Season 4 (2411)

March 2411: Dr. Linus pilots his timeship into a temporal rift in an attempt to travel back in time and change Earth history ("Fire and Ice").

January 2411

SD. 11.0101: "Mission of Mercy?, Part II"

The Starfleet uniform is redesigned yet again. The new design features a modified version of the flap that fastens on the right hand side, and also has more department colours along the shoulder bar. The old uniforms remain in use for roughly another month before being withdrawn. [C]

SD. 11.0101: Or'Nonya Matala, a visiting dignitary from Meparchka, arrives aboard the USS Horizon and is instated into crew service as an acting Ensign. Tergin is one of the first crew members Matala meets. Tergin and Matala later become romantically involved.

Lt<jg> Isis from the USS Sojourner Truth works with Theo Hamelin in the investigation of missing files related to the USS Threin NX-3000 prototype.

SD. 11.0102: Jarek Malaar persuades his brother Jarum to visit the Mystery Bar with him. However, the two later separate, with Jarum staying at the Bar and Jarek working on the USS Horizon.

Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time include Trellis, Roberts and Leff.

SD. 11.0103: At around this time, Cyrix Brakos begins to program HoloCyrix with his own latent memory engrams and thought patterns, designed to come online in the event of the real Brakos' death, thus enabling the engineer to live on in some way beyond death. The personality of Cyrix Brakos is "engraved" into the computer of the USS Horizon. The engineer secretly details this event in an encrypted log.

SD. 11.0108: Pol Canon visits the Mystery Bar.

SD. 11.0108: Fred Bordak completes his tour aboard the USS Krieger, under LtCmdr. Nicholas Marshall. He is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 11.0109: Starfleet Intelligence forces, including the Vulcan Vale'Kh and the woman known as Soong, arrive at Starbase Omega aboard the USS Geist. They apparently plan to obtain Cyrix Brakos, or information held by him, using a hastily-created clone of the engineer.

At around this time, Jean-Francois Titius, a civilian scientist, demonstrates his proof of the fundamental inconsistancy of closed formal mathematical systems. After being "convinced to withhold publication", Titius is captured by unknown authorities and held in Paris, on Earth, where a surgeon attempts to extract an implanted Romulan data package from his arm. Titius escapes to San Francisco, only to find his partner Rotariin killed by Klingons. He arranges transport to Starbase Omega.

SD. 11.0110: Fred Bordak is assigned to the USS Horizon. Later, his friend Amy DeSantos will transfer from her ship to the Horizon as well. At around this time, an alternate version of Bordak is displaced two years into the future.

SD. 11.0112: Ensign Selnan—in reality Centurion Gelbak of the Romulan Tal Shiar—arrives aboard the USS Horizon to serve as an aide to counsellor Pol Canon. Arriving at the same time are Nelly Farfin, bartender, and Ensign Barry Jordan, security officer.

SD. 11.0116: Jarek Malaar's 23rd birthday. It goes without much celebration. On the same day, Jarum Malaar, Jarek's brother, decides to secretly return to the Ring of Fire terrorist group.

Cyrix Brakos is married to Kristie Daala at the time shortly before his death.

SD. 11.0117: Vale'Kh and Soong attempt to gather information regarding transdimensional drive from Horizon personnel. Cyrix Brakos is killed during a crossfire between members of Starfleet Security and Horizon senior staff, sacrificing himself to save the life of Tergin. Both Vale'Kh and Soong make their escape. A memorial service takes place aboard the USS Horizon a few days later and Brakos' body is launched into space.

SD. 11.0120: D'Artaigne Storm is promoted to head of his security shift under Lt. Kuvak.

SD. 11.0120: Rendash Kuaar enters Starfleet Academy.

SD. 11.0120: Hanara suffers a brain aneurism and goes into a comatose state. The aneurism is related to an injury she previously sustained aboard the USS Athene.

At around this time, Theo Hamelin is contacted by Jean-Francois Titius, who is travelling aboard the USS Agincourt. Titius requests to join the Horizon crew.

