25th century (pre-Horizon years)

April 19th, 2407: The USS Newton penetrates the Cocoon, becoming the first Starfleet vessel ever to do so.


The Starfleet uniform is redesigned once again. The new uniforms feature a wider collar and a flap that fastens on the right hand side. The department colour is now also shown in a band around the waist. This uniform is probably only used in some parts of Federation space, such as the Starfleet Division that will later explore the Cocoon. [C]

The Federation also orders a change in the stardate dating system at around this time. The previously used five-digit system is changed to a six-digit system, starting at 00.0101 from January 1, 2400. Events before the turn of the century are referred to in terms of negative stardate, eg. -04.0526. [C]

SD. 00.0207: Dhalit P'Nehbuddar graduates from Burburus Preparatory Academy and applies to Dakfulis Alpha Centauran Fleet Academy.

SD. 00.0215: Dhalit P'Nehbuddar is denied entrance into Dakfulis Alpha Centauran Fleet Academy.

On Muahijwe, Arkanis' ideas of rules and government begin to distance him from his fellow tribe members.

SD. 00.0501: Ian MacKenzie begins Klingon warrior training after reaching the Age of Initiation. He later wounds a fellow trainee who challenges him because of his true origin.

Trinity Layne loses her virginity to her eighteen-year-old boyfriend one evening when he sleeps over at her house. It is an unpleasant experience for her, and they separate after she tells him how she feels. Trinity is left with a broken heart.

William Patton graduates from the Leonard McCoy Medical School, on Mars—ranked eighth in a class of two hundred.

Cassandra Threin enters Starfleet Academy.

Ta'Vern enters Starfleet Academy after having served as a non-commissioned officer for two years already.

SD. 00.0610: Hal Marty graduates from United Military Flight College in Canada, on Earth.

Elsa Marevic is born to Olaf and Sheila Marevic.

Jarek Malaar buys a pet dastar, a hairy mammalian creature born on a desert planet, from a travelling fair journeying through Gnilliard, his home village. It dies after about a month, not being able to adapt to the cold conditions on Moropa Prime.

Hanara enters Starfleet Academy after arriving on Earth as an attempt to escape the Boslic Union.

Krine, the brother of Fred Bordak, is born.

SD. 00.0801: Dhalit P'Nehbuddar enters Starfleet Academy. During her time there she will learn yoga.

SD. 00.0814: Ingel Rademach enters Starfleet Academy.

Jadrik graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the USS Frontier.

SD. 00.1224: Kieran Joram begins to study art at the Amsterdam University of Art.


SD. 01.0101: Dunaess Wodas graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 01.0125: Sancho Valderez enters Starfleet Marine Corps Basic School.

SD. 01.0130: Dunaess Wodas is assigned to Starbase Omega to undergo training in OTC.

SD. 01.0132: Nvii't Sh'aall is promoted to Yeoman First Class.

Hamilton "Ham" Carter begins working with Jeb Stuart at around this time.

The "History of Starflight" textbook is first published. It will be used at Starfleet Academy.

SD. 01.0203: Sancho Valderez is assigned to the Alpha Draconis Marine Contingent.

A Starfleet aid mission is sent to Jamblic IV. Klemistos, a Vulcan medic working on the mission, takes young Theophrastus Hamelin under his wing and teaches him the basic principles of logic and decision-making. After the 'king' of Hamelin's tribe plans an attack against the Starfleet aid post, he is forced leave the planet. He returns to Vulcan with Klemistos.

SD. 01.0226: Dunaess Wodas graduates from OTC.

The Federation starship USS Brockway, in need of dilithium, visits the mining operation on Rigel XII that is the home of Kelsi Biaret. Biaret kills her master, Mariok Demor, with a stolen knife and stows away aboard a Starfleet shuttlecraft and subsequently begs for asylum. Brockway Captain Miauro grants her safe passage to Starbase 331.

