Season 5 (2412)

September 2, 2412: The Orb of Time causes Captain Tergin to be transported to an alternate future where he finds his alternate self assimilated by the Borg ("Eternity").

January 2412

SD. 12.0101: "Juun Mysteries, Part II"

SD. 12.0102: Jarek Malaar grows a moustache and goatee beard. His twin brother, Jarum, does so at almost exactly the same time.

The ancient time gateway on the surface of Connard IV comes under attack from the Durial. Personnel from the USS Horizon defend the artifact during the attack. Ensign Ortega is among those killed, and Fred Bordaq is mortally wounded whilst clashing in combat with—and successfully killing—one of the Durial. Bordaq is later spared from death by the application of ancient healing technology in a subterranean cavern beneath Archer's time gateway—a procedure which allows him to smile again.

SD. 12.0103: Nathan Cady joins Arkanis in his holodeck hunting program for the first time at around this time.

At around this time, some kind of "dimensional incursion" occurs in New Berlin, on Luna. Such phenomena are known to Atalya Kinosh, a phenomenon analyst, William Mason, and an unknown El-Aurian, all of whom work in Starfleet Security.

Some time after this event, California Douglas, living with his friend Ty in San Francisco, is visited by a Starfleet officer and informed that he has been selected for "hands-on training" aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.0110: Kelsi Biaret enters into a relationship with Peridu Watanaui, FO of the USS Cochrane.

SD. 12.0113: Alex Thayer is confined to Starfleet Academy campus and has all her personal privileges revoked after her unauthorised use of an Academy aerocraft, and being absent without leave.

Captain Shivan takes command of the Federation cargo ship/Boslic freighter Ulima. In seven years time, Shivan and her crew will be assimilated by the Borg.

Commander Adam Duolf takes command of the Melbourne-class cargo carrier USS Henry J. Kaiser.

SD. 12.0114: Juun Minister J'Reat is revealed to be the General co-ordinating the Durial mercenaries after India Baker, D'Artaigne Storm and Jarek Malaar beam down to conduct investigations on Connard IV.

Ensign Rachel Moonwater joins the crew of the USS Dakota at around this time.

India Baker undergoes a special medical procedure to replace his missing arm with a synthetic one.

SD. 12.0116: Jarek Malaar's 24th birthday. It goes without much celebration.

SD. 12.0123: As a late birthday present, Fred Bordaq receives two holographic pet tropical fish from Amy DeSantos.

SD. 12.0124: Following the completion of her Command Grade Test, her promotion to full Lieutenant and assignment to 2O aboard the USS Cochrane, Kelsi Biaret is involved in a cross-fire and damages her spine.

SD. 12.0125: Trinity Layne accepts Jarek Malaar's marriage proposal, and the two are engaged.

Kelsi Biaret's CGT summary is written by Captain John Nash.

SD. 12.0127: At around this time, the USS Elizabeth Blackwell rendezvouses with the USS Horizon, and a formal dinner is held in celebration of, among other things, the engagement of Jarek Malaar and Trinity Layne. The senior crew of the USS Elizabeth Blackwell are: CO Kieran Joram, FO Lt. Saltak, CMO Benjamin Bryson, FCO Ensign Orso Aleena, CSciO Lt<jg> Gaar Benu, CNS Lt. Drax, CEO Lt. Ral and OPS Lt. Jason Munro.

SD. 12.0127: Kelsi Biaret's addiction to stimulants becomes known and her treatment begins.

SD. 12.0128: India Baker leaves the USS Horizon, and returns to Earth.

SD. 12.0131: Trinity Layne is awarded the Roddenberry Ribbon for Medicine. Fred Bordaq receives the Wounded Lion Award.

February 2412

SD. 12.0201: Jarek Malaar is promoted to full Lieutenant by Captain Tergin.

SD. 12.0201: Aboard the USS Cochrane, Kelsi Biaret's crew-mates Thrax and Josh Ryan design a holographic means to stabilise her spinal cord.

SD. 12.0205: The USS Elizabeth Blackwell begins its journey, towing the nacelle-less USS Horizon at warp speed, back to Starbase Omega.

SD. 12.0208: Or'Nonya Matala returns to the Cocoon.

