Illegal Smuggling

Illegal Smuggling was a mission carried out by the USS Athene, NCC-92002, between stardates 9.0520 and 10.0108.

Mission orders

To: Simms, Demetrius, Lieutenant-Commander, CO USS ATHENE
From: DiFalco, Sebastian, Captain, aFXO Cocoon Fleet


Upon completion of repairs the USS ATHENE is ordered to investigate operations run by Juun cargo ships which could be connected to increasing activities of organized crime on Juun.

This mission is conducted in cooperation with Starfleet Security with the advice of Commander Perrin while operating under your own discretion.

— DiFalco, Captain, aFXO

G1 Report Cmdr. Tulok:
An increases level of organized criminal activity has been recorded on Juun and throughout the Juun Union. We have reason to believe that crime syndicates operating in the Federation and on Bajor are setting up claims in the Cocoon. It is imperative to disrupt these plans at an early stage.

Senior staff

Cmdr Demetrius Simmgs CO
LtCmdr Joanne Carters XO/FO

Mission summary

written by Clark Goble

The USS Athene set out on course for the Juun System. It's joint mission with SFSEC was to identify and cripple the illegal smuggling trade active within the system.

While in route to Juun, the Athene detected a stress signal from an unidentified Dergrad Vessel. Per Lt.CMDR Simm's orders the Athene changed course to investigate the SOS. The Athene's crew found a Dergrad vessel which was "dead in space", no life signs were detected. Captain Simms made the decision to send over an away team which consisted of Lt.Carters (XO) and Ens.Hanara (CSciO), as well as the former Chief of Security and CMO/CNS (Both of whom are no longer on the Athene). The away mission was fairly routine untill Lt.Carters got the "feeling" she was being watched. Upon her orders, the away mission was cut short. An incident ocurred while the away team tried to beam over. Unknown to the crew still on the Athene, the away team was switched with thier duplicates from an alternate dimension. The duplicates were identical in every way except for being incredibly evil. Thinking he had his crewman back on board, Simms notified Star Base Omega of the abandoned ship and set course for Juun. Meanwhile, the Athene's actual crewman were trapped in the alternate dimension.

The evil duplicates of the Athene's crew began launching a plan to kill Demetrius Simms, but thier plans were cut short when the real crew members managed to transport themselves back to the Athene (through a process that has not been able to be repeated). Hanara's duplicate, known as Hannah, deserted her fellos and destroyed a shuttle that they were attempting to escape in. All the duplicates, excluding Hannah, are presumed to be dead.

Upon arriving in the Juun System, the Athene picked up Christopher Steele, an agent for SFSec who was to assist them in the mission. Steele had managed to place tracking beacons on the cargo of one of the smuggling ships and provided the Athene with the means to follow the drug runners.

After this incident, another more frightening plot began to develop. A being named Arogos began to make it's presence known on the Athene. Apparently, the creature had been aboard the distressed Derndrad ship and was able to transport itself onboard the Athene. Arogos was an intensly evil creature. It fed off the negative and chaotic thoughts of those around it. It had the ability to jump from dimension to dimension, and it could plant evil thoughts in what it called "weak minded humanoids". Arogos was also completely invisible to the ship's sensors and was able to move about undetected, phasing through walls and doors. Lt.Carters was able, however, to "sense" it's presence whenever it was near her.

After wreaking havoc for several days, Arogos "possessed" Simms body and attempted to kill Joanne Carters, nearly succeeding. Ensign Hanara saved the day however when she flooded the ship with Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), thus eliminating any negative thoughts on the ship and weakening Arogos to the point that he could be captured. Arogos was placed in the ship's brig to be studied by the ship's staff. Ensign Hi'Wee, the ship's CEO, devised away to communicate with the creature by isolating the wave length in which it detected negative emotions.

The Athene tracked the smugglers to a small, isolated moon in the Juun system which turned out to be the smugglers base of operations. An away team, led by Agent Steele was sent down to the moon's surface to deal with the smugglers at ground level.

Meanwhile, the Athene came under fire by one of the smuggler's mercenary ships. At the same instant, Arogos was able to escape from the ship's brig and take possession of Doctor Delacroix's body. Arogos then broke into the ship's computer core and disabled the shields. Without the shields, the Athene was nearly destroyed by the enemy smuggling ship. Warp power was knocked off line and several of the crew were injured.

During the battle, a weakened Arogos took possession of Hannah (Hanara's duplicate) and escaped back to the Alternate Dimension.

The CEO, Hi'Wee, was able to repair the shields and the mercenary vessel was destroyed by some creative tactics instituted by Lt.CMDR Simms. On the ground, the away team was able to take fifteen smugglers hostage and destroyed thier entire inventory.

Once the warp engines are back online, which should be shortly, the Athene will set course for SB:Omega for repairs and thier next mission assignment.

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