Season 10 (2417)

January 2417

SD. 17.0101: "Waving the Flag, Part II"

Samuel Dwight is assigned to Starbase Omega.

At some point during this year, Epona O'Leary will be contacted by Dr. Alina Doan concerning her empathic abilities. Doan writes of her communication with Samik, a Vulcan researcher working with untrained telepaths, and Admiral Frater, who pulls some strings behind the scenes in an attempt to help O'Leary.

Also during this year, the Trill Taru Arzuhn graduates from Starfleet Academy. She will serve aboard the USS Scarlet Star under the command of LtCmdr. Eleanor Jameson. Other Scarlet Star officers will include Vulcan FO Lieutenant Soval, Bolian 2O Lieutenant Arlin and CSO Ensign Kath'thora.

SD. 17.0102: Vymora Einicrox confronts Captain James Burke about his recent depressed and alcohol-fuelled behaviour in the aftermath of the loss of the previous starship Horizon, urging him to accept the support of his friends and crewmates. The CO is temporarily relieved of duty.

SD. 17.0103: The USS Horizon again encounters the mysterious "leprechaun" object. The purpose of its erratic behaviour remains unclear, and before long it vanishes from sensors. The Horizon returns once again to its original course.

Nurse Jeraya and Crewmen Simon Carruthers and Adriano Basile are among the non-senior staff serving aboard the USS Horizon at around this time. Rush and Plate are pilots serving under Epona O'Leary.

SD. 17.0104: President Jeza Barro of Anabaron is notified of the USS Horizon's imminent diplomatic visit.

SD. 17.0105: Admiral Tergin leads the Emerald Fleet in a successful battle against Telmarc forces, defending Federation space.

SD. 17.0106: Samuel Dwight is assigned to serve aboard the USS Destiny.

Vymora Einicrox and Nova'Song share a sparring session in the Horizon's gymnasium.

SD. 17.0108: Ethan Two-Crows arrives aboard the USS Horizon at around this time, as part of a medical research placement. He becomes acquainted with Ingel Rademach. He also meets Nathan Cady, who continues his preparations for the transporter procedure with Mortus Ulinian.

The Chakdorian trading vessel CTS First Call makes its scheduled stop at the planet Anabaron.

An away team from the USS Horizon shuttles down to the surface of Anabaron aboard the Captain's Boat, which is christened the Árthach.

SD. 17.0109: Kallesin 'n Galeda considers making an appointment with Ethan Two-Crows about his recent dreams.

SD. 17.0110: Nova'Song contacts the Chakdorians orbiting Anabaron to request their cooperation in the establishment of a supply line. She discovers that the Chakdorian Master-Trader Lopan has met her lost son, and shares in his memory of the experience.

SD. 17.0114: Whilst Captain Burke and his diplomatic team are on the surface of Anabaron, he is notified that the Special Operations team have departed the Horizon without clearance aboard a stealth shuttle, leaving an encrypted message in their wake.

With the war against the Federation going badly for the Telmarc, a four-month plan is hatched in the Telmarc Capital City to capture James Burke—the man seen as responsible for the war—and put him to "justice".

SD. 17.0116: Jarek Malaar is promoted to Commander.

SD. 17.0117: The diplomatic team from the USS Horizon attend a ceremonial dinner on the planet Anabaron. Nova'Song collapses into a psionically-induced coma during a visit to the lavatory and is immediately beamed to the Horizon's sickbay thanks to the intervention of Epona O'Leary and Ingel Rademach. The previously-undisclosed fact of Nova'Song's pregnancy and birth is discovered from medical scans.

SD. 17.0120: Ingel Rademach and Sanim Sirib play a game of airball paddle together, in part for purely social reasons and in part because of Rademach's attempts to gather information from the Anabarons.

SD. 17.0120: Davis Porter publishes the critically acclaimed "Warp Tunneling: Reconciliation of Accepted Theorems and Field Experience".

SD. 17.0127: Epona O'Leary attempts to contact Nova'Song in her comatose state by entering her mindscape, using her mental abilites that until now have been kept secret. Epona agrees to help Nova'Song search for her lost son, and it is later determined between the two of them that O'Leary and Nova'Song are each other's Anam Cara, soul-companions of sorts.

SD. 17.0129: Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda conduct investigations on Anabaron, during which they discover that President Barro's daughter is romantically involved with one of her bodyguards. The two Horizon officers come under attack from a mysterious assassin who is later revealed to be part of the Order of the Behemoth. The assassin is transported to the Horizon's brig for questioning. This time together represents the beginning of a mutual attraction between Vymora and Kallesin.

The wandering Alex Thayer visits most of the major worlds in the Federation before following a known criminal to the planet Darowah, a world known as a haven for smugglers. While on Darowah she is involved in an unknown plot involving most of the known major powers in the galaxy. After this, for the next year or so, she will work as the ship's mechanic on a small cargo hauler.