SD. 01.0422: Dunaess Wodas is assigned to the USS Durham, to serve as chief medical officer and counsellor.

Jubal Ezekial Benjamin "Jeb" Stuart begins working for Starfleet Intelligence at some point during this year.

SD. 01.0501: According to one account, the USS Durham, with Dunaess Wodas as CMO/CNS, goes on a mapping mission to the Renrael sector - despite the fact that Starfleet does not begin exploring Cocoon space until after the year 2407. This event may have happened at a later date.

Abi Seldon enters the Centauran Academy of Science.

SD. 01.0626: Nvii't Sh'aall is promoted to Specialist and is made team leader of the first repair team aboard the Beta Renna.

Jarek Malaar, curious about his people's past, develops an interest in the ancient Moropa art of Dra'Zof. This leads to him being taught by Yelda, one of the followers of Dra'Zof. Yelda teaches Malaar in his spare time up until the massacre on his home village a year later, after which Malaar continues to teach himself.

Phaegal's father is killed in a piloting accident.

At some point prior to the massacre on Moropa Prime, young Jarek Malaar empathically senses the deaths of a group of civilians from off-world after their ship crash-lands near his village.

SD. 01.0926: Jay McMadeth and his friend Laura, with whom McMadeth is in love, confront a violent gang of children at their home on Rygeen II.

Asa Garn enters Starfleet Academy. During her time there she meets Zach Comstock. They become involved romantically but their intimate encounters do not lead to a long-term relationship. In later years will be good friends, albeit with strong feelings beneath the surface.

SD. 01.1119: Dunaess Wodas is assigned to the USS Melbourne, as ship's counsellor.

Epona O'Leary celebrates her fifth birthday, and receives a Maine Coon tomcat, Slinn of Aoine, as a gift. This cat is soon named Fluffy, becoming a lifelong friend and pet. Some months later, Fluffy is neutered.


Laura Bennett enters the New London School of Astrophysics, on Earth.

SD. 02.0214: The USS Melbourne, with Dunaess Wodas as CNS, goes on a colonization mission to the planet Cremsan IV.

Young Jarek Malaar trains with his Dra'Zof instructor, Yelda, and successfully performs the Jump for the first time. Jhon Malaar, Jarek's father, records a detailed message within the Moropa Global Database for his son to find some day, concerning the Custodians and the deal made regarding their Secret.

SD. 02.0401: The USS Lynx arrives from the future and goes into orbit of Moropa Prime. Jarek Malaar beams down to the surface to recover the third segment of the Omnikron weapon.

In the village of Gnilliard on Moropa Prime, Ekul, a merchant visiting for the annual Interplanetary Trade Fair, purchases a segment of the Omnikron weapon from another merchant there.

Terrorist attacks take place on Gnilliard, by the Ring of Fire organisation. Jhon, Epulina and En'hel Malaar are all killed, but Jarum is taken in by Nussa Kelmorra, the leader of the Ring of Fire. A future version of Jarek Malaar saves his teenage self from the wreckage of his house and meets with Ekul. The older Malaar hands over his past self in exchange for the Omnikron segment that the merchant carries. Ekul and the young Malaar flee to a Federation starbase, where the boy will be cared for. The future version of Jarek Malaar returns to the timeship USS Lynx, in orbit of the planet. The Lynx departs for Earth, in the year 1999.

The entity known as Xuundri is present in the village during the massacre. He will later assume the form of Jhon Malaar in an appearance to Jarek Malaar aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 02.0424: Ian MacKenzie absolves Klingon Warrior Training and is accepted into the defence fleet. He is invited to join Starfleet Academy, but declines in favour of staying in Klingon space.

SD. 02.0430: Ian MacKenzie is assigned as a transporter chief aboard a Klingon military transporter.

D-Warp technology is developed and adopted by the Federation. The first test model D-Warp engine is built by the father of Cyrix Brakos.

Young Alex Thayer discovers a talent for mechanical engineering and makes a hobby of constructing various devices at around this time.

