Season 7 (2414)

January 1, 2414: The crew of the USS Horizon: diverse, yet close.

January 2414

SD. 14.0101: "Head Games, Part II"

Starfleet issues new versions of its uniform, mainly for cadets and junior officers. The existing uniforms remain in use alongside the new ones.

SD. 14.0102: Nathan Cady discovers that Madwyn Border has been captured by Chug, an adversary from his time on Turkana IV. Arkanis mobilises his security team in an effort to free Border.

SD. 14.0102: At around this time, N'Borga Vandenbergh learns his father was not assimilated by the Borg ten years ago. This prompts him to start using his full name again.

SD. 14.0102: Electra Threin is informed that she will be transferred to the USS Horizon.

Crown Prince Tamal Jehune of Deserte leaves his home in the Cocoon at this time and spends the following year on Romulus.

SD. 14.0106: N'Borga Vandenbergh graduates from the USS Destiny and is promoted to Ensign.

SD. 14.0107: N'Borga Vandenbergh is assigned to the USS Hermes as their CEO. He soon designs a mobile holo-emitter (MHE) so Stan the Man can go wherever he pleases. The first MHE design is a bulky backpack, but over time N'Borga's upgrades decrease its size.

SD. 14.0110: Rendash Kuaar is assigned to the USS Destiny to serve as assistant chief science officer.

SD. 14.0114: Blaze Starsinger accidentally infects the computer systems of the USS Horizon with a mutated form of jippaloma flu, causing system failures throughout the ship. A cure will eventually be discovered by Dariale: a synthesized antibody from a Preminian cactus.

Ensigns Brander and Willis are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 14.0119: Kathy Rhule is assigned to care for William Patton after he falls ill from the mutated Malvedian virus.

SD. 14.0119: Nova'Song is promoted to Lt<jg>

SD. 14.0122: Alex Thayer is promoted to the rank of Lt<jg> by the USS Nightingale's CO, Cmdr. Pol Canon.

SD. 14.0125: Nova'Song completes her Command Grade Test.

SD. 14.0127: Nova'Song is promoted to the position of CO among the Obsidian Angels fighter squad.

SD. 14.0129: LtCmdr. James Burke is transferred from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards to the USS Horizon.

At around this time, Jeb Stuart contacts James Burke for the last time prior to stardate 16.0427.

SD. 14.0130: Starfleet loses contact with the USS Meade in the Nauv sector. Captain Ingram's final report mentions the discovery of a class M planet emitting intense gravimetric radiation.

SD. 14.0131: In an alternate reality, Susan Mei'ou, an eminent researcher into the space-time continuum, proposes to use the device known as the Staff of Time to begin exploring the multiverse.

SD. 14.0131: James Burke is formally assigned to the USS Horizon as its new commanding officer at the personal request of Fleet Admiral Erin O'Connor.

During this year, Davis Porter is assigned to the Gaia Fleet Shipyards in the Cocoon, working on what will become the prototype starship Threin, and eventually the next USS Horizon. He is also promoted to the rank of LtCmdr. at around this time. It is during his time at Gaia that Porter will meet Gendry Lockhart.

Hilde, the former wife of presumed-dead Jim Peterson, re-marries this year.

Gabriel Goose enters Starfleet Academy.

February 2414

SD. 14.0201: In another alternate timeline, Dr. Wednesday uses his Reality Engine to transport himself aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 14.0202: "Final Objective" - Arkanis leads a security team consisting of Wolf Henrickson, Luntas, H'llstam, D'Artaigne Storm and Nathan Cady as a response to a summon from Chug, an old enemy of Cady's. Cady fights Chug to save his boyfriend Madwyn, but in vain, and Chug slips away. D'Artaigne Storm incapacitates Chug before Cady can kill him. In the meantime, Garal, having procured the old discarded stardrive section of the USS Horizon, infiltrates the starship with two of her Trasien cohorts as part of a plan to take revenge upon Commander Jack Haynes, who is visiting the Horizon at the time. Garal's plans are thwarted by Tergin and Ambassador Vhesha P'Nehbuddar, also visiting. Arkanis' team uses the old stardrive to return to the USS Horizon and save the save the crew from being destroyed in the explosion of the new stardrive, rigged by Jack Haynes. The surviving starship sections recombine.

