Season 8 (2415)

May 16, 2415: The USS Horizon NCC-825002 arrives at the USS Horizon NCC-1000, which disappeared without a trace in 2215. An away team beams over and ends up 200 years in the past, swapping places with the original crew.

January 2415

SD. 15.0101: "Joye Nova, Part II"

SD. 15.0101: Ensign Lonu is assigned to the USS Horizon as temporal dynamics specialist in the science department.

SD. 15.0112: On SB Sapphire, HQ of the Emerald Fleet, Admiral Tergin receives word a Me'la'k priest died last night. Many of his followers believe his death was the result of the suffering of the Keeper, a Holy protecting the Joyan Originals. The Me'la'k liaison warns Tergin that if the Keeper dies, war may start between the Me'la'k and the Federation. Tergin contacts the Horizon and instructs Captain Burke to keep the Keeper alive.

SD. 15.0115: Nova'Song has her pilot's licence reinstated, and she is assigned to serve as FCO/2O aboard the USS Proxima. She will also briefly serve at OPS aboard the Proxima.

SD. 15.0127: Yeoman Oqqre, crewmen Garrett Mitchell and PO Mara Yong are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time. Mitchell and Yong will be killed by a phase-shifted creature.

SD. 15.0129: Abi Seldon and D'Art Storm come up with a way to 'feed' the Holy, but the problem is to get the 'food' inside the forcefield protecting the ship against the being. In the end, Storm puts on an EVA suit and goes inside himself. On his way out, the Holy grabs him and immediately begins integrating itself into his body. The crew manages to rescue him and he is brought to sickbay.

February 2415

SD. 15.0204: Anur Eynar is assigned as CSciO to the USS Destiny.

SD. 15.0211: Alex Thayer is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and the Wounded Lion Medal by USS Nightingale CO Pol Canon for her mission with the Qun.

SD. 15.0223: William Greyhawk is stationed aboard the USS Rutherford to complete his Starfleet cadet training.

March 2415

SD. 15.0301: Kelsi Biaret is ordered on a leave of absence. After hearing that her former Academy room-mate is no longer missing-in-action and has been assigned as aCO of the USS Hermes, Biaret boards a D-Warp shuttle and sets off for the Hermes.

SD. 15.0302: Professor Chosky's probes trap the about-to-be-born Douwd inside Joye. The Douwd realizes this, but finds another way out. In the birthing process, Joye goes nova, bringing the Horizon's mission to an unexpected end. It is also the end of Chosky's experiment, but where the Horizon's mission is a success, his experiment isn't.

SD. 15.0305: D'Art Storm and Cady are awarded the Wounded Lion. Abi Seldon is promoted to Lieutenant JG and is awarded the Noonien Soong Medal. Stan the Man is also promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 15.0305: Lt. Bordaq, Ensign Kuaar and Ensign Kor are being reassigned and they say goodbye to their colleagues and friends. Their departure vacates the positions of first officer, chief engineer and chief of security.

SD. 15.0314: At around this time, the USS Horizon arrives at Omega and transfers the captured Joyean Holy over to the USS Tramir.

SD. 15.0314: D'Art Storm learns that not all of the "Shi'va" can be removed from his body. Di'ana teaches him how to use the Shi'va to enhance his physical strength and abilities.

SD. 15.0315: Stan the Man takes over as chief engineer.

SD. 15.0316: D'Art Storm is promoted to acting second officer. He will continue his duties as chief operations officer.

SD. 15.0317: Abi Seldon is promoted to acting first officer.

SD. 15.0320: Thanks to Dr. Threin's treatments, Cady is almost back to his natural age again. On his first day out of sickbay, he helps Abi Seldon and D'Art Storm through some training programs in preparation for their Command Grade Test. Unknown to the two of them, the training sims are actually the real CGT.

SD. 15.0320: Cady takes over as chief of security.

SD. 15.0327: On the first day in his new job, Cady has to negotiate a hostage situation in the lounge. Anton Pembleton, one of professor Chosky's graduate students, has shot the professor and has taken Troj'an hostage. Thanks to Cady and H'llstam, the situation is ended without further violence.

SD. 15.0329: The USS Horizon renders aid to the USS Yeager, whose deuterium tanks have been contaminated by organic waste from an invisible intruder, affecting their warp drive systems.

SD. 15.0330: Ensign Harry Truman is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 15.0331: Ensign Alex McRae comes aboard to fill the vacant counselling position.

