HWF Wiki

The HWF Wiki is an encyclopedia for the Holoworld Fleet Role-play Game (HWF RPG) that can be edited by all of its members. It contains detailed information on the Cocoon (the area of space in which the HWF takes place), including an interactive map, an overview of known planets and other astronomical objects, and profiles of native alien species. It also has data on the starships and starbases comprising the Cocoon Fleet, the departments on these units, and the people serving there.

What is Holoworld Fleet?

Holoworld Fleet is a play-by-email roleplaying game based around the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe. The club has been in existence since 1996 and remains one of the longest continuously running Star Trek roleplaying organizations, including some of the oldest PBeM units on the internet. Set in the early 25th century (approximately 50 years after the end of TNG), HWF is a literature-based game of collective storytelling where the players roleplay through writing the lives and adventures of characters serving in Starfleet.

Holoworld Fleet is set in a secluded section of space known by most spacefarers as the Cocoon: an expanse of space surrounded by a dense impenetrable mixture of space debris, dark matter and nebulae known as the Veil. The Cocoon's outer wall has been well charted and extends into the Alpha Quadrant beyond Bajor. For centuries however, its interior remained unexplored. In 2397 the USS Newton discovered a way through the Veil at a small opening. This opening, known as the Portal, exists as the only known way in or out of the Cocoon and is the Cocoon Fleet's only access to the outside.

Although Starfleet has been in the Cocoon for over a decade, much of it still remains unexplored; it hosts an unusually high number of M-class planets and a wide variety of native alien lifeforms. The Cocoon Fleet serves the Federation's interests in the region as well as providing protection and Starfleet assistance to the few member worlds that have joined the Federation since the Cocoon Fleet began its exploration of this isolated frontier. The Cocoon Fleet currently comprises several starships and starbases as it continues to "go where no person has gone before".

What is a wiki?

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia, a wiki itself, offers the following definition:

A wiki is a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content, using a simplified markup language. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites. The collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia is one of the best-known wikis.

The main purpose of Holoworld Fleet is to collectively write stories. A wiki is then very suitable to contain the background of the HWF universe and to gather information on new people, places and items discovered as the collective story unfolds. All members of the HWF can edit the HWF wiki—a big improvement over the old HWF encyclopedia, which could only be edited by a few people.

Another major benefit of wikis is their easy syntax. One needs to know HTML to properly maintain a website, but not to edit a wiki. The graphical layout is all handled behind the scenes. The wiki's content—text and images—can be manipulated by anyone who knows how to work with Microsoft Word or a similar office program.

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