Season 6 (2413)

May 28, 2413: The USS Horizon travels through the M'Sagro wormhole to the Andromeda galaxy.

January 2413

SD. 13.0101: "Dark Matter, Part II"

SD. 13.0101: Leyson Ayden arrives at the Cocoon.

SD. 13.0101: Ekul, Jarek Malaar's foster father, arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 13.0105: Blaze Starsinger and No'urdan Matala enter into an intimate relationship after Starsinger declares his love for Matala.

Ensign Erman, Ensign Fleethardy, Nurse Chalmers and Chief Robinev are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time. Chalmers will be killed by the "possessed" Dhalit P'Nehbuddar.

SD. 13.0110: Tergin is temporarily incapacitated by psychic waves emanating from the Katarian dark matter anomaly.

Admiral Fuschia Tino is appointed as CO of the Cocoon Fleet at around this time.

SD. 13.0112: Dhalit P'Nehbuddar is killed by Arkanis in a struggle on the bridge of the USS Horizon. Arkanis is placed under arrest by the order of Admiral Tino, and will be remanded to the custody of Starfleet Security upon being cleared by Starfleet Medical.

SD. 13.0112: Kiaja takes control of the consciousness of Trinity Layne-Malaar.

SD. 13.0113: Leyson Ayden is assigned to the USS Horizon, to serve as FO.

SD. 13.0114: Arkanis is seriously injured while training in the holodeck at around this time. He regains consciousness a day and a half later.

SD. 13.0115: Leyson Ayden searches computer records to learn more about his ancestors living in the 25th century. He learns of the existence of Sven Ayden, a Starfleet Ensign assigned to Starbase 4.

SD. 13.0116: Phryn is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

SD. 13.0117: Dariale initiates an emergency lock-down of the USS Horizon's warp core after being confronted by zombie-like dark matter apparitions in main engineering.

James Walsh is transferred from Starbase Omega to the USS Dakota at around this time, after the previous CEO contracts Thallisium Syndrome.

Jay McMadeth is contacted by Maggy for the first time after the USS Horizon is enveloped by a dark matter anomaly. Also around this time, Horizon crew members are being affected by psi waves emanating from the anomaly, apparently from the souls of the deceased.

Xuundri, masquerading as the ghost of Jhon Malaar, exposes Jarek Malaar to the vacuum of space in an effort to prevent him from destroying the Kraa-Kree in the future. Malaar is rescued by Maggy.

SD. 13.0128: Dhalit P'Nehbuddar briefly returns from the dead at around this time. She attacks Dariale in sickbay, but is stopped in her tracks by Arkanis and a security team. William Patton severs her legs with a protoplaser.

SD. 13.0129: Nathan Cady participates in first contact between the Federation and the Gortu.

SD. 13.0130: William Patton destroys his hologram of his late wife Shania in order to let go of the past.

The USS Dakota fires an anti-neutrino pulse into the dark matter anomaly, harming Maggy and the other ghostly manifestations aboard the USS Horizon. Maggy implores the Horizon to find Malok, who is apparently a Meparchkan scientist residing at the centre of the anomaly.

February 2413

Early this year, design begins on what will eventually become the first Threin class starship, known as Project Aurora. Cassandra Threin and Tergin are on the design team. Bel Shaane is responsible for the integration of Meparchkan warp technology into the new design.

SD. 13.0203: The USS Cochrane returns to Starbase Omega drydock, and all of her crew are assigned to new postings. CMO Kelsi Biaret is allowed to remain aboard during the vessel's overhaul.

SD. 13.0208: Zadie Layne-Malaar is conceived aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 13.0211: Ekul is briefly possessed by a mysterious force from the dark matter anomaly at around this time.

SD. 13.0225: At around this time, An'Faldo is discovered aboard Research Station Arkon at the heart of the dark matter anomaly by the USS Horizon. They discover that he is the creator of the anomaly, done in an attempt to recover his deceased loved ones. An'Faldo reached Arkon in his vessel, the Ya'Mitor, which possesses interphasic cloaking capabilities that allow him to penetrate the Cocoon.

Cal Douglas, in some manifestation created by the dark matter anomaly, briefly returns to the USS Horizon to assist the crew.

SD. 13.0226: Aboard Deep Space 101, Nathan Cady's friend "Ranny" Randall is injured; convinced of his own imminent death, he asks Cady to pretend that he loves him for his last few moments. Randall's surgery is unsuccessful, and he is placed into stasis.

