Season 11 (2418)

January 2418

SD. 18.0101: "L'Orizzonte, Part II"

During this year, three of the six candidates to succeed Emperor Jiha Jehune of Deserte are killed. Two lose their lives in aviation accidents, and the third is killed during a street robbery.

SD. 18.0108: William Greyhawk is made acting first officer aboard the USS Destiny by Admiral Bennett.

Early in this year, the "Wild Weasel" runabout is developed, incorporating cutting-edge technology. It will be used by Starfleet Marines.

March 2418

SD. 18.0309: William Greyhawk is assigned to Starbase Omega.

SD. 18.0312: William Greyhawk is transferred to the USS Vadosia to serve as relief tactical officer.

SD 18.0315: The USS Horizon returns home from 15th-century Earth, arriving at Point Havoc. Upon returning to the Cocoon Portal, the senior staff are interrogated by Starfleet's Temporal Operations Security Department, led by Commander Gr'Well. It is learnt that the Chupacabra's journey into the past was deliberately instigated by Julius Scipio.

A ceasefire is called between the Telmarc and the United Federation of Planets.

Chief Maya Hong, one of the USS Horizon's many NCOs, gives birth to another son at around this time.

April 2418

SD. 18.0401: Robert O'Brady is promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant by Captain Burke. Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda are both promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander.

SD. 18.0414: Reyan Jolan, a Romulan, is assigned to the USS Horizon.

SD. 18.0415: William Greyhawk is assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as operations officer.

At around this time, Robert O'Brady contacts his father using the Horizon's holodeck to provide a holographic commlink. O'Brady witnesses his father experience sudden heart failure, but luckily the senior O'Brady recovers under medical care.

SD. 18.0417: Vymora Einicrox purchases a Grazerite Fire Monkey from a Ferengi vendor named Bowor aboard Starbase Omega. The creature will later be named Pumbaa.

SD. 18.0419: The Horizon SpecOps team arrives at Starbase Omega aboard their runabout, USS Warhammer. Murdoch Green was apparently responsible for beaming Nathan Cady away from a nuclear explosion during their previous mission. The team is soon reunited with their Horizon friends.

Ensign Gabriel Goose bids goodbye to his parents and joins the crew of the USS Horizon while the ship is docked at Starbase Omega.

Ensign Yrn-Tik-Eee, a Xindi-Aquatic xenobiologist, arrives aboard the USS Horizon during this time. She will befriend Gabriel Goose.

May 2418

SD. 18.0506: "When Giants Once Ruled" - The USS Horizon receives new orders to proceed to the planet Athel Loren II, in the Tass sector, to investigate the disappearance of Dr. Naestra and his science team from the Woodland Foundation.

SD. 18.0507: Professor Arahan, a Caldonian and leader of the Woodland Foundation's Cocoon division, arrives aboard the Horizon for their mission to the Athel Loren system.

SD. 18.0508: Kathy Burke discovers in a conversation with Nova'Song that the Indaran FO serves as a natural channel for Cassandra Burke's psychic abilities.

Crown Prince Tamal Jehune of Deserte briefly meets Vymora Einicrox's parents while out shopping for a new blade.

SD. 18.0520: Thanks to Gendry Lockhart and his friends in high places at Starbase Sapphire, Davis Porter is assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as a field research adjutant in the engineering department.

SD. 18.0522: Kelsi Biaret arrives for Horizon duty aboard the shuttle Vertigo.

SD. 18.0524: Jim Peterson is promoted to First Lieutenant.

SD. 18.0529: Davis Porter's assignment to the USS Horizon is amended; he becomes chief engineer, a position Porter is not entirely comfortable with.

The USS Horizon arrives at Athel Loren II. Sensor scans show that Dr. Naestra's base camp on the planet's surface seems to have disappeared. Shortly after this, the ship's sensor systems are disrupted by some kind of dampening field.

