Season 9 (2416)

November, 2416: Unhappy with the Federation's growing presence in the Cocoon, the Telmarc Trade Combine declares war. One of their Matriarch class starships prepares for battle with Starfleet forces.

January 2416

SD. 16.0101: "Horizon Squared, Part II"

The Special Operations team beams down to Amazon's surface to rescue the 212 colonists. They are being detained in a sports arena with a transporter shield covering the entire building, but this presents little trouble for the SpecOps team. A Sandstorm class Deserte warship arrives, approaches the Horizon and opens fire. The Horizon tries to protect the much weaker NCC-1000.

Trinity Layne-Malaar has curly hair during this year. The following year she returns to her previous straight hair style.

Over the next two years, Crown Prince Tamal Jehune of Deserte undergoes strategic and tactical training on Andor.

SD. 16.0115: Ingel Rademach returns to Starfleet by way of Cardassian diplomatic envoy. He undergoes rehabilitation on Starbase Omega.

SD. 16.0119: Right after being hit by fire from a Deserte warship, inflicting heavy damage, a temporal bubble forms around the USS Horizon NCC-1000, and the ship disappears from normal space. The Deserte ship withdraws from the battle shortly thereafter.

SD. 16.0125: Jay McMadeth appears to the mirror Bordaq, Mr. B, in the aftermath of a failed Section 31 mission.

February 2416

SD. 16.0202: The USS Hermes is put into drydock for a major overhaul and most of its crew is reassigned. Lt<jg> N'Borga Vandenbergh, CEO, moves to the Horizon where he becomes assistant CEO under Stan the Man.

Kallesin 'n Galeda is assigned to the USS Athene following the decommissioning of the USS Hermes.

SD. 16.0214: Stan the Man continue to have difficulty adapting to his new life. He, N'Borga Vandenbergh and Ta'Vern decide that Vandenbergh will be acting CEO until The Man has fully adapted. Ironically, Vandenbergh must now help The Man, whereas the Stan the Man hologram was originally built to help Vandenbergh cope with the death of his friend.

SD. 16.0220: The Special Operations team invades the building where the colonists are held hostage and they neutralize any resistance. All the colonists are beamed to the Horizon, as well as a number of the hostage takers. Eighteen of the hostage takers die when the Deserte warship returns and destroys the colony. The Horizon leaves Amazon and returns to SB Omega, where Captain Burke makes up his report to Fleet Command.

March 2416

SD. 16.0304: Ensign Hazl Murbaric and Lieutenant Samuels are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

The USS Horizon encounters a small unknown alien vessel that does not respond to hails. After a brief investigation, the Horizon moves on.

SD. 16.0317: William Greyhawk is promoted to Lt<jg>.

SD 16.0317: Fred Bordaq finds himself on a shuttlecraft bound for the USS Horizon, with a significant segment of his memory missing. At around the same time, the mirror Bordaq escapes from a Section 31 stronghold on Mars in a stolen shuttlecraft. The USS Expanse is sent to track the shuttle down, but they retrieve only an empty craft. Mr. B. and Maggy head for the Cocoon in a Klingon vessel. Meanwhile, Fred Bordaq arrives aboard the Horizon.

Unknown to anyone at this time, the two Bordaqs are actually assuming each other's identities, each believing themselves to be the other. This is due to a memory swap performed by Section 31 at the beginning of Bordaq's secret assignment. The Bordaq returning to the USS Horizon is in fact the mirror Bordaq, but he believes himself to be the "original" Bordaq due to his memories. The escaping mirror Bordaq has come to realisation that he is the "original" Bordaq.

SD. 16.0321: Jim Peterson is officially pronounced as killed in action by Starfleet.

April 2416

SD. 16.0411: "Death of a Lady" - The USS Horizon receives orders from Admiral S'Telk to make a visit to the Telmarc system.

SD. 16.0411: Ensigns Jer'arn, Novax and Volga are among the non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time.

SD. 16.0415: Davis Porter publishes the critically acclaimed "Super Graviton: Challenging the Unified Warp Field Theory Model".