SD. 11.0124: At around this time, Captain Garn receives the Horizon's next orders: to proceed to the unexplored Tass sector.

SD. 11.0126: Silus Jaxom arrives aboard the USS Horizon, to work as CSO. He says his goodbyes to Maura, with whom he has been romantically involved.

The USS Elizabeth Blackwell returns from a mission to planet Hotep III, where they witnessed an alien civilisation's first faster-than-light flight and subsequently made first contact in order to save the population from a virulent disease that threatened to make them extinct. [NC]

SD. 11.0130: Hanara, still comatose, is transported to the USS Elizabeth Blackwell, who will take her to a medical facility on Earth.

Pol Canon and Selnan lose consciousness after encountering the incompletely-modified HoloCyrix program in a ghost-like state. Jarek Malaar beams them to sickbay.

SD. 11.0131: Jean-Francois Titius obtains new clothing aboard Starbase Omega, and soon after arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

Sometime during this year, William Patton hears a false rumour that his marine "friend" Jake has died after being bitten by a tribble.

"Hex" Lexington and her friends on Risa form their band sometime during this year.

February 2411

SD. 11.0201: Theophrastus Hamelin is left on the USS Horizon, on a mission searching for M class planets.

SD. 11.0206: The funeral service for Cyrix Brakos is held in the Horizon's torpedo bay. Sasha Kali sings in tribute, and Tergin plays the trombone.

Also at around this time, Pol Canon sets up a memorial program on one of the Horizon's holodecks, for those lost during both the Stalus III mission and more recently.

SD. 11.0207: Suven receives a field promotion to Lt. and aFO.

SD. 11.0211: Ingel Rademach is released from Inapor Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation Clinic, and is assigned to administrative duty for Starfleet Intelligence on Starbase Epsilon.

SD. 11.0212: "Fire and Ice"

SD. 11.0212: On the surface of Icefall II, the crew of the starship Horizon native to the "Cyridian" Timeline use a modified dekyon pulse to send a distress signal out of the planet's turbulent atmosphere. The signal is soon after detected by the USS Horizon, en route to the Tass sector.

Tanaris Vel arrives on the planet Icefall II, having travelled there from the 27th century.

Qu'vara is among the non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time.

Gendry Lockhart is promoted to Lt<jg> and becomes Chief Diplomatic Aide at the Romulan Embassy.

SD. 11.0216: Jim Peterson is captured and taken prisoner by Telmarc forces.

SD. 11.0217: In an attempt to contact the "Cyridian" Timeline Horizon crew on the surface of Icefall II, Pol Canon works with the science department to send a telepathic message to his counterpart, using an inverse tachyon wave carrier.

SD. 11.0221: The starship Horizon native to the "Cardassian-Tholian" Timeline appears in orbit of Icefall II after emerging from a temporal anomoly. Soon, the "Cyridian" Horizon crew on the surface of the planet transmit their HoloCyridian program to the "Cardassian-Tholian" Horizon, just as that ship starts to fall from orbit.

SD. 11.0224: Zach Comstock is promoted to Lt<jg> by Captain D'k'm'n'r of the USS Metasis.

SD. 11.0229: Zach Comstock, haunted by an apparition of Voodoo Lady, requests transfer to the USS Horizon. His request is granted.

March 2411

SD. 11.0301: From his lab on Icefall II, Dr. Simon Linus uses transporter technology to abduct three versions of Jarek Malaar from the three versions of the USS Horizon on and around the planet. The missing Malaars are replaced with clones to conceal their absence.

SD. 11.0304: Fred Bordak's shuttle encounters temporal anomolies while en route to his assignment aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 11.0307: Suven is promoted to FO.

SD. 11.0311: The starship Horizon native to the "Plague" Timeline emerges from a temporal anomoly.

SD. 11.0312: In Tanaris Vel's timeline, Jarek Malaar contracts the affliction later known as the Plague. The Plague is responsible for the eventual downfall of the Federation.