February 2417

The Xindi join the Federation at some point during this year.

SD. 17.0206: Having helped Nova'Song emerge from her coma, Epona O'Leary contacts her family to ask for their help in finding Nova'Song's son.

SD. 17.0207: Samuel Dwight is promoted to the rank of Ensign.

SD. 17.0209: Kallesin 'n Galeda overloads his system whilst interfacing with an Anabaron data terminal, causing his programming to revert to a basic level. He is later rebooted and fully repaired using nano-machines.

SD. 17.0210: Samuel Dwight is assigned to serve aboard the USS Horizon as chief engineer.

Captain James Burke has a threatening encounter with the Telmarc ambassador on Anabaron's surface.

At some point during the Horizon's mission on Anabaron, the Telmarc surreptitiously infect the Horizon's systems with plasma flies, something not discovered until later.

SD. 17.0212: Local citizens of a rural community on Girona II first report strange whistling and howling sounds emanating from the sky.

Lieutenant Andrews and Lt<jg> Untara are among the non-senior staff serving aboard the USS Horizon at around this time.

SD. 17.0214: Samuel Dwight arrives aboard the USS Horizon via D-Warp shuttle.

SD. 17.0215: A glider fire-bombs the Presidential palace in Anabaron's capital city. Epona O'Leary tracks down the glider using Shuttle Palmer and captures its pilot after it crash-lands. The pilot is a boy named Rissim who is being used by the Order of the Behemoth.

SD. 17.0219: Admiral Tandro is contacted by the Chakdorians, who have agreed to a shipping contract.

SD. 17.0222: Epona O'Leary and Kallesin 'n Galeda take a shuttle to begin an investigation at the sacred mountains of the Order of the Behemoth, following a lead that may reveal the truth behind the attacks upon Anabaron President Barro. They soon discover an alien probe beneath the ancient rock and are successful in extracting its data core.

At around the same time, Samuel Dwight begins a connected investigation within the presidential palace. He discovers President Barro is seemingly under the authority of the Commander of the Presidential Guard, who works for another power seeking to avoid Federation attention. Dwight is caught, and is hit by an energy weapon during an emergency beam-out, leaving him seriously injured. He later fully recovers.

In the meantime, Vymora Einicrox is confronted with the unpleasant "interrogation" techniques of the Anabarons, and chooses to side with the previously-captured assassin and "Knight" of the Order of the Behemoth, whose name is Mola. Vymora, Mola and Rissim transport off the surface and return to the Horizon, where the Anabaron pair decide to request political asylum.

SD. 17.0225: After interfacing with the alien probe's data core in a Horizon laboratory, Kallesin 'n Galeda uncovers an ancient Anabaron message telling of the prophecy of the Order of the Behemoth and the "warriors with flesh of steel and blood of silver" meant to liberate the planet.

Commander Flinn is among the non-senior staff serving aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

Epona O'Leary disobeys an direct order from Captain Burke and takes a shuttle down to the surface of Anabaron to do what she believes will ensure the President's safety from Telmarc plotters who have undermined Anabaron sovereign power for decades. Disguised as a gardener of the presidential palace, she confides in another gardener named Bothy Bo and infiltrates the president's private rooms. She fills the President in on the details of current happenings and gains the assistance of his daughter, Maja. Soon after she is seriously wounded, but she escapes with her new friends into a maze-like tunnel system.

SD. 17.0226: Vymora Einicrox takes matters into her own hands to save Epona O'Leary from danger, with the help of Mola and Rissim.

March 2417

SD. 17.0301: Kallesin 'n Galeda continues to study the alien probe's data core and uncovers historical holographic files concerning the probe's origins, as well as the robots contained within that became part of the Anabaron prophecy. He is antagonised by a hostile cybernetic entity that accuses him of interfering with its programming.

SD. 17.0302: A party consisting of Epona O'Leary, Bothy Bo, the Anabaron president and his daughter Maja, discover the ancient robots from the alien probe within an underground tunnel system, apparently within a dormant state.

SD. 17.0304: Vymora Einicrox, Mola, Rissim and Kallesin 'n Galeda make contact with Lord Knight Galwain of the Order of the Behemoth in their mountain hideout on the surface of Anabaron. To Galwain, the android 'n Galeda represents a warrior of steel spoken of by the ancient prophecy.

The USS Horizon uses its deflector dish to overload the Anabaron jamming signal that is preventing Captain Burke from contacting any of his officers disobeying orders, O'Leary, Einicrox and 'n Galeda. The Horizon establishes a transporter lock and beams up everyone concerned, but not before Epona collapses from her injuries. She is admitted to sickbay.

SD. 17.0309: The President of Anabaron makes a planet-wide announcement that is also intercepted by the USS Horizon, revealing publicly that the government has been manipulated by Telmarc forces for many years. He is grateful for the part played by the Horizon officers Epona O'Leary, Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda in liberating the planet, and they are awarded the Anabaron Medal of Honour for their actions. The Telmarc ambassdor is expelled.