SD. 13.0227: "Since I've Been Lying Here" - Nathan Cady departs from Deep Space 101 and travels to Risa to try and find his long-lost mother. Whilst there, he becomes romantically involved with Madwyn Border. Nathan later finds his mother, Maria, but she is killed when the Orion slave ship she is aboard is sabotaged and destroyed by "Hex" Lexington. Nathan Cady and Madwyn Border later leave Risa and travel to Starbase Omega, where they meet Tergin and Or'Nonya Matala.

March 2413

SD. 13.0309: The resurrected California Douglas asks Arkanis to leave a message for Nathan Cady.

SD. 13.0309: Nathan Cady is assigned to advanced technical training and leaves Deep Space 101. During his time train he will befriend Gaelim, who is later killed.

Millie Munroe celebrates her 80th birthday at around this time.

SD. 13.0312: Robert O'Brady enters Starfleet Academy. One of his Academy instructors will be Joshua Robinson, someone also known to MoonRising.

There is a significant border skirmish between the Telmarc and the Anabarons during this year.

During his time aboard the USS Integrity, Ingel Rademach, trained to seduce anyone, procures information from a Cardassian Glinn in order to infiltrate the High Command. This is last time he employs his skills of seduction for several years. [C]

SD. 13.0314: Trasior Prime applies for Federation membership. Teraldis will be the ambassador to the Federation at the Starbase Omega embassy.

SD. 13.0315: Jarek Malaar discovers that his wife, Trinity Layne-Malaar, is pregnant with their child.

SD. 13.0317: A talent show/recital takes is organised to take place aboard the USS Horizon, where various members of the crew show off their individual talents and entertain each other. This event is combined with the memorial for the deceased Dhalit P'Nehbuddar. T'Salek sings "In My Solitude" by Billie Holiday, a favourite of P'Nehbuddar's. William Patton performs a reading, and crewman Dag Nabbit also performs.

SD. 13.0317: Ingel Rademach disappears, and is declared absent without leave from Starfleet, wanted for charges of desertion and treason. In reality, Rademach serves in a deep undercover operation, the details of which remain classified.

Mandella, the duplicate "sister" of Melody Cuen, impersonates her aboard the USS Horizon at around this time. She is later captured by Arkanis, helped by H'llstam, Dariale and Melody herself.

Melody Cuen will learn from a program once implanted into her brain that both herself and Mandella are the result of fifteen years of genetic research by a secret Starfleet operation.

SD. 13.0321: Nova'Song is promoted to the position of XO among the Obsidian Angels fighter squad.

SD. 13.0323: Nurse Guttbotie, crewman Schrodinger and Ensign Maldean are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

Chief Maya Hong, one of the USS Horizon's many NCOs, gives birth to a son at some point during this year.

SD. 13.0328: Tergin is awarded the Picard Medal of Honour for outstanding leadership, service to his crew, his fleet and the Federation, by Admiral Elisabeth Davies, Fleet XO.

April 2413

SD. 13.0403: Kiaja unintentionally returns control of her body to Trinity Layne-Malaar after she attempts to kill herself. Trinity recovers in sickbay, and later celebrates her first wedding anniversary with her husband, Jarek.

SD. 13.0407: Mandella is held in custody at this point, but escapes from the brig after faking her own death via a phaser-overload explosion. She will eventually be recaptured after being forced into a state of unconsciousness, and transferred over to Starfleet authorities. Luntas is part of the SpecOps team at this time.

SD. 13.0409: Darlene Houston is transferred to Starbase Omega to work as part of the counselling staff.

SD. 13.0412: Jay McMadeth is awarded the Troi Plaque and becomes head counselor in the wake of Trinity Layne-Malaar's imminent departure. Also, the Star of Hope is awarded to the late Dhalit P'Nehbuddar.

SD. 13.0414: Kelsi Biaret is transferred to the USS John Glenn to serve as CMO.

SD. 13.0415: At around this time, William Patton, Dariale, Melody Cuen and James Mauler are all promoted to Lt<jg>.

Blaze Starsinger visits the DRS Apogee, commanded by Captain Jennifer Glenning, within a dream-reality, where he gains his gestalt crystal. The planet-sized Apogee appears to be fighting a war against the Dreij. James Mauler later experiences the same reality.

Around a week before the Horizon's return, the senior crew of the USS Tripole are all caught naked at the Mystery Bar by security personnel.

SD. 13.0420: Phryn is assigned to the USS Horizon, to serve as FCO.

