Distant past

The formation of the galaxy, when all building blocks for the USS Horizon's adventures were created.

13,500,000,000 BCE

At around this time, the known universe comes into existence.

1,000,000,000 BCE

The Gerlayty civilisation arises during this period. During their existence they will grow powerful and spread across their home galaxy, becoming known as cold and cruel God-figures of giant physical proportions. Outgrowing their home galaxy, the Gerlayty construct a great vessel to serve as a flagship for their civilisation as they head out into the rest of the universe: the Afeq'fg Grvais, or "Space Dragon". The vessel contains ten million colonists, one million warriors and ten thousand smaller starships. It is commanded by the fearsome P'ronfl Rr'ecx.

The Gerlayty wage war against a species of energy beings for over fifty years, resulting in the eventual destruction of the Afeq'fg Grvais. P'ronfl Rr'ecx escapes, but is hunted down by three energy beings and incarcerated in a stasis prison on the planet Athel Loren II. Meanwhile, the energy beings bring a final end to the Gerlayty species after gradually manipulating the stars of their home galaxy to create a black hole, a process which takes over a million years.

65,000,000 BCE

The Kraa-Kree are created by Xuundri, the fourth of the Nameless, from mutated insectoids that he finds living on the surface of a planet that has assumed a distant orbit around a black hole. The purpose of their creation is to provide the Custodians with a worthy foe.

50,000,000 BCE

According to "Kevin Uxbridge" in 2414, the last Douwd to be born prior to the 25th century is born at this time.

49,000,000 BCE

At around this time, the Custodians discover what comes to be known as the Secret, a "spatiotemporal dimensional interface" within the core of a neutron star, encoded with vast amounts of information. As they begin to decode the Secret, they realise its profound implications and begin to become paranoid about other species finding it for themselves.

A Custodian known as the Recounter discovers that a species called the Zhoo'oonai are coming close to discovering the Secret. He destroys their civilisation by diverting a comet fragment from its orbital path and colliding it with their homeworld, wiping out most life on the planet.

36,000,000 BCE

The Kraa-Kree expand to the edge of the Cocoon and find it to be seemingly inpenetrable. However, an invading Borg cube emerges from outside and encounters the Kraa-Kree. The Kraa-Kree discover the Borg Queen aboard the vessel and learn the concept of a leader. The Borg cube is destroyed.

15,473,294 BCE

The Custodians exile several of their own kind from their realm as a punishment for assisting the Kraa-Kree. The exiled are known as the Nam'Ra and are forced as part of their punishment to drift aimlessly through space and feed on tetryon emissions to survive.

2,000,000 BCE

At around this time, the Damorkin originate on the fourth planet of what will be the Damor system.

1,000,000 BCE

According to "Al" in the year 2000, the human race is originally engineered by the Inigishhi. [C]

204,000 BCE

This is the age of the Tal footprint discovered by Fred Bordaq on the planet Connard IV in 2411.

It is during this time period that an armada of starships belonging to "the Cooperative" depart their home and journey towards the Infinity Gate at the edge of the galaxy. In the wake of this event, the Tyx-Ytan, the first of the Tal, is engineered by Triegna'Fy and Graishni, individuals belonging to an unknown humanoid race that are enemies of the Cooperative. The future Tal race will consist of descendants of clones of this original "prototype".

200,000 BCE

This is the age of the earliest evidence of Tal presence on the planet Jalan.

Pelora, one of the Nam'Ra, vows to take revenge on the Custodians.

100,000 BCE


The Melkotians begin to use the concept of linear time at around this period.

50,082 BCE


Phryn is born to unknown parents on the planet Cheron. For most of his early life, he works as a servant for a wealthy upper class family.

47,737 BCE


Lokai leads revolution on the planet Cheron. Amongst his many followers is Phryn. Lokai is later convicted of crimes against the government but escapes the planet, with commissioner Bele in pursuit. Life on Cheron returns to normal and the attempted revolution is deemed a failure. Frustrated, Phryn escapes from his owners and places himself in suspended animation for a thousand years.

