Distant future

29th century: Despite their advanced time ships, Temporal Investigations still has a field day keeping track of the events surrounding the crew of the USS Horizon.


SD 20.1231: Young Zadie Layne-Malaar is kidnapped from her home aboard the USS Renegade.


SD 21.0102: Trinity Layne-Malaar takes leave of her duties aboard the USS Renegade and goes on a lone mission to retrieve her daughter Zadie.

In Tanaris Vel's timeline, the Federation, weakened by the Plague, is conquered by the Cardassian-Tholian Alliance. [C]

Jarek Malaar survives an assassination attempt by an alternate version of himself. [NC]

SD. 21.0911. In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, the USS Horizon is destroyed in a battle with the Kraa-Kree. It is quickly succeeded by the USS Horizon-A.

SD. 21.1224: Jarek Malaar leaves Starfleet and moves to Earth with his wife Trinity and his daughter Zadie. [NC]


Jarek Malaar grows his hair. By the end of the year it will be shoulder-length. [NC]

In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, an individual known as the Instigator steals the Omnikron, a Custodian weapon, and hides its four segments in several places throughout history.

SD. 22.1130: In the third year of the Kraa-Kree War, Jarek Malaar is contacted by the Custodians and instructed that in order to finally defeat the Kraa-Kree, he must retrieve the Omnikron, which been scattered through time. Malaar contacts as many people as he can to embark on the retrieval mission with him, including Nathan Cady. The Federation timeship Lynx undergoes an emergency refit and is launched with Malaar's skeleton crew aboard. The Lynx travels back in time to SD. 12.1201 to recruit Malaar's past self.

SD. 22.1201: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, the timeship Gaia arrives here from the year 1999, commandeered by Malaar and his crew. The Gaia joins the Federation fleet as they advance to engage the Kraa-Kree in Earth's solar system, preparing to use the Omnikron weapon for the first time.

Jarek Malaar uses the Omnikron weapon and destroys the Kraa-Kree. The Gaia enters Earth spacedock for repairs.

SD. 22.1203: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, the USS Gaia, a 29th century Federation timeship, is stolen from Earth spacedock by unknown individuals. As it turns out, it is actually stolen by Edmundus Wednesday and Gilbert Gerundimor, who rename the vessel the Tempus.

SD. 22.1217: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Kieran Joram contacts Malaar from Starbase Epsilon to inform him that Ekul is terminally ill. Malaar departs Earth spacedock in a runabout, alone. He is later rescued from death by the individual known as the Instigator after his runabout comes under attack from Custodian forces. Malaar loses consciousness and the Instigator takes him to the Naoria asteroid belt.

SD. 22.1224: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, the Custodians contact Jarum Malaar and tell him he must lead the Bai'hadir into battle against the Instigator and his own brother, Jarek.

SD. 22.1228: In Jarek Malaar's alternate timeline, Malaar and the Instigator arrive on Earth aboard a spacecraft using transdimensional drive that they built together whilst hidden in the Naoria asteroid belt. The Instigator removes the Secret from Zadie Layne-Malaar's brain.

Jarek Malaar and the Instigator leave Earth only to find a fleet of Bai'hadir ships in orbit commanded by Jarum Malaar. A battle ensues, during which Jarum Malaar is killed after the Instigator sacrifices himself to save Jarek. Jarek travels to Starbase Epsilon to see his dying foster father, before being met by the Recounter and taken, via the temporal transconductor on Icefall II, to the Last Place, where he meets one of the Narrators.


Early this year, Jarek Malaar is brought to an unknown ice planet against his will by Admiral Calleaux. [NC]

SD 23.0307: Six-year-old Cassandra Burke uses her psychic abilities to reach across time and visit her father when he was a young boy, appearing in his dreams. The message she delivers is "Crewman Mark Seven"…

SD. 23.0526: Jarek Malaar encounters the senior crew of the USS Vincent during his time on the unknown ice planet. [NC]

Cassandra "Cass" Burke, aged six, appears as a presence in the dreams of her younger self in mid-2418.

SD. 23.0905: Jarek Malaar is rescued from captivity on the unknown ice planet by the USS Renegade, commandeered by his former crew. [NC]


SD 24.0517: Cassandra Burke, daughter of James Burke, approaches Starfleet Temporal Corps with a metallic box that she asks be placed into their archives for safe-keeping. The box contains specific details of life experiences and events that will not occur for another seventy-four years.


