Season 3 (2410)

July 2410: Federation ships gather to fight the Klingons that have invaded the Cocoon. The USS Horizon NCC-61883 will be destroyed in the battle ("Against All Odds").

January 2410

SD. 10.0101: "Unveiling the Holack, Part II"

SD. 10.0101: Sasha Kali is removed from active starship duty after disobeying orders. She is deemed an 'unstable' element aboard a starship and is transferred to Starfleet Academy to become an instructor.

Baxter Dennett is assigned to the USS Deep Blue, as CSciO.

Banor T'Orell graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 10.0105: Kieran Joram is assigned to Starbase Omega, as station's and Fleet CMO.

SD. 10.0106: Zach Comstock is assigned to the USS Horizon, as CMO.

SD. 10.0109: Kuvak is promoted to Lieutenant JG and is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. He becomes CSO aboard the USS Heracles.

SD. 10.0112: Suven is assigned as a Starfleet Security field operative.

SD. 10.0113: At this time, the main vessels within the Cocoon Fleet are the USS Athene, Curie, Heracles, Horizon, Katana, Loki, Roanoke and the Xerxes.

SD. 10.0113: Patuxent is born to Crystal Rockefeller. Two minutes after his birth, his grows at a hyper-accelerated into his fully adult form.

SD. 10.0118: Banor T'Orell arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 10.0119: Tergin is forced to confront his growing feelings of affection towards Kaitlyn Page after her life is endangered during the Horizon's mission in the Holack sector.

SD. 10.0125: Nvii't Sh'aall is promoted to Chief Petty Officer First Class, and is made chief of transporter operations under Cyrix Brakos.

SD. 10.0126: Silus Jaxom begins living with Maura at around this time.

Pol Canon has some medical experience from around this time.

February 2410

SD. 10.0201: Theophrastus Hamelin is assigned to OTC to undergo training for field assignment. He is trained as a CEO.

Amy DeSantos' sister is married during this year.

SD. 10.0209: Toni Friday is assistant CEO aboard the USS Horizon at this time. Other serving crew members include crewman Adams, yeoman Tomkinson, nurse Kristie Daala, Jokas, John Bottriel, Kelso, Ma'hat and engineer Sancho Valersung.

SD. 10.0213: Steve O'Brady, father of Robert O'Brady, is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for the defence of Starbase Omega against an unknown life-form.

March 2410

SD. 10.0301: Cyrix Brakos receives news that his sister had given birth to a child a few days ago.

SD. 10.0303: Theophrastus Hamelin graduates from OTC training.

SD. 10.0305: Sasha Kali is assigned to the USS Horizon as relief bridge officer, by request of Lt. Tergin.

SD. 10.0307: Kor enters Starfleet Academy. During his time there, he will hear rumours of the infamous Mystery Bar.

SD. 10.0309: Theophrastus Hamelin is assigned to the USS Ronin, originally as science officer. Later he is reassigned as CEO and selected as XO.

SD. 10.0310: Tergin is awarded the Distinguished Service Star for exceptional valour, ingenuity and command responsibility during the Holack Veil mission.

SD. 10.0310: Banor T'Orell requests that security officers Barney, O'Connel, Chin, Edington, Perth, Christopher, Garth and Orange, serving under his command, are transferred from the USS Horizon for various reasons.

SD. 10.0311: After an intimate encounter, Tergin and Kaitlyn Page decide not to risk their long friendship by becoming more than just friends.

SD. 10.0312: Kieran Joram is accidentally transported almost forty years into the future.

SD. 10.0313: The Horizon crew complete their mission in the Holack sector. Banor T'Orell receives the Wounded Lion Award.

SD. 10.0313: Sasha Kali arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

At around this time, Emily Brander is born to Jennifer Brander and her partner, who later serves aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 10.0317: India Baker becomes OPS officer aboard the USS Montgomery-C, once again under Captain Sterling "Patch" Hyde.

SD. 10.0317: Ian MacKenzie transfers from the USS Horizon to Starbase Omega at around this time.

SD. 10.0318: Asa Garn is promoted to Captain.

SD. 10.0320: Kieran Joram returns from the alternate future, having aged two years. He makes an official statement to the Temporal Disturbance Unit of Starfleet Intelligence. The matter remains classified.

