528 Lucas graduates SF Academy, Engineering Major/Operations Minor
14.0902 Lucas begins studies at Starfleet School of Engineering.
16.0605 Lucas graduates from the SFA School of Engineering majoring in advanced shipboard systems and design.
16.0711 Lucas is order to report to SB OMEGA for assignment to Deep Space 101, CEO
16.1100 Lucas was lost on away team mission along with fellow officer Ensign T'al on Fascinum VI where they first encountered the Bachara lead by Miri Hara and helped to destroy the terrorist group's hidden outpost.
17.0200 Lucas assists in foiling the efforts and apprehending Yah'mal a Bachara terrorist who infiltrated Deep Space 101.
17.0600 Lucas is part of the USS Curie on their mission to the Mayar System where they encountered the Mayarians and Kwani. The Mayarians from the distant future came to the present in order to destroy their enemy, the Kwani, while the race was still in development.
17.0724 Caught in a multi-universe intersect along with other members of the USS Curie and worked to return the away team to their correct universe.
18.0115 Promotion to Lieutenant and assigned Second Officer duties, Deep Space 101.
18.0200 Lucas helps to deter a Semihleati attack on the Deyhui, a nomadic race without a home world that had been visiting DS101.
18.0700 Part of the away team sent to investigate the destruction of Outpost 108 at M'Sargo III where the USS Hikaru team encountered a Kyroid who had had crashed on M'Sargo III nearly 4,000 years ago. It was later discovered that a current day Kyroid ship had received the ancient distress signal from the crash ship 4,000 year later and responded. The current day Kyroid ship had believed the single to be current and attacked OP108 destroying it believing that Starfleet was holding the senders of the distress signal. The HIKARU team's final assignment was to help in the re-construction of OP108.
18.0708 Assigned USS Hermes, First Officer/Chief Enginnering Officer.
18.1010 Lucas voluntarily forfeits position of First Officer.
19.0313 Lt. Lucas Brooks is ordered to report back to Starbase Omega for re-assigment.
21.0526 Assigned SB OMEGA, Engineering Department, Mission Specialist.
21.0901 Assigned SF ENG CORPS, Cocoon II Construction Team, Drake IV
21.0911 Assigned USS Demora-Sulu, Chief Enggineering Officer

Personal History

SD 92.1025
Lucas Brooks is born to Greg and Taramala Brooks in Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth. Lucas' fraternal twin sister, Joyce Brooks, was born 10 minuets before Lucas. Joyce and Lucas where the 2nd and 3rd children of Greg and Taramala.

SD 06.0328
Lucas' father Greg Brooks goes missing and is presumed dead Greg Brooks was a Starfleet Lt. Specializing in marine biology. While working on a special project for Starfleet the vessel he was working off was found floating empty in the Atlantic Ocean with none of the crew aboard. An investigation was launched and concluded that their instruments had failed and they must have been stuck in a storm or hit by a large wave and all hands drowned.

SD 06.0405
Taramala's brother Andexez Lomakin came to live with the family at her request. Andexez had lost his wife in a small attack by a warring clan so he easily agreed to the transition, to help her in raising the children. [Even thou the government of Acamar III has a strict line that there are no clan wars anymore, small attacks between warring clans still occur and are handled mainly by local security forces.]

SD 08.0311
In a ritual ceremony on Acamar III Lucas and Joyce were initiated into the clan as Individuals. [This is a ceremony to mark the coming of age into adulthood when they were considered individuals in the clan instead of portion of their parents.] When Lucas, Joyce and their mother left Acamar III Andexez and their older brother Andrew remained behind by choice.

SD 09.0525
Lucas' mother Taramala married a man named Tal Suder.

SD 10.0826
Lucas began his training at Starfleet Academy. Taramala, Tal and Joyce moved to Betazed to Tal's family estate.

SD 11.0210
Andrus Suder, Lucas' half brother, is born.

SD 13.1106
Lucas' Uncle and older brother were arrested for their involvement in a large up rising against a warring clan. The Sovereign Government of Acamar III quashed those involved with the uprising and sentenced them to life imprisonment.