SD. 14.0202: Tergin is promoted to the rank of Admiral and assigned to Emerald Fleet as Fleet CO. William Patton also departs with his new fiancée Kathy Rhule, having been transferred to the USS Yorktown.

SD. 14.0202: Electra Threin arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 14.0217: Captain Burke is contacted by the Fleet Executive Officer, who orders the Horizon on emergency assignment to discover the fate of the USS Meade.

SD. 14.0220: Rendash Kuaar becomes the chief security officer aboard the USS Destiny.

March 2414

SD. 14.0302: "Gateway to Success"

SD. 14.0306: LtCmdr. Milton Swindle and Lt. Drake of the USS Meade find their shuttlecraft to have been transported into unknown space, apparently via some kind of artificial portal.

SD. 14.0307: Kor graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Destiny as assistant CSO.

SD. 14.0308: At around this time, the Malvedian science journal entitled "Our Future? - Malvedian Cybernetics Similarities in a Temporally Displaced Human" is published, concerning information gathered from Leyson Ayden's surgery.

SD. 14.0318: Rendash Kuaar is promoted to the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as chief engineer.

SD. 14.0319: Lieutenant Dariale is transferred off the USS Horizon.

SD. 14.0324: Kor becomes full CSO aboard the USS Destiny.

SD. 14.0325: The USS Horizon temporarily suffers a total power loss.

Chief Alice Brandons joins the crew of the USS Horizon during this year.

SD. 14.0505: Kor graduates from training aboard the USS Destiny and is promoted to Ensign.

April 2414

SD. 14.0402: Chug, having escaped from the Horizon's brig during the power loss, takes Kathy Burke captive.

SD. 14.0406: Leyson Ayden receives a visit from Mzinka, who mysteriously informs him that he will soon be taken back to where he belongs.

SD. 14.0409: The USS Horizon find themselves to have been transported into unknown space by the same artificial portal encountered by LtCmdr. Swindle of the USS Meade.

SD. 14.0427: Main power returns to the USS Horizon. Shortly thereafter, Officers Swindle and Drake of the USS Meade are beamed from their shuttlecraft into the Horizon's sickbay.

May 2414

SD. 14.0504: Edmundus Wednesday is rescued fom being stranded aboard the USS Horizon by a thirty-years-older version of his former colleague Gilbert Gerundimor.

An alien probe/vessel is beamed aboard, into the USS Horizon's shuttle hangar. Subsequently, contact is established with the life-form that refers to itself as Lavender-With-a-Touch-of-Green of the Spectrum-of-All-Colours, a member of the race that constructed the "jump-gate" recently encountered by the Horizon.

After twenty-nine subjective years of their time-travelling, Edmundus Wednesday and Gilbert Gerundimor are captured by Malvedians from the 28th century, who hold Wednesday responsible for the distortion or destruction of a vast multitude of timelines. Wednesday will later escape once again.

SD. 14.0507: Kor is assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as CSO.

Ta'Vern is serving as astCEO on the USS Hermes. He is a Master Chief Petty Officer by now.

June 2414

SD. 14.0602: A group of Malvedians arrive aboard the USS Horizon from the future, declaring that they must take Leyson Ayden with them for the security of the space-time continuum. Ayden, finally understanding that his cybernetic implants were implanted by the Malvedians in the future, agrees to go with them. They depart, leaving Fred Bordaq to assume the role of FO aboard the USS Horizon.

Soon after Ayden's departure, Dr. Edmundus Wednesday also appears briefly aboard the Horizon, abducting Chug from his cell in the ship's brig and departing before security teams can react.

SD. 14.0603: Ensign Sharok, a Vulcan, is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 14.0610: The USS Meade, pursued by hostile vessels, traverses the artificial gateway and finds themselves once again in familiar space, in the Nauv sector, approximately one hundred light-years from the planet Kalos. The Meade, carrying Professor Eisen Haptfield, contacts the USS Horizon and warns them of the true intentions of the alien race recently encountered, known as the Alliance.