SD. 10.0324: Kieran Joram is assigned to Starfleet Medical's special crisis division, as interim department head.

In the timeline experienced by the Horizon crew on stardate 13.0826, Arkanis dies at around this time.

SD. 10.0325: Sancho Valersung goes missing.

April 2410

Pendar retires from military service in the Grand Army of the Kourosan Empire.

SD. 10.0420: The USS Deep Blue is caught in a conflict between several pre-warp space-faring alien groups in an unexplored star system. After a Deep Blue away team boards a disabled vessel in an attempt to gain control of it, science officer Baxter Dennett interfaces with the computer system known as Redeemer that controls the enemy vessels, and disables it.

SD. 10.0421: John Bottriel is found guilty of assault with intent to kill by a Federation court, and is dishonourably dismissed from Starfleet service.

SD. 10.0414: Commodore Yaardack Stanfelth is killed by the Borg while in the Mirror Universe. On the return of his flagship, the USS Roanoke, with the news, Commodore Bagamibatoo, Beaver Squadron CO, is assigned as his replacement.

SD. 10.0415: Jason Munro is transferred off the USS Roanoke.

SD. 10.0428: James Noor, the father of Charles Devok Noor, dies. [C]

May 2410

SD. 10.0501: Jason Munro is assigned to the USS Horizon, as OPS officer and 2O.

SD. 10.0501: Tergin, Cyrix Brakos, Banor T'Orell and Zach Comstock visit the Mystery Bar on Starbase Omega, where they run into Kieran Joram and the Bolian Alala, who is actually Asa Garn is disguise.

Novak serves aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

SD. 10.0505: Jason Munro reports in to Captain Asa Garn, CO of the USS Horizon.

SD. 10.0513: A Klingon battle fleet is found to be headed towards the Cocoon.

SD. 10.0515: Valarn Taya completes basic training.

SD. 10.0516: Tordock is promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class.

SD. 10.0518: "Against All Odds" - Following extensive repairs, the USS Horizon is placed as the flagship of a task force launched to delay the Klingon attack fleet, which is approaching Starbase Omega. The twelve ships succeed in knocking over six hundred Klingon warships out of warp using the newly developed verteron torpedoes. With their systems malfunctioning, just over a hundred Klingon vessels are destroyed. The Klingons soon start to recover, however, and six of the Starfleet vessels are lost before the Horizon's task force can get away.

Theophrastus Hamelin finishes his first tour as XO/CEO on the USS Ronin, after having faced a failure of the ship's computer, leaving the Ronin adrift in an area of high radiation. He is given a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant JG.

SD. 10.0520: Jarek Malaar graduates from Starfleet Academy. He loses touch with his friends Mason Mytom and Volek.

SD. 10.0520: Valarn Taya is assigned to the USS Ajax as a security officer, under Petty Officer Michael Wolf.

SD. 10.0520: At this time, Cyrix Brakos and Kristie Daala are planning on getting married.

SD. 10.0524: Sancho Valderez is assigned to Starbase Omega to serve as CEO.

SD. 10.0525: All eight brothers of Ingel Rademach are killed in action during the Battle for the Cocoon following the destruction of their vessel, the USS Amana.

Only sixteen years old, Anur Eynar graduates from the Deltan Advance Centre Of Engineering.

SD. 10.0527: Jarek Malaar enters OTC, in holodeck 1, under the command of Cmdr. Jason Chayse-Wellington. On the journey to Starbase Omega by runabout, Malaar meets a woman named Kristina Burton, who it seems is Betazoid.

SD. 10.0527: Lonu enters Starfleet Academy, focusing on physics.

SD. 10.0527: The father of Ingel Rademach is killed in a shuttlecraft accident on Nanderii IX. Grief-inflicted suicide is suspected due to the recent death of eight of his sons.

Darlene Houston graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 10.0530: Theophrastus Hamelin is assigned to the USS Horizon, as CSciO.

Darlene Houston is assigned to the USS Jefferson, to serve as CNS.

Bordak Grino graduates from Starfleet basic training, specialising in warp engine maintenance.

June 2410

SD. 10.0601: Bordak Grino is assigned to the Cocoon Fleet. He assigned to the USS Horizon, under Captain Asa Garn.