SD. 02.0613: The Federation receives a communique from the Melkotians, indicating their intention to place one of their number, Krwn, into Starfleet Academy.

Cribak, the brother of Fred Bordak, is born.

SD. 02.0807: Nathan Cady is caught playing with garbage in the street by his father.

SD. 02.0815: Nvii't Sh'aall is promoted to Petty Officer, and is made transporter repair overseer aboard the Beta Renna.

SD. 02.0903: Phaegal enters Starfleet Academy.

At this time, Pol Canon and his girlfriend Heather have plans to get married after Pol completes his Master's Degree. When the two of them go skinny-dipping at Miller's Point, on Betazed, Heather is caught in a riptide and drowns, something Canon blames himself for. Her body is not recovered until a few days later. A later account names Canon's girlfriend at the time as Miranda Ashton.

At around this time, India Baker meets scientist Doctor Brekon aboard a Pakled transport vessel during a mission to Osirus Epsilon IX.

James Burke enters Starfleet Academy.

SD. 02.1012: Sancho Valderez is transferred to Cocoon Marine Forces.

SD. 02.1015: The Dennett and Alexander programmes are merged.

SD. 02.1022: Maria Cady, the mother of Nathan Cady, is kidnapped from Turkana IV and becomes an Orion Syndicate slave. Rory, her husband, is later killed by Chojin, the Orion leader. Nathan Cady remains on the planet to fend for himself.

Clan Kra'an come to power on the Suji'ai home world, ending an era of war amongst the Suji'ai. In an effort to expand beyond their world, work begins on the first Suji'ai starship.

Jaeden enters Starfleet. Over the next ten years, he will "take a break" from active service for about five years, and soon after will be joined with the Xadar symbiont.

Elven Gan becomes an engineer.

Eamon O'Leary is assigned to Earth. The O'Leary family moves there, settling in Ireland. Epona O'Leary begins to learn to ride a horse at around this time. One of the first horses she rides is called Dusty.

SD. 02.1215: Pol Canon receives a PhD from the Planetary University on Betazed.

Phryn meets B'Ekral at this time.

SD. 02.1225: Nvii't Sh'aall begins a transporter mechanics and operations course.

Viviane Taliesen graduates from Cornell Medical School, on Earth, and applies for Starfleet Academy. [C]


SD. 03.0116: Pol Canon opens a private counselling office on Betazed. On one occasion during his time as a civilian counselor, Canon has his nose broken by a client who objects to his suggestion that the Bajorans' belief that the wormhole aliens are Prophets is silly.

Early this year on Turkana IV, in the wake of the recent loss of his parents, young Nathan Cady lives with a boy known as Picker and his brother, Jimmy, in a residence on the border between Coalition and Alliance territories. Picker is injured in a fight with Coalition children, and Jimmy is killed by the group after retaliating. Cady and Picker flee the house; Cady hides in a tunnel leading to the Old City while the gang of Coalie kids catch up to Picker and kill him.

At around this time, Alex McRae joins one of the extreme-life youth subcultures in San Francisco. He has a blue tracer-tattoo painted on the right side of his face. Alex stays with the subculture for a few years.

Rendash Kuaar decides to enter Starfleet Academy to train in engineering.

SD. 03.0501: "Maggy" is discovered by Federation colonists on planet Xatuo VI, taking the form of a black sphere that is soon determined to be alive. Maggy is sent to Earth, where she will learn to take human form, and communicate vocally. She will enrol in Starfleet for three years.

SD. 03.0625: Nvii't Sh'aall completes his transporter mechanics and operations course, and is assigned to the USS Tarzan, under the command of Captain Jamin Yorv. The CEO of the Tarzan is Maxwell Green.

Fedds Maxon, formerly an Ensign serving aboard the USS Enterprise-J in the 28th century, appears on a Breen colony world and is sent to a prison camp. He remain there for a further ten years before he is reunited with his former CO, Leyson Ayden.