SD. 14.0612: Abi Seldon graduates Starfleet Academy.

July 2414

SD. 14.0718: The Alliance vessel encountered by the USS Horizon is destroyed, perhaps deliberately, after attempting to travel back into their own space via their jump-gate. Alien survivors in life-boats are rescued, completing the Federation's official introduction to this mysterious new race.

SD. 14.0728: Personnel at the colony on the planet Amazon begin to disappear at around this time.

August 2414

SD. 14.0801: N'Borga Vandenbergh is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG.

SD. 14.0812: Jarek Malaar is awarded the Sulu Medal of Honour by Admiral O'Connor.

SD. 14.0812: By this time, the Mystery Bar of SB Omega has achieved a legendary status as far as the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

SD. 14.0816: Stan the Man is assigned as acting counsellor on the USS Hermes.

SD. 14.0819: Captain Burke receives orders for the Horizon's next mission.

SD. 14.0824: Melody Cuen and Jared Ireland share an intimate moment aboard the Horizon.

SD 14.0828: At school, Reeko Blackadder completes his leaving certificate with three honours and two passes.

September 2414

SD. 14.0902: Professor Ivan Chosky arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

At around this time, James and Kathy Burke, Nathan Cady, D'Artaigne Storm and Electra Threin visit the Mystery Bar. Also present is Lyte Roan of the USS Sojourner Truth.

SD. 14.0904: Blaze Starsinger leaves the USS Horizon after receiving news from his mother that his father is suffering a relapse of a rare terminal Kindel disease. No'urdan Matala accompanies Starsinger on their journey back to Kindela, the Kindel homeworld. D'Art Storm, who was appointed as first relief operations officer only hours ago, takes over as chief of operations.

SD. 14.0908: "Joye Nova, Part I" - The Horizon departs for the binary Jerjoye system, on the border between the Gaia and Renreal sectors. Joye, the secondary star, is about to go nova. The Horizon's mission is to map the five-planet system, observe the nova and record any effects it has on the system's dynamics. Professor Chosky, from the Shoemaker-Levy Institute of Cosmology, joins the crew for this unique research mission.

SD 14.0910: Reeko Blackadder applies for Starfleet Academy, but fails the entrance exam.

SD. 14.0912: In spite of the medical near-impossibility, Bordaq and Amy DeSantos conceive a daughter. As much as they try to ignore the fact, it is obvious someone—presumably the Nurec-Talis—had an interest in the creation of this child.

SD. 14.0913: Kallesin 'n Galeda graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 14.0919: Kallesin 'n Galeda serves aboard the USS Destiny.

SD. 14.0922: Nathan Cady and D'Art Storm begin dating each other.

SD. 14.0923: "The Last Horizon" - Jarek Malaar's mind is augmented with the memories and experiences of another version of himself from an alternate future timeline, thanks to the enigmatic Narrator his future self encountered in the Last Place. He soon learns from Starfleet that he has been offered command of his own vessel. He shaves his beard off.

SD. 14.0923: Lonu graduates from Starfleet Academy and is promoted to Ensign.

SD. 14.0929: Jarek Malaar, having departed the USS Horizon, assumes command of the USS Renegade, NX-957000. Laura Bennett departs the USS Horizon and is originally CEO of the Renegade, but at some unknown point in time she returns to the Horizon. The Renegade's senior crew are: FO LtCmdr. Mason Mytom, CSO Ensign Othello Jones, CSciO Lt<jg> Talia Bester, CMO Lt. Kristina Burton, CNS/2O Lt. Trinity Layne-Malaar, OPS Lt. K'Tana and FCO Lt. Tuvar.

SD. 14.0930: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Jarek Malaar's application for a starship command position fails and he leaves the USS Horizon with Trinity Layne-Malaar and their daughter once again to return to their postings at Starfleet Academy, on Earth.

SD. 14.0930: Samuel Dwight enters Starfleet Academy. Prior to his entry, he is instructed by his Bajoran Vedek grandmother in the ways of Bajor's religious beliefs. She does not approve of his involvement in Starfleet.