SD. 18.0531: The USS Horizon Special Operations team accept a transfer to the USS Renegade, under the command of Jarek Malaar. Nathan Cady says his goodbyes to Millie Munroe, and Arkanis catches up with Triana Paganini, finally establishing their relationship as greater than simple friendship. The two become a couple, and Paganini transfers to the Renegade with the team. The team includes Arkanis, Nathan Cady, Wolf Henrickson, H'llstam, Mortus Ulinian, Saben and Murdoch Green.

Davis Porter and Gendry Lockhart arrive aboard the USS Horizon, welcomed by Millie Munroe.

June 2418

SD. 18.0601: Lucille Freeman is assigned to the USS Horizon to serve as assistant counselor.

SD. 18.0604: Captain Burke leads an extensive away team to the surface of Athel Loren II to investigate the apparent sensor anomalies and determine the fate of the Woodland Foundation team. Among those attending are crew and officers from flight, science, security and engineering departments.

SD. 18.0605: Lucille Freeman arrives aboard the Horizon.

SD. 18.0606: Gendry Lockhart travels to the surface of Athel Loren II with Captain Burke.

Non-senior Horizon crew members at this time include Borny, Bradley, Joanna "Jonny" Rickard, Llewpan, Ned Aster, Troghar, Frye, Abigal Gibson, Lt. Heeda and Alicia Breeze, Gendry Lockhart's secretary.

SD. 18.0608: Davis Porter returns to the Horizon to retrieve some replacement generators after a confrontation with Vymora Einicrox results in the destruction of the originals.

SD. 18.0609: Dr. Naestra's personal diary is retrieved by Kallesin 'n Galeda. Its analysis reveals the Woodland team's discovery of fusion reactors and forcefield generators of unprecedented sophistication, and also records earthquake-like activity. The final message describes a potential threat in the form of some kind of hostile humanoid entity.

Away team member Ensign Joanna Rickard is abducted by an indigenous life-form resembling an ancient Earth pterosaur. Gendry Lockhart injures the creature with his phaser, but once Rickard is returned to the animal's nest, its mate appears, doubling the danger. Gendry Lockhart becomes injured during the rescue attempt.

SD. 18.0611: The Horizon loses contact with the away teams on the surface of Athel Loren II. At around the same time, Kallesin 'n Galeda's team, which includes Ned Aster, Troghar and Sophie Ciate, becomes sealed inside a cave complex where they discover traces of Caldonian blood. A startled Aster shoots his phaser at a metallic humanoid apparition which promptly vanishes.

SD. 18.0615: The Melbourne-class super-transport USS New Adelaide approaches the USS Horizon in orbit of Athel Loren II. Lt. Hiiz'an contacts Nova'Song aboard the Horizon to inform her of the Starfleet marine forces' arrival. Among the marine detachment assigned to the surface are Gunnery Sergeants Don Gross and Uganda "Guns" Zijal. They travel aboard their state-of-the-art Wild Weasel runabout and begin the rescue and retrieval of Starfleet personnel lost within the burning forest.

SD. 18.0617: An excursion into the forest fires results in Kallesin 'n Galeda burning his artificial skin and hair.

At the same time, Gendry Lockhart makes an escape attempt with the severely injured Joanna Rickard. After a close call with the defensive and aggresive dragon-like creatures, they are beamed aboard the Horizon's EMRV. Despite the efforts of medical personnel, Ensign Rickard does not survive.

SD. 18.0620: Kallesin 'n Galeda gains access to a computer mechanism within the cave complex. After he interfaces himself with the mechanism he becomes immobilised and his team are powerless to do anything but watch and wait. Inside the virtual space of the computer, 'n Galeda encounters the Guardian, an artificial intelligence appearing the form of an old mystic. The Guardian outlines the history of the Gerlayty species and the purpose of the planet's stasis fields.

Meanwhile, Sophie Ciate loses consciousness after touching an energy field that had enveloped 'n Galeda.