Official letters of reprimand are attached by Captain Burke to the records of Vymora Einicrox, Epona O'Leary and Kallesin 'n Galeda as a result of their actions on Anabaron, forfeiting their right to promotion for six months.

Admiral Tergin, Captain Sasha Kali and the USS Audre Lorde are part of a fleet fighting a losing battle against Telmarc forces in the Orindla system at this time. In the aftermath of their defeat and the loss of Orindla IV, the good news is received concerning the liberation of Anabaron.

Commander Adam Duolf of the USS Henry J. Kaiser receives a commendation for his part in the battle for the Orindla system.

Crewman Tylor is among the non-senior staff serving aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

Also at around this time, LtCmdr. Abi Seldon is reassigned. Captain Burke makes the suggestion to Nova'Song that she take Seldon's place as FO.

The spouse of Chief Wynat, one of the Horizon's NCOs, dies during the Telmarc conflict, leaving Wyatt to raise his three daughters alone.

SD. 17.0312: Epona O'Leary, Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda receive their awards in an official Anabaron ceremony on the planet's surface.

SD. 17.0313: Roman Davidovitch injures himself on the holodeck while trying to impress Vymora Einicrox, and his feelings towards Vymora are picked upon by Kallesin 'n Galeda, much to Roman's embarrassment.

Nova'Song hosts a celebration aboard the USS Horizon's lounge, in honour of those lost in the destruction of the USS Horizon NCC-825002.

A large section of the Horizon's engineering department are reassigned to Gaia Fleetyards, including Ta'Vern, who is to become CEO there. Replacements are scheduled to arrive, serving under Ensign Samuel Dwight.

SD. 17.0314: At around this time, Ensigns T'Piri and MoonRising are travelling to rendezvous with the USS Horizon to serve in the flight department under Epona O'Leary.

SD. 17.0317: Vymora Einicrox formalises her intimate friendship with Kallesin 'n Galeda, and the two of them become a couple.

SD. 17.0321: Samuel Dwight designates his new engineering staff positions; Elven Gan is aCEO, Pelar is gamma shift leader and Leonard Murrey is alpha shift leader. Others involved include CPOs David Sykes, Helen Adams and Sarah Green.

SD. 17.0324: Epona O'Leary and Samuel Dwight spend some time in the holodeck together, where Epona introduces Sam to horses and teaches him to ride.

SD. 17.0328: The USS Horizon experiences engineering difficulties, including plasma explosions, hull breaches and ruptured EPS conduits. These are soon discovered to be due to insectoid lifeforms commonly known as plasma flies infesting the Horizon's systems. The Queen of the plasma flies and all of her workers are eventually jettisoned via shuttle into the plasma-rich atmosphere of a nearby planet. The Horizon's systems are restored.

April 2417

SD. 17.0401: Nova'Song becomes first officer aboard the USS Horizon. Vymora Einicrox assumes the position of second officer.

SD. 17.0407: Epona O'Leary is injured in an explosion caused by a ruptured power line aboard the shuttle Árthach. She suffers serious plasma burns.

SD. 17.0409: Robert O'Brady graduates from Starfleet Academy at the rank of Ensign.

SD. 17.0411: "The Screaming Planet" - The USS Horizon senior staff receive their new mission orders: to continue on their series of diplomatic visits in the Seeffoc sector, proceeding to the Girona system, to investigate mysterious "sounds in the sky" experienced by the inhabitants of Girona II.

Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda train in martial arts using a specially-made holodeck program featuring holodeck representations of Morihei Uyeshiba, the founder of Aikido, and the 20th century fictional character of Kwai Chang Caine.

SD. 17.0415: Doctor A. L. Bertstein files an official report to Starfleet Command concerning the strange sounds apparently coming from the atmosphere of Girona II. This report is an information source used by Horizon personnel during their mission to the Girona system.

SD. 17.0417: Epona O'Leary regains consciousness in the Horizon's sickbay.

The USS Horizon gets underway for the Girona system.

SD. 17.0418: Robert O'Brady arrives at Starbase Omega.

SD. 17.0420: Robert O'Brady is assigned to serve aboard the USS Horizon as chief operations officer.

SD. 17.0422: Admiral Tergin and the USS Audre Lorde confront Telmarc forces once again, eventually forcing them into a retreat. Tergin contacts Admiral Tandro to inform him of the possibility that the Telmarc have a ship behind Federation lines.

SD. 17.0423: Epona O'Leary, Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda unwittingly undergo the final stage of their command grade training within a Horizon holodeck, simulating a Telmarc attack, a rescue mission and the capture of Captain Burke and Nova'Song. O'Leary becomes aware of the simulation half-way through, but decides to withhold her knowledge from her other trainees for the sake of performing well in her CGT.

Among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at this time are twin siblings Rhee Lan and Rhee Jalis, as well as Steven Jobbs and Ensign Omtach.

