Captain Link was the commanding officer of the marine outpost Cocoon One (also known as Outpost 721) in the Cocoon. He was an android appearing as a Human male.

Basic data

Name: Link
Rank: Captain (O-6)
Assignment: Outpost 721, COCOON ONE, Cocoon Fleet
Position: Commanding Officer
Race: Soong-type Android. (Built by Data)
Ht./Wt.: 1.83m (6'0")/100kg (220lbs)
Hair: Short, Black
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Age: 20 standard earth years
Other: Link is a Caucasian male and appears human. It would be difficult to tell he was an android just by looking at him.


Graduated from Starfleet Academy at the top of his class. Expert on gaseous anomalies and nebulae. Link graduated as a science officer.

Place of Birth

Mr. Link apparently became self-activated at Captain Data's Starfleet Academy lab. He may or may not have been completed at the time of Captain Data's disappearance, and subsequent activation.


Little is known of his family, other than Captain Data of Starfleet. Captain Data was in command of the USS INTEGRITY (NCC-78574) when it disappeared 20 years ago, while cataloging nebular gaseous anomalies.

Link owns a pet dalmatian named Styx.

Link has with him, in a security locked case, the dismantled Lore android. Link made an attempt to download Lore's memories into his own pathways, attempting to lend insight into what possible areas of programming he had yet to be given at the time of his father's disappearance.

Unfortunately, he had problems discovering a way to download Lore's memory without activating Lore's higher brain functions. Finding it insensible to reactivate Lore - even just his brain functions momentarily - just to shut him down seconds later, Link declined to follow through with the procedure. Although, he has not ruled out the possibility of pursuing this memory download at another time. To that end, he continues developing new theories on how to best accomplish this.


Cooking. Although Link does not require food, he seems to "enjoy" cooking for others.


Link has recently taken up writing to work on his creativity


Link has unique abilities that give him obvious advantages, both mentally and physically. He was very efficient during Academy tactical drills (ground, ship and fleet tactics), giving precise "by the book" solutions. Although it should be noted that he lacked imagination in his solutions. This is believed to be as a result of his lack of emotions.

His abilities make him a natural candidate for the OPS position. He showed promise as a possible security/tactical officer, but focused on sciences.

Initial File Prepared by Admiral Shane Marshall, Starfeet Academy

Service Record

Stardate Event
06.1210.0000 Graduated from Starfleet Academy.
06.1219.2110 Started training at ALB with Ens. Jettero Tyce and Ens. John Trachen under Cmdr. Charles Bennson.
07.0111.0038 Completed training at ALB.
07.0112.1500 Assigned to USS SARACEN NCC-1492 (newly commissioned Galaxy-class starship) as Chief Science Officer. (Ensign Link was offered the posting of Chief Science Officer at Starbase GAMMA, but chose a posting on an exploratory vessel.)
07.0319.2245 Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade; promoted to Operations Officer and Second Officer of the USS SARACEN.
07.0321.1200 SARACEN crew receives Outstanding Unit Citation.
07.0522.1400 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and First Officer of the USS SARACEN.
07.0717.2100 Promoted to Captain and Commanding Officer of the USS SARACEN.
07.1201.0257 USS SARACEN was destroyed at Sigma Nu IV, saving the planet from destruction.
08.0210.1200 Cleared of any wrong doings in the SARACEN's destruction and given command of USS VALHALLA, NCC-60000.
08.????.???? Assumes command of Outpost 721 (Cocoon One) in Nedrex system of the Negdren Sector.

Disciplinary Record

SD. 08.0419: Reprimand regarding incident on Juun Homeworld, Stardate 80407.

>>>>>>>>>>>Subspace Transmission SB Omega to USS Fenris<<<<<<<<<<<<<
FR: Admiral Catherine Scott DiFalco
TO: Captain Calvin DiFalco, Captain Link, Lt. Major Gary McArthur
Re: General Taing, Ambassador Kel and Juun Relations.

Having reviewed the case presented by Ambassador Kel and General Taing, I believe it is essential to make it perfectly clear that this office is in complete agreement with the actions taken by Captain DiFalco to preserve the Juun alliance. The past records of Captain Link and Lt. Major McArthur being taken into consideration, their assignment to Outpost 721 is approved. Should they at any time violate the injunctions placed upon them by the Juun government with regards to visits to the Juun home planet, this case will be reopened with a formal hearing on Omega. Formal reprimands will be placed in the permanent record of Captain Link and Lt. Major McArthur. A hold on consideration for promotion shall be placed on Captain Link for a period of five years and on Lt. Major McArthur for a period of one year. This judgment is of course subject to review by StarFleet Command.

As a final note, I would like to express my hope that these two officers will return to their former exemplary mode of conduct and put this distasteful transgression behind them.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End Transmission<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

NRPG information

About 21 years ago (in this timeline) Data, a Captain, took a one year sabbatical in order to pursue the possibility of creating another Soong-type android; another offspring. He worked at the Academy Labs on creating a stable positronic brain.

He was able to use his experience with Lal, as well as, the using the Lore and Julianna Soong androids as models. He feared a repeat of Lal's death so he planned to develop a slower, controlled, positronic pathway creation model.

After a year of testing, Data was to go on a three month scientific mission cataloging nebular gaseous anomalies. During his absence, the fully functional android, which Data named Link, was left in the lab unactivated, while a multitude of diagnostic testing ran.

Captain Data's ship disappeared a month later and Link became self-activated three months after that, in the lab. Not only did no one know about his creation, nobody has been able to explain his self-activation.

Data created Link without emotions. But Link has it within his programing to gain emotions at a certain developmental stages. These "emotions" will be manifested in a gradual process.

Link is not a Data copy-cat, he is a separate and altogether different being. He differs in appearance, programming and goals. He believes that his programming is not complete and only his father can finish him. (Obviously there are similarities but Link should not be given limits based on what Data would or would not do)

Captain Link was played by Kyle Giardino.

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