Season 12 (2419)

January 2419

SD. 19.0101: "Deserte, Part II"

Epona O'Leary, Nancy Bird and Tom Benoist arrive on Deserte's surface in the Black Pearl, posing as natives and using false names; Adeebah Nawiri, Sahiba Julal and Mashari Faizal respectively. After hiding the Pearl, the trio meet up with a caravan in the desert and are invited to share some dinner with fellow travellers at an oasis. Their host is named Magal Tabhari.

SD. 19.0102: Jarek Malaar is promoted to Captain. [NC]

As the USS Horizon begins to be overwhelmed by attacking Desertian vessels, Captain Burke orders the USS Horizon to descend into the corona of Deserte's home star as a temporary defensive measure.

SD. 19.0104: Nova'Song, Gendry Lockhart, Jim Peterson, Gabriel Goose and Prince Tamal Jehune leave the Horizon in the dropship Wild Weasel, accompanied by a complement of Starfleet Marines.

SD. 19.0105: At local night-time, Epona O'Leary is contacted by Jim Peterson, who informs her that the Weasel has reached the Desertian Imperial Palace. O'Leary explains that the suspicious Magal Tabhari has agreed to transport them to the capital in the morning. Their communication is disrupted by an attack on Tabhari's camp by a group who turn out to be Telmarc.

Meanwhile on the Horizon, Kallesin 'n Galeda implements his plan to create a diversion for their pursuers by detonating torpedoes on the surface of the Desertian. The Horizon escapes but is damaged in the resulting solar activity, so the ship performs a swift warp jump to a safe distance to begin repairs whilst hostile Desertian forces are busy elsewhere.

SD. 19.0107: Epona O'Leary, Tom Benoist and Nancy Bird escape from Telmarc captivity at the oasis camp and meet up with Magal, who now claims to be Prince Tamal Jehune's aide. The group of four make a break for it, riding native pack animals with Telmarc personnel in pursuit.

SD. 19.0108: The Black Pearl, carrying O'Leary, Bird, Benoist and an injured Magal Tabhari, reaches the Desertian Imperial Palace and the team are seen to by medics. Epona conveys the recorded transmission she obtained which proves the involvement of Telmarc in Deserte's current political crisis.

Vymora Einicrox hatches a plan to redress the balance between Deserte and the Telmarc. She discusses her plan for a solo recon mission with Captain Burke, but receives some objections from Kallesin 'n Galeda. Burke, swayed by Vymora's reasoning, allows her to proceed, and a shuttlecraft is prepped by her collegues.

SD. 19.0109: At the Desertian Imperial Palace, Mihoon, one of the Crown Prince's elder aides, identifies Magal as Melek of the Jarra clan, a Palace regular who is working for reforms on Deserte and who is unlikely to be an ally of Princess-Senator Jaida Tammala—who has now been confirmed as working with the Telmarc.

After some discussion with his advisors, Crown Prince Tamal Jehune plans to address his brothers to win them over to their cause against Princess Tammala. Present at this time is a servant named Layas.

SD. 19.0112: Princess Joween Welo escapes from the Federation Embassy in Deserte's Capital and finds the Horizon team at the Palace. She explains to Nova'Song that the Federation representatives have been besieged by an angry mob of Desertians, and at least two of them have been killed.

SD. 19.0113: While staying in a guest room of the Imperial Palace, Epona O'Leary dreams of the complex struggle between good and evil, recognising some of imagery from visions she was experiencing over the past few weeks. Her restless sleep disturbs Nancy Bird, who she is sharing sleeping space with. Epona wonders about the dream's true meaning and discusses it with Nova'Song.

SD. 19.0114: Mother-General Annata of the Telmarc House of Mothers monitors events from aboard her starship, the Governess, which is positioned near the border of the Jura sector. The USS Horizon is detected on long-range sensors. Annata knows that the Telmarc ambassador on Deserte is from the Corporate House of Fire and wonders whether or not to bring her ship into play.

