Season 2 (2409)

October 31st, 2409: The assassination of the Klingon and Cardassian representatives at peace talks is blamed on Starfleet Security. The Klingons declare war on the Federation.

January 2409

The USS Horizon disuses the specialised uniforms created for the Cocoon Fleet, in favour of the Starfleet standard. [C]

Fred Bordak, at Starfleet Academy, becomes a member of Red Squad.

SD. 09.0101: Silus Jaxom is transferred from the USS Athene to the USS Sagan, where he will work in security.

SD. 09.0101: Kelsi Biaret is assigned to the USS Kalypso as Chief Medic.

Amy DeSantos and Griffin P. Griffin bring their romantic relationship to an end at some point during this year, remaining friends. Fellow Academy classmates at the time jokingly speculate about the possibility of DeSantos pursuing an intimate relationship with Fred Bordak.

Viviane Taliesen is assigned to Starbase Omega. She is part of the science team investigating artificial intelligence and personality development within holo-environments.

SD. 09.0102: Laura Bennett graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 09.0104: Zach Comstock is assigned to the USS Kittyhawk, as CMO.

SD. 09.0112: A probe is discovered containing the body of Captain John Fenton McPherson in suspension. McPherson is revived by Phaegal.

SD. 09.0114: John Roberts is demoted from Lieutenant JG to Ensign, whilst serving aboard station Deep Space 101.

SD. 09.0115: Zach Comstock is evaluated by LtCmdr. Elina Morse, counsellor aboard the USS Kittyhawk.

SD. 09.0115: Laura Bennett is assigned to the USS Cetus, under the command of her mother, Captain Gillian Bennett.

SD. 09.0123: Suven is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 09.0125: Cyrix Brakos is assigned to the Cocoon Fleet. His decision to apply to serve with Cocoon forces is fuelled by depression, having previously considered dropping out of Starfleet altogether. Eager to conceal his past, he accesses and edits his own Starfleet record. Soon after, he begins training at OTC.

SD. 09.0127: Suven is assigned as a Starfleet Security research operative.

SD. 09.0130: The USS Horizon arrives at the Bajoran moon in the Segevjin sector.

February 2409

Continental plate movements on the planet Jalan cause the destruction of several plateaus early in this year.

At around this time, India Baker is involved in a murder investigation where he is required to track down the corpse of a being composed entirely of water.

SD. 09.0224: John Roberts is CMO aboard station Deep Space 101 up until this date.

SD. 09.0225: Felix Farquhar arrives aboard the USS Horizon to serve as FCO.

SD. 09.0229: Cyrix Brakos completes training at OTC and is assigned to the USS Horizon.

March 2409

SD. 09.0312: Silus Jaxom is promoted to Lieutenant JG and becomes aCSO aboard the USS Sagan.

SD. 09.0312: Sancho Valderez is assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as aCEO.

SD. 09.0331: Crystal Rockefeller meets an unknown male Q.

April 2409

SD. 09.0401: Patuxent is conceived following an "unusual affair" between Crystal Rockefeller and an "intoxicated" male Q. The baby will be named after his birthplace in Maryland, on Earth.

SD. 09.0402: The Q father of Patuxent is summoned to return to the Q Continuum. He is never heard from again.

May 2409

SD. 09.0515: Jason Munro requests transfer from the USS Horizon.

SD. 09.0516: Sasha Kali is promoted to Lieutenant JG and becomes OPS aboard the USS Triton, replacing the previous officer, who was killed on an away mission.

SD. 09.0518: Arkanis is promoted to LtCmdr, aboard the USS Heracles.

SD. 09.0520: Ian MacKenzie trains in holodeck 9 of OTC.

SD. 09.0520: Cyrix Brakos is assigned to the USS Horizon.

H'zard Trobul's house are all killed, after Trobul's father learns of the planned invasion of the Cocoon by dissenting members of the Klingon Imperial Court. Trobul himself survives as he is off-world at the time, on station Deep Space 9. He is hidden in Starfleet Logistics to prevent the plotters from killing him also.

SD. 09.0521: Jason Munro's transfer request is granted. He is transferred to the USS Athene, as CEO.