46,737 BCE

On the planet Cheron, Phryn emerges from suspended animation to discover his people have completely destroyed themselves. He leaves the planet, vowing never to return, and begins to search the Galaxy for survivors.

44,000 BCE

At around this time, Phryn gives up his search for survivors of the holocaust on Cheron. He begins to randomly travel through the Galaxy.

24,998 BCE


The bio-ship Caimeno crashes on Earth, creating the Winslow crater. Phryn, CO of the Caimeno, beams to safety within an underground cavern, but is suffering from radiation poisoning. He loses consciousness and encounters Xuundri, who attempts to take over his body, but fails. Both beings find that during the process they have exchanged psychic energy, making each part of the other. Xuundri departs after Phryn regains control of his now fully-cured body.

Phryn finds that he is stranded on Earth.

24,000 BCE

Phryn leaves Earth at around this time.

20,000 BCE

The earliest information regarding the origins of the So-Shen Confederation originates from this time period.

The Damorkin homeworld is devastated by nuclear war. The populous is lead into space by the Disciples of Lore organisation, to live in vast orbital cities.

10,000 BCE

The Melkotian population remains constant at 3,234,638,934 from around this time onwards, as they choose to reproduce only when one of their number dies.

8,600 BCE


The Juun split away from the main Bajoran race at around this time.

7,600 BCE

At around this time, a generation ship is launched from an unknown world somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy. Phryn travels aboard this vessel until it arrives at a planet in the Andromeda galaxy, at which time he takes a vessel of his own and begins his journey back to his home galaxy.

7,587 BCE

The non-corporeal beings known as the Nameless are all in conflict with each other after Viviltot attempts to assume control of the group. The Nameless are: Viviltot (also known as Chasm, the Thrice-Damed Kori'lk and He of a Hundred Thousand Names), Mzinka (also known as Bright Water of the Swamp), Galivvan (also known as the Flesh Entombed, the Trapped One and Lord of Blood and Metal) and Xuundri (also known as the Both in Both).

Xuundri leaves the group during the conflict after discovering Phryn is a passenger aboard a generation ship that has just entered the Andromeda galaxy, where the Nameless are currently situated. The two beings join for a second time, but Xuundri leaves quickly after sensing that something has happened to the rest of the Nameless. He returns to find that they are all dormant, having been "put to sleep" for ten thousand years by the Q Continuum.

Over time, the various assumed names of the Nameless find their way into the mythologies of the Trasiens, the Kindel, the Meparchkans and even the El-Aurians.

7,400 BCE

Phryn returns to the Milky Way galaxy at around this time.

7,100 BCE

An away team from the Federation starship Fearless, consisting of Beaumont Benteen, Rodger Baker, T'Mava and John McPherson, arrives on Connard IV from the mid-24th century. They discover the planet to be home to a civilisation who has used temporal technology to perform a mass exodus into the past to escape the destruction of their homeworld from solar radiation. They also meet Semek, the last remaining member of a Starfleet landing party who befell a similar fate in the 23rd century. When the planet is threatened by Tallonid forces, Semek and the Fearless team work together with natives to repel them, but not without Semek losing his life. The temporal gateway is reversed and the Fearless team return to their home timeframe. However, they unknowingly leave behind a tricorder that will eventually be discovered by a team from the USS Horizon in 2411.

4,000 BCE

A climate shift on the Lyraen homeworld prompts the development of their nomadic civilisation. The Northern and Southern cultures diverge from one another over the next few centuries.

3,000 BCE

The "space turtle" encountered by the USS Horizon in 2408 plants its eggs below the surface of the planet Jasmine at around this time. [C]

According to Tergin's research in 2410, the Holack are a great Empire during this time period.

2,621 BCE

A pulsar in the Cocoon comes into conjunction with both its adjacent star system and the Gironan star
system, twenty light-years distant, causing a subspace "screaming" sound phenomenon which will be the inspiration of many Gironan myths. This conjunction only occurs every 5,038 years.

2,502 BCE

The first technical civilisation emerges on Moropa Prime, home to two sentient races: the Moropa masters and the blue-skinned Noroba slave race. The Moropa calendar system also originates from this era.

The Age of the Ancients begins on Moropa Prime.