SD 25.0908: Zadie Layne-Malaar receives a black labrador puppy from her parents on her twelfth birthday. She names it Smudge.


Cassandra "Sandy" Burke, aged ten, appears as a presence in the dreams of her younger self in mid-2418.


Arkanis and Zadie Layne-Malaar go hunting together in a holodeck simulation sometime during this year.


In some alternate future that may be linked to the Dreamscape, the USS Horizon-A, commanded by Captain Tergin, leads a Federation fleet into battle against the lead dissident faction in the Draconis Rebellions. Among this Horizon's crew are Cmdr. Jason Munro, Kuvak, Lt. Jarek Malaar, Commodore Asa Garn, and the former Borg drone known as Brakonis. The Horizon takes heavy damage and is abandoned. In the aftermath, Tergin is awarded the Federation Medal of Honour. [C]


Zadie Layne-Malaar enters Starfleet Academy. [NC]


Cassandra "Sandra" Burke, aged fifteen, appears as a presence in the dreams of her younger self in mid-2418.


SD 33.0422: After an enjoyable date with a young man, Cassandra Burke hears the psychic distress call of the out-of-time Zadie-Layne Malaar rippling across time.


Zadie Layne-Malaar graduates from Starfleet Academy. [NC]

At around this time in Kieran Joram's alternate future, the Federation comes under attack from a species known as the Krikkotan. The USS Horizon-A is destroyed in the conflict.

In Tergin's alternate timeline, the Meparchkan homeworld is assimilated by the Borg. Amongst the survivors is Ambassador Or'Nonya Matala.

In a possible future timeline, Tergin has retired from Starfleet by this time and has moved to Earth with Or'Nonya Matala, where he works as an ambassador to the El-Aurians. Tergin is visited by the half-human, half-Tal daughter of Fred Bordaq and Amy DeSantos, who informs them of an imminent reunion/celebration to which they are invited. The Horizon reunion takes place at the home of William and Kathy Patton in San Francisco. Among those present are: Nathan Cady, the Malaar family, Cassandra Burke, Epona O'Leary and her husband, and the son of T'Salek.

A few years later in the same timeline, hostilities begin between the Federation and the Krikkotan.


By this time in Tergin's alternate timeline, the Federation is deep in the middle of war against the Borg. The Romulan and Klingon Empires have been assimilated, as well as planets Andor, Betazed and Bolarus IX. Station Deep Space 101 has been destroyed, and Tergin himself has been assimilated by the Collective to serve as a speaker for the Borg.

In Tergin's alternate timeline, the D-Warp shuttle Paradise materialises near the Cocoon with Tergin aboard, having been transported from 2412. He is brought aboard the DiFalco class USS Saishan, under the command of Commodore Asa Garn. The Saishan and the remaining Third Fleet join forces with the Cocoon Fleet and engage the Borg as they attempt to invade the Cocoon. Many starships are destroyed, including the USS Athene and the USS Madagascar. Tergin beams aboard the Borg Cube and attempts to free his alternate self from the Collective and save the USS Saishan, but fails. He returns abruptly to his own time.

SD 37.0422: At Starfleet Academy on Earth, Cadet Cassandra Burke hears the psychic distress call of the out-of-time Zadie-Layne Malaar rippling across time.


After thirty years of rebuilding and improving Edmundus Wednesday's Reality Engine, Gilbert Gerundimor crosses over realities and travels back in time to retrieve Wednesday from the USS Horizon.


In an alternate timeline, Kieran Joram appears in the Gamma Quadrant after being transported there from 2410. He is taken in by the local alien race, Valarians, who he lives with for two years on their homeworld.


In an alternate timeline, the Davinci class USS Horizon-B, under the command of Commodore Asa Garn, begins negotiations with the Valarians in the Gamma Quadrant. Kieran Joram, who apparently went missing almost forty years earlier, is discovered. The USS Horizon-B is later destroyed, and Kieran is returned to the year 2410, eradicating this timeline.


In Tanaris Vel's timeline, Tergin is killed during a Cardassian attack.


First official contact is established between the Federation and the Consilium. [NC]

Sometime in the late 25th century, the First Amendment of the Temporal Accords is signed in the Telmarc system.


