Season 1 (2408)

April 14th, 2408: The Hood class USS Horizon, NCC-61883, is launched under the command of Captain Cassandra Threin.

April 2408

SD. 08.0414: "Shakedown" - The Hood class USS Horizon, NCC-61883, is officially launched under the command of Captain Cassandra Threin. This Horizon is actually (at least) the third Federation starship to bear the name. The original crew are: FO Cmdr. Jack Haynes, OPS and 2O Ensign Asa Garn, CSO Ensign Alex Slater, CEO Ensign Jason Munro, CMO Ensign Kieran Joram and FCO Ensign Hal Marty. CSciO Ensign Ted Bragg and CNS Ensign Phaegal also later arrive aboard.

Non-senior staff aboard the original Horizon at around the time of launch include: transporter chief Douglas Connelly, head nurse Galisa Fox, engineers Korr and Tom Gratton, science officer Paul Astar, security officer Jake Bullett, a Bolian officer called Mot and Dowa'Glac, barkeep in the Horizon's lounge—known as the Ship's Bell.

The USS Lynx arrives from the future. Jarek Malaar beams aboard the USS Horizon prior to its launch and recovers the second segment of the Omnikron weapon, encountering Jason Munro in the process, before departing with the Lynx crew for stardate 02.0401.

Starfleet introduces a variation on its uniform, to be used specifically within the Cocoon Fleet. The new uniforms are very similar to the standard uniforms, but the grey shoulder bar has been changed to a coloured bar as was used years before. The shirt beneath the jacket is grey in colour. Chevrons on the shoulders indicate rank and position. The uniforms are not used long before being withdrawn, but one of the ships on which they are worn is the USS Horizon.

Nvii't Sh'aall arrives aboard the Horizon as transporter operator, under Jason Munro.

SD. 08.0417. The Class of 2408 graduate at Starfleet Academy; Cadets Sonya McNair, Tuvar, K'Tana and Jarek Malaar attend the ceremony, but Dexter Allen remains in medical care.

SD. 08.0420: Phaegal leaves Starfleet Academy.

SD. 08.0421: Dunaess Wodas is promoted to full Lieutenant.

SD. 08.0422: Silus Jaxom graduates from Starfleet Academy, and becomes an Ensign.

SD. 08.0428: Phaegal trains at OTC.

May 2408

SD. 08.0502: The USS Horizon returns to Starbase Omega after her maiden voyage, during which the ship was almost hijacked successfully by a female Klingon terrorist named Garal, from the house of Duras. Garal is actually a Romulan collaborator, wanted by both the Klingon Empire and the Federation, and she has crewman Burke as an accomplice in Starfleet, among the Horizon crew. Upon their capture, Garal is turned over to Cmdr. Dardick. Asa Garn is promoted to Lieutenant for her work during the crisis.

SD. 08.0503: Jason Munro, Alex Slater and Kieran Joram are promoted to Lieutenant JG while aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 08.0503: Ted Bragg is assigned to the USS Horizon.

SD. 08.0507: Jason Munro is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for saving Cmdr. Jack Haynes's life and capturing a Klingon terrorist and accomplice.

SD. 08.0509: The sister of Kieran Joram is encountered aboard the damaged Maquis shuttlecraft Vandos, commanded by Peter McBride. Crew members from the USS Horizon are successful in repairing the Vandos before proceeding to the planet Jasmine.

Asa Garn dyes her hair reddish-blonde at this time.

SD. 08.0510: The USS Horizon adopts its motto at around this time: "To Search The Stars Is To Search Ourselves". [NC]

SD. 08.0512: Cyrix Brakos, while still at the Academy, begins working on station Deep Space 9, under the supervision of operations chief Rom. He is placed in the field as the result of his psyche evaluations at the Academy.

SD. 08.0519: "Colony of the Weird" [C]

SD. 08.0521: Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time include: engineer Jenna Stewart, and crewmen Avalir, Alecs Vars and Zask.

SD. 08.0529: The USS Horizon encounters a strange new life-form in planetary orbit of Jasmine, dubbed a "space turtle" by the senior crew. The creature appears to originate from some other universe.