1,537 BCE

Lyhan is born on Moropa Prime.

1,512 BCE

On Moropa Prime, Lyhan's military forces conquer the great isle of Darg'iella, and Lyhan himself ascends to the Throne, proclaiming himself the leader of the First Realm.

The Age of Great Realms begins on Moropa Prime.

1,500 BCE

At around this time is the Year of the Noroba. The Noroba race mysteriously vanish from the planet Moropa Prime. Moropa society falls into chaos.

On Moropa Prime, Lyhan writes the Prophecy, the foundation of the Faith. In it he tells of his detailed future-visions, records a census of the First Realm and officially announces his successor. The Prophecy also tells of the return of the Noroba.

1,483 BCE

Po'Ilk'Amn is born on Moropa Prime.

1,462 BCE

On Moropa Prime, Lyhan dies. Po'Ilk'Amn ascends to the Throne.

1,300 BCE

The clan system of the So-Shen Confederation is founded at around this time.

753 BCE

The Roman Empire has its origins on Earth at around this time. In Dr. Wednesday's alternate timeline, the Empire still exists by the 25th century.

583 BCE

Gironan myths surrounding strange sounds from the sky date back to this period, alleged to be an air demon shouting at the sun and the moons.

Tal language during this era consists of an intricate tapestry of lines that even 25th-century technology will be unable to translate. According to Bordaq, it will be "all in the interpretation."

500 BCE

Military strategist Sun-Tzu lives during this era. He will be a historical figure respected by Vymora Einicrox in the 25th century.

250 (CE)

The Moropa martial art of Dra'Zof originates from around this era.


In the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion have recently annihilated the Aviarians and the Parkali. The Meparchkans develop the scientific understanding to manipulate dark matter. Am'Nilra Shavani of Meparch calls a meeting of the Meparchkan Security Council to discuss the threat posed by the Dominion; the Meparchkans use their new-found science to create an artificial dark-matter nebula around their homeworld, a defensive measure against the Founders of the Dominion, who they are at war against. Unfortunately, the dark matter seems to somehow affect the souls of the dead. [C]


During this era on the planet Anabaron, a volcanic eruption is triggered by an impacting alien space probe. The eruption generates a seismic shift and upsets the mountain range considered sacred by the ancient Order of the Behemoth. The Order leave the mountains in the wake of this event, leaving the probe as an artifact, hidden deep beneath the rocks.


At around this time on Moropa Prime, the followers of the Faith begin to decline in numbers.


On Moropa Prime, the Realms of ancient days are dissolved and re-organised into many various Moropa Houses across the planet.

The Age of The Thousand Houses begins on Moropa Prime.


Phryn is on the Klingon homeworld at this time. He becomes involved in events that will form the basis of a well-known Klingon proverb in future centuries. He encounters Kaylas, Morav, Jontah and an alien creature supposedly from the underworld, named Gekla.


The Heroic Age on Qo'nos, the Klingon Homeworld. Phryn will claim to his friend B'Ekral that he was personally acquainted with Kahless the Unforgettable from this time period.


At around this time, a child is born who, in the words of others, "could see everything all at once." He has pale white skin and black eyes. He later disappears without a trace.


On Moropa Prime, the War of the White Flame begins, between the Houses of Kh'Larg and Noh'Sarg on the continent of Jhora. The conflict is over the possession of the great isle of Darg'iella.


On Moropa Prime, the Orr'Ch Temple of Trials is built.


A time of war on Moropa Prime. The followers of Dra'Zof, an ancient Moropa art, number in the millions.


At around this time on an unknown planet, a man named Lusian creates a sculpture of an unknown goddess. Phryn is present at this event.


During this era, the Anabarons are tribal and warlike, and their home planet is divided into hundreds of kingdoms warring amongst each other. The future capital city exists within the Illuminated Empire, the imperial family of which is protected by a special guard of soldiers known as the Order of the Behemoth. It may be during this era that a prophecy tells of "warriors with flesh of steel and blood of silver" who would one day be saviours of Anabaron.


On Moropa Prime, the War of the White Flame ends, with the house of Kh'Larg victorious. Descendents of this House will rule over all Moropa people for centuries to come.