SD. 11.0315: D'Artaigne Storm is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 11.0315: Zach Comstock arrives aboard the USS Horizon. Moments after his arrival on the bridge, he is forced to say farewell to the woman he loves, Asa Garn, as she beams across to an alternate version of the USS Horizon that has been infected with a telepathic plague.

SD. 11.0320: Valarn Taya serves under Yeltsin.

SD. 11.0320: Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time include Larzan, Vak, Mitchum and T'Shara.

SD. 11.0321: The Jarek Malaar native to the "Cardassian-Tholian" Timeline is killed by Tanaris Vel shortly before her capture.

Fred Bordak is contacted by the entities known as the Nurec-Talis for the first time.

SD. 11.0323: After an encounter with a computer controlling a complex time machine, Theophrastus Hamelin is transformed into a full Vulcan.

SD. 11.0324: Alex Thayer is reprimanded for insubordination toward a superior officer.

SD. 11.0325: The HoloCyrix and HoloCyridian programs exchange places at this time; HoloCyridian is to remain with the crew of the "Prime" USS Horizon.

SD. 11.0326: Tergin is forced to leave Captain Garn stranded in another universe and take the Horizon back in time to repair the damage that has been done to the timeline by renegade scientist Dr. Simon Linus. The USS Horizon crew create an artificial wormhole and pursue Linus back in time to the year 1999, where Linus attempts to alter Earth history.

At around this time, Alex McRae enters Starfleet Academy. He will major in counselling and minor in biopsychology and psychoepidemiology.

April 2411

SD. 11.0406: Dakmid, the grandfather of Fred Bordak, is killed in a tidal earthquake at around this time.

SD. 11.0415: James Burke is assigned to the USS Discovery to serve as CEO/2O.

SD. 11.0415: California Douglas visits a resort in Australia, on Earth. Using holo-camera footage from the time, he will recreate and "enhance" the locale to create a holodeck program.

SD. 11.0420: Pol Canon is planning to propose to Sonya McNair at this time. While the Horizon is in Earth's past, McNair receives a relayed message from her parents, informing her that her brother Steven was killed in a shuttle accident, during a training exercise.

SD. 11.0421: Jim Peterson is officially designated Missing In Action by Starfleet.

SD. 11.0423: Baxter Dennett receives a commendation for bravery in battle, after downloading himself into an enemy computer.

Nathan Cady spends three days in hospital after suffering a reaction to tiramisu served during his Academy graduation.

Ethan Two-Crows begins studying neurophysiology and cytopathology, searching for evidence of metaphysical experience in brain cells.

May 2411

SD. 11.0501: Nathan Cady graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the Cocoon sector to undergo training at OTC.

California Douglas attends a Starfleet class for the last time prior to his assignment to the USS Horizon.

SD. 11.0518: The USS Horizon returns from the past and travels to Starbase Omega with Dr. Linus in the brig.

Tergin is contacted by Admiral Bagamibatoo and informed that Captain Volga will be assuming command of the USS Horizon in Asa Garn's absence. Volga's shuttlecraft conspicuously develops a malfunction in the warp drive system, and he is forced to return to the USS Yorktown. Eventually, Volga will be court-martialled by Starfleet Security for dishonourable conduct. Tergin remains in command of the Horizon.

Arkanis returns to Earth, and submits himself to a Starfleet court. He refuses to discuss his actions during his absence.

SD. 11.0519: An alternate version of Jarek Malaar is stranded on Icefall II after the temporal shift that returned his shipmates to their home timeline fails to do so for him. He uses Tanaris Vel's salvaged scanning device and interfaces it with Dr. Simon Linus' temporal transconductor, discovering the Last Place in the process. The Custodians learn of this, wipe the knowledge of it from his memory and depart.

SD. 11.0520: H'zard Trobul is finally released from Starfleet protection. Paranoia on Qo'noS convinces him to remain in Starfleet, and he chooses to become a field medic.

SD. 11.0520: Silus Jaxom is reassigned outside the Cocoon Fleet, much to his outrage.