During this year, Gendry Lockhart assists Federation Ambassador Vhesha P'Nehbuddar in negotiations for the admittance of the Jelpius Republic into the Federation. He also plays a pivotal role in negotiating a peaceful resolution to the Romulus-Ordrius conflict and prevents civil war within some outlying colonies, for which he is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

SD. 16.0416: Xathras Jah is assigned to the USS Horizon as temporal dynamics specialist in the science department. He is ferried from Deep Space 101 by the USS Renegade. During his time aboard the Renegade, the Jah symbiont will surreptiously establish a malevolent psychic link with Trinity Layne-Malaar, the effects of which will not become apparent until later.

During this time, the USS Renegade detects an unusual energy signature in the Til Oti system. Upon investigation, Jarek Malaar re-discovers his presumed-lost brother, Jarum, living on the Bai'hadir homeworld. The two siblings finally reconcile their troubled past.

SD. 16.0423: Xathras Jah arrives aboard the USS Horizon, replacing Lonu as temporal dynamics specialist. Lonu transfers to the USS Renegade.

May 2416

SD. 16.0513: The USS Horizon is welcomed to the Telmarc system by Grand Madam Tilara of the Corporate House of Mothers.

SD. 16.0531: Ingel Rademach is assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as chief medical officer.

SD. 16.0531: Ensigns Sular and Kim are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

June 2416

Sometime during Reeko Blackadder's second year at the Academy, he will be given two months probation for getting into a fight with another Starfleet cadet outside campus. The fight is started by Reeko after hearing an anti-Bajoran racial slur from the other cadet in question.

SD. 16.0626: Ingel Rademach reports to Captain Burke aboard the USS Horizon.

July 2416

Davis Porter and Gendry Lockhart meet for the first time in a bar on Starbase Omega. A little later on their first date, Porter gives Lockhart some flowers—the only species in the galaxy that Lockhart happens to be allergic to.

August 2416

SD. 16.0801: Vymora Einicrox graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 16.0804: Xyx, Nimaiacta, Maggy and Mr B. head towards the Cocoon in their Klingon runabout vessel, pursued by a cloaked Breen vessel that appears to have Federation weapons installed—apparently the work of Section 31. After disabling their pursuers' vessel, they transport themselves aboard and take control.

SD. 16.0809: Jim Peterson is rescued from Telmarc incarceration by the USS Vanderdecker.

SD. 16.0819: Vymora Einicrox is assigned to the USS Destiny as acting CSO. During her time aboard, she leads an away team to secure a derelict Bajoran science ship that had come under attack from an energy life-form, successfully locating and securing the life-form.

SD. 16.0820: Kallesin 'n Galeda is promoted to Lt<jg>.

SD. 16.0821: Nathan Cady vanishes while on duty, having been abducted by Chug and transported back through time to the beginning of the 21st century.

SD. 16.0825: Lt. Newton is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

Starships from the Cocoon Fleet clash with Telmarc forces in the Telmarc system during this time. Federation starships involved include the Horizon, Athene, Yeager, Elizabeth Blackwell, Dakota, Yeager, Sojourner Truth and the prototype USS Threin. The USS Integrity is also involved in some capacity. The USS Renegade plays a small part in the conflict.

SD. 16.0827: Vymora Einicrox completes her cruise aboard the USS Destiny and is promoted to Ensign.

SD. 16.0829: Vymora Einicrox is assigned to the USS Horizon as chief security officer.

September 2416

SD. 16.0912: At around this time, Luntas sacrifices her life to save her SpecOps team-mates during the boarding of the Telmarc vessel CSS Retribution.

D'Artaigne Storm loses his life defending Arkanis from Nathan Cady. In an alternate timeline, Arkanis is killed by Cady after he is overpowered by several temporal duplicates of Chug. This timeline is erased after Storm uses the Sh'iva inside his body to kill one of the Chugs, leaving H'llstam as the only individual with memories of these alternate events.

Soon after, the USS Horizon loses its port nacelle in battle; Captain Burke orders the evacuation of the entire crew into the saucer section and prepares to separate the ship.

SD. 16.0916: The father of Fred Bordaq is murdered on Jalan, but in reality he has been abducted by Section 31, who leave behind a replicated corpse to convince everyone of his death.