SD. 18.0625: Equipped with a specialised suit, Vymora Einicrox attempts a rescue attempt of Kallesin 'n Galeda and his team. She departs the EMRV and descends into the forest blaze, accompanied by Llewpan.

SD. 18.0626: The Gerlayty known as P'ronfl Rr'ecx escapes from his stasis prison by way of Kallesin 'n Galeda's systems. As the stasis fields of Athel Loren II begin to fade, Nova'Song becomes affected by the Gerlayty's presence and lapses into unconsciousness.

SD. 18.0630: Vymora Einicrox discovers and rescues Blirb from within the burning forest, but a sudden quake causes a cave-in and Einicrox, Llewpan and Blirb all tumble into a chasm that leads to the stasis prison cave complex.

July 2418

SD. 18.0703: While Kallesin 'n Galeda attempts to revive the disabled Guardian program, his oxygen-deprived team are discovered by Vymora Einicrox, Blirb and Llewpan. Einicrox frees 'n Galeda from his energy field with an access code and helps revive Sophie Ciate and the others with a hypospray of tri-ox compound. Together the combined group plan their climb to freedom via the cave-in caused by the earlier quake.

SD. 18.0714: P'ronfl Rr'ecx, having taken control of the USS Horizon's systems and caused a power loss, uses the ship-wide comm system to announce his intentions. Within her dreams, Cassandra Burke is receptive to the Gerlayty's presence but feels unthreatened, drawing strength and encouragement from psychic manifestations of her other selves from future timelines, who go by the names Cass, Sandy and Sandra.

SD. 18.0718: Nova'Song regains consciousness in the Horizon's sickbay.

SD. 18.0731: The Horizon team stranded on the surface of Athel Loren II discover a statue of P'ronfl Rr'ecx within one of the chambers of the cave complex.

SD. 18.0731: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, he contacts Admiral Kirayoshi O'Brien from Starbase 68 to warn of the imminent beginning of the Kraa-Kree War.

August 2418

SD. 18.0813: Ensign Abden Roy, Ensign Taraa, Ensign Wandu, Chief Gabby Smith and PO Gillich are among the Horizon's crew up to this time. Abden Roy is possessed by P'ronfl Rr'ecx while part of a team accessing the Horizon's systems via a Jeffries tube. The possessed Roy is responsible for killing Gillich with a phase welder as Reyan Jolan and crewman Garcia struggle to apprehend him. Elsewhere on the ship, Lucy Freeman detects the possession with her mild empathic abilities.

Nova'Song and Lucy Freeman set up an isolation lab in the Horizon's sickbay with the help of Gabriel Goose. Meanwhile, P'ronfl Rr'ecx overrides the Horizon's weapons lockdown and targets his former stasis prison on the surface of Athel Loren II. Davis Porter works to disable the targeting systems.

Cassandra Burke continues to converse with other temporal aspects of herself in her sleep. She witnesses the awakening of a defence system within Moon C of Athel Loren II that serves as a "brother" to the Guardian upon the surface, happening in conjunction with Vymora Einicrox's contact with P'ronfl Rr'ecx. This event is detected by the Horizon's sensors as the moon appears to come alive with energy emissions all across the spectrum.

SD. 18.0815: Vymora Einicrox, assisted by the psychic influence of the Moon C "Guardian", attempts to negotiate with P'ronfl Rr'ecx by appealing to his ego. It is a ruse to manipulate the entity into exposing a weakness and/or averting the destruction of the prison on Athel Loren's surface.

SD. 18.0823: From aboard the Wild Weasel, Gretchen Johanson of the USS Horizon's Starfleet Marine complement contacts Davis Porter aboard the Horizon and Captain Burke on the surface of Athel Loren II.

SD. 18.0827: P'ronfl Rr'ecx accepts Vymora Einicrox's "deal": that he refrain from destroying the mortal beings around him and instead put them to use as his worshippers, constructing a new vessel for his essence. In the meantime, he intends to assume his former prison as his new "throne".