SD. 12.0209: Jarek Malaar undergoes the Command Grade Test, in order to gain the position of 2O aboard the USS Horizon. He destroys the holographic Horizon and believes he has failed, but he has in fact passed. Malaar becomes Horizon 2O.

SD. 12.0214: Kelsi Biaret's holo-emitting harness is removed due to reduced swelling in her vertebrae.

SD. 12.0218: Kelsi Biaret's stimulant addiction rehabilitation comes to an end.

SD. 12.0219: Accenti, Jrin, McAllister, Cadet Jak Bennz and Liza Riley are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 12.0220: At around this time, the USS Cochrane retrieves a number of temporally-displaced escape pods from an alternate near-future timeline in which the Cochrane was destroyed by the sentient USS Montgomery. Among the temporal refugees is a version of Kelsi Biaret. After the Cochrane frees itself from a temporal loop phenomenon, the "original" timeline from which this other Biaret originates is prevented.

Also at around this time, Professor Eisen Haptfield, famous in Federation circles, sinks into obscurity.

SD. 12.0228: James Burke is assigned to the USS Yorktown to serve as XO.

March 2412

SD. 12.0306: Pol Canon leaves the USS Horizon after being assigned to a new position aboard station Deep Space 101, under the command of Captain Tadra.

John Roberts arrives aboard the USS Horizon, replacing the departed India Baker as ship's FO. Also arriving aboard is Kris Olson, Roberts's travelling companion, also originating from the 20th century.

SD. 12.0314: California Douglas arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.0317: Laurel MacAfee arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.0322: In Australia, on Earth, archeologist Dr. Lite uncovers historical evidence of John Roberts' presence on Earth in 1998. He and his intern assistant Melissa travel to Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco to investigate the discrepancy in Roberts's known history.

SD. 12.0327: California Douglas, Nathan Cady, Arkanis and Jarek Malaar are all issued informal reprimands after being involved in a brawl aboard Starbase Omega.

In the aftermath of this event, Nathan Cady meets California Douglas for the first time.

April 2412

SD. 12.0401: At Starfleet Academy, Alex Thayer's disciplinary confinement comes to an end and her personal privileges are restored.

SD. 12.0403: Trinity Layne and Jarek Malaar are married in the Horizon's lounge.

SD 12.0403: Lorix separates from her husband, Turan, choosing to focus on her Starfleet career.

SD. 12.0407: Starfleet's Temporal Investigations become involved with looking into recent events aboard the USS Cochrane.

SD. 12.0412: John Roberts begins to experience confusing flashbacks and jumbled memories related to his past life on Earth.

SD. 12.0414: The Horizon crew receive their latest mission orders and depart for station Deep Space 101.

SD. 12.0415: Bordak Grino is promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class.

SD. 12.0428: Charles Noor arrives aboard the USS Horizon, to serve as CSciO.

SD. 12.0429: Dunaess Wodas is assigned to the USS Horizon, to serve as CNS.

SD. 12.0422: Jarek Malaar leaves the Horizon after being lured away by a false communication, created by his twin brother, Jarum Malaar. Jarum assumes Jarek's identity in order to access sensitive tactical data from the Horizon's computer systems.

May 2412

SD. 12.0501: The USS Horizon arrives at Deep Space 101.

SD. 12.0502: Kris Olson is reunited with friends Gallic and Trax aboard Deep Space 101, from whom he learns that John Roberts' brother Michael has apparently been discovered: Lieutenant Mike, CEO of the USS Curie.

SD. 12.0502: Kelsi Biaret and her fourteen other temporally-displaced crew-mates are kidnapped by Captain Morand of Starfleet Intelligence.

Sheila Marevic becomes CO of the USS Dakota at around this time.

SD. 12.0514: Nathan Cady is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 12.0518: Jarek Malaar returns to the Horizon.

SD. 12.0518: Jack Tennison is killed by Jarum Malaar.

SD. 12.0525: "The Hetgarot Summit"

SD. 12.0525: Jarek Malaar discovers his psychic abilities at around this time; his abilities will eventually form the empathic bond he shares with his wife, Trinity. The Nurec-Talis contact Fred Bordaq about their concerns regarding Malaar's powers; apparently they pose some kind of threat.