SD. 13.0422: The USS Horizon arrives at Starbase Omega. Attending the Mystery Bar during the ship's stay are Blaze Starsinger, Leyson Ayden, Sasha Kali, Melody Cuen, William Patton, Arkanis, D'Artaigne Storm, Jethro Malex—and Nathan Cady, who is there with Madwyn Border and Linia. Sheila Marevic and the senior crew of the USS Dakota also attend.

SD. 13.0425: Jarek and Trinity Layne-Malaar leave the USS Horizon to live on Earth. Ekul travels with them to stay on Earth for a couple of days before returning to the Horizon. During their time on Earth, they will visit Italy.

Phryn arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 13.0428: Aboard the USS Dakota, Brightwing is contacted by the fairy Queen Titania.

May 2413

The Federation establishes a colony on the planet Amazon at around this time.

SD. 13.0502: Leyson Ayden is informed of the presence of his former crewmate Fedds Maxon within the current timeframe.

SD. 13.0508: The USS Horizon is assigned to the M'Sagro system, to travel through the system's wormhole into the Andromeda galaxy to investigate the recent destruction of the USS Hudson and determine the potential threat to the Federation.

Former Borg drone Rico is officially dead at this point in time, although he has actually joined the crew of the USS Integrity.

Chief Sizyrito and Ensign Raider are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 13.0509: "Found: One Stardrive Section, Slightly Used"

Captain M'Treeliata ch'Diak of the USS Hudson—more commonly known as M'Treel Diak—is held captive by Andromedan "entrepreneur" Thylassa Korian. Working with Korian is an individual called Smirnekx.

SD. 13.0510: Alex Thayer is transferred to the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 13.0514: Alex Thayer is assigned to the USS Destiny to serve as operations officer.

SD. 13.0518: Stranded on the Bai'hadir homeworld by his twin brother and making a new life for himself, Jarum Malaar is contacted by the Custodians and instructed to build the psionic resonator weapon known as the Omnikron.

SD. 13.0520: The USS Horizon arrives in the M'Sagro system.

SD. 13.0520: "Love And Death"

SD. 13.0525: Darlene Houston is assigned to the USS Horizon, to serve temporarily as CNS.

SD. 13.0525: James Burke is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander and assigned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards as chief construction officer during the construction of the USS Explorer. He later marries Kathy Spencer.

SD. 13.0528: Arriving in the Andromeda galaxy, the USS Horizon is greeted by Captain Philomena Alderbrite of the USS Mauritania.

June 2413

The being known as Chasm, also known as Viviltot, enters the mind of Blaze Starsinger and assumes control at around this time.

SD. 13.0605: The Nameless awaken after ten thousand years, appearing aboard the USS Horizon. A new conflict begins between the beings after Blaze Starsinger is inhabited by the being known as Viviltot. Galivvan takes Leyson Ayden's body and Xuundri takes the body and the name of Phryn. Starsinger, with help from a Horizon security team are later successful in defeating Viviltot. The Nameless depart.

SD. 13.0605: Elisa Krul is one of the school-teachers board the USS Horizon at this time. Other non-senior staff include Ensign Fibrilitar ch'Dreek, Ensign March and PO Lee Tsung.

SD. 13.0608: Alex Thayer is promoted to the rank of Ensign.

SD. 13.0610: Alex Thayer is assigned to the USS Nightingale to serve as operations officer.

SD. 13.0621: The science vessel USS Meade, under the command of Captain Jules Ingram, is assigned to Nauv sector as part of the Federation's ongoing secret talks with the Kalosian government about the formation of a trade agreement. The Meade is to conduct a geological planetary surface scan under the supervision of Professor Eisen Haptfield. After the Meade's disappearance in early 2414, the USS Horizon will be assigned to investigate.

SD. 13.0629: Dariale is incapacitated by the Trasien intruder Soliano within the Horizon's shuttlebay.

July 2413

SD. 13.0701: At around this time, an alternate version of Fred Bordak arrives aboard the USS Horizon after being transported forward from the past. He is assigned to work in engineering.

SD. 13.0701: At around this time, No'urdan Matala presents Blaze Starsinger with a promise ring, a symbol of their love and commitment to one another.

The computer systems of the USS Horizon are infiltrated by a virus created by Trasien Purists. The engineering crew are unable to prevent the virus from causing a warp core breach, and the Horizon is forced to separate to minimize the damage to the saucer section from the explosion. It is later discovered that the stardrive section has been salvaged.

SD. 13.0706: The USS John Glenn is recalled to Starbase Omega for drydocking, and all ship's personnel are re-assigned. Kelsi Biaret remains aboard Omega, moving from unit to unit.