June 2408

SD. 08.0612: In the "Andromeda" Timeline, Arkanis dies at around this time.

SD. 08.0613: Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at around this time include: crewmen G'Core, Masters, Morgan and Jacenta Toral, CPOs Caka Nerys and Ethan Hunt, POs James Donb and Matt O'Gara, Dr. James Theodore Lee, nurse Val Evar and yeoman Guy LeFlur. Also, officers Dave Lister and Rimmer work in security, and Kate Silver serves as counselor.

SD. 08.0614: Suven graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 08.0620: Arkanis is transferred to the Cocoon sector for assignment to the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 08.0620: Phaegal is assigned to the USS Horizon at around this time. Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at this time include: Lisa Graf, Dameeha Lun'Gani, Magal St'fara, Michael Darby, Elizabeth Garrison, Lindel Avery, Eyal, David Brooks, Michelle Garret, Nadia Zadinsky, Dennis Varga and Benjamin Moore.

SD. 08.0622: Phaegal arrives aboard the USS Horizon, replacing Kate Silver as head counselor. Silver remains aboard the Horizon.

SD. 08.0626: The USS Horizon is affected by temporal anomolies created by the "space turtle" and her offspring, as they attempt to return to their home realm. Temporal and interdimensional distortions become rife aboard the Horizon.

SD. 08.0627: Suven is assigned as CEO of the USS Copernicus.

SD. 08.0628: Arkanis is assigned as OPS officer aboard the USS Heracles under LtCmdr. Davies.

July 2408

SD. 08.0701: Regular ship traffic begins between Bajor and the Cocoon. At this time, the main vessels of the Cocoon Fleet are the USS Athene, Heracles, Regulator, Fenris, Phoenix, Curie, Horizon, Sagan and Katana. In the next couple of months, the USS Harpy and USS LaFayette are added. While SB Omega remains the fleet's headquarters, Outpost 721 is constructed to guard the deeper areas of the Cocoon. Even further inside, station Deep Space 101 acts as a neutral site between the once-warring Dergrad and Vurtedion. An unsteady cease-fire exists between these races as the station's crew attempts to put in place a lasting peace.

SD. 08.0708: Phaegal encounters a 120-year-old version of herself during the transit of the "space turtle".

SD. 08.0710: Silus Jaxom is assigned to the USS Athene, to work in security.

Davis Porter applies for entry into Starfleet during this year, in order to continue his work in the field of theoretical warp physics. His application is granted, and he is assigned to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards with the initial rank of Lieutenant.

SD. 08.0715: Kelsi Biaret graduates from Starfleet Academy, twenty-third in her class with a degree in medicine and medical management. Unusually for a medical cadet, Biaret also specialises in combat procedures and is an expert in the use of numerous weapons. She will be assigned to the USS Kalypso for a short time, before being transferred to the USS Cochrane as CMO.

Gendry Lockhart undergoes an internship with Ambassador Thulius Wren, Federation Envoy to the Romulan Star Empire.

SD. 08.0725: A Klingon from the house of Duras, presumably Garal, and PO Burke escape from their penal colony, seeking revenge upon the USS Horizon.

August 2408

SD. 08.0807: B'Tal, a female Klingon security officer, is among the non-senior staff aboard the USS Horizon at this time.

SD. 08.0808: Ted Bragg is temporarily blinded and deafened after being struck by lightning on the planet Jasmine.

SD. 08.0809: Alex Slater develops extra-sensory perception after an incident involving telepathic Juun on the planet Jasmine.

SD. 08.0810: The Tkandra, a race of psionic, squirrel-like creatures, are discovered to be living on the planet Jasmine by Phaegal.

SD. 08.0820: India Baker becomes CSO aboard the USS Peaks, under Cmdr. David Lynch.

At around this time, California Douglas has a crush on his high school teacher, a certain Professor Audrey. On the day of his graduation, Douglas is left heartbroken after seeing Audrey with her boyfriend. They never meet again.

SD. 08.0825: Arkanis is promoted to full Lieutenant whilst aboard the USS Heracles.

SD. 08.0828: Ted Bragg regains his sight and hearing.