Vymora Einicrox detects the Telmarc vessel from her position in her modified shuttlecraft, but the USS Horizon does not, as the ship's sensors are temporarily offline as Kallesin 'n Galeda assists with repairs. Vymora tries to draw the attention of the Desertian fleet away from the Horizon and toward herself or the Telmarc, hoping it will reveal the Telmarc's involvement in the current Desertian power-game.

SD. 19.0121: Epona O'Leary, Nancy Bird and Princess Joween Welo take a Desertian hovercraft to scout the Federation Embassy. Later, while sneaking into the Embassy, O'Leary accidentally kills a Desertian soldier: he receives a fatal wound to the head after she stuns him with her phaser.

SD. 19.0124: With their sensors repaired, the USS Horizon detects Vymora Einicrox's shuttle approaching, closely pursued by the Desertian fleet. The Horizon opts to head back toward the Deserte star to minimise the risk to both Vymora and themselves.

Epona O'Leary calls on the services of Jim Peterson and his team of marines to create a diversion while the diplomatic staff of the Embassy are evacuated to safety. Meanwhile, Prince Jehune allows the use of a courier ship to send word to the Horizon, as subspace communications are down.

SD. 19.0125: Princess Tammala is captured by Desertian security staff as she attempts to sneak back into the Imperial Palace.

The USS Horizon is under attack from the Telmarc starship Governess, until Mother-General Annata decides to seek out the hidden Telmarc fleet which is being sponsored by the Corporate House of Fire. The Horizon, heavily-damaged from battle, fires upon the turning ship as it displays its vulnerable flank.

Princess Tammala co-operates with the Horizon team to save the Federation diplomats. A sonic wave is used to disrupt the Embassy's infrastructure before the marines from the Wild Weasel move in. Belot, Medo and Simms are part of Peterson's team.

SD. 19.0130: The Desertian fleet is convinced by Cezan, brother of Tamal Jehune, to focus their attentions on the Telmarc, the real enemies of Deserte, and the battle begins to turn.

February 2419

The Telmarc starship Governess receives several critical torpedo hits, and Annata's XO, Sister-Colonel Tolulja, is killed. Using her barely-functioning warp drive, the Governess retreats.

SD. 19.0203: Crown Prince Tamal Jehune makes a planet-wide announcement, making known to his people that he is still alive and revealing the situation with the Telmarc.

SD. 19.0205: The last of the diplomats are evacuated by the battling marines. Epona O'Leary, Nancy Bird and Joween Welo lend a hand with covering fire upon the Desertian militia who are attacking them.

Tamal Jehune confronts a distraught Tammala about her treachery with the Telmarc, and she reveals that she wanted to put an end to the Decree of Lineage that only allows male heirs to take the Imperial throne. Tamal pleads that instead of fighting him she joins him in his quest to forge a fairer Deserte.

Master General Ijor of the Telmarc House of Fire learns that the assassins from the House of Shadows have failed, and Tamal Jehune draws closer to power. His ship, the Monopoly, accelerates towards the Deserte system.

SD. 19.0206: A formidable fleet of Telmarc warships approaches Deserte.

SD. 19.0207: Alex Thayer returns to active Starfleet duty. Around this time, Thayer receives word from Starfleet while she is on Regero III, and before long bids farewell to her Regeron friend Fekro and her Bajoran friend Hezon Falos.

SD. 19.0208: Nova'Song and Gendry Lockhart learn of the death of the Federation Ambassador to Deserte and meet up with Deputy Ambassador Janet Evanson. Lockhart, Evanson, Nova'Song and Epona O'Leary gather in an Embassy office and discuss with Vymora Einicrox over subspace radio how to respond to the Telmarc invasion fleet. The discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Helion, a Desertian police magistrate sent to help them.

Aboard the USS Horizon, Kallesin 'n Galeda is severely burnt and his systems are badly damaged after he receives the full force of an explosion in the science laboratory. He drops into the android equivalent of a coma and is transported to sickbay. Vymora Einicrox rushes aboard the Horizon in her shuttlecraft to assess the situation.

SD. 19.0212: Captain Burke and Emperor Select Jehune discuss the Telmarc invasion and make plans to go forward with the coronation.