April 2415

SD. 15.0401: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Kiaja contacts Trinity Layne-Malaar for the first time in almost two years.

In her alternate timeline, Tanaris Vel is born to an unknown woman, with Tergin as the father. She is adopted by a Romulan woman and named Vel after being abandoned by her father. After her mother's death, Tanaris adopts the name for herself.

SD. 15.0403: The USS Renegade, commanded by former Horizon flight control officer Jarek Malaar, is captured by the Q and shrunk to be put in a bottle in the Horizon's lounge.

SD. 15.0406: Captain Burke tells Abi Seldon and D'Art Storm their CGT training was in fact the real test. They passed and are now full first officer and second officer, respectively.

SD. 15.0406: The Horizon arrives at SB Omega. Captain Burke reports to the Fleet Admiral's office for debriefing. Satisfied with his performance as commanding officer of the Horizon, the Admiral promotes him to full Commander.

SD. 15.0407: A memorial service is held for crew members Garrett Mitchell and Mara Yong.

SD. 15.0408: Dr. Electra Threin is promoted to Lieutenant JG. Arkanis is promoted to Lieutenant, a rank he already had around seven years ago.

SD. 15.0411: Sasha Kali, the Horizon's bridge relief officer, is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander and first officer of the USS Audre Lorde, the Emerald Fleet's flagship. This new assignment will reunite her with Admiral Tergin, and quite a bit sooner than she thinks at first. The Audre Lorde happens to be docked at Omega as well, and Tergin and Or'Nonya pay a visit to the Horizon. Cady is overjoyed to see them again.

SD. 15.0414: Starfleet loses contact with the colony on the planet Amazon.

SD. 15.0415: Rather than visit the Mystery Bar, James and Kathy Burke make arrangements of their own.

SD. 15.0416: Ensign Lonu and Lt<jg> Falara discover the USS Horizon NCC-1000 adrift at the edge of the USS Horizon NCC-825002's sensor range. The NCC-1000 disappeared without a trace in 2215. Captain Burke reports the discovery to Cocoon Fleet Command. A few days later, Command grants Burke permission to take the NCC-825002 for a brief investigation.

SD. 15.0428: Anur Eynar graduates from the USS Destiny and is promoted to Ensign.

Non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time include: Anthony Mikelli, Dag Nabbit, Robert Waters, Kathryn Spencer-Burke, Edwin Morton, Griffin P. Griffin, Melody Cuen, Garret Yudel, Falara, Sarah Derkens, Jaeden Xadar, Jean-Francois Titius, Nin Vestra, Orlando Navarro, Triana Paganini, H'zard Trobul, T-Kata, Lorix, Millie Munroe, Wolf Henrickson, Mortus Ulinian, Saben and Luchrist Papalamos. Alorna Nyace is teacher in the ship's school, and Alorna Sel is a student there. Ekul also remains aboard.

SD. 15.0428: "Horizon Squared, Part I" - Captain Burke presents the orders for the Horizon's new mission. All communications have been lost with the Amazon colony in the Narojab sector and the Horizon is to to investigate. Furthermore, they are to check up on the planet Deserte, five lightyears north of Amazon. Deserte is inhabited by a civilisation who is just beginning to explore their surrounding space. As the NCC-1000 is pretty much enroute to Amazon, they can do a quick exploration of that vessel's status.

May 2415

SD. 15.0504: Anur Eynar is assigned as CSciO to the USS Horizon.

SD. 15.0515: Q appears to Trinity Layne-Malaar. He says her husband Jarek didn't tell her everything of what happened to him, leaving her with many questions. The USS Renegade is returned to normal space.

SD. 15.0516: The USS Horizon NCC-825002 arrives at the USS Horizon NCC-1000. Sensors show all systems down or running at very low power, consistent with what one would expect of a two-hundred-years old derelict starship. Abi Seldon, Nathan Cady, D'Art Storm, Electra Threin, Stan the Man and Ensign Lonu beam over to investigate the ship in more detail. The transport sends them back in time, swapping their places with the original crew.

SD. 15.0525: PO Alex Rossi, Chief Marley and Lieutenant Theel'zhiin are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 15.0525: Anur Eynar arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 15.0535: William Greyhawk graduates from Starfleet Academy and is promoted to Ensign.

June 2415

SD. 15.0604: Nova'Song is involved in a classified mission at this time.