May 2417

SD. 17.0501: Counselor Alexander Lodore records the psychological profile of Murdoch Green.

SD. 17.0505: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Zadie Layne-Malaar starts school near Starfleet Academy on Earth, where her mother and father live. On the same day, Tergin invites Malaar to Starbase 68 to meet Talia Bester, who is one of the designers of a new anti-Purifier suit.

SD. 17.0506: At this time, the partially-amnesiac Bordaq is serving in a reduced role aboard the USS Horizon. His hybrid daughter sleeps in medical stasis and his relationship with Amy DeSantos is beginning to suffer. He accesses some of his personal logs in order to learn more about his fragmented past.

At around the same time, the CGT holodeck trainees successfully complete their training. Epona O'Leary, Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda all qualify for command of the USS Horizon. Vymora is reunited with Kallesin, who she believed to have died in the scenario.

SD. 17.0511: Vymora Einicrox confronts crewmen Carruthers and Basile in the holodeck for their insulting behaviour towards her.

SD. 17.0512: Lieutenant-Commander Jerkins arrives aboard the USS Horizon, with Ensigns T'Piri and MoonRising in tow. The two new arrivals are old Academy friends of Epona O'Leary. The Horizon flight crew is ordered to field test new fighter craft.

Chief Motaque is among the non-senior staff at around this time.

SD. 17.0513: Kallesin 'n Galeda discusses with Captain Burke his belief that his relationship with Vymora Einicrox seems to be affecting his logical nature and may be placing the crew in danger. He requests that he be shut down and examined. The internal conflict between his duty and his personal life continues to trouble him.

SD. 17.0518: The USS Horizon arrives at Girona II, discovering two Telmarc ships in orbit. Captain Burke is immediately contacted by Gironan Prime Minister Reldra.

SD. 17.0519: Whilst piloting shuttle Palmer in the Gironan atmosphere, Epona O'Leary succumbs to the mysterious sound phenomenon and is beamed out to the Horizon's sickbay in a catatonic state. Ingel Rademach soon resuscitates O'Leary using a recording of Betazoid meditation music, and they begin to work together with Kallesin 'n Galeda to find a way to shield her, and the USS Horizon, from the sound phenomenon's effects.

SD. 17.0520: Robert O'Brady and Vymora Einicrox spar together against holographic Jem'Hadar on the holodeck.

SD. 17.0523: The intensity of the sound phenomenon suddenly increases, affecting Horizon personnel. The ship's modified shield harmonics are implemented, causing the wave's effect to subside. In the aftermath, the Horizon is contacted by the Gironan First Minister to inform them that the sound phenomenon has caused the Gironan President and Prime Minister to be killed after their aircraft went out of control, crashing into Girona's Sudak mountains. Chaotic rioting has erupted on the planet, and casualties from the phenomenon and the subsequent violence is estimated to be in the region of two million by Robert O'Brady.

SD. 17.0524: The USS Horizon's SpecOps team return to the ship following their disastrous secret assignment away, all members in various states of injury. Arkanis' face is badly injured and he is left with a scarred and hollow eye socket that is covered with a tissue regenerator.

Epona O'Leary researches Gironan records, leading her to believe that the sound phenomenon is being produced by a previously-assumed mythical being in the pangs of birth, and that the Telmarcs are artificially amplifying the natural wave formations to use them as a weapon via means of "replicators".

SD. 17.0529: The people of the planet Girona II receive an offer of sanctuary from the Telmarc after the apparent revelation that the sound phenomenon is originating from a layer in the planet's atmosphere. A fleet of Telmarc ships prepares to evacuate the Gironan population.

SD. 17.0530: Epona O'Leary discovers the subspace wave phenomenon to be originating from a pulsar twenty light-years distant. The sound experienced by all is caused by the conjunction of the pulsar and its
adjacent star system with the planets of the Gironan star system.

James Burke contacts his pregnant wife Kathryn over subspace shortly before heading down to the surface of Girona II. As Burke travels to meet with the Gironan First Minister, Gironan undersecretary of defense
Abalder Abble transmits a planet-wide message of acceptance towards the Telmarc forces.

Davis Porter and Gendry Lockhart are married.

June 2417

SD. 17.0601: In the middle of a diplomatic meeting between Gironan, Telmarc and Federation Starfleet representatives attempting to resolve the tense situation, the conference chambers are stormed by hostile Telmarc forces. Jamming signals prevent communication between the planet's surface and the USS Horizon.

Epona O'Leary and her pilot staff scramble the Horizon's fighters and come under attack from approaching Telmarc ships, but O'Leary is successful in sufficiently disabling the jamming field on the surface. Abalder Abble is killed by Telmarc Ambassador Lucian Prozzac, but Horizon forces including Robert O'Brady beam down and demand the Telmarc surrender. Having lost credibility with the Gironans, the Telmarc eventually cooperate. Samuel Dwight uses adapted Borg interplexing technology to hack into the Telmarc fleet's command codes. Meanwhile, O'Leary's ejected pod lands in the Gironan seas and sinks to the sea bed. As her oxygen supply diminishes, she discovers an array of strange marine life-forms around her.