SD. 12.0527: The USS Horizon is awarded the Outstanding Unit Citation by Fleet Admiral Winton Spires.

The USS Horizon departs station Deep Space 101, heading towards the planet Noo'ach to mediate diplomatic talks being held by the Hetgarot, with Federation Ambassador Grayson aboard. The senior staff of Deep Space 101, excluding Captain Alyza, follow the Horizon aboard the USS Hikaru. Taking part in the talks with the Hetgarot are several Cocoon races, including the Suji'Ai, the Ichtanek, the Venti, the Furonians, the Sori, the Xilfans, the Vurtedions and the Fraward of Kresawin III.

In the aftermath of this successful conference, the Malvedians will apply for Federation membership.

Nico, a horse belonging to the grandfather of Epona O'Leary, dies of old age.

Murdoch Green graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 12.0531: California Douglas is officially reprimanded by Captain Tergin for his involvement in a fight at Club 101 aboard station Deep Space 101.

June 2412

Epona O'Leary is admitted into Starfleet Academy. During her time there, she will be roommates with a Vulcan, T'Piri. Towards the end of her time at the Academy, she will be transferred to the Cocoon to complete her studies, where she will also serve aboard the USS Destiny as FCO. It is during her time aboard the Destiny that she will first discover the mysterious "leprechaun" object. She will be promoted to Ensign shortly before her assignment to the USS Horizon.

MoonRising, a Sivaoan, is another Academy friend of Epona O'Leary.

SD. 12.0606: California Douglas vows never to drink alcohol again, after coming to terms with his "inner demons".

SD. 12.0613: An explosion occurs on deck 6 of the USS Horizon after John Roberts attempts to access the data stored on the chip within his brain.

SD. 12.0615: Nova'Song graduates from Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign.

SD. 12.0616: PO Ivo Sebarr, Lyna and Heather Watts are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

A Xilfan vessel, on its way to the talks on Noo'ach, is rescued by the USS Hikaru after encountering a mysterious energy cloud.

Fred Bordaq is contacted by an operative of Section 31 at this time, who tests him by telling him that it is believed that Ambassador Grayson will attempt to assassinate one of the delegates at the imminent summit. Bordaq also learns that the mirror Bordaq is already assigned on another important mission. The Mirror Bordaq will be known only as "Mr. B".

SD. 12.0623: Fred Bordaq is contacted by Mishna, a friend from before his time in Starfleet, and he meets briefly with her aboard an Ichtanek shuttlecraft.

Whilst delivering equipment to a science outpost on the moon of Noo'ach, a junior staff away team from the Horizon are forced to crash-land their shuttlecraft after coming into contact with the sentient energy cloud that previously attacked the Xilfans. The team, led by Nathan Cady and including California Douglas, stumble across a Hetgarot security training area known as the Proving Grounds. They later escape aboard another shuttle sent by the USS Horizon and successfully ward off the energy cloud that has been attacking the starship.

The diplomatic talks on the planet Noo'ach are considered a success, with many new alliances formed between races.

SD. 12.0630: Patuxent graduates from Starfleet Academy.

July 2412

SD. 12.0701: Electra Threin graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 12.0702: Nova'Song is assigned to the Obsidian Angels fighter squad at Starbase Sapphire.

SD. 12.0703: Patuxent joins Starfleet Security and trains for two months.

SD. 12.0714: Baxter Dennett is assigned to Starbase Omega, as CSciO.

SD. 12.0718: Trinity Layne-Malaar receives the news from Earth that her mother is terminally ill.

SD. 12.0722: Trinity Layne-Malaar is awarded for the Roddenberry Ribbon for Medicine by Captain Tergin.

SD. 12.0726: Nin Vestra is assigned to the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.0726: Kelsi Biaret is tortured for information on the Cochrane's CO, and the other survivors are murdered.

At this time, T'Salek has had six journal articles published over the last year period.

SD. 12.0729: The Noo'ach Conference of 2412 officially opens.

August 2412

SD. 12.0801: Electra Threin begins her advanced study in the xenobiology program on Beta Ariadne.