SD. 18.0828: Nova'Song, Gendry Lockhart, Kathy Burke and Gabriel Goose reach the Horizon's Operations
Center, where they work to regain control of the ship's systems. Nova'Song uses her influence to hold P'ronfl Rr'ecx—manifest as plasma-like fluid overwhelming the structure of the ship—at bay. They succeed in restoring power, but P'ronfl Rr'ecx detects the Indaran's presence and is enraged at Vymora Einicrox's apparent duplicity.

SD. 18.0831: On the surface of Athel Loren II, Kallesin 'n Galeda works to adapt the P'ronfl Rr'ecx statue into a prison structure for the entity himself.

September 2418

At some point during this year, Alex Thayer works as an engineer during a Federation Red Cross relief mission to the planet Regero III. It is during her time with the Red Cross that she is eventually contacted by a Starfleet representative and called back into active cuty.

Over the next eight months, four civilian starships will go missing in the Capree sector, near the "wall" of the Cocoon. The disappearances will later be linked to the presence of the Borg.

SD. 18.0908: The Wild Weasel successfully returns Captain Burke and other Horizon personnel back to the starship's bridge via transporter, punching through the shields. While this is happening, engineers throughout the Horizon disable the ship's weapon systems. However, P'ronfl Rr'ecx attempts to overcome and take control of Nova'Song. Gabriel Goose disrupts her link with the entity and she sustains injuries but escapes with her life, leaving P'ronfl Rr'ecx helpless.

Aboard the USS Renegade, Murdoch Green makes advances on Trinity Layne-Malaar, attempting to seduce her. She is amused by his efforts. However, Renegade CO Jarek Malaar learns of it and is not so amused. The matter is settled informally after Jarek and Murdoch spar in a mixed martial-art training holodeck program.

SD. 18.0924: With P'ronfl Rr'ecx on the defensive, Vymora Einicrox manipulates the entity into transferring his essence to the statue on the surface of Athel Loren II, where he is trapped—exactly as planned. Einicrox maintains the charade of attempting to assume control of the Horizon, leading to her facing Captain Burke in combat in a spherical cage within the ship's gymnasium.

Soon, P'ronfl Rr'ecx learns of Vymora's deception and physically attacks her in the gymnasium, resulting in her facing the psychic manifestation of the entity upon the tele-plains, where he appears in the form of an Andorian fire-demon.

October 2418

SD. 18.1003: Commander Nova'Song offers Ensign Gabriel Goose the position of bridge medic. Goose graciously accepts.

Meanwhile on the planet's surface, Kallesin 'n Galeda, struggling to contain P'ronfl Rr'ecx within his renewed stasis prison, is assisted by the Moon C Guardian being. Aboard the Horizon, Vymora Einicrox valiantly defeats the fiery demon-god and the remaining essence of P'ronfl Rr'ecx is purged from the starship's systems. The Guardians warn the Horizon crew of the Athel Loren star's imminent nova, and help retrieve all remaining personnel. P'ronfl Rr'ecx and the planet where he is stranded are destroyed as the starship retreats to a safe distance.

The Wild Weasel marines find themselves unexpectedly transported directly into the Horizon's shuttle bay by unknown forces.

The USS Sagan will be assigned to patrol and survey local systems in the aftermath of the Athel Loren supernova.

Vymora Einicrox is reunited with her somewhat singed android lover. Nova'Song continues her recovery from her difficult experience with P'ronfl Rr'ecx.

SD. 18.1011: Gabriel Goose pays a visit to his friend Yrn-Tik-Eee before heading for the Ship's Lounge.

SD. 18.1015: After Kallesin 'n Galeda expresses doubt to Vymora Einicrox about the future of their relationship, Einicrox reassures him that his feelings are evidence of his developing human nature. She proposes marriage, and he accepts. Apparently this is the second time this has happened…

SD. 18.1020: Nova'Song is promoted to the rank of Commander by Captain James Burke.