The crew of the starship Renegade mounts an expedition to discover the truth behind rumours of Phryn's appearance on the planet Cherbill. CO Jarek Malaar leads an away team on the planet's surface and meets up with Ted Bragg, former Horizon science officer, who tells them of strange seismic disruptions and freak weather phenomena emanating from a particular location. Malaar, Bragg and the Renegade team eventually discover that the disruptions are caused by the "joining" of Phryn and the entity known as Xuundri and their combined metamorphosis into a new transcendant life-form. [NC]

SD. 17.0614: Lucille Freeman graduates from Starfleet Academy, specialising in counselling, sociology and interspecies relations.

SD. 17.0615: The Horizon's SpecOps team are deployed in the Warhammer class runabout to rescue Epona O'Leary.

PO Amschat B'hal is serving as Robert O'Brady's quartermaster at this time.

SD. 17.0621: The Telmarc fleet, lead by Alum Ni, is disabled using the previously-recovered Telmarc command codes. The Gironan Special Forces beam aboard all vessels.

In the aftermath of the successful battle with the Telmarc, Captain Burke convinces the Gironan First Minister not to execute captured Telmarc prisoners.

SD. 17.0625: Vymora Einicrox contacts a Ferengi named Mock to initiate a business transaction of some kind.

SD. 17.0626: The USS Horizon gets underway on her journey back to Starbase Omega, with two captured Telmarc vessels in tow.

During this time, the commandeered Telmarc vessel Downsizer is used by Horizon personnel to access and recover beryllium deposits from within a Telmarc-patrolled asteroid field.

SD. 17.0627: Epona O'Leary slips into an unconscious state and is discovered in her quarters by Vymora Einicrox after failing to report. In the Horizon's sickbay, Ingel Rademach and neuro-biologist Dr. Virgil Bonnano discover that O'Leary is immune to the dream-suppressant neo-lidacin, having treated herself with it for a long time previously and hence become dependent upon it. Epona, trapped within a dream-state inside her own mind, resurfaces after allowing herself to let go of her fears and "die".

Recovered from her dream-ordeal, Epona O'Leary finally comes clean about the true nature of her empathic abilities in a meeting with Captain James Burke and Ingel Rademach. Admiral Tergin forwards orders to O'Leary, ordering her to undergo mental training with Vulcan researcher Samik and Dr. Alina Doan upon the Horizon's return to Starbase Omega.

July 2417

SD. 17.0702: Arkanis is told by Epona O'Leary about her mental abilities.

The Federation starships Harlem, Skysurfer and the badly-damaged USS Audre Lorde arrive at Starbase Sapphire, in orbit of Salestte IV between the Cadi and Negdren sectors. They rescue survivors of the disastrous clash with Telmarc forces; all of Battlegroup Fortress have been destroyed but for the salvageable starships Optimus and Jakarta. Admiral Tergin meets with Admiral Tandro in the command hub of Starbase Sapphire to discuss the loss of the Barai VI observation post, and is informed of Captain Elizabeth Davies' successful mission at the Telmarc slave world in the Hepobi system, Saishan sector.

News of the battle at Starbase Sapphire is relayed to the USS Horizon. The Horizon departs for Starbase Omega immediately.

SD. 17.0703: Kallesin 'n Galeda is invited anonymously to the holodeck to apparently partake in a quest for the lost city of Atlantis.

Ensigns Robert O'Brady and Samuel Dwight are promoted to Lt<jg> by Captain James Burke. Dwight is also awarded the Zefram Cochrane Medal for innovative use of engineering strategies. The previous reprimands of Ensign Epona O'Leary, Lt<jg> Vymora Einicrox and Lt<jg> Kallesin 'n Galeda are made void in Captain Burke's judgement and the three of them are promoted to Lt<jg> and full Lieutenants respectively. Additionally, Lt. Nova'Song is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

SD. 17.0704: While the USS Horizon is at Omega, Vymora Einicrox is contacted by the Ferengi Blirb, son of Koljak, nephew of Mock, who notifies her that her merchandise is available for inspection. Blirb later informs Einicrox that he has negotiated a partnership with HoloCyridian to expand his business, Blirb's House of Holographic Wonders.

SD. 17.0705: Epona O'Leary is contacted by her father while he is near the Cocoon, who tells her that Nova'Song's lost son seems to have vanished, and he has been unable to follow any leads.

Meanwhile, Hanara is one of the first to locate the Mystery Bar. She begins to spread the word.

Twin officers Peter Extra Jones and Repete Spare Jones are among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at this time. Also serving is Klingon officer Omneck, who is a friend of Roman Davidovitch.