Vymora Einicrox enters Starfleet Academy. During her time there she will come close to being kicked out after assaulting another cadet. Even in the years following her graduation Einicrox will insist that the cadet in question "deserved it".

In the month before his arrival aboard the USS Horizon, No'urdan Matala is based in Shakti City on Meparch; he has at least twenty sexual partners, visits over seventy-two nightclubs and eats only one meal in an actual house.

SD. 12.0813: Arkanis and Triana Paganini begin their close "friendship" at around this time.

SD. 12.0814: Charles Noor and Dunaess Wodas are ordered to return to Starbase Omega for reassignment elsewhere in the Cocoon Fleet. They depart the USS Horizon.

Fred Bordaq is promoted to full Lieutenant.

Nathan Cady is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his performance during the away mission at Noo'ach.

SD. 12.0817: T'Salek is contacted by her emotional cousin Vekhar, with whom she attended Starfleet Academy. Vekhar informs her of his recent promotion to the rank of Lt<jg> and assignment to security aboard the USS Athene.

SD. 12.0819: Trinity Layne-Malaar returns to Earth to visit her terminally ill mother at her family home. Whilst there, Kiaja enters her mind and joins with her consciousness. Layne-Malaar later returns to the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.0819: Diktra, K'Chal and Junko Tashamoto are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

PO Alexis is killed by California Douglas at around this time.

SD. 12.0820: "Rising Sun" - California Douglas is killed by an unknown energy phenomenon whilst serving aboard the Horizon.

SD. 12.0822: Fred Bordaq is spending time on Jalan at this time.

SD. 12.0827: Baxter Dennett is assigned to the USS Horizon, as CSciO.

John Roberts and Kris Olson leave the USS Horizon after Roberts is secretly contacted by Lt. Mike, and discovers he is being pursued by Starfleet Intelligence. Together they take the USS Legacy from its storage at Deep Space 101 and escape into space.

The crew of the USS Horizon first encounter the Purifiers after the Horizon is attacked and boarded by a Purifier vessel lead by Father Boke and his Right Hand, Muky. Many crew members—including Ensign Jevers—are "absorbed" by the entity known as the Great Hope. The attacking Purifier vessel is eventually destroyed after the Horizon soft-launches its entire complement of torpedoes and simultaneously detonates them on the vessel's hull.

SD. 12.0830: Trinity Layne-Malaar transfers from medicine to counselling.

As of this date, the "History of Starflight" academic textbook is currently in its 17th edition; the final chapter of the text is entitled, "The Horizon". The textbook has the respectable standing of being the only textbook that has sold more copies than there are students enrolled on the relevant course.

SD. 12.0831: Baxter Dennett arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.0831: Nathan Cady is assigned to station Deep Space 101, to serve as OPS.

SD. 12.0831: Dhalit P'Nehbuddar sleeps with security ensign Chet Munsch prior to her arrival aboard the USS Horizon. Trinity Layne-Malaar makes a visit in P'Nehbuddar's quarters on Omega on her way back to the Horizon.

September 2412

Tergin and Or'Nonya Matala "adopt" Nathan Cady as their son at around this time.

SD. 12.0901: Chief Duncan and Ensign Garret are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

At around this time, Triana Paganini gives to Orlando Navarro a replica statuette of Michaelangelo's "Pieta", as a gift.

SD. 12.0902: Laurel McAfee is assigned to Starbase Omega. She leaves the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.0902: "Eternity" - Tergin leaves the USS Horizon aboard the D-Warp shuttle Paradise to visit friends on Earth. The shuttle is missing for a period of ten days, during which Tergin has been transported into an alternate future. This is due to temporal distortions in the area, created during the mission of the USS Sojourner Truth to rescue to Bajoran Orb of Time from Cardassian forces. [C]

SD. 12.0903: Jarek Malaar forms a psychic bond with his wife, Trinity.

SD. 12.0904: Patuxent is assigned to the USS Horizon, as Starfleet Security representative.

T'Salek meets her cousin Vekhar at Starbase Omega prior to the start of the Horizon's new mission.

SD. 12.0906: Blaze Starsinger arrives aboard the USS Horizon, to serve as OPS.

