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Quite a large number of alternate timelines have appeared in stories aboard the USS Horizon over the years! I thought I might document the details of some of the major ones, in case they might be returned to in the future. However, like rabbits they seem to propagate themselves. I couldn't really guess at how many alternate timelines the Horizon has dealt with since its launch. But as I said, here are SOME of the major ones:

The "Prime" Timeline

This is the reality that the USS Horizon crew know and love. I've called it the "Prime" Timeline for reference purposes only. It actually diverges explicitly from the "canon" Star Trek timeline… but I've written a note about that elsewhere.

The "Andromeda" Timeline

On stardate 13.0821, the USS Horizon returned after a mission to the Milky Way galaxy through the wormhole in the M'Sagro system and found themselves in this alternate timeline. The timeline had many differences to the "Prime" Timeline, but the main difference was the fact that the Federation was fighting a losing war against the combined forces of the Dominion and other hostile races. This timeline probably diverged from "Prime" in 2396, when Shania Townsend Patton survived the birth of her child, instead of dying as she had done in the original timeline.

The "Cardassian-Tholian" Timeline

This is one of the three alternate timelines accidentally created by Dr. Linus. This time, following the divergence from "Prime" on stardate 07.0223, the Federation ends fighting a war against the Cardassian-Tholian Alliance. The USS Horizon from this timeline, filled with paranoid, war-hardened officers, crossed over into the "Prime" Timeline in 2411 and crash-landed on Icefall II, as did the USS Horizon from the "Cyridian" timeline.

The "Cyridian" Timeline

This is another one of the three alternate timelines accidentally created by Dr. Linus's time-travelling capers. The main difference is that Cyrix Brakos is female, and known as Cyridian Brakos. Seeing as the timeline diverged from "Prime" on stardate 07.0223, after the birth of Cyrix, this might mean that Cyridian is really a long-lost sister of Cyrix—or maybe Cyrix had a sex-change operation! Who knows? HoloCyridian, currently aboard the USS Horizon in the "Prime" Timeline, originates from this timeline.

The "Eternity" Timeline

The alternate timeline that features in Geoff Winder's epic "Eternity" seems to have diverged from the "Prime" Timeline around stardate 08.0406. Tergin and Asa Garn never met, and never served on the USS Horizon together. Thirty years on, Garn is a Commodore (having never been lost at Icefall II; see the "Plague" Timeline), and Tergin has been assimilated by the Borg.

The "Kieran Joram" Timeline

In this alternate timeline, Kieran Joram went missing from the USS Horizon on stardate 10.0312 and didn't reappear until sometime in 2447, when he was taken in by Valarians in the Gamma Quadrant. Two years later he was discovered by the crew of the USS Horizon-B, which included many former members of the old USS Horizon such as Commodore Asa Garn. In due course, Kieran found a way back in time to 2410, coinciding with the destruction of the Horizon-B. Upon his arrival back in 2410, this timeline was eradicated, but if what quantum theory speculates is true, then it stills exists, somewhere out there in the Multiverse—just like all the other alternate timelines mentioned here.

The "Kraa-Kree War" Timeline

In late-2414, this alternate timeline diverges from the "Prime" Timeline. It features in "Destiny", and more prominently in "The Last Horizon". Jarek Malaar saves the Federation from the Kraa-Kree using the Omnikron weapon he picked up on his adventure through time. It is suggested that this timeline may well have been the "real" future of the Horizon crew if, at the end of the story, Jarek had not had his "experience". Read the stories for more info…

The "Leyson Ayden" Timeline

The future from which Leyson Ayden originates may or may not be an alternate timeline. But I have a hunch that it is. This is substantiated—but not proven—by the appearance of the USS Enterprise-J in the "Star Trek: Enterprise" episode "Azati Prime", where Captain Archer is given a peek of a battle that occurs in the 26th century. If the "J" is in a battle in the 26th century, then it doesn't make sense for the Enterprise-I, that ship's predecessor, to be destroyed two centuries later in the year 2711. The only thing this proves is that "Enterprise" and Leyson Ayden's future are taking place in parallel histories. As to which is "real" or "canon" is purely down to the preference of the reader, but seeing as Leyson Ayden's future is Horizon-related and "Star Trek: Enterprise" isn't, Ayden's future history, be it alternate or not, takes precedence within the context of this Chronology. Again, as mentioned before, I've written a note elsewhere about the nature of alternate timelines in Star Trek.

The "Plague" Timeline

Don't get this one confused with the "Tanaris Vel" Timeline. In this timeline, the Hood class Horizon was never destroyed (suggesting a divergence of around mid-2410 or so), and Kieran Joram ends up as captain. By 2411, the Federation has been infected by some kind of strange, telepathic plague. After Kieran's USS Horizon crossed over to the "Prime" Timeline, the "real" Asa Garn got infected by the Plague and was forced to return to this timeline.

The "Tanaris Vel" Timeline

I'll keep this brief. In this alternate timeline, Jarek Malaar gets the Plague (presumably whilst on Icefall II in 2411). He dies. The Plague spreads. The Federation falls. Tergin has a daughter by a Romulan woman in 2415, called Tanaris Vel. By the 27th century, the Confederation has arisen, and Tanaris Vel travels back to 2411 to generally screw things up, probably stranding herself in the "Prime" Timeline for good. Oh, well.

And a note about Doctor Wednesday… time travel always makes placement of events a little tricky, but here's my attempt at a chrono-list of events from Wednesday's perspective… Why? Well, because I'm a nerd and I have nothing better to do:

  • From their home reality, Wednesday and Gerundimor test the Reality Engine on Jarek Malaar, abducting him twice from the USS Horizon in 2413.
  • (Unknown time passes.)
  • Wednesday uses the Reality Engine to travel to the USS Horizon in 2414, but is stranded there. He is shortly rescued from the Horizon by a thirty-years-older Gerundimor, who has developed the Reality Box.
  • (Unknown time passes. Wednesday and Gerundimor are said by the Malvedians to have been time-travelling for twenty-nine subjective years, during which they did God-knows-how-much damage to the space-time continuum.)
  • Wednesday returns briefly to the Horizon, taking Chug with him. (Malvedians from around 2715 follow Wednesday, taking Leyson Ayden with them. Wednesday is apparently some kind of threat.)
  • (Unknown time passes.)
  • Wednesday and Gerundimor travel to (an alternate) 2422 and steal the USS Gaia from Earth spacedock, renaming it the Tempus.
  • (Unknown time passes. Chug is "misplaced" by Wednesday and Gerundimor—this could happen any time between his abduction and their capture. Chug uses some of their temporal technology for his own purposes. Wednesday and Gerundimor are aboard the Tempus for "many months". Note - see entry for 2153 for more speculation on what happened to Chug…)
  • Aboard the Tempus, Wednesday and Gerundimor accidentally transplant the USS Horizon NCC-1000 from 2215 to 2415.
  • (Unknown time passes.)
  • Wednesday and Gerundimor experiment with Horizon crew members on the planet Amazon.
  • (Unknown time passes. The USS Horizon NCC-1000 vanishes under unknown circumstances.)
  • The Tempus is captured by Captain Clarkson in 2416 before they can transplant the USS Horizon NCC-825002. Wednesday and Gerundimor are brought back to 2877 to face justice!

- Jonathan Illingworth, May 2009

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