The USS Herbert G. Wells, a timeship, travels from this era to the late 15th century to covertly observe the USS Horizon's activities as part of what will later be known as "the de' Medici Incident". Natives of this era include Commander Gr'Well and Admiral Robert Gehrig, who is also known as Crewman Mark Seven.


A Telmarc named Serr becomes the Director of Cocoon Fleet's Temporal Operations. Cassandra Burke meets Serr for the first time on the same day.


The Consilium take control of the Federation, controlling their minds with advanced nanotech wiring technology. It will be many years before rebellion against the Consilium succeeds in returning the Federation to normal. [NC]


SD 98.0126: Doctor Cassandra Burke presents Director Serr of Cocoon Fleet's Temporal Operations with the container she archived in her youth. It contains every detail of his life and of present events.


An alternate version of Phaegal from this time period gives advice to her younger self after the USS Horizon NCC-61883 experiences severe temporal flux during their encounter with a "space-turtle" in 2408.


The Federation makes first contact with the Bexi Alphiax, an event leading to the beginning of the terrible Algernon Wars.


In a possible future timeline, Tergin has been involved with the admittance of the Telmarc into the Federation by this time. Also at some time prior to this, Kallesin 'n Galeda has visited the home of Tergin and Or'Nonya Matala to inform them of his decision to release his technical schematics to Starfleet in the wake of the death of Vymora Einicrox.

In the same timeline, Tergin celebrates his 300th birthday. He is visited by Arkanis, Bordaq, Phaegal and Captain William Malaar, the son of Zadie. Malaar is forced to leave early after receiving an emergency communication from Starfleet concerning Arabella Delphi and the Bexi Alphiax.


By this era, the romantic relationship between Kallesin 'n Galeda and Vymora Einicrox has become the stuff of legend to historians. In at least one timeline, Kallesin 'n Galeda still lives by this time; at some point in his past he had released his technical schematics to Federation engineers following the death of Vymora Einicrox, his "first true love".

Arabella Delphi, the android "daughter of Lore" and Field Commissioner of the Cassandra Patrol, is native to this time period.


In Tanaris Vel's timeline, the Confederation is founded, succeeding the fallen Federation. Its Prime Directive is: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." [C]


The Algernon Wars come to an end.

In a possible future timeline, Tergin and Or'Nonya Matala move from Earth to the planet Meparch in the aftermath of the Algernon Wars. They arrange transport aboard the Federation starship Enterprise. During their years on Meparch, Matala becomes seriously ill. No'urdan Matala visits their home, and Tergin, in his quest for comfort, has a chance encounter with Guinan, another El-Aurian who is living on Meparch. Or'Nonya eventually recovers from his illness.


In a possible future timeline, Tergin and Or'Nonya Matala attend the funeral of T'Salek at around this time. Shortly after this event, the two of them move from their home on Meparch back to Earth.


This date marks the end of Fred Bordaq's original projected lifespan.


In Tanaris Vel's timeline, Vel, the daughter of Tergin, travels back in time two centuries to Icefall II in order to spread a lethal virus in the past. [C]


In a possible future timeline, Tergin celebrates his 400th birthday. He has no personal visitors, but receives messages of goodwill from the Cady family, the Threin family and the Canon family, as well as the Trill known as Jah.


The Romulan Star Empire becomes part of the Federation.


This date marks the end of Arkanis' projected average lifespan.


In a possible future timeline, the daughter of Bordaq is involved in an ambitious Federation project with scientist Kal Dano at around this time. Unfortunately the project is sabotaged by notorious criminal Murdoch Green VI. Bordaq's daughter, disillusioned with the Federation, contacts family friend Tergin to let him know of her plans to head out into unknown space to search for the presumed-dead Kallesin 'n Galeda. She disappears with a trace.


December 2: Leyson Ayden is born in Luxembourg, Sweden, on Earth.


August 22: Leyson Ayden applies for entrance into Starfleet Academy. He is accepted.

November 9: Leyson Ayden wins the Interquadrant Wrestling Championship at Starfleet Academy, humanoid middleweight class. [C]


June 19: Leyson Ayden is assigned to model new Starfleet uniforms for the Galactic Associated Press Review. According to Ayden in 2414, during his modelling tour the government of Risa believes Ayden to be so beautiful that they admit him into their canon of gods. [C]


May 17: Leyson Ayden graduates from Starfleet Academy as Valedictorian, and is assigned to the USS Summit, to serve as OPS. During his tour aboard the Summit, the starship will encounter three dark matter anomolies in the Fortnia sector near Romulan space.