October 2414

SD. 14.1009: Bordaq and Amy DeSantos learn their as yet unborn daughter is aging four times the expected speed, both physically and mentally. If this continues, she will be born in three months and already have basic motor skills at that time.

SD. 14.1009: The Horizon arrives in the Jerjoye system and begins their investigation of the five planets. They soon discover a number of ancient satellites orbiting the M class fourth planet. One of the satellites, identified as Pri-Sat, is broadcasting an audio recording.

SD. 14.1010: Alex Thayer becomes a political prisoner of the government of Qun during an away mission, and is tortured for information. She is replaced by S7 spy 216 with the ability to imitate Thayer down to the genetic level.

SD. 14.1025: Stan the Man is reassigned as counsellor to the USS Horizon. His mobile holo-emitter by now is a 20x10x5 cm3 box weighing 15 kgs.

SD. 14.1027: Professor Chosky finds evidence that Joye is in fact the birth place for a Douwd, a very powerful, immortal energy being. The Horizon's crew remains unaware.

SD. 14.1027: Ensign Maxxon is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

November 2414

Late in this year, construction begins on Project Aurora, the first Threin class starship.

SD. 14.1103: Alex Thayer escapes from the custody of the Qun government with the help of local resistance groups.

SD. 14.1104: Stan the Man has his first appointment as counsellor aboard the USS Horizon, with Far'Kyss, a female Klingon who is afraid of the dark.

SD. 14.1114: Davis Porter publishes the critically acclaimed "Spacetime Deterioration: Reversing the 'Speed Limit' of the Universe on the Quantum Scale".

SD. 14.1116: The Meparchkans open trade negotiations with the Salion.

Admiral Tergin and Ambassador Or'Nonya Matala have settled on SB Sapphire, headquarters for the Emerald Fleet. They miss the Horizon, but frequent messages from their loved ones help a lot to ease their feelings.

SD. 14.1120: The Young One, a Douwd being growing within the star Joye, converses with an Older of its kind, "Kevin Uxbridge".

SD. 14.1120: An away team arrives aboard Pri-Sat, a satellite orbiting the fourth planet in the binary Jerjoye system. They trigger the security systems and suddenly find themselves facing a still-working anti-intruder program. The SpecOps team quickly moves to the rescue.

SD. 14.1125: Abi Seldon is assigned as CSciO to the USS Horizon.

Bill Patton and Kate Rhule are living happily aboard the USS Yorktown, where Bill is CMO/2O. If all goes well, Kate will give birth to their daughter in about eight months.

December 2414

SD. 14.1205: Abi Seldon and D'Art Storm discover a self-powered, metallic device attached to the ship's main deflector dish. It has interfaced itself with the computer systems through the sensor array. It is later found that the device is actually a sentient being, called a Holy by the Joyan people.

SD. 14.1206: Kallesin 'n Galeda completes his tour aboard the USS Destiny and is promoted to the rank of Ensign.

SD. 14.1207: Kallesin 'n Galeda is assigned to the USS Hermes under LtCmdr. J'eran.

SD. 14.1213: Crewman J'Smee is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

Nova'Song is relieved of her command position and her pilot's licence is temporarily suspended.

SD. 14.1216: Following her experience with the Qun, Alex Thayer is released from the USS Nightingale's sickbay and cleared for limited duty.

SD. 14.1217: Ad'am, Di'ana and Troj'an awake from their hibernation aboard Pri-Sat. They are the Joyan Originals, the only living Joyans in existence. Discovering the presence of the Horizon teams, they move to capture the "intruders". The Horizon crew easily neutralizes the threat, but not before Cady is shot down.

SD. 14.1228: Alex Thayer returns to full-time active duty aboard the USS Nightingale.

SD. 14.1230: Dr. Electra Threin takes Cady to Pri-Sat's medbay and uses Joyan medicine and equipment to heal his wounds. As an unexpected side-effect, his body starts to age rapidly.

SD. 14.1230: Abi Seldon and D'Art Storm successfully remove the device from the deflector dish and beam it to the main shuttle bay for further study. They soon discover the device seems to be alive, but dying.

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