SD. 19.0214: The Horizon's sickbay staff work to replace Kallesin 'n Galeda's synthetic skin while his comatose body repairs itself. Vymora Einicrox believes that the explosion that almost killed her lover was not an accident.

Meeting with Captain Burke, Vymora suggests the use of prohibited "Houdini" anti-personnel mines against the Telmarc invasion force—something her department once attempted to produce during the earlier Telmarc War.

In the Imperial Palace on deserte, Epona O'Leary explains her theory that there are actually two "luchrupan" vessels, each of "good" and "evil" intentions and vying for control of Epona's psychic potential for a long time. O'Leary suggests that she attempt to contact the force behind the benevolent luchrupan and ask for its assistance in defeating the Telmarc invasion fleet.

SD. 19.0217: In a planetside coronation ceremony, Tamal Jehune becomes the new Emperor of Deserte.

The USS Horizon goes to blue alert, and makes hasty preparations for the civilian evacuation of the Deserte to minimise losses during the imminent Desertian/Telmarc conflict. It is estimated that the Horizon can take five thousand passengers, while the Desertian transport ship, the Desert Star, can take one thousand.

Nova'Song puts Vymora Einicrox in charge of the investigation into the attack upon Kallesin 'n Galeda. Vymora will eventually delegate the responsibility to Roman Davidovitch.

SD. 19.0219: Epona O'Leary suggests to Captain Burke that she contact her brother, Patrick. Patrick's influence in diplomatic circles may ensure a quicker and safer resolution to the current crisis.

SD. 19.0222: Kallesin 'n Galeda, existing in a disembodied state within his own artificial mind, comes into contact with the unknown entity that has communicated with him before. Vymora Einicrox witnesses him briefly revive before slipping back into his android "coma".

SD. 19.0226: On the verge of battle, CEO Boreas of the Desertian Starship Sirocco chooses to stand by his captain's side.

SD. 19.0228: The Telmarc space fleet engages the Desertian space fleet in battle.

March 2419

SD. 19.0304: Two Monopoly-class Telmarc starship are detected on an intercept couse with the damaged USS Horizon. Facing dangerous odds, Vymora Einicrox plans to use the Horizon's specially-modified runabouts to create a somewhat unorthodox camouflage for the larger vessel.

SD. 19.0307: Captain Darknight of Outpost 721 receives a distress call from the USS Horizon. The outpost goes to red alert and brings their defense perimeters to full tactical readiness. Darknight learns of the loss of the Deserte system to overwhelming Telmarc forces. Contacting Captain Burke, OP721 deploys their Starfleet vessels to meet the approaching Telmarc starships. The Telmarc break off their pursuit, and the Horizon proceeds on a heading that will take them and the refugee ship Desert Star to Starbase Omega.

SD. 19.0311: Roman Davidovitch receives an anonymous tip-off about the identity of Kallesin 'n Galeda's
attacker. The message names Simon Carruthers and Adriano Basile as the culprits, and Vymora Einicrox's Andorian husband Akeen as an accomplice.

Alex Thayer is assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as operations officer.

SD. 19.0312: Finding Kallesin 'n Galeda's internal technology to be beyond anything Starfleet can fully replicate, Jonathan Walker and T'Salek decide to revive the android with Vymora Einicrox present.

William Greyhawk is transferred to Starbase Omega to become the new assistant of Admiral Bennett. He boards a transport that also carries the terminally-ill Kourosan Ambassador Pendar, who is returning to his homeworld to live out his final days. Pendar previously visited Captain Burke's office to say goodbye.

SD. 19.0313: Alex Thayer arrives aboard the USS Horizon to take William Greyhawk's place as operations officer. She travels aboard the D-Warp shuttle Carpentaria with Chief Shinawatra.

At Starbase Omega, Admiral Tandro Landi is briefed on the situation by the aide of Ambassador Marshall.

SD. 19.0314: James Burke, Kathy Burke, Joween Welo and Ambassador Marshall discuss recent events over refreshments in the Captain's quarters.

With his power and systems restored, Kallesin 'n Galeda is re-activated.