SD. 10.0602: While on bridge duty aboard the USS Fogg, Ingel Rademach gives the order to fire upon the civilian vessel SS Ballista. The crew refuses to follow his order and he is relieved of duty.

SD. 10.0603: Ingel Rademach is placed on medical leave and is transferred to the Inapor Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation Clinic. During his time at Inapor he will convert to a Nanderian religion.

SD. 10.0603: Field medic Michael Darby is killed aboard the USS Gryphon during battle with a Klingon fleet. Nahur Anala had been involved in a relationship with him prior to his assignment to the USS Horizon.

SD. 10.0604: Dunaess Wodas takes part in the Battle for the Cocoon at around this time.

SD. 10.0608: Pol Canon graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 10.0612: Bordak Grino reports for duty aboard the USS Horizon. He works as part of gamma shift, under CPO Charles Grey.

SD. 10.0612: Abi Seldon receives a letter of recommendation from Dr. Anders Zurcher, Chair of Starfleet Academy Science Department.

SD. 10.0615: Zach Comstock requests transfer off the USS Horizon and to the 10th Fleet. His transfer is interrupted by the outbreak of battle between the Cocoon and Klingon fleets. He is rescued by the Horizon.

SD. 10.0615: Silus Jaxom is transferred to Starbase Omega to work in security there.

SD. 10.0620: Part of the 10th Fleet arrives to help the Horizon's task force return to the Portal. A fleet of 110 Starfleet vessels—the majority of the Cocoon Fleet—is gathered there to defend the Cocoon from the coming Klingon attack.

SD. 10.0620: Pol Canon undergoes training at OTC. While at the space station, he mind-melds with a fellow cadet, a Vulcan named Sovak.

SD. 10.0621: Jarek Malaar completes training at OTC. Kristina Burton, also training at OTC, completes her training and is assigned to the medical ship USS Hope under Captain Matheson, ending their brief friendship.

SD. 10.0622: Abi Seldon graduates from the Centauran Academy of Science. Her specialization is the evolution of galaxies and galactic clusters.

SD. 10.0626: Cyrix Brakos resigns from active Starfleet duty.

SD. 10.0627: Cyrix Brakos becomes bartender aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 10.0629: The Klingons reach the Cocoon and begin their attack, quickly overpowering the Federation vessels. As the Battle for the Cocoon rages on, with heavy casualties on both sides, Fleet Command learns that these Klingons aren't acting on the orders of the High Council, but are a renegade group consisting of houses from the Cardassian Occupied zone.

SD. 10.0630: Cardassian forces move in on the Occupied Zone, retaking their worlds in the absence of strong Klingon defences.

The Findrake achieve their first warp flights, and shortly become members of the Federation.

July 2410

SD. 10.0701: Dunaess Wodas, badly injured in the Klingon fleet engagement, is transported to Starfleet Medical to recover.

SD. 10.0705: Jarek Malaar is assigned to the USS Krieger, NCC-72602, as FCO, under the command of LtCmdr. Lake Starlight.

SD. 10.0707: Pol Canon is assigned as CNS to the USS Zahal. While aboard the ship, he temporarily loses his telepathic abilities after receiving an injection of Hansen compound, intended to counteract the interdimensional "tugging" effect on his mind caused by telepathic contact with Ensign Jamie Shield, CSciO of the Zahal. The experience leaves Canon with the ability to create the Dreamscape.

Canon undergoes some Klingon martial arts training with crewmates T'Orn and Wolf during his time aboard the USS Zahal.

SD. 10.0710: Jethro Malex completes his basic training billet and becomes a medical technician.

SD. 10.0712: Non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at around this time include Jarrid and engineer Tyxx. Tyxx is forced to rescue Jason Munro, and Crewman Ulig carries him unconscious to an escape pod when the order is given to abandon ship. Ulig is killed en route, and another engineer finally gets Munro into the pod. Munro is picked up by the USS Venture, and eventually ends up on Starbase Omega.

SD. 10.0713: Valarn Taya is assigned to the Cocoon Fleet. She arrives aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 10.0714: Pol Canon is assigned as acting second officer (a2O) of the USS Zahal.

The USS Heracles is critically damaged during battle with the Klingons. Kuvak is returned to Starbase Omega for reassignment.