SD. 11.0522: LtCmdr. Tergin is unofficially given command of the USS Horizon by the order of Fleet executive officer Admiral Dmitrii Ivanov, who also orders him to run a blockade of Starbase Omega, in the hope that Dominion operatives on the station will not be able to escape.

SD. 11.0522: Jarek Malaar is pronounced physically dead after suffering massive arrest. He is actually pulled out of phase by Pelora, one of the exiled Custodians known as the Nam'Ra. Disguising herself, she persuades Malaar to unknowingly help free the her from her exile. Once she is free, she returns to the realm of the Custodians to cause havoc.

SD. 11.0522: Tergin orders the blood screening of the Horizon crew, as means of detecting a Changeling infiltrator in their midst.

SD. 11.0522: Suven is assigned to the USS Horizon as FO.

SD. 11.0525: At this time, the Nam'Ra energy beings are feeding upon the tetryon emissions from the warp cores of the USS Cochrane, the USS Horizon and the USS Manta Ray.

SD. 11.0525: Fred Bordak begins his cocoon metamorphosis in the sickbay of the Horizon. Amy DeSantos is serving aboard the ship at this time.

The identical twin Ensigns Gemini are temporarily assigned to the USS Horizon for the duration of its mission.

SD. 11.0526: Hostilities between dividing factions begin on the Connard IV at around this time.

SD. 11.0530: Jarek Malaar is revived by Theophrastus Hamelin and Pol Canon. He is later awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

D'Artaigne Storm is made acting CSO aboard the Horizon.

Dunaess Wodas receives the Wounded Lion Award for her injuries sustained during the Battle for the Cocoon.

June 2411

SD. 11.0601: "Where Loyalties Lie"

Dunaess Wodas is declared fit for active duty.

Sometime during this year, Starfleet discovers a wormhole in the M'Sagro system leading into the Andromeda Galaxy. The USS Mauritania is later to make first known contact with the Trasien race on their homeworld, Trasior Prime. Dariale is a member of this race.

SD. 11.0602: Arkanis pleads guilty to the charge of AWOL for less than 24 hours, and is demoted to the rank of Ensign.

SD. 11.0602: The Ferengi Suria is among the non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time.

Theophrastus Hamelin mind-melds with Suven.

SD. 11.0607: Fred Bordak emerges from his cocoon in the Horizon's sickbay, his metamorphosis complete. The process leaves him—at least temporarily—without the ability to smile.

SD. 11.0611: On an away mission to a subspace relay in the runabout Adventurous, Theo Hamelin and Jarek Malaar encounter P'Ghal, the former Romulan defector who appears to have shared his knowledge of transdimensional drive with the Dominion, resulting in a partially-functioning prototype vessel.

SD. 11.0613: A Changeling posing as Korrt stuns counsellor Pol Canon with a phaser and takes his place. He is soon discovered by Tergin after being blood-screened.

SD. 11.0615: Dunaess Wodas is assigned to the USS Redemption.

SD. 11.0617: Arkanis is reassigned to the Cocoon Fleet at the rank of Ensign. Captain Elizabeth Davies files a petition for leave of absence for Arkanis 22 hours after his disappearance. It is unclear how she receives this information as the record of Arkanis's transmission was lost before it could be viewed. Two of her senior officers witness the transmission and testify before an informal deposition as to the validity of the transmission.

SD. 11.0629: D'Artaigne Storm returns to being head of his security shift.

SD. 11.0629: Horizon crewman Chelt is discovered to have been killed by an Allasomorph working for the Dominion known as T'koul. In the wake of this incident, Chelt's widow will resign from Starfleet.

July 2411

James Walsh is assigned to the USS Melbourne-A, to work as a warp core specialist. The Melbourne later comes under attack by two unidentified vessel whilst on an exploration mission near the galactic core. The ship survives the three-day conflict that ensues, but with great losses. Walsh is one of the few remaining survivors among the senior crew, and ends up taking command of the vessel on its return to spacedock. Walsh is recommended for the Montgomery Scott Medal, and is eventually assigned to the Cocoon Fleet, serving as CEO aboard the USS Dakota.