SD. 17.0706: Rojan, an Orion civilian, becomes bartender aboard the USS Horizon, working alongside HoloCyridian.

SD. 17.0707: James Burke meets Dr. John Sanders at Starbase Omega and is taken to visit his wife Kathy, who gave birth the day before. Burke meets his new daughter Cassandra, who seems to have some telepathic abilities.

SD 17.0707: During his time at the Mystery Bar, Murdoch Green shares some kind of sexual experience with Ingel Rademach.

Captain Daniel Stuart is transferred from the position of CO of the USS Yorktown to become XO aboard the Q-ship SS Loophole, under the command of Daniel's uncle, Jeb Stuart.

Dr. Laberos is among the non-senior staff serving aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

The senior staff of the USS Horizon visit the fabled Mystery Bar at Starbase Omega. Among those present are: Arkanis, Nathan Cady, Vymora Einicrox, Orlando Navarro, Triana Paganini, Epona O'Leary, MoonRising, Jonathan Walker, Conrad Sawyer, Tyla Ordell, Roman Davidovitch, Nova'Song, Ingel Rademach, Bordaq, Amy DeSantos and Blirb the Ferengi. Mystery Bar fanatic and freighter captain Martelli Benovitz enjoys his first time at the Bar, as do Jarek Malaar and Trinity Layne-Malaar, who manage to make a surprise appearance after the USS Renegade arrives at Starbase Omega from the planet Cherbill. Rojan is also present, mingling with various Horizon personnel. Nova'Song has an encounter with the enigmatic "M", the black-veiled woman who has secretly run the Mystery Bar for the past decade. Robert O'Brady makes a late appearance and befriends LtCmdr. Eleanor Jameson, CO of the USS Scarlet Star, but Samuel Dwight stays aboard the Horizon to work in engineering. With her partner Kallesin 'n Galeda also absent, Vymora Einicrox eventually returns to the Horizon, where she performs a private belly dance for him and the two of them get up to all kinds of pleasant activities.

Murdoch Green is reprimanded and demoted from Lt<jg> to Ensign after being caught at the Mystery Bar by Starfleet Security personnel. Cmdr. Jarek Malaar assigns Green to serve as pilot in the USS Horizon's Special Operations team.

Amy DeSantos learns the truth about the two Bordaqs and their true identities.

SD. 17.0717: "Ultimatum"

Admiral Tergin organises a pre-mission meeting aboard the USS Aurora to brief senior officers from various starships about the imminent Starfleet push to retake Outpost 721, also known as Cocoon One. The USS Horizon is to lead an attack force of fifteen ships, supported by another five-strong strike force lead by the USS Renegade.

Arkanis and Nathan Cady are introduced to Major Curtis Lordmiller, Commander of the 47th Batallion Starfleet Marine Corps, who will be working with them during the Horizon's next mission. Lordmiller immediately creates an uncomfortable tension due to his belief that Cady's actions with the Telmarc make him a traitor to Starfleet.

At around this time, Nathan Cady has his hair cut short resembling a military buzz-cut style.

The senior staffs of the starships Aurora, Horizon and Renegade are assembled for a formal dinner aboard the Aurora.

Jonathan Walker develops a new anti-Telmarc weapon christened the Annihilator 2417. The design incorporates elements of the devastatingly powerful "planet-killer" weapon encountered by the starship Enterprise in the 23rd century.

SD. 17.0725: Lucille Freeman is assigned as assistant counselor to the USS Independence.

SD. 17.0725: Ensigns Olivero and Abberlaine are among the non-senior staff serving aboard the USS Horizon at this time. Crewman Bena'z also serves under Epona O'Leary, and Elvira Smyth serves under Robert O'Brady.

Starfleet forces battle to retake Outpost 721. The Horizon leads Battlegroup 91.1, including the Scarlet Star, Thunderstar, and Aurora. The USS Renegade leads Battlegroup 91.2, including the Ontario and Sitting Bull. Other participating vessels include the Santana, Robert E. Lee, Carnation, Avatar, Zerus, Guerro, Cerberus, Indigo Mane, Elizabeth Blackwell, Dakota, Alexandria, Abernoth, Warsaw, Amber Raven, Thor, Uttica, Montana and Esperanto, many of which will be destroyed. Telmarc Admiral Cheep Dollor commands hostile forces, as does Senior Admiral Kaash Tatandra, seventh heir of the Corporate House of Mothers.

SD. 17.0729: Jim Peterson returns to Starfleet duty and becomes second in command at an outpost on the Romulan border.

Gendry Lockhart is assigned to Starbase Omega to work as part of the Federation-Telmarc Peace Talks Team.

August 2417

SD. 17.0804: The real Fred Bordaq arrives in the midst of the ongoing battle and informs Captain Burke of the truth of the Bordaqs' identities as well as suggesting a strategy to deal with a cloaked Telmarc minefield.