SD. 10.0715: Jethro Malex is assigned to the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 10.0719: The USS Horizon NCC-61883 is destroyed, but most of the crew escapes. A total of 85 Cocoon Fleet vessels are lost during the Battle for the Cocoon.

With the destruction of the USS Horizon NCC-61883, Tergin loses a Klingon mek'leth he had owned for many years.

SD. 10.0720: Valarn Taya is assigned armoury duty under Chief Petty Officer Ariguberta Montoya.

SD. 10.0723: The 10th Fleet arrives just after the Cocoon Fleet CO's ship, the USS Avalon, is destroyed protecting a medical frigate. The USS Sagan arrives with the 10th Fleet and communicates a message to the Klingon forces detailing a conspiracy between the Cardassians and the leaders of the houses of the Occupied Zone. This prompts many Klingon commanders to join the Starfleet forces so as to regain their honour. The joint Federation and Klingon vessels soon defeat the renegade Klingons, ending the Battle for the Cocoon.

SD. 10.0725: Zach Comstock is officially reassigned to the USS Horizon due to shortage of officers within the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 10.0726: A newly built Tryfan class vessel is dispatched from SB Kappa to the Cocoon, along with two other vessels. They will replace the USS Horizon, USS Phoenix and USS Xerxes, which were lost during the Battle for the Cocoon.

SD. 10.0728: Banor T'Orell requests to be transferred from Horizon duty at around this time. He is posted nearer to his homeworld.

SD. 10.0728: Sasha Kali loses her left arm while escaping from the remains of the USS Horizon. She later undergoes surgery on Starbase Omega to supply her with a new arm.

SD. 10.0730: Tordock is promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class, now working under Melissande Awk.

SD. 10.0731: Jarek Malaar is abducted by the Kraa-Kree while serving aboard the USS Krieger. The experience will haunt him for a while afterwards.

August 2410

SD. 10.0801: "Mission of Mercy?, Part I"

SD. 10.0801: The new Tryfan class USS Horizon, NCC-825002, is launched under the command of Captain Asa Garn. It is the fourth Federation starship to bear the name.

Around this time, Captain Garn receives the Horizon's orders: to transport medical supplies and other resources to a Na'Chem colony on planet Stalus III, in the Irimada sector, where a cease-fire has been called between the Federation and the majority of the Na'Chem factions. A minority faction calling themselves the Na'stiu refuse to acknowledge the cease-fire.

Boshan, the future Juun accomplice of Elijah Cassius, will somehow be involved with the USS Horizon's eventual dealings with Juun forces in the Stalus system. He will blame the Horizon for destroying the Juun command structure.

The last vessels of the 10th Fleet depart, leaving the Cocoon to fend for itself again. At this time the USS Horizon, Xerxes, Phoenix, Athene, Gryphon, Durham, Zahal, Ibutho and Krieger are the major Starfleet vessels in operation within the Cocoon.

The Alorna family arrives aboard the USS Horizon. Alorna Garef begins working in engineering, specializing in deflector systems, and Alorna Nyace becomes a teacher in the ship's school. Sel, their daughter, lives aboard the Horizon as a civilian.

Jason Munro encounters his Marine cousin, Jim Munro, at a bar on Starbase Omega.

D'Artaigne Storm graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 10.0802: Jason Munro is assigned to the new USS Horizon. He reports for duty to Captain Asa Garn.

SD. 10.0804: The remaining crew of the former USS Horizon, NCC-61883, are assigned to the new USS Horizon. Tergin is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander by Captain Asa Garn. Jason Munro is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for excellence in service. Also, Theophrastus Hamelin receives the Noonien Soong Medal for excellence in the field of science.

SD. 10.0806: Asa Garn is awarded the Shield of Alexander for the strategies, tactics and valour during the Battle for the Cocoon.

SD. 10.0807: D'Artaigne Storm is assigned to the Cocoon Fleet, working as part of a security detail at the Gaia Shipyards.

Lieutenant Tranor Shaka arrives aboard the Horizon while the ship is at Starbase Omega, having formerly served on the Juun homeworld.

SD. 10.0808: Jarek Malaar is rescued from the Kraa-Kree by his fellow Krieger crew members.