SD. 11.0704: Nathan Cady arrives at the Cocoon and begins training at OTC.

SD. 11.0708: William Greyhawk enters Starfleet Academy.

Hilde, the wife of missing-in-action Jim Peterson, gives birth to their daughter Jane.

SD. 11.0712: Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time include Jerry McKale, Yelik, D'naldi, Exau, Dominguez, Reyol and engineer Astrid del Fuego.

SD. 11.0722: At the height of the Dominion crisis, it is learned that cloned Dominion operatives have assumed the positions of several high-ranking individuals in Starfleet, including Commander Firestorm of Outpost 108.

SD. 11.0723: Valarn Taya is promoted to Yeomen First Class, and is moved to brig duty under Chief Petty Officer First Class James Larou.

SD. 11.0725: Jarek Malaar is almost killed by a Changeling while serving as part of a mission aboard the USS Sojourner Truth. His life is saved by Arkanis, who kills the Changeling.

SD. 11.0728: Kelsi Biaret is assigned to the USS Cochrane, under the command of Captain John Nash.

August 2411

SD. 11.0802: The USS Horizon returns from her patrol around the area surrounding Starbase Omega. At this point, over a dozen cloned Dominion operatives have been captured.

SD. 11.0806: A shuttlecraft carrying members of Fred Bordak's family arrives aboard the USS Horizon, bringing news of Dakmid's death. Unknown to both the family and the crew of the Horizon, they carry the Tal Velnol virus which will begin to affect the starship crew.

Brenala, one of Bordak's sisters, will undergo her cocoon metamorphosis during her time aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 11.0810: The USS Horizon is awarded the Outstanding Unit Citation by Fleet Admiral Winton Spires. LtCmdr. Tergin is promoted to the rank of Captain, and is officially given command of the Horizon under FlAdm. Spires.

SD. 11.0812: Pol Canon is promoted to full Lieutenant.

SD. 11.0816: Tergin enters into an intimate relationship with Or'Nonya Matala.

SD. 11.0821: "Vagra III" - The USS Horizon departs for Vagra III for its next mission, to intercept or destroy an unidentified party that has breached the planet's quarantine.

SD. 11.0822: Trinity Layne graduates from Starfleet Medical.

SD. 11.0824: Trinity Layne is assigned to the USS Horizon, as CMO.

The body of Cyrix Brakos is intercepted by the Borg, and assimilated. The new drone, Brakonis, becomes the new speaker for the Borg Collective.

Ensign Jack Tennison, Ensign Lorix and Lt<jg> Drell are assigned to the USS Horizon to work as part of the flight deck crew in the Horizon's shuttle bay. Drell is actually Jadrik, an ex-Starfleet renegade who works for the Romulans.

SD. 11.0826: Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time include Yenult, Eridaq, Flagerty and xenobiologist Morpeth.

SD. 11.0827: The Velnol virus brought aboard by Fred Bordak's family begins to affect the behaviour of the USS Horizon crew; Human crew members develop allergic reactions to their uniforms, as well as mood swings and swollen joints; Bajorans enjoy an increased sexual prowess; Suven's pheromone production drastically increases; Theo Hamelin's neural functions revert to pure mathematical thought; Jason Munro suffers from memory loss stretching back three years; Bolians, El-Aurians, Tal and Moropa are unaffected.

SD. 11.0828: Or'Nonya Matala receives a message recalling him to the Meparchkan Embassy on Earth.

SD. 11.0830: Pol Canon is awarded the Shafer Star of Service by Captain Tergin.

September 2411

SD. 11.0901: Theo Hamelin's Velnol-related symptoms are relieved using counsellor Pol Canon's Dreamscape psychic technique.

SD. 11.0902: Kelsi Biaret is promoted to Lt<jg>.

SD. 11.0905: T-Kata arrives aboard the USS Horizon to serve as a shuttle pilot.

SD. 11.0906: The Velnol virus introduced to the USS Horizon by Fred Bordak's family is removed from the ship's systems using nanites specially modified by Theo Hamelin.