July 14: Leyson Ayden is promoted to Lieutenant JG.


Leyson Ayden wins a gold medal at the Olympic Games during this year.

December 2: Leyson Ayden is promoted to full Lieutenant, and becomes 2O aboard the USS Summit.


June 22: The Battle of Vulcan. The Borg attempt to invade the Alpha Quadrant for the 27th time on record. Admiral K'Fara Mour, aboard the USS Enterprise-I, NCC-1701-I, leads a Federation fleet to attack the Borg. The USS Summit, as part of this fleet, suffers casualties including the ship's FO, Chiga Juarez. Leyson Ayden receives a field promotion to Lieutenant-Commander. and replaces Juarez as FO. The rank is later confirmed. The USS Enterprise is destroyed in this battle.


In a possible future timeline, Tergin celebrates his 500th birthday. He attempts to contact Leyson Ayden, but receives no response. Federation Temporal Security had previously warned against him attempting such a thing, and the matter is classified.

July 4: Leyson Ayden is assigned to a crew selection committee to staff elite crew for the launch of the next USS Enterprise, intended to be a huge exploration and defense vessel.

November 30: Leyson Ayden is promoted to Commander and is assigned to become the FO of the new Enterprise.

Leyson Ayden has sex for the last time prior to being transported back through time, presumably with his partner Areia.

December 15: The USS Enterprise-J, NCC-1701-J is launched. The crew are ordered to travel into the Gamma Quadrant to transport the Federation President and Commander in Chief of Starfleet on a goodwill tour.

The USS Enterprise will study a dark matter nebula during Leyson Ayden's time as FO.


January 1: Explosions of unknown origin begin to systematically destroy all stars within the Milky Way Galaxy. The USS Enterprise attempts to survive by activating an experimental transdimensional drive, but the system malfunctions and the ship is stranded in unknown space, somewhere outside the Milky Way. After several months, the ship's FO, Leyson Ayden, leads an away team on a nearby class M planet, and is surgically modified with advanced alien prosthetics which will eventually be known to be Malvedian in origin. The Enterprise searches for a way back home, and after a few months of searching, discovers what appears to be a wormhole that leads back to known space. Fedds Maxon is serving aboard the USS Enterprise at this time.

Some of Leyson Ayden's crew aboard the Enterprise from this era include Shakra, Anapod, Jones, Griffin, Zbora, Areia and Tuvad.

A group of Malvedians from around this time travel back to the year 2414 to remove Leyson Ayden from the USS Horizon, stating that the universe is under threat from the actions of Edmundus Wednesday.


In a possible future timeline, Or'Nonya Matala dies at around this time. The grieving Tergin becomes a hermit, choosing to no longer mark or celebrate his birthday.


During this time period in one possible future timeline, Tergin is visited on his lonely planet by members of the Federation Timefleet, including Captain Braxton and Captain Clarkson.

Captain Clarkson of the Federation timeship Gaia travels back in time to stop Jarek Malaar and the crew of the USS Lynx from causing possible damage to the timeline. Clarkson is eventually killed, and the Gaia is stolen by Malaar in the past.

Another version of Captain Clarkson is eventually "re-recruited" by the Federation Timefleet and assigned as CO to the timeship Roddenberry. Commodore Littlemore assigns the Roddenberry to retrieve the stolen timeship Tempus from the year 2416 and bring Edmundus Wednesday and Gilbert Gerundimor to justice.


Temporal agent Daniels originates from this era.

During this time period in one possible future timeline, Tergin is again visited on his lonely planet, this time by temporal agent Daniels.


"El-Aurian Lullaby" - In a possible future timeline, half-Trill half-Indaran No'sun Page visits Tergin on his 1000th birthday. Under instruction from the individual once known as Phryn, the two of them travel into the Cocoon to witness the merging of the "space turtle" with the Nexus energy ribbon at the planet Jasmine.


According to "Al" in the year 2000, the Human race has evolved into the Inigishhi by this time period. The Inigishhi will be responsible for developing time tunnel technology, and will also plan to resettle their species in the past, in the Cocoon, at the time of the United Federation of Planets.

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