Gendry Lockhart is promoted to full Lieutenant and is assigned to the USS Armenian as chief counselor and diplomatic liaison.

SD. 13.0719: Melody Cuen momentarily succumbs to amnesia, forgetting that she had left her parents in the Q Continuum to join Starfleet.

SD. 13.0720: Kallesin 'n Galeda is discovered among the remains of a Borg vessel that crashed into a moon near the Arkon science base. He is a Soong-type android of Vulcan appearance, incorporating Vulcan, Cardassian and Borg technology into his structure.

By 2419, Kallesin will be revealed to be Borg in origin. Originally dispatched towards Earth, he was intercepted and modified by Cardassian scientists, before being lost again during a Klingon raid. After drifting in space aboard his original Borg craft for ten years or more, he was re-discovered by a lone Vulcan scientist who erased his Cardassian programming and tailored his appearance to look Vulcanoid. After an initial activation led to a fatal malfunction, the Vulcan attempted to re-construct Kallesin's positronic brain to essentially create a brand-new android. After the Vulcan's colony came under attack, they fled into space aboard Kallesin's Borg ship, but crashed on the surface of the moon where he was "discovered" by Starfleet, the Vulcan scientist perishing.

SD. 13.0721: Nathan Cady and Chug arrive on the Telmarc homeworld from the year 2000; Lord Tingfait of the House of Shadows, having previously made a deal with Chug, accepts Cady into the ranks in return for classified starship specifications as part of Chug's three-year plan, culminating with the intended destruction of the starship Horizon in 2416.

SD. 13.0721: Kallesin 'n Galeda begins his studies of human culture and Federation sociology.

SD. 13.0728: After Leyson Ayden is critically injured, the cybernetic systems integrated into his body repair and replace his damaged body parts.

August 2413

SD. 13.0801: At around this time in the "Andromeda" Timeline, the Romulan Star Empire makes its move against the Federation, having secretly organised an alliance with the Dominion, the Breen and the Tholians. Their four-pronged attack systematically wipes out almost every human colony and Federation base in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Cardassian Union soon after joins the alliance, and the Klingon Empire, still bitter from the War of 2409-10, refuses to render aid to the Federation. Earth and Vulcan are attacked with Tholian mutagenic weapons. At the end of a week, the Federation is on its knees; help comes in the form of what is recorded in history as the ABC Resistance—the Andorians, the Bajorans and Cocoon forces. The Bajorans are slaughtered and the fleet at the Andorian homeworld is decimated, but the Cocoon holds its own. Starbase Omega is destroyed by Romulan forces, and Deep Space 101 is infected with a virus. Kieran Joram is one of the casualties of this ongoing conflict.

SD. 13.0821: By the 28th century, records of the mission of the USS Horizon from this time document the ship as being half-destroyed. Leyson Ayden's name remains classified.

SD. 13.0826: "Pursuit of Happiness" - Returning from the mission in the Andromeda galaxy, the USS Horizon accidentally enters an alternate timeline in which the Federation is at war with an alliance of hostile species, including the Romulans and the Dominion, as well as species known to be enemies of the Q Continuum. The Horizon will eventually lead an offensive against the hostile alliance, involving the starships Nightingale, Dakota, Mauritania, Hermes, Hamilton, Durham, Phoenix, Ibutho, Zahal, Seleya, Zeus and Blackwell. Leyson Ayden will send Blaze Starsinger on a classified mission that has consequences regarding the Temporal Prime Directive.

The USS Integrity—a vessel constructed from a multitude of Borg, Breen, Klingon, Romulan and Starfleet components—is involved in this alternate-timeline conflict. Ingel Rademach serves aboard.

At some point during the Horizon's time in the "Andromeda" Timeline, Griffin P. Griffin and Sarah Derkens, confronted with the possibility of their imminent death, admit their feelings to one another and have sex in Derkens's kitchen.

The USS Yorktown conducts a long-range scan of the Jerjoye system. They discover that the star Joye will go nova in approximately one year's time.

September 2413

SD. 13.0902: Kallesin 'n Galeda enters Starfleet Academy. During his time there he will be referred to by some of his classmates as a "nutty android". Notable Academy incidents include him performing Zen meditation during a critical artificial black-hole experiment, and taking the proverbial instruction to "break a leg" literally.

SD. 13.0908: Zadie Virginia Layne-Malaar is born prematurely to Jarek and Trinity Layne-Malaar, on Earth. She, like Jarek and Jarum Malaar before her, has the Secret within her brain.