SD. 16.0924: The USS Threin, NX-396000, is launched, the first in her class.

SD. 16.0924: Nova'Song is assigned as acting CO to the prototype USS Threin.

Ensign Starlock originally serves aboard the USS Threin. He will continue to be a Horizon crew member during 2417.

October 2416

At around this time, Trinity Layne-Malaar begins to suffer from clinical depression as a result of the dormant psychic imprint placed within her by the Jah symbiont becoming active. Jarek Malaar gives her his support through this difficult time.

SD. 16.1017: Abi Seldon is promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant, and Vymora Einicrox is promoted to Lt<jg>.

SD. 16.1018: Alex Thayer takes an extended leave of absense from Starfleet duty. For the first three months she lives in California on Earth, until some advice from her maternal grandmother, Pilar de la Cruz, prompts to consider her lack of direction in life. After the death of Pilar, Alex leaves Earth to try to re-discover her sense of purpose.

November 2416

SD 16.1117: The USS Horizon NCC-825002 is destroyed in a head-on collision with OP721 during a violent conflict with Telmarc forces. The majority of the crew members are successful in evacuating within escape pods, and are spared. However, according to Ethan Two-Crows in 2417, the entire counselling staff are lost.

James Burke's personal shuttle from his younger days, the Revenge, is destroyed along with the USS Horizon. He will later duplicate some of the combined Borg-Starfleet technology employed in its construction and create the Black Pearl from the old Horizon's damaged Captain's Yacht.

Cassandra Burke, future daughter of James and Kathy Burke, is conceived at around this time. [C]

The Telmarc declare war upon the United Federation of Planets.

The HoloCyridian program is downloaded from the USS Horizon's computer core prior to the ship's destruction. She will later be re-installed aboard the USS Threin.

SD. 16.1121: Epona O'Leary is assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as FCO. She arrives via D-warp shuttle at the designated coordinates, only to learn of the Horizon's recent destruction. She is contacted by the USS Threin, and is brought aboard.

SD. 16.1121: Samuel Dwight graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD 16.1122: Empa Izoda and Jamie Parr meet former crew members of the USS Horizon aboard the USS Threin. Parr will be the diplomatic aide for the starship Horizon's next mission, to the planet Anabaron.

SD. 16.1123: James Burke is promoted to the rank of Captain by Admiral Tergin. Burke is also informed that the USS Threin prototype, NX-396000, has been reinstated as the new USS Horizon, NCC-396001.

SD. 16.1123: Nova'Song is assigned to the new USS Horizon to serve as 2O.

"The Trial of Nathan Cady - Mourning Readers" - Nathan Cady is tried for crimes of treason against the United Federation of Planets. His court-martial hearing begins, held in San Francisco, on Earth. Judge is Admiral O'Connor, and special prosecutor is Commander Martin Backwood. Witnesses for the defence include Tergin, Arkanis, India Baker, Jarek Malaar and Pol Canon, and special defence is David Brooker. Cady also begins psychiatric sessions with Dr. Renee Higgins at around this time, in an attempt to evaluate his mental state, during which his memories of his time in the early 21st century with Chug begin to resurface.

"The Trial of Nathan Cady - Living Characters" - During the trial of Nathan Cady, Captain James Burke assigns Arkanis and Vymora Einicrox to travel to Australia, on Earth, to collect evidence that will corroborate Cady's testimony. Arkanis and Einicrox track down Franklin del Pozo, the last descendant of Nicholas del Pozo. They soon after return to the new USS Horizon in Earth orbit with evidence to secure Nathan Cady's exemption from the charges held against him. The next day, Del Pozo stands as a witness in Cady's trial. The final, old-aged temporal incarnation of Chug—once known as Charles Winston—appears in the middle of proceedings and volunteers the remaining details needed to ensure Cady's exoneration. Chug is killed by Franklin del Pozo, and Cady's Starfleet commission is soon after reinstated.

SD. 16.1130: Nathan Cady cuts his hair to its former length, resembling the way it was prior to his abduction into the past.

December 2416

SD. 16.1201: Samuel Dwight undergoes a psychological evaluation from Lt. Bob Jacobs, a counsellor at Starfleet Academy.