SD. 19.0316: Nova'Song discusses with James Burke arrangements to re-locate the rescued Desertians to the third moon. Commander Bel Shaane of the Gaia Fleet Yards supplies four colony pods to assist with operation.

With a little enlisted help from Blirb to extract an admission of guilt from Simon Carruthers and Adriano Basile, Roman Davidovitch's security investigation is a success. A team led by tactical XO Conrad Sawyer beams into their location and places Carruthers and Basile under arrest.

SD. 19.0317: Blirb is held with Carruthers and Basile in the Horizon's brig. Conrad Sawyer deduces that Blirb was the writer of the message received earlier by Roman Davidovitch, indicating his fore-knowledge of the attempt of Kallesin 'n Galeda's life before the recent arrest. At around the same time, Jonathan Walker informs a displeased Vymora Einicrox that Akeen is subject to diplomatic immunity because of his position in the entourage of new Desertian Emperor Tamal Jehune.

Lieutenant Bell is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at this time. Others in engineering include V'kaura, her assistant Rospo M'irren and Professor Doctor Michael Fancher Powel, who is a famous expert on cybernetics and artificial intelligence.

The USS Horizon undergoes repairs, re-supply and refit at Gaia Fleet Yards. Captain Burke reports to Admiral Landi's office, where USS Dakota CO Sheila Marevic and CEO Lt. J.T. Walsh are also present.

SD. 19.0318: Vymora Einicrox pays an unauthorised visit to the quarters of Akeen Ghorev, where she uses physical violence upon him to relieve her stress and satisfy her own sense of justice. Akeen later request to see the Judge Advocate General aboard Starbase Omega.

Aboard Starbase Omega, resident engineering and cybernetics specialists discuss the state and functionality of Kallesin 'n Galeda. They determine that his structure combines advanced nano-technology with a mix of organic and non-organic systems, and bears some resemblance to Borg technology.

SD. 19.0321: Vymora Einicrox discovers Kallesin 'n Galeda's intentions to undergo the android equivalent of neural surgery without her knowledge, despite the fact that she thought he was fully functional. Kallesin undergoes the procedure, having wished to surprise Vymora. The couple later meet in their shared quarters, where they get up to speed on current goings on and discuss their marriage.

Before the USS Horizon's next assignment, Ensign Yorna Jah joins the crew. She makes accquaintance with Gabriel Goose, who lives in the quarters opposite her. Goose asks her on an awkward dinner date, where he finds out that she is a Trill who has been altered to appear Terran.

Other non-senior or non-commissioned officers aboard the USS Horizon at this time include Chief Maya Hong, Master Chief Alice Brandons, Chief Ijaxx, Mandalla and Chief Wynat.

SD. 19.0324: Alex Thayer meets Kathy Burke and is invited to a formal dinner with the Captain and his wife.

SD. 19.0325: Having received his confidential mission details, Captain James Burke confides in his wife Kathryn of his fear and anxiety concerning the task ahead. Soon later the mission is outlined to the senior staff of the starships Horizon and Dakota: Starfleet Intelligence has detected telemetry indicating a Borg presence within the Cocoon. The Horizon and the Dakota are to proceed to the Capree sector where they will be met by the Tryfan-class USS Van Speijk, the three starships forming Battlegroup Taffy Five. The objectives of the Battlegroup are to ascertain the fate of the missing Samurai-class USS West—believed to be assimilated by the Borg—and to determine the means by which the Borg have entered the Cocoon. The West's CO was Captain Roberts.

Captain Burke prepares to make an announcement to the Horizon crew, offering the safe relocation of the starship's civilian population in readiness for the dangerous mission ahead. The USS Henry J. Kaiser will implement the transportation.

SD. 19.0327: With the help of Melody Cuen, Kallesin 'n Galeda uses a tau lepton laser to perform an in-depth self-analysis in the hope of learning the truth of his creation and manufacture. This is in the context of speculation regarding his potential Borg nature. The android again encounters the "entity" within him.