Stabbed while in a bar fight at the Blackhole on DS101

Psychological Profile

Filed By Cmdr. G. Greene, Counselor, Starfleet Medical

Family Relations

Lucas Brooks has a healthy relationship with his mother, step father, sister and his younger half brother. Lucas and his sister have a unique and close relationship. In their Acamarian culture twins of any kind are considered pieces of the same, two sides of one. During their Individuality ceremony where an Acamarian receives an unique tattoo to celebrate their individuality Lucas and Joyce were given the same tattoo to remind them always of their oneness. They were however assigned different guides to reflect their personalities, or two side of one, Lucas receiving the Protector and Joyce the Healer. Lucas does not like talking about his older brother as the family dis-agrees with
his stance on the warring of clans, and consider him to have dis-honoured them. The family supports the movement on the planet that has developed towards peace with other clans and wish for these small groups in each clan to stop their fighting and attacks. Lucas tells me that a strong sense of the clan was instilled in him and his siblings by their Uncle, when Andexez came to live with them on Earth. Andexez had a very vengeance stance on the warring of clans which he shared only with Lucas' older brother, Lucas speculated that his Uncle most likely targeted his older brother because Andrew Brooks had been involved with minor infractions before, because he was older and more
susceptible to following others. The disappearance of Lucas' father still troubles him in the aspect that his father was never found even given the through investigation using the newest technology. However he has come to accept that his father is most likely dead and has learned to live with this fact. Lucas speaks fondly of the time he can remember with his father when he was younger.

Final Summary

Lucas Brooks seems to be ambitious man focused on his future and knowing clearly where his loyalties lie in this family and in Starfleet. Lucas Brooks tends to be fairly head strong when he really
believes something is right or wrong, even if it might get him in trouble. Ever since he was a young child he has been the protector of family, friend and even strangers, it was the sign he was born under and the guide he was given in his Individuality Ceremony. This helps define him as the kind hearted person he appears to be. Lastly he tells me he chose to serve in Starfleet because of the way his father had talked about his own adventures before he disappeared and Lucas wanted to honour his father by following his fathers footsteps. He chose to specialize in engineering because of the creative side of it, he ability to build something magnificent from nothing. He tells me every since he was a child he liked to take a part things see how they would work and then re-build them again, not always into the same thing they once were. It is in the opinion of this psychologist and Starfleet officer that Ensign Brooks will make a fine addition to where ever he destined to serve.

++Personal Notes


Lucas once encountered a "vedek" who indicated he knew something about
Lucas' father's disappearance; Lucas dismissed this (16.1210,
#3319-DS101). This "vedek" was later found killed in the atrium
(17.0317, #3533-DS101). When Lucas was stabbed he "crossed over" where
he met many of his dead ancestors. His father was mysteriously absent.
Lucas believes this event to have actually happened as he was told in
his dream by his dead aunt that his sister was pregnant; Lucas later
found out that his sister was indeed pregnant – Lucas knew from his
dream before his sister did. (18.0203, #3933 – DS101)


Jasmin was Lucas' first real love whom he met at Starfleet Academy, they
shared quiet the romance together which lasted until graduation at which
time Jasmin abruptly left Earth for her first assignment with out saying
goodbye. The two met up again very unexpectedly on Drake IV years later,
the two re-kindled their relationship at this time though have gone
their separate ways again, but remain friends. (18.0915, #366 - D-SULU)

Awards and Distinctions

Stardate Award
18.0115 Zefram Cochrane Medal


Character Sketch

The first thing you'll notice about Lucas Brooks is his easy going and friendly personality. Brook's is the kind of person you can get to know easily for most part, if Lucas is put on the defensive he can get his back-up. As you get to know Lucas you will understand that he basis many of his decisions in life on a sense of right and wrong/good and evil always trying to right but himself, his ancestors and to those in the universe around him. Lucas also has strong sense of loyalty to those who he considers his closer friends and loved ones. The exception to Lucas's good nature is when he is under a great deal of work or working through a tense situation Lucas can become much more strict, streamlined in his work and relations to those around him; Even finding himself short and barking orders.

Lucas can usually be found in Engineering or tinkering with some project in an engineering lab somewhere. Recreationally Lucas enjoys socializing with friends, spending some time on the holodeck with a good story or work out program. Lucas however also highly values having alone time to read a good novel or work on his art.

Player Awards

Terraformer Award (18.0116)
Meritorious Service Citation (18.0312)
Blue Ribbon (18.0707)

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