SD. 11.0908: Theophrastus Hamelin is offered the position of 2O aboard the USS Horizon.

Blaze Starsinger leaves the USS Domaruun. He returns home to help care for his sick father. Upon his assignment to the Cocoon, he will meet and befriend Lt. Leona Garvedian, the Lioness of Terrana-3.

SD. 11.0910: Fred Bordak is visited in his quarters by Craig Geofry Brant, a member of Section 31.

SD. 11.0911: Theophrastus Hamelin completes the Command Grade Test and becomes 2O aboard the Horizon.

SD. 11.0911: At around this time, Elijah Cassius of the SS Saturn has been involved in illegal operations at the quarantined planet Vagra III for some time, extracting life-forms from the surface—some of whom are, unknown to him, sentient. Among his crew are Paige, Kannon, the Vulcan Misanda and the former Juun senator Boshan. Kannon is later killed during a battle between the Saturn and the USS Horizon.

At an unknown time previously, the version of Bordak native to the Mirror Universe was also part of Cassius' crew, but left to be among Captain Patrick Davis Johnson and other survivors of the USS Cipher crash on the surface of Vagra III.

SD. 11.0915: Lucille Freeman enters Starfleet Academy, studying field medicine.

SD. 11.0915: The USS Horizon receives a distress call from Lieutenant Sheridan of the Federation trading vessel SS Pacifica, which apparently crashed on the surface of Vagra III several weeks ago and are under attack from the planet's indigenous creatures.

SD 11.0915: At school, Reeko Blackadder completes his junior certificate with four honours and three passes.

Jason Munro is transferred from the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 11.0918: Brenala emerges from her cocoon aboard the USS Horizon, her metamorphosis complete.

SD. 11.0921: Pol Canon is attacked and infected by an indigenous creature on the surface of Vagra III. He soon after mutates into a hybrid Vagran creature and runs rampage aboard the USS Horizon, killing Ensign Jack Jordan. He is eventually subdued by security forces and returned to sickbay.

October 2411

SD. 11.1003: Elijah Cassius, formerly Elijah Cass, succumbs to sustained injuries and dies on the surface of Vagra III.

SD. 11.1007: After being healed aboard the USS Horizon, the Mirror Bordak makes an emergency beam-out with what appears to be some kind of portable transdimensional transporter. He soon after appears in Fred Bordak's quarters, and reveals that he has been recruited into Section 31.

SD. 11.1008: Ensign Liana Niyall joins the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time, having transferred from the USS Harbinger.

SD. 11.1011: India Baker is assigned to the USS Horizon as FO to succeed the departing Suven, who has been reinstated into Starfleet Security.

At around this time, Theo Hamelin's expanded Wittgenstein hologram, now fully sentient, departs the USS Horizon to work as head programmer and Turing analyst with the Federation Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Life.

SD. 11.1012: Arkanis and Trinity Layne are promoted to Lieutenant JG. Also, Fred Bordak is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

SD. 11.1013: "Juun Mysteries, Part I" - The USS Horizon is assigned to the Connard system in the Pieri sector, to quell the current unrest surrounding a Juun colony's declaration of independence. Their secondary objective is to investigate evidence of an ancient civilisation on Connard IV.

SD. 11.1015: Jethro Malex is promoted to Specialist.

SD. 11.1015: Pol Canon is contacted by Admiral Power, offering him a position as a diplomatic protocol officer within the Cocoon.

SD. 11.1017: At around this time, Fred Bordak changes the spelling of his name to Bordaq.

SD. 11.1017: Griffin P. Griffin arrives aboard the USS Horizon, having transferred from the USS Golem.

At around this time, Theo Hamelin receives the news that his Wittgenstein hologram and a man named Dexter Casey have constructed a holographic scientist aboard the USS Cochrane, and that they are hoping to test it in the field.

SD. 11.1019: Tordock is promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class.