SD. 03.0715: Hal Marty applies for entry in Starfleet Academy.

Baxter Dennett exits his programme nursery and enters his mainframe.

SD. 03.0723: Hal Marty is accepted into Starfleet Academy.

SD. 03.0801: Dunaess Wodas is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 03.0809: Kieran Joram leaves the Amsterdam University of Art to attend Starfleet Academy.

Cyrix Brakos enters into an intimate relationship with a girl of similar age, and the two of them are set to be married before she moves away to a colony on the edge of Federation space, apparently to help relatives with a business. Brakos never sees her again.

At this time in the Mirror Universe, Fred Bordak damages his senses of smell and hearing in an explosion.

Davis Porter receives a doctorate in theoretical warp physics at Cambridge University on Earth during this year.

SD. 03.0824: After two years of studying Starfleet history, Kelsi Biaret enters Starfleet Academy as a medical cadet. Her roommate and close friend during her Academy years is J'eran.

SD. 03.0826: The USS Frontier, under the command of Captain Alexander, transports Admiral Leinad Drell from Starbase 73 to Earth; travelling aboard at this time are Starfleet exchange cadets Phryn, B'Ekral and Borm. En route they are attacked by an unknown alien vessel and are forced to crash on a hostile desert planet in an uninhabited system. Jadrik, one of the survivors, transplants the dying Drell symbiont from the Admiral to himself in a bid to save its life, but fails. A day later he is rescued by a Starfleet scout ship and soon after returns to duty, with the dead symbiont still within him. He escapes from the Frontier and disappears from Starfleet records, having been recruited by Romulan special forces.

SD. 03.1001: Baxter Dennett completes his machine education.

Ekul starts suggesting that Jarek Malaar do something different with his hair.

SD. 03.1216: Sancho Valderez resigns his active commission and returns home.


Arkanis is exiled from his clan on Muahijwe for preaching ideals of a system of rules and government, which is against the anarchical Muahijwean way. He uses his influence to arrange for two Ferengi traders to take him into Federation space. There, he learns of Starfleet and joins up almost immediately.

It is during the time following his exile but before his entrance to the Academy that Arkanis "put his massive body and martial arts talent into the private sector"; the Bajoran man known as Shonta is an acquiantance of his from this time.

Dexter Allen enters Starfleet Academy during this year.

SD. 04.0301: Sasha Kali enters Starfleet Academy, much to the horror of her grandfather, who raised her.

Xathras Jah enters Starfleet Academy.

SD. 04.0401: Cassandra Threin graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 04.0408: Viviane Taliesen is assigned to the USS Forestral as CSciO/aCNS, rank Lieutenant JG. She is eventually promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

SD. 04.0410: Cassandra Threin graduates from ALB Training Center.

SD. 04.0420: Cassandra Threin is assigned to the USS Forestral, as CNS.

A new captain takes command of the Desertian Star Ship Sirocco. He will be in command at the time of the civilian evacuation of Deserte in 2419.

Ijaxx, a Bolian, joins Starfleet. By 2419 she will be an NCO aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 04.0430: Ingel Rademach graduates from Starfleet Academy as an Ensign.

During two months of this year, California Douglas lives in an apartment with his parents, away from home. He makes a number of new friends, some Starfleet cadets and an officer on leave named Will Mason.

Asa Garn graduates from Starfleet Academy with a major in psychology.

Silus Jaxom enters Starfleet Academy. [C]

Brenala, the sister of Fred Bordak, is born.

Fred Bordak breaks his leg after falling off a mountain.

SD. 04.0501: Dhalit P'Nehbuddar graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Treading Angel as FCO.

SD. 04.0524: Sancho Valderez enters Starfleet Academy.

SD. 04.0529: Phryn graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Ta'Vern graduates from Starfleet Academy and is promoted to Ensign. He is assigned as CEO to the USS Hercules.