Aide, an ancestor of Fred Bordak, attempts to create the first government on Jalan, the Tal homeworld.



Leonardo da Vinci is "born" on Earth; in reality he is Flint the Immortal.


Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici, the future Pope Leo X, is born on Earth.


Gian Giacomo Caprotti da Oreno is born on Earth. By age ten he will be a young servant of Leonardo da Vinci.


The Federation starship Chupacabra arrives in the vicinity of Earth, having been transported there from the future. The vessel crashes on Earth's surface in the region of the Central American sub-continent. Survivors from the crew will find themselves scattered across 15th-century Earth, stranded in time.


November: The USS Horizon NCC-396001 arrives at Earth, transported across space and time after an encounter with a "gravity bumper" phenomenon. Scans of the planet's surface determine the fate of the Chupacabra, and Captain Burke orders teams from the Horizon to beam down to begin the search for survivors as well as prevent possible contamination of the timeline. Sophie Ciate fears her fiancé Liam Taur is lost, but he is eventually located and she is reunited with her husband-to-be. Marc Slater takes part in the operation in his role as linguistics expert. Other junior officers in the teams include CPO Jesus Esperanto and Lt. Mendez, an ethnologist who is seriously wounded. Among other things, Vymora Einicrox's team rescues a Vulcan who had been mutilated by the Inquisition. The last remaining senior crew member to be recovered from the Chupacabra, aside from CSciO LtCmdr. Scipio, is Lt. Meera Dayrider.

It is discovered that LtCmdr. Julius Vespasian Scipio, CSciO of the USS Chupacabra, is posing as a magician and has entered the employ of Piero de' Medici after demonstrating an ability to apparently produce gold out of thin air. Numerous visitors are planning to visit the de' Medici's palace at this time, including Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici and Leonardo da Vinci. Disguised as a troupe of players and performers, a Horizon team—including Fryda, Ambassador Pendar's aide—infiltrate the Palazzo de' Medici to investigate what is happening. They meet Arabella Delphi—yet another time traveller, this time from the 26th century. Delphi abducts Kallesin 'n Galeda to her private transdimensional domain, where she reveals that she is an android of similar construction to him, describing herself as a daughter of Lore. After failing to use nanites to compromise 'n Galeda's systems and being confronted by Vymora Einicrox, Delphi flees to an unknown location.

Meanwhile aboard the Horizon, Nova'Song begins experiencing visions of an alternate future timeline, one in which a non-Human Federation is at war with the Imperial Terran Fleet; the reality that will come into being unless the damage to history can be prevented. Before long Nova'Song also becomes aware of a temporal subspace distortion forming in nearby space, a phenomenon that may act as a potential route home.

The starship Horizon, with Julius Scipio safely aboard, returns to the 25th century, arriving in the early part of the year 2418.


According to the USS Horizon's historical archives, Piero de' Medici, the ruler of Florence on Earth, drowns in a river after fleeing from a lost battle. This event may have been altered due to the actions of several groups from the future. Other records place de' Medici's death in 1492.


The first floating habitats are built on Jalan, the Tal homeworld.


Rigan, the father of Tergin, is born.


At around this time on Moropa Prime, K'Hrgor becomes the global tongue of the Moropa race.


On Bajor, Ekara Nul writes "If I Sing to You".


Lina, the mother of Tergin, is born.


From around this time on Moropa Prime are made the scientific discoveries that lead to the development of pneumatics, electricity and nuclear fission power.


February 26: Victor Hugo is born, future author of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". Epona O'Leary will be a fan of Hugo's writings.


Admiral Tandro Landi's desk was constructed at around this time.


February 25: Future artist Pierre Auguste Renoir is born. By the 25th century, Cyrix Brakos will own one of his original paintings.


An'Faldo is born on the Meparchkan homeworld.


Ludwig Wittgenstein is born in Austria. Theo Hamelin will one day recreate him on the holodeck of the USS Horizon.


November 29: C.S. Lewis is born, future author of the Chronicles of Narnia. Pol Canon will be a fan of Lewis's writings.

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