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This timeline of events was created to incorporate all relevant information regarding the USS Horizon and her crew. It was constructed using player character and non-player character biofiles, Horizon mission records, Horizon and other Cocoon Fleet posts, miscellaneous Star Trek background information, and other data contributed by Horizon roleplayers.

It was intended to be used primarily as a reference for roleplaying, but not an official document to be adhered to. It merely sets out the chronological framework of the USS Horizon universe, which could easily undergo any changes for the sake of a story arc. Over the years Ruud and myself deliberately tried to make it as consistent with both official and fandom-based Star Trek as possible. However, it's important to remember that the universe of Holoworld's Cocoon Fleet exists in an alternate continuity to the rest of the "canon" Star Trek universe. It adheres to the continuity of the "Prime" universe before diverging some time after the movie "Star Trek: Nemesis". This is detailed in the notes section.

The main body of text is a totally original document, but some dates are credited to outside sources, which are listed here:

  • Star Trek Chronology by Michael and Denise Okuda (1996)
  • Fandom Star Trek Chronology, Version 17, by James Dixon (2004)
  • Holoworld Cocoon Fleet Log of Major Events, by Armin Lenz and Phil Long (1998)
  • The Zahal Chronology: History of the Crew of the USS Zahal, by Paul Cannon (1998)
  • Star Trek Concordance, by Bjo Trimble (1995)
  • Memory Alpha (
  • Memory Beta (

[C] = Conjecture (ie. guess)
[NC] = Non-Cocoon Canon (ie. information which may be part of the wider Star Trek universe, but does not necessarily relate to the universe of the USS Horizon)


Star Trek history at a glance
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24th century
25th century (pre-Horizon years)
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Season 5 (2412)
Season 6 (2413)
Season 7 (2414)
Season 8 (2415)
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