SD. 15.0606: At this time, un-gendered Challian scientists Takure and Solike remotely experiment upon some members of the Horizon senior crew, manipulating their physical attraction towards one another.

SD. 15.0606: Stan the Man assumes human form.

SD. 15.0610: William Greyhawk is assigned to Starbase Omega to work as a transporter officer.

SD 15.0612: Reeko Blackadder applies for Starfleet Academy for the second time. This time he passes the entrance exam. He enters the Academy the next day.

Gendry Lockhart plays a pivotal role in the negotiation of passage through Klingon-Romulan contested space by Starfleet Captain Bravika, who is attempting to deliver medical supplies and aid to suffering population of planet Orch IV.

Senior Commander Lieutenant Avoch of the House of Wind, one of the best pilots in the Telmarc fleet, wins the Combine Halo Blazing Race this year. She will also win the competition for the next two years.

July 2415

SD. 15.0701: At around this time, James and Kate Burke conceive their first child.

Also at around this time, James Burke is due for the replacement of his depression-inhibiting serotonin implant, a replacement he misses.

Bel Shanne becomes Admiral Tergin's assistant at some point during this year.

SD. 15.0728: If all is well, Kathy Rhule gives birth to a baby girl at around this date.

August 2415

SD. 15.0814: Edmundus Wednesday and Gilbert Gerundimor, who brought the USS Horizon NCC-1000 two centuries into the future, initiate another experiment. They beam three pairs of Horizon personnel (Anais Markham and Electra Threin, Nathan Cady and D'Art Storm, and Captain Burke and his wife, Kate Burke) to the planet Amazon, which happens to be the planet where the colony is located that the USS Horizon NCC-825002 is to investigate. The three couples quickly make contact through their communicators and head towards each other. Cady and Storm are attacked by a group of animals and Cady is injured.

Gabriel Goose obtains a copy of the holoprogram "Vulcan Love Slave" during an incident at the Academy involving an Orion merchant, an expelled cadet and a couple of Ferengi.

September 2415

SD. 15.0910: The remaining Horizon crew figures out where the six missing crew members are. Abi Seldon leads both Horizons on a rescue mission. Captain Cassandra Threin, former Horizon CO and currently aboard to visit her cousin Electra, hears of the situation and goes to the bridge. After contact with Fleet Command, she assumes temporary command. When they reach the planet, Seldon takes a shuttle down. Anur Eynar and Ta'Vern are with her.

October 2415

SD. 15.1011: Starfleet begins rotating starships in and out of the Saishan sector, monitoring the Telmarc system.

SD. 15.1015: At around this time, the unborn child of Bordaq and Amy DeSantos is placed in stasis. It needs Tal nutrients that only Bordaq can provide, but he has been placed on a secret mission by Section 31. Amy is concerned for his well-being, not in the least because the Nurec-Talis are still around.

SD. 15.1018: Captain Burke, his wife Kate, Anais Markham and Electra Threin arrive at the location of Nathan Cady and D'Art Storm. Cady's situation is deteriorating and Threin tends to him. A small group of humanoids arrives, claiming Cady as their prey. When Burke refuses, they attack.

SD. 15.1028: Ta'Vern is serving as assistant CEO on the USS Horizon. He was previously assigned to the USS Hermes.

At around this time, Malachi Stuart, owner of General Cybernetics on Earth and brother to Jeb Stuart, disappears.

Vymora Einicrox begins to practice belly-dancing in private for her own entertainment.

November 2415

SD. 15.1101: Robert O'Brady's father Steve, suffering from ill health, retires from Starfleet and returns to Earth, having achieved the rank of LtCmdr.

SD. 15.1102: Stan the Man has great difficulty adapting to life as a being of flesh and blood. One thing he misses in particular is the link to the ship's computer, through which he had access to a vast amount of information.

At around this time, Vymora Einicrox speaks to her father for the last time in almost three years.

Crown Prince Tamal Jehune of Deserte spends time during this year at the Diplomatic Academy on Vulcan.

December 2415

SD. 15.1201: Abi Seldon, Anur Eynar and Ta'Vern arrive just in time to rescue Captain Burke and the others. They capture the leader of the attackers and take him to the Horizon. Captain Threin recognizes him as a member of the Deserte Stellar Command.

SD. 15.1227: Jeb Stuart enters the Cocoon Portal aboard his trading ship, the SS Loophole, bound for the Telmarc system.

Jarek Malaar and Trinity Layne-Malaar spend shore leave at a nudist resort on Risa.

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