SD. 19.0328: The USS Horizon and the USS Dakota implement tried-and-tested anti-Borg technologies and strategies in anticipation of clashing with Borg vessels and/or drones.

SD. 19.0331: Davis Porter, Kallesin 'n Galeda and Roman Davidovitch develop a new type of deflector shield they call a "magnetic-phased shield". In theory it should be highly effective against the Borg.

April 2419

SD. 19.0401: Kallesin 'n Galeda discusses with Nova'Song the "entity" residing within him, its possible role as "guardian angel" and its potential connection with the Borg.

SD. 19.0403: The starships Horizon and Dakota get underway. Nova'Song assigns Lucy Freeman to the co-ordination of the evacuation of children and families, while Gabriel Goose is assigned to work with Kelsi Biaret in the preparation of biological counter-agents to fight Borg nanotechnology.

SD 19.0403: Reeko Blackadder is transferred to Starbase Omega to complete training.

SD. 19.0406: Vymora Einicrox consults the mechanical fortune-teller Madame Delphi regarding the future of the mission and her friends aboard the USS Horizon.

SD 19.0407: Reeko Blackadder is assigned to the post of CEO aboard the USS Destiny.

SD 19.0414: In an unique procedure in the Horizon's science labs, Nova'Song assists in the creation of a "mind bridge" between Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda in an attempt to get to the bottom of what is occurring within the android's synthetic mind. T'Salek, Jonathan Walker and Melody Cuen oversee the experiment. Together in dreamspace, Vymora and Kallesin encounter the "Ghost in the Machine" entity residing within the android's consciousness. The entity considers Nova'Song and Vymora to be an "infestation" and attacks them while Kallesin can only watch. At the same time, the science lab is somehow drawn into a kind of psychic nothingness by the entity. With the help of an injured Nova'Song, Kallesin and Vymora join their consciousness together and, in a powerful display of unity and love, ward off the entity's attacks before returning to wakefulness and normality.

In the wake of the "Ghost" experiment, Nova'Song issues reprimands for Vymora and Kallesin for what she feels was the reckless endangering of themselves and the crew of the USS Horizon for the sake of self-discovery.

SD 19.0416: Kallesin 'n Galeda reports to Captain James Burke of what he has learnt about his true nature and origins, as well as some informed speculation about the origins of the Borg Collective. Much to the frustration of Vymora Einicrox, this revelation fuels a sense of distrust in some Starfleet personnel towards 'n Galeda because of his connections with the Borg.

SD 19.0417: The USS Horizon reaches their rendezvous point with the USS Henry J. Kaiser to begin the transfer of civilians and personnel. Serving aboard the Kaiser at this time are helm officer T'Shell and OPS Jung.

SD 19.0424: The Federation cargo ship/Boslic freighter Ulima, commanded by Captain Shivan, is attacked and assimilated by Borg forces intruding into Cocoon space. The USS Van Speijk, waiting to rendezvous with the USS Horizon, receives the last distress call of the Ulima, but it is already too late.

Reeko Blackadder graduates from Starfleet Academy and is promoted to the rank of Ensign.

SD 19.0426: Kallesin 'n Galeda checks up on Roman Davidovitch's progress with his developing anti-Borg technology. The android assists in the installation of the adapted magnetic-phased shield modulators by safely venturing onto the Horizon's outer hull without a spacesuit.

Reeko Blackadder is assigned to the USS Horizon as CEO.

SD 19.0429: Chief Maya Hong bids goodbye to her three children as they are beamed to the safety of the USS Henry J. Kaiser. Davis Porter and Gendry Lockhart, having been hastily transferred from the Horizon to Outpost 721, will also travel aboard the Kaiser to their destination. Captain Burke and Commander Nova'Song meet them in the transporter room to bid them farewell.

Ensign Reeko Blackadder is assigned to the USS Horizon as the new CEO. He travels from Starbase Omega by D-Warp and is met upon arrival by Vymora Einicrox.

SD 19.0430: The USS Henry J. Kaiser departs, and the starships Horizon and Dakota head for their meeting with the USS Van Speijk at maximum warp.