SD. 17.0805: The USS Sitting Bull, commanded by Captain Winona, is destroyed by Telmarc forces. Following losses include the Crimson Sun and Masquerade, destroyed in a detonating minefield.

SD. 17.0808: Jonathan Walker's anti-proton weapon is used to good effect, but the Horizon's power systems are overloaded in the process. Kallesin 'n Galeda's internal circuitry is scrambled, causing him to act irrationally until Vymora Einicrox and Roman Davidovitch intervene with a tailor-made energy interface.

SD. 17.0811: The USS Horizon comes under attack from the Matriarch class TCS Ultimatum, Kaash Tatandra's ship. The Ultimatum gives chase into an asteroid field.

SD. 17.0815: Bordak Grino and Silm are killed in a shield generator explosion aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 17.0816: Epona O'Leary acts against the Captain's orders once again, piloting her Arrow fighter into a seemingly suicidal battle against the Telmarc starship. Her fighter crashes into the enemy vessel; her ejected life-pod is transported back aboard the Horizon, but Epona herself is beamed aboard the enermy ship and into the hands of the Telmarc.

SD. 17.0821: The Marine Sixth Platoon secure the central command station of Outpost 721 and begin to use the station's defences to ward off Telmarc vessels. Captain Burke is notified over a coded channel.

SD. 17.0822: Nova'Song organises a rescue mission for Epona O'Leary using the Samurai class USS Bushido, equipped with so-called "dusk" stealth technology. The Bushido's only surviving original crew member is Ensign Canton Onasis. The rescue team includes Vymora Einicrox, Kallesin 'n Galeda and Robert O'Brady's second-in-command, Ensign B'Etor Hunt. Blirb the Ferengi also tags along.

SD. 17.0825: With the battle over, Captain Burke meets up with the Horizon SpecOps team in the Central Command Centre of Outpost 721, where Cheep Dollor has been captured. Burke establishes a comm-link with Renegade CO Jarek Malaar to request the "borrowing" of the Tryfan class USS Tensai from Battlegroup 91.2 to provide support for the USS Bushido during her rescue mission.

September 2417

Samuel Dwight is transferred from the USS Horizon to Outpost 721 to oversee the ongoing repairs there.

SD. 17.0905: After the Bushido successfully breaches the Ultimatum's shielding, a rescue team lead by Kallesin 'n Galeda boards the vessel where Epona O'Leary is being held captive. During the operation, Klingon team member Garth is killed by Senior Sub-Commander Ototola, O'Leary's torturer. Valarn Taya lures Telmarc personnel away from the brig in order to clear the team's escape route, and is consequently forced to sacrifice herself in combat for her comrades.

Vymora Einicrox beams a timer-rigged torpedo aboard the Telmarc vessel and threatens to detonate it unless she is allowed to communicate with the rescue team, and as a result all remaining members successfully transport back to the Bushido, where Epona is placed into emergency medical care. Nova'Song gives her emotional and spiritual comfort during this time. Despite modern medical technology it is possible that her left wrist will never completely heal.

Immediately after the ordeal is over, Vymora Einicrox declares her intentions to marry Kallesin 'n Galeda. After some discussion, 'n Galeda agrees to marry her.

Robert O'Brady begins writing letters of condolence to the families of crew members lost in the recent conflict. He also writes a letter to his father for his birthday.

SD. 17.0907: Lt. Darwin of the USS Chupacabra records a personal log entry that will later be jettisoned aboard a buoy and discovered by the USS Horizon.

SD. 17.0912. Lt. Darwin of the USS Chupacabra records another personal log entry that will later be jettisoned aboard a buoy and discovered by the USS Horizon.

SD. 17.0914: Epona O'Leary receives news from her brother Sean that his wife Madge is happily expecting a baby daughter.

Vymora Einicrox and Kallesin 'n Galeda move into shared quarters—an arrangement made without the android's knowledge or permission. Melody Cuen assists in the transferral of belongings.

SD. 17.0915. Lt. Darwin of the USS Chupacabra records a personal log entry that will later be jettisoned aboard a buoy and discovered by the USS Horizon.

SD. 17.0917: Ambassador Jamie Parr notifies Captain Burke about the Telmarc requesting a cease-fire, also revealing that Starfleet authorities are willing to agree a settlement. Elsewhere, Admiral Tergin is informed by his sources that the latest actions of the Telmarc are probably only a ploy to allow them to strengthen their position before resuming hostilities. Meanwhile on the Horizon, rumours run rife about the possible assassination of a high-ranking Telmarc by Starfleet forces.

After a re-arrangement of the Horizon's flight crew, T'Piri becomes Epona O'Leary's second in command.

SD. 17.0921: Robert O'Brady pays a visit to Epona O'Leary, offering as a gift a newly-replicated harp to replace one that was broken. The two of them visit the holodeck and enjoy a program re-creating O'Leary's traditional home, complete with food, drink and music. Later on, Epona tells Nova'Song that she wishes to speak to her former counsellor, Alina Doan.