SD. 18.1031: Emperor Jiha Jehune of Deserte dies after ten months of suffering with Harkinj's disease. His son, Crown Prince Tamal Jehune, has already been selected as the late Emperor's successor.

November 2418

SD. 18.1103: Vymora Einicrox cuts her hair into a "boyish" new style, and dyes it snowy white using an Andorian Beauty Salon holoprogram and some Glaciers of Jonava hair dye she bought from Blirb for eight strips of latinum. Her new appearance is part of an effort to have a more disciplined approach to her life.

Nova'Song receives a subspace message from Tergin, congratulating her on her promotion.

SD. 18.1104: James, Kathy and Cassie Burke share a picnic together in the USS Horizon's arboretum.

SD. 18.1106: Epona O'Leary makes a sudden re-appearance aboard the USS Horizon after having mysteriously vanished some months ago. Her arrival triggers the starship's intruder alert, and she makes psychic contact with Nova'Song. A security team locates Epona in her quarters and she is transferred to sickbay for medical care.

SD. 18.1110: The amnesiac Epona O'Leary regains full consciousness. Finding herself confined to sickbay, she begins to reconstruct her own sense of identity.

SD. 18.1111: Nova'Song consults the Betazoid Captain Asif and the Ullian Commander Andhow, both senior Starfleet doctors, aboard Starbase Omega. After a de-briefing concerning her recent activities, Nova'Song requests Andhow's assistance in helping Epona O'Leary recover her memories.

SD. 18.1113: Vymora Einicrox is contacted by her parents. Her father, Thorthanal Einicrox, strongly disapproves of her intention to marry the android Kallesin 'n Galeda, and makes his feelings known.

Epona O'Leary re-discovers some of her piloting ability after tentatively using a helm console.

"Deserte, Part I" - Captain Burke is briefed by Admiral Tandro Landi in the Fleet XO's office aboard Starbase Omega. They discuss recent events, and Burke receives the Horizon's new orders: the Horizon is to transport Crown Prince Tamal Jehune of Deserte from Starbase Omega to his homeworld in the wake of his father's recent death. As this is occurring at Deserte's invitation, it is an indication that Deserte's diplomatic relations with the Federation may be changing. Members of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, including Ambassador Marshall, are also to travel aboard the USS Horizon.

Doctor T'Vek is serving aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

Crown Prince Tamal Jehune duly arrives in the vicinity of Starbase Omega aboard the Andorian starship Winds of Change. He will also travel aboard the AS Honor before requesting transfer to the Horizon for himself and his party.

At around this time, Ensigns Rowan Bean and Benny Hill make their way aboard the USS Horizon from Starbase Omega, by way of the elusive Mystery Bar.

SD. 18.1115: Epona O'Leary returns to her quarters aboard the Horizon, finding them—and her pet cat, Fluffy—unfamiliar.

Lieutenant Jack McMurphy is serving aboard the USS Horizon at this time, working in the counselling department.

SD. 18.1116: Captain Burke assigns Epona O'Leary back to her post as Horizon helm officer, deeming her fit for duty.

SD. 18.1118: Aboard a Telmarc stealth ship in the Saishan sector, Corporate General Hizoi of the House of Fire and Corporate General Jinnel of the House of Shadows discuss their plan to make use of a psychologically-conditioned assassin—an assassin who is already aboard the USS Horizon. Meanwhile in the Jura Sector, Mother-General Annata of the greatly-dismantled House of Mothers sits aboard her starship, and receives word from an operative on Deserte that Crown Prince Tamal Jehune has entered Cocoon space. Princess Tammala, Tamal's sister, appears to be in league with the Telmarc House of Mothers.

Crown Prince Tamal Jehune beams aboard the USS Horizon with his Desertian aides, one of whom is named Morset, and his Andorian associates. Akeen Ghorev, the first husband of Vymora Einicrox travelling from New Sheras on Andor, is among them. He visits Vymora and the two of them have an unfriendly reunion.