SD. 09.0524: Jason Munro reports in to LtCmdr. Demitrius Simms, the CO of the USS Athene.

SD. 09.0530: Sasha Kali receives a reprimand for insubordination, and becomes second relief operations officer aboard the Triton.

June 2409

SD. 09.0605: Theophrastus Hamelin graduates from Starfleet Academy in the top 10% of his class. He sees his friend Jean-Francois Titius for the last time prior to 2411 at this time.

SD. 09.0606: Theophrastus Hamelin is assigned to the Academy to perform research in warp technology. He soon grows bored, wanting to put his theories into practice, and does not complete the course.

SD. 09.0607: Caleb Wills graduates from Starfleet Academy with honours, in the top 1% of his class.

SD. 09.0608: Alex Thayer enters Starfleet Academy.

SD. 09.0615: Baxter Dennett becomes the first hologram to graduate from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 09.0620: Baxter Dennett is assigned as a liaison to the Daystrom Institute.

An expedition of humanoids from within the Cocoon lands on the planet Icefall II, finding it to be a lush and fertile paradise planet covered in rainforests and inhabited by strange, birdlike mammalian lifeforms. Shortly after their arrival, the planet is attacked by Kraa-Kree forces and undergoes a massive shift in climate, becoming a frozen wasteland and killing off many of the "hairy birds" as well as most of the expedition complement. Among the few survivors are Dr. Simon Linus and his companion Laura, who remain to preserve the lifeforms. Linus begins to construct the temporal transconductor.

July 2409

SD. 09.0707: Caleb Wills graduates from Advanced Navigation and Flight Control.

SD. 09.0710: Ian MacKenzie is assigned to the USS Horizon.

SD. 09.0712: Astrid del Fuego transfers from the USS Bismark to the engineering department of the USS Horizon at around this time, shortly after the birth of her son Casson.

SD. 09.0712: Commodore Datun Yanten succeeds Commodore Calvin Scott-DiFalco as Fleet XO of the Cocoon Fleet.

The Antelope, Beaver and Condor Squadrons of the Cocoon Fleet are created.

SD. 09.0715: Tergin graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 09.0725: Tergin is assigned to the Cocoon.

SD. 09.0730: Tergin undergoes advanced training at Omega Training Center.

Gendry Lockhart graduates from Starfleet Academy and is promoted to Ensign. He is accepted into the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps and is assigned to work as Starfleet Liaison to the Romulan Embassy.

Tordock completes basic training in Starfleet Academy.

Caleb Wills completes primary command school.

SD. 09.0734: Jim Peterson leaves Starfleet Marine Academy at the rank of Second Lieutenant.

August 2409

SD. 09.0801: Tordock is assigned to the Cocoon Fleet. He is unable to travel using D-warp, and so arrives in the Cocoon sector via conventional means.

SD. 09.0810: Caleb Wills completes advanced command school.

SD. 09.0816: Kieran Joram and Cyrix Brakos are suspended from promotion for three months due to an incident at the Mystery Bar on Starbase Omega.

SD. 09.0820: Tergin graduates from OTC.

Kuvak graduates from Starfleet Academy.

J'nete Roberts, the adopted Cardassian daughter of John Roberts, is killed when the runabout California, owned by John Roberts's TriCON Inc, explodes due to a warp core breach.

SD. 09.0822: Kuvak reports for training at OTC, in holodeck 11, under Cmdr. Jason Chayse-Wellington.

SD. 09.0824: "Conspiracies and Genocide"

Tergin is assigned as CSciO aboard the USS Horizon under the command of Captain Cassandra Threin. He reports for duty.

Alex Slater is offered the position of FO aboard the Horizon. He accepts.

SD. 09.0827: John Roberts is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander and becomes FO aboard Deep Space 101.

September 2409

SD. 09.0901: James Burke is promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Drayman as CEO. Whilst serving aboard the Drayman, Burke participates in the rescue of the Klingon ambassador from a local terrorist organisation. As a result, he receives official recognition from the Klingon High Command and receives a letter of commendation from the CO of the Drayman. Burke also serves as CSO for six months.

SD. 09.0903: Kuvak graduates from OTC.