SD. 17.0924: At this time, Nova'Song's office receptionist is called Shirley.

Kallesin 'n Galeda confronts Melody Cuen about transferring his belongings without his permission. He also discusses with his superiors the possibility of transferring to the engineering department to replace the departed Samuel Dwight.

SD. 17.0925: Epona O'Leary receives the Wounded Lion Award and Vymora Einicrox receives the Silver Nebula Award.

"L'Orizzonte, Part I" - Captain Burke announces the USS Horizon's next mission to his senior staff; under Admiral Tandro's orders the Horizon is to proceed to the Metrall sector in response to a distress call sent by the USS Chupacabra, NCC-812008. The Chupacabra, commanded by Captain Forsyth, was last known to be monitoring the collision of two neutron stars in the Denalitis system. The Horizon is fitted with an Augur Sensory Array Pod before getting underway.

Vymora Einicrox contacts her mother about her decision to marry Kallesin 'n Galeda. Her mother, unhappy with the situation, advises Vymora not to rush into anything, but also promises to break the news to her father.

October 2417

SD. 17.1002: Epona O'Leary receives orders from Admiral Tergin, recalling her to Starbase Omega for further training with Dr. Samik and Alina Doan.

SD. 17.1007: Captain Burke discusses with Ensign Amy DeSantos recent problems she has been having in her duties. Burke correctly assumes the matter is related to Bordaq, but Amy finds herself unable to explain the whole truth to him. Upon returning to her quarters she is confronted by the real Bordaq, who convinces her to enlist Robert O'Brady's help in dealing with the alternate Bordaq. DeSantos, O'Brady and Bordaq transport discreetly to the Tal's ship, where he explains the truth about Kabrik's "murder" as well as Section 31's plan to concert Tal civilisation into their fighting force in anticipation of an unknown threat. Amy and Robert return to the Horizon.

SD. 17.1014: As the Horizon heads to the last-known coordinates of the USS Chupacabra, Vymora Einicrox organises multiple holodeck drills for her security department. New arrivals to her staff include Ensigns Kevin Forman, Lee Espino, Manu Tschobe and Julia Hedford, all of whom take part. Holodeck scenarios include an intelligence mission to an Arimanes IV Telmarc outpost lead by Tyla Ordell, and a mission based on Scotland's Atlantic coast lead by Einicrox herself.

SD. 17.1018: Astrophysicist LtCmdr. Fransico Galen briefs Captain Burke on the properties of the Denalitis double neutron star and warns of the catastrophic gravity waves that will be produced upon their collision.

SD. 17.1020: Nova'Song, through her sensing of the Horizon crew's lingering grief and anger, becomes aware of the secrecy that Robert O'Brady is involved in. She requests that Vymora Einicrox keep an eye on O'Brady. Vymora discusses the situation with Captain Burke, who admits that something is afoot but mentions nothing of Bordaq. As a result, Einicrox disables O'Brady's security codes and restricts his data-access, as well as asking Kallesin 'n Galeda to also monitor the situation on the behalf of Nova'Song.

SD. 17.1024: At Starbase Omega, Epona O'Leary undergoes training with Dr. Samik and Alina Doan, who help her learn to create mental barriers to prevent her from absorbing the dreams of others in her sleep. The following night O'Leary awakes to discover that somebody has been scanning her mind for classified information. She quickly returns to the USS Horizon, where she feels she is less of a security threat, and informs her superiors. Captain Burke recommends that Epona have a subdermal transponder fitted to monitor her location, and before long Samik contacts the Captain to let him know that O'Leary's attacker was probably a natural telepath.

Captain Burke orders Vymora Einicrox to restore Robert O'Brady's command codes, which she does against her better judgement.

As the Horizon approaches the Denalitis system, a message buoy from the Chupacabra is discovered and transported aboard. Analysis reveals several log entries by Lieutenant Darwin, the Chupacabra's chief science officer, describing the vessel's run-in with a rogue gravitational field phenomenon—dubbed a "bumper"—resulting in a narrow escape from destruction.

November 2417

SD. 17.1105: Pendar is assigned as Ambassador by his government to the USS Horizon. Captain Burke is contacted by Admiral Bennett and informed of the Kourosan's imminent arrival. Pendar is accompanied by his aides, Yridu and Fryda.

Ensign Sophie Ciate, Ensign Ayisha Freeman and Lt. Quirk are among the non-senior crew of the USS Horizon at this time. Lt<jg> Liam Taur, Sophie Ciate's fiance, serves aboard the USS Chupacabra.

SD. 17.1112: The starship Horizon is struck by a "gravity bumper" phenomenon emanating from two merging neutron stars. The resulting space-time distortion transports the vessel and its crew across centuries and light-years to 15th-century Earth

December 2417

Emperor Jiha Jehune of Deserte is diagnosed with Harkinj's disease.

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