SD. 11.1022: Tergin resigns his Starfleet commission and leaves the USS Horizon to become a teacher at the Daystrom Institute, on Earth. He transfers command of the ship to Cmdr. India Baker. However, after a brief rendezvous with his old friend Kieran Joram aboard the USS Elizabeth Blackwell, Tergin makes the decision to return to the Horizon.

SD. 11.1022: Andorian Lt<jg> Halthona jaro R'Tefflatt joins the non-senior staff of the Horizon at around this time. Others arriving aboard include Rector, Roolingraf and Eugene W. Peacock.

SD. 11.1023: Sonya McNair is promoted to the rank of Lt<jg>

Triana Paganini arrives aboard the USS Horizon at around this time, while the starship is at Starbase Omega.

SD. 11.1028: Nathan Cady completes training at OTC and is assigned to the USS Horizon as OPS. He misses his assigned shuttle and instead travels to his destination aboard Klingon vessel PagH'Kul.

November 2411

Shortly after their arrival at the Connard IV archeological dig—manned by Archer and his children, Lester and Antonia—the Horizon team begins to uncover a multitude of anachronistic artifacts apparently displaced by an an ancient time gateway, including a Starfleet tricorder and a preserved Vulcan corpse.

SD. 11.1102: Nathan Cady arrives aboard the USS Horizon. He is later captured by Selnan and delivered into the hands of P'Ghal, but later released during a prisoner exchange.

SD. 11.1108: Prime Minister Hiyter of Connard IV is discovered dead by Tergin and India Baker whilst they are on the surface of the planet. The two officers are arrested and charged for his murder by local forces. Hiyter was in fact supposedly killed by one of "the Durial", the name adopted by a group of cybernetically-enhanced mercenaries, at least one of whom is in the employ of P'Ghal. The Durial appear to wish to gain access to the ancient time gateway originally discovered by Archer.

Chug comes into the possession of Garal at around this time, who buys him as a slave.

SD. 11.1114: While on an away mission on Connard IV, Fred Bordaq discovers artifacts suggesting that the Tal race were originally created on that planet. Bordaq struggles to come to terms to with the discovery, which goes against his strong traditional beliefs.

SD. 11.1117: Kelsi Biaret undergoes surgery to save her eye after being struck across the face by grieving Cochrane crew-mate Josh Ryan. As a result of the incident, Biaret later becomes addicted to the Veralium stimulate prescribed to her.

SD. 11.1129: Internal explosions aboard the USS Horizon, rigged by Selnan, damage the starship's warp pylons and separate the nacelles from the ship. Shortly after this event, Selnan, her role in current events exposed, kidnaps Jarek Malaar, T'Salek and newly-arrived Nathan Cady and transports them aboard P'Ghal's Romulan Bird of Prey. Tergin later offers himself as a hostage in exchange for the return of Cady and T'Salek, with Malaar remaining in captivity with him.

SD. 11.1130: The USS Deep Blue, aboard which Baxter Dennett serves, is destroyed.

SD. 11.1131: Baxter Dennett requests an assignment to Starfleet Academy. His request is granted.

December 2411

SD. 11.1215: India Baker loses an arm in combat, while taking part in a rescue operation aboard P'Ghal's ship to free Horizon officers Captain Tergin and Jarek Malaar. The rescue is successful, and P'Ghal is killed, but Baker remains without an arm for a while, earning the nickname 'Lefty'. Ensign Jade and security officer Roolingraf are killed.

During this rescue operation, Pol Canon accidentally vaporises Romulan spy Selnan with a phaser blast, having intended to stun her.

Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time include yeomen Jelli and Sarita.

SD. 11.1220: Theophrastus Hamelin is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander and ordered to Starbase Omega for reassignment.

SD. 11.1222: Theophrastus Hamelin leaves the USS Horizon, becoming FO aboard a science vessel.

SD. 11.1224: Pol Canon is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

SD. 11.1226: Jarek Malaar discovers the truth about the Custodians, and the deal that was made with his parents when they were young. This is done after Malaar finds his father's personal records in the Moropa Global Database, which can be accessed from the Horizon.

Jarek Malaar proposes to Trinity Layne, asking her to marry him.

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