Kuvak is assigned to the USS Horizon, as CSO.

SD. 10.0809: Pol Canon completes his first assignment aboard the USS Zahal.

SD. 10.0812: Pol Canon is promoted to Lieutenant JG at the request of LtCmdr Batya Bitzalel, his commanding officer aboard the USS Zahal.

SD. 10.0812: Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around the time of launch include engineers Nilson, Reg, Yullu, Usland and Patterson. Engineer Payne serves alongside Bordak Grino.

SD. 10.0813: Pol Canon is assigned as CNS to the USS Horizon. Also, Jethro Malex arrives aboard, serving as medical technician.

SD. 10.0814: Kieran Joram is reassigned to the USS Horizon by request.

SD. 10.0816: Zach Comstock is assigned by request to the USS Metasis, as CMO.

SD. 10.0817: Laura Bennett is assigned to the USS Horizon.

SD. 10.0818: The USS Horizon is awarded the Outstanding Unit Citation by Fleet Admiral Bagamibatoo.

Jarek Malaar is assigned to the Horizon as FCO, under Captain Asa Garn. One of the first crew members he befriends is Sasha Kali. There also seems to be a certain amount of memory loss on his part regarding his former Academy friend Sonya McNair, who he does not recognise.

SD. 10.0820: Cyrix Brakos is notified that the new USS Horizon has been commissioned. He accepts the position of bartender aboard.

SD. 10.0820: Edwin Morton, Travis Meadows, Perr Alton, Sonya McNair and Narik all arrive aboard the USS Horizon at around this time. Ras Jylik, a friend of Jason Munro, transfers from the USS Heracles to the Horizon. Also serving aboard at this time are Bel Shaane, the senior Emilia Ziemann, Jacque de Liedekerke, both Ensign Yelsha and his wife, and Ensign Flager.

SD. 10.0823: Travis Meadows is involved in a rock-climbing accident in a Horizon holodeck.

SD. 10.0825: D'Artaigne Storm is assigned to the USS Horizon as chief hostage negotiator.

SD. 10.0826: The USS Horizon is attacked and boarded by a duplicate of Cyrix Brakos, travelling aboard a Romulan shuttlecraft. The intruder is captured and placed in the brig. There ensues a certain amount of confusion as to the identity of the "real" Brakos. At least one of the Brakos' seems to have been created less than a year ago to spy upon Starfleet personnel.

Blaze Starsinger graduates early from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to serve aboard the USS Domaruun.

SD. 10.0831: Engineer Frederico Ramirez, crewman Kritcovitch and Silm serve aboard the Horizon at this time.

September 2410

SD. 10.0901: Abi Seldon enters Starfleet Academy.

SD. 10.0903: The crew of the USS Horizon hold a celebration in the ship's as-yet-unnamed lounge, during which they receive the news that the Horizon has gained the status of the Cocoon Fleet's flagship. The Tellarite Gak serves as bartender in Brakos' absence. Harry Peterson and Korrt meet each other for the first time in a violent manner. The lounge is christened "the Ship's Edge" in the aftermath of this event.

It is also at this time that the two Brakos individuals are integrated into one individual via illegal use of the transporter.

Jadrik, the host of the dead Drell symbiont, plans to covertly reinstate himself into Starfleet, using the name of Drell. He falsifies documents and takes the role of a newly-graduated Lieutenant JG applying to work in the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 10.0909: Sancho Valderez is promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as CEO.

SD. 10.0909: Jarek Malaar steals shuttle Palmer from the bay of the USS Horizon, and takes to the Til Oti system in the Renrael sector, where he encounters the Custodians, and learns about his past.

During his final year at Starfleet Academy, Fred Bordak is assigned as acting captain of the USS Republic-A.

SD. 10.0919: Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time include: CPO Hilex, Dr. T'Salek, Winters, Stol, head of biology Hardesh, Halls, Gellispe, Jenkins, Reeves, Kelli Gleason, Tevik, Parr, Tallak Ulek and medic Mitchell.

SD. 10.0921: The USS Horizon separates en route to Stalus III. The saucer section, commanded by Tergin and carrying Kuvak, Hideki Satuma, T'Salek and Sancho Valderez, pursues hostile Juun forces. The stardrive section, commanded by Asa Garn and carrying Jason Munro, Kieran Joram, Theo Hamelin, Pol Canon and Jarek Malaar, proceeds to provide aid to Stalus III.

