L'Orizzonte was a mission carried out by the Threin-class USS Horizon, NCC-396001, between stardates 17.0925 and 18.0331.

Mission orders

To: Captain James T. Burke, CO, USS Horizon
From: Admiral Tandro Landi, Fleet XO, Cocoon Fleet
SD: 17.0923


A distress call just came in from the USS Chupacabra in the Metrall sector. This Gryphon class vessel, registry NCC-812008, is engaged in monitoring the collision of two neutron stars. Details of the Chupacabra's situation are unknown at this point, but Starfleet is convinced of the authenticity and urgency of the distress call.

The USS Horizon is hereby ordered to proceed to the Chupacabra's last known coordinates and provide what help is necessary. Speed is of the essence.

Good luck,
Admiral Tandro Landi
Cocoon Fleet Executive Officer

Senior staff

CO: Captain James Burke
FO: Lieutenant-Commander Nova'Song
CSO/2O: Lieutenant Vymora Einicrox
CSciO: Lieutenant Kallesin 'n Galeda
FCO: Lieutenant JG Epona O'Leary
CEO: Lieutenant JG Samuel Dwight
OPS: Lieutenant JG Robert O'Brady
CMO: Lieutenant Ingel Rademach
SOCO: Lieutenant Arkanis
SOXO: Lieutenant JG Nathan Cady

Mission summary

Not yet written.


Lieutenant Kallesin 'n Galeda: promoted to Lieutenant-Commander
Lieutenant Vymora Einicrox: promoted to Lieutenant-Commander
Lieutenant JG Robert O'Brady: promoted to Lieutenant

Awards received


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