SD. 09.0905: Kuvak reports to the Admiral DiFalco for his first assignment.

SD. 09.0907: Kuvak is assigned to the USS Heracles, as aCSO.

October 2409

SD. 09.1001: Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time include engineers Raylar and Mendez, and science officers Sorik, T'kesh and T'Sehara. Others include Hudson, Yovez, Miller, Lee and Lopez. Anais Markham also joins the Horizon crew at around this time.

SD. 09.1010: Tordock is assigned as chief technician aboard the USS Horizon, under Tergin.

SD. 09.1015: Arkanis leaves the USS Heracles while she is docked at Deep Space 101, having received a message from his Liege commanding him to return to Muahijwe. Upon his arrival at his homeworld he discovers it invaded by the Dali'Nazdi, a species unknown to the Federation. Over the next two years, Arkanis unites the clans of his people and wages war against the invaders, eventually claiming complete victory. He is declared AWOL from Starfleet during this time.

SD. 09.1016: Arkanis' indefinite leave of absence is declared by Captain Elisabeth Davies.

SD. 09.1023: Alex Thayer is reprimanded at Starfleet Academy after an altercation on campus with a second-year student.

SD. 09.1030: Sasha Kali is promoted to full Lieutenant, and assigned to the USS Amazon as chief of operations, under Cmdr. Surak.

SD. 09.1031: The Klingon War begins after the assassination of Klingon and Cardassian political representatives at a meeting intended to end hostilities between the two powers. Starfleet Security is blamed, and the Klingon Empire declares war against the Federation. The Cardassians use the opportunity to reclaim a number of their systems from the Klingons.

Edwin Morton will lose some of his family members during the Klingon War.

November 2409

SD. 09.1103: Admiral Saishan succeeds Admiral DiFalco as CO of the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 09.1104: Ingel Rademach is promoted to full Lieutenant.

SD. 09.1110: Jason Munro is transferred to the USS Roanoke, as CEO.

SD. 09.1110: The USS Roanoke replaces the USS Fenris as flagship of the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 09.1114: Jason Munro reports in to Commodore Datun Yanten, the CO of the USS Roanoke.

After a year of tests and therapy with Dr. Alina Doan, Epona O'Leary begins to understand her empathic abilities.

SD. 09.1123: Jim Peterson is assigned to a counter-insurgency team.

Asa Garn is discovered to be being held prisoner within a Juun internment facility on Debraxa III. She is rescued and returns to the USS Horizon.

December 2409

SD. 09.1203: Cassandra Threin recommends Asa Garn for the position of CO aboard the Horizon following her departure.

Hideki Satuma is reprimanded at Starfleet Academy for being racist, for the third time.

SD. 09.1207: Tergin is promoted to full Lieutenant upon the completion of the Juun conspiracy mission. Kieran Joram is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

Cassandra Threin leaves the Horizon to go to Starfleet Academy, to work as an instructor.

Hideki Satuma, Ian MacKenzie and Cyrix Brakos are promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 09.1210: Cyrix Brakos receives the Wounded Lion Award.

SD. 09.1211: The Horizon crew complete their mission. Tergin is promoted to FO of the USS Horizon, now under the command of Cmdr. Asa Garn, who receives the Distinguished Service Medal.

SD. 09.1215: Tergin passes the standard bridge command test.

SD. 09.1216: Cyrix Brakos is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 09.1218: "Unveiling the Holack, Part I"

The USS Horizon embarks on its next mission, under Asa Garn.

SD. 09.1228: Caleb Wills is assigned to the USS Horizon as FCO. He is also awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

SD. 09.1228: Lt. Kaitlyn Page arrives aboard the USS Horizon to serve at OPS. She is welcomed aboard by Tergin, an old friend of Page.

SD. 09.1229: Caleb Wills is promoted to full Lieutenant.

SD. 09.1231: Laura Bennett receives a commendation for engineering expertise while serving aboard the USS Cetus.

The Tryfan class is designed to replace the aging Nebula class variants, such as the Hood class. It is approved for construction. The names of the first Tryfan class vessels are derived from the names of famous mountains. The next USS Horizon will be Tryfan class.

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