October 2410

SD. 10.1001: Pol Canon is mistakenly abducted from the USS Horizon by the creators of the Cyrix Brakos duplicate, shortly after having unwittingly planted a virus in the Horizon stardrive's shield generators. Their secret base is hidden on the fourth moon of Stalus IV.

At around this time in the "Cardassian-Tholian" Timeline, Pol Canon is killed.

Davis Porter is transferred to the Warp Design Applications Laboratory on Vulcan.

SD. 10.1005: Jim Peterson is assigned to a marine outpost in the Saishan sector. During his time there, he is asked to sponsor the entrance of his brother into Starfleet Marine Academy. Also at around this time, Jim's wife Hilde becomes pregnant with their future daughter Jane, but he will not be aware of her pregnancy at the time of his capture by the Telmarc.

SD. 10.1008: Sancho Valderez crushes Bajoran officer Tranor Shaka in rage, killing him, after being attacked with a phaser. Valderez is placed in the Horizon's brig.

SD. 10.1012: Cyrix Brakos is reinstated into Starfleet duty by Captain Garn after assisting in the safe escape of Horizon crew members from the secret base near Stalus IV. He continues to serve as CEO aboard the stardrive section during the Stalus III mission.

SD. 10.1017: P'Ghal, a Romulan collaborating with Juun forces, is promoted to Commander at around this time.

Aboard the USS Republic-A, with Cadet Fred Bordak in command, an engineering console explodes, throwing fellow crewmate Amy DeSantos into the warp core area. Bordak prevents her from falling to her death. He receives a Distinguished Service Award for his actions. Bordak and DeSantos become good friends.

SD. 10.1018: Horizon crew member CPO Madge Brunstol is killed whilst serving on the surface of Stalus III. Ensign Flager, an acquaintance of Sonya McNair's, also dies during the Stalus III mission. Further fatalities during the mission will eventually include: Cowels, Johnson, B'chset, medic Carolyn Belas, engineer Tobias, Moorla, K'Tor and Harko.

SD. 10.1018: Sancho Valderez becomes aCEO aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 10.1027: Pol Canon, Sonya McNair and Parr discover the hidden Romulan base below the surface of Stalus III.

November 2410

SD. 10.1103: Jasen is rescued by medical staff from the USS Horizon.

SD. 10.1104: Fred Bordak graduates from Starfleet Academy. His friend Amy DeSantos is assigned to a Starfleet vessel near Vulcan. The two of them promise to stay in touch.

SD. 10.1104: Jason Munro, Pol Canon and Elizabeth/Gabrol Davies lead Starfleet security teams into the subterranean Romulan base on Stalus III. Team members include: Sonya McNair, Larry Baker, Moorla, Orno Tak, Tonak, Brel Gil, Mitch Jackson, Lanel Sara, K'Ton, Valton Nan, Anais Markham, Abner Tami, Bruce Banner, Trevor Collins, Dall, Fovi, Enilto, Fleurand, G'Ygax, Hask, Bantu, Jack Jordan and K'Trina. Most of these Ensigns graduated from the Academy with the class of 2410.

SD. 10.1105: Sancho Valderez is assigned to the USS Yeager to serve as CEO.

SD. 10.1107: Fred Bordak is assigned to the USS Krieger, as part of his training.

SD. 10.1111: Fred Bordaq records a personal log entry about his concerns revolving around his Starfleet duties. He is worried about his doubts being discovered and encodes the log entry under a high-level security algorithm. Future log entries about Section 31 and the Nurec-Talis will also be encoded.

SD. 10.1112: Darlene Houston is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 10.1115: Nellos is rescued by medical staff from the USS Horizon. The rest of her family have all died under various cirumstances; her grandchild, Vel, was killed the day before. Nellos gives Sonya McNair a necklace that belonged to her daughter, Sanua. Nellos later dies from her injuries.

Theo Hamelin accesses computer records and creates the Ludwig Wittgenstein hologram for the first time at around this time.