SD. 12.0906: "Hope And Despair"

No'urdan Matala arrives aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

Leyson Ayden is discovered in an unconscious state on the grounds of Starfleet Academy, on Earth.

Dhalit P'Nehbuddar arrives aboard the USS Horizon, to serve as FO.

Nathan Cady leaves the USS Horizon.

Viviane Taliesen arrives aboard the USS Horizon, to serve as CMO.

Lieutenant JG Nahur Anala, from Starfleet Security, joins the crew of the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.0908: At around this time, Blaze Starsinger suggests and proposes to organise a recital, a forum for the Horizon crew to show off their individual talents and entertain each other.

SD. 12.0908: The Star of Hope is awarded to the late California Douglas.

SD. 12.0912: Tergin returns from his alternate future. He is rescued by the USS Heracles and in due course returned to the USS Horizon. [C]

The USS Horizon is assigned to travel into Purifier space through a transwarp conduit and neutralise the threat they pose to the Federation. The USS Dakota accompanies the Horizon for the duration of the mission, with Theophrastus Hamelin aboard.

SD. 12.0923: The USS Horizon detects complex particle waves within the Purifier transwarp rift that may be sentient.

Fred Bordaq loses his eyesight after his bio-implants are damaged beyond repair by energy feedback from a subspace tear that the USS Horizon is attempting to study.

T'Salek leaves the USS Horizon and returns to Vulcan to undergo Pon Farr.

The USS Horizon eventually clashes with Purifier forces lead by Father Ewurth and Brother Srunto.

SD. 12.0927: Kelsi Biaret is rescued and assigned to Doctor Ab Morit of the USS Athene to recover, but not before Morand has tracked down and killed the other remaining version of Kelsi Biaret.

October 2412

SD. 12.1007: The USS Lynx arrives from the future in the midst of a battle between the starships Horizon and Dakota and a small Purifier fleet. A future version of Jarek Malaar beams aboard one of the Purifier vessels and retrieves the first segment of the Omnikron weapon. The Lynx departs for stardate 08.0414.

SD. 12.1008: Kelsi Biaret attends the funeral of her counterpart from another timeline.

SD. 12.1020: The body of Patuxent is invaded by the artificial entity known as the Great Hope, who demands that the Horizon return through the transwarp conduit or be destroyed. The entity later requests that Starfleet never return to Purifier space. The USS Horizon and USS Dakota enter the transwarp conduit and leave, after all key personnel are recovered.

It is during his possession by the Great Hope entity that Patuxent and the Horizon crew learn that the true name of the Purifier race is the Atralins, and they originate from a distant world named Atralus. There are two Great Hope "programs", both at odds with one another.

SD. 12.1022: Darlene Houston is promoted to full Lieutenant.

SD. 12.1024: Temporal Investigations complete their inquiries into the USS Cochrane's time loop incident without report. Kelsi Biaret is awarded the Wounded Lion for her injuries in the line of duty and is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

November 2412

SD. 12.1107: The USS Horizon emerges from the Purifier transwarp rift, back into local space.

SD. 12.1112: Fred Bordaq is contacted by Section 31 and notified of Project Infinity. He is offered the role of chief technical advisor on a new transwarp project in Cairo, on Earth.

Terry and Jim are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time, crewmen who have both been turned down for dates by No'urdan Matala.

SD. 12.1123: Blaze Starsinger begins to come to terms with his sexuality.

SD. 12.1125: William Patton arrives aboard the USS Horizon, to serve as CMO.

SD. 12.1126: Viviane Taliesen leaves the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.1117: James Mauler is assigned to Starbase Omega for training. He is later assigned to the USS Destiny.

SD. 12.1122: Melody Cuen is assigned to serve aboard the USS Destiny.

SD. 12.1125: William Patton arrives aboard the USS Horizon, to serve as CMO.

The crew of the USS Horizon celebrate at the Mystery Bar on Starbase Omega. Blaze Starsinger, No'urdan Matala, Tergin, Or'Nonya Matala, Fred Bordaq, Amy DeSantos and Dhalit P'Nehbuddar all attend. Jarek and Trinity Layne-Malaar briefly visit, and also present will be Horizon crewman Harvey Albanger, a Mystery Bar regular who usually ends up in sickbay, with no exception this time. Bordaq meets Jay McMadeth at the Bar.

