Season 13 (2420)

January 2420

SD. 20.0125: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, the first major wave of Kraa-Kree vessels enter Federation space. The USS Ratliff, a vessel on the front line, is destroyed.

February 2420

SD. 20.0214: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Malaar is assigned to the USS Madagascar, under the command of Captain Sasha Kali, to be present as the ship travels to intercept a mysterious Kraa-Kree vessel entering Federation space. Tony Zemanek is recovered, and used as a source of tactical information. In the past, Malaar sees this event in a vision given to him by the Custodians.

In both Tergin and Jarek Malaar's timeline, Malaar becomes FO aboard the USS Madagascar at around this time.

April 2420

SD. 20.0401: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Trinity Layne-Malaar is killed during the "Renrael Incident," an ambush created by Kraa-Kree forces in the K-221 Nebula. As later told by Malaar to his past self, Nathan Cady, serving aboard the Madagascar at this time, is traumatised by the event. Malaar himself soon resigns his Starfleet commission, unable to live with the loss of his wife.

SD 20.0422: Zadie Layne-Malaar arrives from the future. Using the last of her strength she broadcasts a psychic call that ripples across space and time. The call is heard by the young Cassandra Burke native to the present time and several of her counterparts in other time periods, as well as "Sandra Tyme", the future Cassandra currently posing as a Lieutenant aboard the USS Horizon.

September 2420

SD 20.0908: Aboard the USS Renegade, the Malaar family celebrate the seventh birthday of Zadie Layne-Malaar. By the time the future Zadie escapes back through time, this will one of her memories that has been consumed by the Time Eaters.

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