SD. 10.1117: "Dreamscape"

SD. 10.1118: The Ring of Fire terrorist group travel to the planet Naoria in order to assassinate the Bolian candidate for leadership of the prominent Moropa colony on that planet, a man named Tamaki. Jarum Malaar, a member of the Ring of Fire, sights Ekul and identifies him as a disavowed Coalition agent, and acts against orders from Nussa Kelmorra in abducting Rain, Ekul's companion, whom Jarum also believes is involved with the Coalition.

SD. 10.1119: The surface of the planet Naoria is destroyed by a Kraa-Kree Fortress after the Kraa-Kree detect Jarum Malaar there. Ekul manages to escape in his runabout, but the fate of Rain, his companion, is unknown. Jarum is abducted by the Kraa-Kree, who want him for the Secret encoded in his brain. Naoria eventually disintegrates completely, becoming the Naoria asteroid belt.

SD. 10.1120: Ekul, Jarek Malaar's foster father, arrives on the USS Horizon, seeking asylum.

Jon and Peter O'Leary are born during this year, the sons of Madge Parker and Sean O'Leary.

Eamon O'Leary receives a new assignment as a diplomat on a recently-admitted member world of the Federation. Both him and Epona's mother leave Betazed, but Epona remains on the planet with her grandparents to continue her studies.

SD. 10.1127: Kuvak is transferred from the Horizon to the USS Athene, to serve as aXO.

SD. 10.1128: Ensign Brander loses his wife Jennifer at around this time, leaving him to raise their daughter, Emily, alone.

SD. 10.1129: Jarek Malaar's actions are noted by LtCmdr. Tergin for stealing shuttle Palmer.

SD. 10.1129: T'koul, an Allasomorph, is recruited to work for the Dominion, in exchange for four hundred bars of latinum.

December 2410

SD. 10.1203: Suven is assigned to the USS Krieger, on special operation.

SD. 10.1204: Dentin is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

The Custodians are "reprimanded" by the Q Continuum.

SD. 10.1211: In the "Cardassian-Tholian" Timeline, Captain Tergin of the USS Horizon and Captain Kieran Joram of the USS Elizabeth Blackwell have a "fling" at around this time. Shortly after this event, the Elizabeth Blackwell is destroyed near Cardassian space.

SD. 10.1213: At around this time in the "Cyridian" Timeline, the starship Horizon is assigned to the Tass sector on their exploration mission. After spending a few days in orbit of Icefall II, a huge radiation surge is detected on the surface. As they leave orbit, they are caught in a temporal anomaly and the starship crash-lands on the surface of the planet. Asa Garn and Sonya McNair are among those who perish. In the aftermath, the surviving crew mistakenly believe they have made a journey into their own past, but have in fact travelled into an alternate universe.

SD. 10.1213: Jarek Malaar dyes his hair black.

SD. 10.1218: Pol Canon completes his first mission aboard USS Horizon, and is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

SD. 10.1219: Cyrix Brakos creates a holographic representation of himself, dubbed HoloCyrix, to serve aboard the prototype USS Threin during its expedition to Naoria. HoloCyrix is also programmed with details concerning the Threin's construction—which he is ordered not to reveal.

SD. 10.1219: Theophrastus Hamelin is promoted to full Lieutenant, and Jarek Malaar is promoted to Lieutenant JG by Captain Asa Garn.

Tergin is awarded the Golden Nebula Award for valour during the Stalus III mission.

SD. 10.1220: Ekul departs the USS Horizon at Starbase Omega.

SD. 10.1221: Theophrastus Hamelin is present on the USS Threin, NX-3000, for the test of the first transdimensional drive. The Threin is named in honour of Cassandra Threin, the first captain of the Horizon. Jarek Malaar pilots the ship on its single mission.

Tony Zemanek is abducted by the Kraa-Kree during the mission of the USS Threin, to serve as a leader of the group, a hybrid-telepath "weapon".

SD. 10.1223: Hanara arrives aboard the Horizon to serve as chief security officer. Kieran Joram is reassigned as first officer to the USS Elizabeth Blackwell.

Jethro Malex is promoted to Yeoman First Class for his work during the Stalus III mission.

Jarek Malaar trains himself in Dra'Zof for the last time prior to stardate 11.0824.

SD. 10.1224: The Kraa-Kree are placed in suspended animation by the Custodians.

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