Sometime after the birth of Zadie, the new Malaar family visit a famous fountain in Italy. One of the holos recorded is of Trinity pushing Jarek into the fountain.

SD. 13.0930: At around this time in the alternate timeline of stardate 13.0826, the universe begins to come to an end, due to a catastrophic reaction of some kind within the Milky Way galaxy. Fred Bordak joins his counterpart, Fred Bordaq, aboard his top-secret Section 31 vessel, the "super-ship" USS Infinity—along with Xyx, Maggy and Nimaiacta. The USS Horizon returns through the M'Sagro wormhole to their own timeline.

October 2413

SD. 13.1003: Ensign Howell is among the non-senior staff serving aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 13.1005: Blaze Starsinger's hair is briefly brown-blond during this period, possibly as an after-effect of his earlier secret mission.

Leyson Ayden and Sasha Kali have sex at around this time - something they fail to hide from Arkanis' superior sense of smell.

Field medic Ensign Kathy Rhule arrives aboard the USS Horizon, reporting to William Patton.

SD. 13.1009: Phryn discovers the true identity of Lt<jg> Drell—Jadrik, an ex-Starfleet renegade—and exposes him. Jadrik panicks, apparently vaporising Phryn and killing himself in the process. Phryn is in fact spared from death by the entity known as Xuundri, who has his own mysterious purposes for him.

SD. 13.1011: Arwin Blackblade is transported to the USS Horizon.

SD. 13.1014: Blaze Starsinger is awarded the Golden Nebula Award by Branch Admiral Cathal Aguiar.

Fred Bordaq returns to the USS Horizon. He shares telepathic contact with Jay McMadeth, resulting in the destruction of the USS Infinity. Bordaq assumes the position of CNS aboard the Horizon.

SD. 13.1014: William Patton buys a coffee maker whilst on leave at Outpost 108.

SD. 13.1017: William Patton and Blaze Starsinger are promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant.

SD. 13.1019: Ensigns Fuller, Luchrist Papalomos, Palay'na and Jarmo Rivise among the non-senior staff serving aboard the USS Horizon at around this time. Ms. Kimble is a school-teacher aboard.

SD. 13.1024: James Mauler learns from Captain Tergin that he has been reassigned to Starbase Omega. He will depart later.

SD. 13.1028: Jessica McClure and Ambassador Lamina Yrdnabsuh arrive aboard the USS Horizon for their upcoming mission.

In an alternate timeline, Dr. Wednesday and his assistant Gilbert begin to test their Reality Engine. They succeed in abducting Jarek Malaar from the USS Horizon twice, although his short-term memory is consequently supressed.

November 2413

SD. 13.1102: "Head Games, Part I"

SD. 13.1104: At around this time, Captain Tergin receives the USS Horizon's next orders from Admiral Anna Karsten: to proceed to the Hetgarot sector and provide assistance to the native Malvedians in transporting flora and fauna to a colony in the Tamrood sector.

SD. 13.1106: A formal dinner is held aboard the USS Horizon as a setting for visiting Temporal Investigations officers Levie and Commander Eli Drain, who are inquiring into the Horizon's recent venture into an alternate universe.

SD. 13.1108: Nathan Cady completes his advanced technical training at Verstes IV.

SD. 13.1112: Nathan Cady is assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as special operations team executive officer.

SD. 13.1116: The USS Horizon departs for the Hetgarot sector.

SD. 13.1123: Nathan Cady arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

Galka Drin is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

SD. 13.1130: A live holodeck sparring match is held and broadcast throughout the USS Horizon—the opponents: Arkanis and Nathan Cady. The match is eventually declared a tie.

December 2413

SD. 13.1203: N'Borga Vandenbergh graduates from Starfleet Academy's main program. He is still not using his full name.

SD. 13.1212: Dr. Garret Yudel is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 13.1218: N'Borga Vandenbergh is assigned as astCSciO to the USS Destiny to finish his Academy training.

SD. 13.1221: Jay McMadeth appears to Fred Bordaq in his quarters, urging him to accept him as a guide.

SD. 13.1221: N'Borga Vandenbergh is reassigned as CSciO of the USS Destiny.

Anthony Mikelli proposes to Anais Markham in holodeck 4 aboard the USS Horizon. She accepts.

Fred Bordaq and Amy DeSantos make the decision to try to become parents.

SD. 13.1224: At around this time, Leyson Ayden undergoes surgery on the planet Maldevia to have his cybernetic implants removed.

SD. 13.1231: The senior crew of the USS Horizon gather together in holodeck 1 to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

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