Norton Mills is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

Ensign Fleethardy is assigned to the USS Horizon.

Mandella may have stowed away aboard the USS Horizon while the ship was stationed at Starbase Omega.

Fred Bordaq and Amy DeSantos are engaged to be married. The two of them leave the USS Horizon and travel to take part in Project Infinity, currently being developed by Section 31. Dariale later arrives aboard the Horizon to replace Bordaq as CEO.

SD. 12.1129: Jay McMadeth arrives aboard the USS Horizon to serve in counselling.

December 2412

SD. 12.1201: "Destiny" - While spending time on a holodeck, Jarek Malaar is abducted from the Horizon by his future self and brought aboard the USS Lynx. Future-Malaar explains that he has been recruited to retrieve the Omnikron, a psionic resonator believed by Starfleet to be the only known weapon that can defeat the Kraa-Kree. The Lynx departs for stardate 12.1007.

The crew of the USS Lynx return from the past aboard the Federation timeship Gaia, their mission complete. Jarek Malaar is returned to the USS Horizon after having his memory of the mission erased. Future-Malaar and the former Lynx crew return to their own time.

SD. 12.1202: The USS Horizon is assigned to the Katarian sector to investigate a dark matter anomoly. As of this time, only four such anomolies are recorded within Starfleet databases.

SD. 12.1203: The benevolent "Great Hope" program residing within the brain of Blaze Starsinger departs the USS Horizon after entering the ship's computer systems and taking control of a shuttlecraft.

SD. 12.1203: "Dark Matter, Part I"

SD. 12.1205: H'zard Trobul arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.1206: Baxter Dennett is ordered to report to Admiral Calliope for his next assignment. He leaves the USS Horizon.

Antony Mikelli arrives aboard the USS Horizon at around this time, transferring from Starbase 82.

Narik is contacted by three of his parents, who pressure him to marrying into the Ksaltriyimayan family.

SD. 12.1209: Melody Cuen arrives aboard the USS Horizon, to serve as CSciO.

James Mauler is promoted to Ensign, and leaves the USS Destiny.

SD. 12.1212: Blaze Starsinger and Jarek Malaar are promoted by Captain Tergin. Starsinger receives the rank of Lieutenant JG and Malaar is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

Leyson Ayden, at Starfleet Academy on Earth, has his story confirmed through various interviews and scans. Commodore Cassandra Threin also performs a telepathic examination upon him.

James Mauler returns to Starbase Omega for assignment within the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 12.1213: James Mauler is assigned to the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.1216: James Mauler arrives aboard the USS Horizon, to serve as CSO.

SD. 12.1216: T'Salek returns to the USS Horizon—pregnant.

SD. 12.1217: With James Mauler's arrival, Arkanis' role aboard the USS Horizon changes from CSO to Strategic and Special Operations Officer, head of a new, specialised department aboard the ship. The SpecOps team originally consists of: Ensign Wolf Henrickson, former Borg drone Rico, Dr. Mortus Ulinian, Ensign H'llstam, Sergeant Batok and Dr. Saben.

SD. 12.1217: Leyson Ayden is given Starfleet commission, and is ranked Commander. Starfleet Command transfers him to the Cocoon to await assignment.

James Mauler installs emergency security overrides to the Horizon's computer upon his arrival. They will later come in useful when wrestling back control of the starship within the Katarian dark matter anomaly.

SD. 12.1220: The USS Horizon departs for the Katarian sector.

SD. 12.1122: Melody Cuen is assigned to serve aboard the USS Destiny. She will meet James Mauler during her time aboard.

SD. 12.1226: Jaeden Xadar arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 12.1228: James Mauler and Melody Cuen go on a dinner date.

SD. 12.1231: William Patton, Orlando Navarro, Jay McMadeth, Jethro Malex, Anais Markham, H'zard Trobul and Melody Cuen begin medical evacuation training in the Horizon's holodeck; a recreation of events experienced by Patton while he served in the Marine Corps.

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