Transporter technician Murphy serves aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

SD. 18.1119: Epona O'Leary and Lucy Freeman catch up with Vymora Einicrox. Freeman is excused, and Epona and Vymora visit the holodeck, where they run Epona's rock-climbing program and climb the cliffs together. Epona finds herself to be out of shape and Vymora designs a fitness regime for her.

SD. 18.1120: Kallesin 'n Galeda pays a visit to Akeen Ghorev in the Horizon's lounge, where the two of them make their opinions known and part on uneasy terms—at least for Ghorev. Soon after this, Kallesin discusses the event with Vymora Einicrox. Akeen's desire for "equal time"—to court Vymora again—and the diplomatic complexities of the situation are foremost on their minds.

LtCmdr. Jack Palance is part of the USS Horizon crew at this time.

The starship Horizon departs Starbase Omega, heading for the planet Deserte. Epona O'Leary pilots the ship out of dock.

SD. 18.1122: The USS Horizon is tracked by two Deserte vessels that have been modified with Telmarc technology. Epona O'Leary uses the Horizon's holodeck to develop evasive tactics against the ships' deadly plutonium rocket weaponary.

SD. 18.1127: With the help of Kallesin 'n Galeda, Epona O'Leary and Vymora Einicrox hatch a plan to adapt Jonathan Walker's anti-proton weapon against Telmarc plutonium torpedoes.

SD. 18.1128: Epona O'Leary confronts Nova'Song about certain aspects of her past, and the things she has lost. Nova'Song orders Epona to report to Gendry Lockhart for some counselling.

December 2418

SD. 18.1202: While Kallesin 'n Galeda goes about creating a plasma-based defensive system for the enemy's plutonium weaponry, Vymora Einicrox is treated to an Andorian steam bath and an ice massage by her husband Akeen Ghorev in his attempts to convince her not to divorce him for her android lover.

T'Gori and Risso Trillo are serving aboard the Horizon at this time.

SD. 18.1203: Epona O'Leary continues to re-discover some of her past self in her quarters. At the same time, Vymora Einicrox assigns security Ensigns Nancy Bird and Thomas Westley Benoist to keep a watchful eye on O'Leary.

SD. 18.1204: As the USS Horizon approaches the Telmarc Cease-Fire Line, sensors detect an addition to the possibly-hostile vessels that have been shadowing them throughout their journey: the mysterious "leprechaun" object first discovered by Epona O'Leary over a year ago. Both Vymora Einicrox and Epona herself begin to speculate on the connection between the object and recent events.

SD. 18.1209: Crewmen Simon Carruthers and Adriano Basile approach Akeen Ghorev with a scheme to get Kallesin 'n Galeda "out of his way".

SD 18.1210: The USS Horizon enters Desertian space, and Crown Prince Tamal Jehune invites Captain Burke and his senior staff to be guests on the planet's surface until the imminent coronation ceremonies are completed. Meanwhile, Vymora Einicrox researches the Galactic Barrier and its history in her quest to further understand why someone might choose to abduct Epona O'Leary.

On the eve of the Horizon's diplomatic mission on Deserte, Epona O'Leary experiences nightmarish hallucinations that seem as though they could be connected to her lost memories. Gendry Lockhart requests that he accompany her to the surface of Deserte.

It is at this time that the unknown assassin makes his move. The Deserte warships that have been tracking the USS Horizon take hostile action against her. The Horizon goes to red alert with numerous hull breaches, contact with Crown Prince Tamal Jehune is lost, and the ship's transporter systems are disrupted with an internal jamming signal. Epona O'Leary and Lt<jg> Greyhawk do their best to defend the Horizon with the ship's phasers as they formulate a plan to draw out the assassin.