May 2419

Petty Officer Gres is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

SD 19.0504: Kallesin 'n Galeda and Reyan Jolan introduce themselves to Reeko Blackadder.

On the main bridge of the Horizon, tactics are discussed by the senior staff of the starships Horizon and Dakota.

SD 19.0507: The Horizon receives a distress call from the Juun Colonial ship Junnaa, which is under attack from the Borg. Considering the ship lost, Captain Burke orders a change of course to Ojak IV, the colony destination of the Juun ship, where they plan to defend the colony against the newly-assimilated Borg—who will doubtless know about its existence. The Horizon contacts the Van Speijk via subspace to inform them of the change of plans.

SD 19.0508: Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda hatch a highly risky plan to interface Kallesin's systems with the Borg Collective in order to disable them from within.

Somewhere on the planet Ojak IV, the Borg drone formerly known as Elizabeth Burke begins to feel the stirrings of individuality once again.

SD 19.0510: Reeko Blackadder meets Nova'Song for the first time. It is a profound experience for him.

SD 19.0513: Kallesin 'n Galeda approaches Reeko Blackadder about his proposed anti-Borg plan, and requests help with some of the modified technoology that will be required. As a precaution, the android transfers some of his internal system data into "back-up" storage to prevent it from potentially falling into the hands of the Borg. Galeda also installs an internal fusion bomb apparatus that will serve as an emergency self-destruct, something that Vymora Einicrox will not be happy with.

Aryana is a junior officer working in engineering at this time. Neera T'peck, a Vulcan woman who is secretly in love with Kallesin 'n Galeda, works in the Horizon's science labs.

SD 19.0514: Roman Davidovitch and Jonathan Walker discover that somebody has scrawled the word "ADULTERER" on the wall near Kallesin 'n Galeda's office, in both Andorian and Federation Standard script. An investigation begins.

SD 19.0516: Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda inform Captain Burke and Nova'Song of their plan. Meanwhile, the USS Horizon and USS Dakota arrive in the Ojak system and meet with the USS Van Speijk. A transwarp signature is immediately detected, and the assimilated Juun vessel appears.

SD 19.0517: Using her unique psychic talents, Cassandra Burke makes mental contact with her assimilated grandmother, Elizabeth, who is on the surface of Ojak IV.

The starships Horizon, Dakota and Van Speijk engage the "Borgified" Juun ship in battle. At first they use conventional weaponary only, hoping to keep their tactical edge until the need arises to use their modified weapons. Vymora Einicrox launches special sensor probes intended to scan the Borg vessel and determine their weaknesses. Soon enough, the Van Speijk is snared in a Borg tractor beam and begins to be sliced up by energy beams. The Horizon uses a subspace jamming signal to prevent the Borg from using an interplexing beacon to contact the Collective. Drifting quantum torpedoes posing as debris are also put to good use.

June 2419

SD 19.0625: Lorix leaves the USS Horizon for a tour of duty aboard the USS Artemis.

The USS Renegade establishes first contact with the Threndarians. [NC]

July 2419

SD. 19.0731: Jarek Malaar is commended for the USS Renegade's first contact mission with the Threndarians. [NC]

September 2419

Based on the seven-year cycle, T'Salek experiences pon farr at around this time.

November 2419

SD. 19.1116: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Sandra Petersen and Douglas Perry meet Malaar for the first time at a formal Starfleet function: the launching ceremony of the USS Madagascar, under the command of Captain Sasha Kali. Later that same night, Malaar returns home to Starbase 68 and with his wife Trinity Layne-Malaar conceives a second child.

December 2419

SD. 19.1223: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Trinity Layne-Malaar tells her husband Jarek that she is pregnant.

SD. 19.1224: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, the Kraa-Kree emerge from suspended animation, and a great war between the Federation and the Kraa-Kree begins. Malaar is influential in the eventual victory of the Federation. As later told by Malaar to his past self, the released Kraa-Kree sweep across Federation space and destroy over a hundred colonies. The first wave is successfully repelled by Starfleet, but other waves soon follow.

SD 19.1224: The USS Renegade discovers the last remaining planet with Kraa-Kree existing on it.

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