September 2408

SD. 08.0901: Electra Threin enters Starfleet Academy, following in the footsteps of her cousins Alexander and Cassandra.

SD. 08.0902: Alex Slater is promoted to full Lieutenant.

SD. 08.0903: Jason Munro is promoted to full Lieutenant aboard the USS Horizon. Phaegal is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

Prior to their careers in Starfleet, Amy DeSantos and Griffin P. Griffin know an unpleasant character known as Riok, who lives with them on Mars. DeSantos is also acquainted with Orlando Navarro from this time. [C]

Mishna is one of Fred Bordaq's friends prior to his departure from Jalan. Other acquaintances from this period include Adlana and Dinchi.

Sarah, the half-Bolian daughter of a Horizon crew member named Mike, is born during this year.

Trinity Layne enters Starfleet Academy at around this time. Prior to her Starfleet career, she works at a boarding stables, where she comes to know a horse named Lady. [C]

India Baker befriends Starfleet Security field agent Mason at around this time.

SD. 08.0911: Puula, Ted Bragg's holographic pet skitterliz, is modified to communicate with the Tkandra in an attempt to persuade them to leave their dying world. Non-senior staff aboard the Horizon at this time include Kryten and lab assistant Hrill.

SD. 08.0920: Kieran Joram is promoted to full Lieutenant.

Abi Seldon enters Starfleet Academy.

October 2408

SD. 08.1007: Pel Allsar is crushed under falling rocks during the Horizon's extraction of Juun colonists from the disintegrating planet Jasmine.

SD. 08.1016: Alex Slater loses some of his psionic abilities at around this time.

SD. 08.1017: Korr dies.

SD. 08.1020: Sasha Kali graduates from Starfleet Academy, with two reprimands for insubordination on her record.

SD. 08.1025: Sasha Kali is assigned to the USS Triton, as aOPS, under Captain Daria Tell.

Pol Canon takes a three-month leave of absence from Starfleet Academy to attend an archaeological dig on Breck III.

SD. 08.1028: Jack Haynes leaves the USS Horizon upon its return to Starbase Omega. During the Horizon's stay, Ted Bragg meets his wives Lessag, Tris and Frall, who were passing by Omega on their way to Hesperid II to see Jigg.

November 2408

SD. 08.1101: After Starfleet is contacted by the Bajoran government about the matter, the USS Horizon receives orders to resolve a situation involving the re-location of Federation colonists who have illegally settled a Bajoran moon in the Segevjin sector.

SD. 08.1105: Crew members from the USS Horizon visit the Mystery Bar for the first time.

SD. 08.1113: N'Borga Vandenbergh joins Starfleet Academy for the second time, after being expelled because of supposedly imagining a severe knee injury two years earlier. He joins under only his Vulcan name, N'Borga. During his time at the Academy, he will specialize in chemical engineering and science.

At around this time, Epona O'Leary experiences the first nightmares related to her emerging empathic abilities. She begins to record her dreams and will continue to do so until at least 2417. Epona also
meets Dr. Alina Doan for the first time during this year.

SD. 08.1125: Cyrix Brakos graduates from Starfleet Academy two years early.

December 2408

SD. 08.1206: Phaegal is promoted to full Lieutenant.

SD. 08.1206: Godo, a Changeling, arrives aboard the USS Horizon to serve as CSO in the absence of Alex Slater. Also arriving aboard at around this time is engineer Domingo "Ding" Chavez.

SD. 08.1209: Fred Bordaq records a log entry about Amy DeSantos telling him she loves him. He almost deletes it, but thinks better of it.

SD. 08.1219: Sancho Valderez is is promoted to Lt<jg>.

SD. 08.1219: Cyrix Brakos leaves Deep Space 9.

SD. 08.1220: Zach Comstock graduates from Starfleet Medical.

SD. 08.1222: At around this time, James Burke and the seventeen surviving members of the USS Adair escape from the Romulan concentration camp in which they are held and commandeer a Romulan Bird-of-Prey to the safety of station Deep Space 14. Jeb Stuart assists in the escape of the former Adair crew.

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