The Horizon's internal sensors indicate that an explosion in Crown Prince Tamal Jehune's quarters has left them decompressed. Vymora Einicrox and her security staff use recon drones recovered from Athel Loren II in an attempt to track down the assassin and learn the Crown Prince's fate. Alpha Team are discovered to have been killed. Among those dead are Gord Shallenberg, Ajikann Getu, Ingram Growl, Dianne Marlo and Andrew Fox.

Transporter Chief Jobs is among the non-senior Horizon staff at this time.

Also at around this time, Ambassador Pendar contemplates his future after learning that he has Urborg disease, a degenerative condition that has affected other members of his family. He visits the site of the assassin's bomb detonation and fears that Yridu and Fryda may have been killed.

SD. 18.1218: Assisted by Nova'Song, Epona O'Leary uses her psychic talent to determine that Crown Prince Tamal Jehune is alive.

SD. 18.1219: Jim Peterson, Gunnery Sergeant Uganda Zijal and their compliment of Starfleet Marines fight to stabilise the situation aboard the Horizon during the chaos of the assassin's attack. Marine Orourk is killed by a plasma grenade.

Captain Burke orders that power to the Horizon's systems be reduced in order to lure in the enemy vessels. Projecting a false appearance of vulnerability, the Horizon is hailed by Telmarc Sub-Captain Pinney of the TSS Bottom Line, demanding the arrest of James Burke. When the moment is right, the Horizon engages their power-draining isokinetic cannon and warps away on an emergency heading for the planet Deserte. At the same time, Crown Prince Tamal Jehune is among those retrieved via transporter, beaming into the Horizon's brig. The Prince is rushed to sickbay suffering the effects of poison.

SD. 18.1220: Vymora Einicrox vents her feelings of rage and responsibility on the holodeck until Tyla Ordell convinces her to pay a visit to the ship's counselor, Gendry Lockhart. Meanwhile, Ensign Manu Tschobe is "guarding" the Horizon's makeshift morgue when he realises that the body of a Desertian soldier appears to be missing.

Katherine Burke and crewmen Phillips and Geiger examine the destroyed bulkheads in Crown Prince Tamal Jehune's former quarters.

SD. 18.1221: Roman Davidovitch and Tyla Ordell look into the morgue mystery and learn that the missing body apparently beamed itself out. They choose not to inform Vymora Einicrox—who is undergoing some counselling with Lt. Jack McMurphy—until they feel the investigation is complete.

Epona O'Leary detects residual traces of organic cells in the vicinity of the luchrupan's extrapolated flight path. Vymora Einicrox is informed of events, and a link is established between the residue and the missing Desertian, who is identified as Medes, one of the Crown Prince's bodyguards.

SD. 18.1225: Melody Cuen detects traces of DNA in Crown Prince Tamal Jehune's destroyed quarters with a familial link to the Prince himself. The Prince recovers in the Horizon's sickbay and is treated by Dr. Laurie.

SD. 18.1226: The crew of the USS Horizon plan to breach a blockade of thirty-three hostile starships that orbit the planet Deserte using their Marine dropship to transport the Crown Prince, and the Captain's Yacht as a decoy. Epona O'Leary volunteers to pilot the Yacht, but Vymora Einicrox has objections due to the fact that there are so many unknowns in the situation. However, the Prince insists that he return to his home planet and his people. Captain Burke suggests use of the Black Pearl, but Nova'Song advises against it. Finally it is agreed that O'Leary lead Bird and Benoist to the surface of Deserte in the Black Pearl for recon, while multiple decoy shuttles and drones help to get the Prince home.

SD. 18.1227: In her quarters, Cassandra Burke is entertained by the Silent Magician and his mechanical fortune-telling friend, Madame Delphi. At around the same time, the "Sunshine Boys" entertain the crowd in the Horizon's lounge.

SD. 18.1231: Amidst a plasma-based "fireworks display" designed to confuse and disrupt sensors, Epona O'Leary launches from the USS Horizon aboard the Black Pearl, with Nancy Bird and Thomas Benoist in tow. Their destination: Deserte.

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