SD 16.1202: Space station Deep Space 101 makes a somewhat "violent" first contact with the Kourosans. The next year will bring attempts to establish peaceful relations between the Kourosan Empire and the Federation.

SD. 16.1205: Arkanis and Abi Seldon are promoted to LtCmdr., with Vymora Einicrox and Arkanis also receiving the Silver Nebula Award and the Distinguished Service medal. Luntas is posthumously awarded the Star of Hope, which Arkanis agrees to deliver to her brother.

SD. 16.1206: Nova'Song becomes OPS officer aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 16.1206: "Waving the Flag, Part I"

SD. 16.1207: Vymora Einicrox, Epona O'Leary and Ingel Rademach develop a security training scenario in the Horizon's holodeck, simulating an attack aboard the starship. Members of the SpecOps team substitute the normal holographic intruders.

SD. 16.1210: Sasha Kali is Captain in rank at this time. [C]

SD. 16.1211: William Greyhawk is assigned to the USS Destiny to serve as an instructor.

SD. 16.1214: At around this time, Task Group 911, led by the USS Yorktown, is assigned to patrol the borders of Telmarc space in the wake of recent hostilities.

SD. 16.1218: Epona O'Leary writes home to various family members about her first experiences as a crew member aboard the starship Horizon.

SD. 16.1218: On the planet Kopristi III, in Orion-controlled space, Rojan and Okaja make plans to get hold of Hanara. Hanara's sister Sabika resides with the Orions at this time.

SD. 16.1219: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Jarek, Trinity and Zadie Layne-Malaar are all living aboard the USS Hyperion at this time. Jarek serves in a senior position as FCO, and Trinity works in counselling. Simon Willis and Othello Jones meet Jarek Malaar for the first time while he is aboard the Hyperion.

SD. 16.1221: Nathan Cady and Arkanis go hunting in one of the Horizon's holodecks, a scenario that leads to the revelation that Cady intends to ask the help of Mortus Ulinian in reconfiguring his molecular structure with the transporter and effectively erase the past three years of his life, reverting him to how he was prior to his temporal abduction.

Dr. Isabella Escamilla joins the medical staff of the USS Horizon, as director of medical services.

SD. 16.1223: Kallesin 'n Galeda is assigned to serve aboard the USS Horizon as CSciO.

SD. 16.1224: Kallesin 'n Galeda arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 16.1226: Vymora Einicrox and some of her security staff pay a visit to her holodeck recreation of the Bonestell Recreation Facility at Station Earhart.

SD. 16.1226: Samuel Dwight is transferred to Cocoon Fleet Operations.

SD. 16.1228: James Burke is contacted by his wife Kathy, who is recovering from her spinal injury on Starbase Omega.

SD 16.1228: The new starship Horizon receives its latest orders: to proceed to the Seeffoc sector and make a series of diplomatic calls at various non-aligned worlds in that region. Upon embarking on their journey, the mysterious "leprechaun" object first encountered by Epona O'Leary during her time aboard the USS Destiny is detected on sensors. The Horizon alters its course to investigate.

Non-senior staff serving under Vymora Einicrox aboard the new Horizon include Roman Davidovitch, Tyla Ordell, Conrad Sawyer, Borroughs and Jonathan "Jo" Walker.

At around the same time, Xathras Jah meets Jarek Malaar at the Red Alert Cafe in San Francisco during the USS Renegade's stop-off at Earth. After sharing stories and celebrating the New Year, Malaar is contacted by Dr. Dubrov in New Berlin on Luna and learns of his wife Trinity's collapse into a coma. Malaar travels to Luna and undergoes a risky psychic-link procedure to purge Trinity's mind of the symbiont Jah's influence, which is successful. He learns that Xathras Jah has been killed by an unknown assailant. In the aftermath, Jarek and Trinity pick up their daughter Zadie from the Layne household in Nevada and pay a brief visit to the new USS Horizon before returning to the starship Renegade. The Renegade is assigned to the planet Cherbill to investigate a possible sighting of the believed-deceased Starfleet officer Phryn.

SD. 16.1230: Ensign Aday is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at this time. She lives aboard the starship with her daughter Amika.

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