SD. 04.0602: Phryn is assigned to the USS Avenger, to serve as FCO.

SD. 04.0613: Baxter Dennett achieves 30% resources, and is approached about enfleshment.

Cyrix Brakos is contacted by the girl he was once going to marry, as she tries to explain why she left two years ago.

SD. 04.0701: Baxter Dennett is equipped with holographic subroutines.

SD. 04.0702: Ingel Rademach enters Starfleet Medical.

SD. 04.0702: Baxter Dennett is equipped with a portable emitter.

Jasen is born on Stalus III, one of many assisted during the Horizon's mission of mercy to that planet.

SD. 04.0703: Baxter Dennett leaves his mainframe.

An unknown survey team discovers and catalogues the planet Jerjoye II. No life-forms are detected. By the time of the Horizon's mission to the Jerjoye system, this survey's findings are available to Starfleet.

SD. 04.0823: India Baker is promoted to Commander.

SD. 04.0829: Jason Munro begins training at Starfleet Academy. One of his Academy friends will be Mogh Ryan. Ryan laters serves under Elizabeth Davies.

SD. 04.0904: Arkanis enters Starfleet Academy, with his first major in covert operations. It is during his time there that he will discover his biological reaction to orange juice, much like the intoxicating effects of alcohol; after a particularly heavy drinking session one night, Arkanis misses the whole next day of classes due to a "previously unknown allergic reaction to native food".

November: Young Epona O'Leary "borrows" her brother's flitter, crashing it into the Cliffs of Moher while attempting to escape a storm front, resulting in several broken bones and a severe concussion. Epona survives the ensuing storm and is found by her family the next day.

SD. 04.1203: Dunaess Wodas is assigned to the USS Antilles, as CNS.


Fred Bordak completes his education at his school on the Tal homeworld.

Zach Comstock visits his home in Brooklyn for the last time prior to the USS Horizon's mission to Icefall II.

K'Tana and Tuvar enter Starfleet Academy during this year.

SD. 05.0201: India Baker is assigned as OPS officer aboard the USS Montgomery-B, once again under Captain Sterling Hyde.

SD. 05.0203: Hideki Satuma is reprimanded at Starfleet Academy for being racist.

SD. 05.0206: The USS Antilles, with Dunaess Wodas as CNS, goes on a first contact mission to Gormar III.

SD. 05.0209: On the recommendation of his general security instructor, Commander Elgin Monat, Arkanis changes his area of expertise at Starfleet Academy to general security, with a specialisation in ground combat.

SD. 05.0213: Cassandra Threin is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

Gendry Lockhart enters Starfleet Academy, studying diplomacy.

SD. 05.0522: Tergin enters Starfleet Academy.

Tergin meets Sasha Kali at Starfleet Academy. The two become good friends.

At around this time, Ta'Vern gets into a dispute with the Romulan CSO of the USS Hercules and nearly kills him. A court-martial follows, and Ta'Vern, a Lieutenant JG by then, is decommissioned as an officer and demoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class.

Asa Garn enters the School of Telepathy and Empathy on Betazed.

California Douglas and his friend Yuri travel to the abandoned New Johnstrumm pumping station. Cal goes inside, and undergoes some kind of traumatic episode. As a result of this, he takes to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to "drown out" the voices that he hears. Yuri is later killed when he loses control of the g-seat they were travelling in, and crashes.

A school counselor suggests to the parents of Anais Markham that they send her to St. Basil's Academy, a private school in London. Whilst there she kicks her eating disorder and develops an interest in Starfleet Academy.

Olaf and Sheila Marevic separate at around this time, after coming to terms with their irreconcilable differences. She is later promoted to Commander and takes command of the USS Dakota. Elsa, Sheila's daughter, goes to live aboard Starbase Omega with her grandparents.

Based on the seven-year cycle, T'Salek experiences pon farr at around this time. Her daughter Sokar may have been born as a result of this bonding.

SD. 05.0717: Jarek Malaar briefly visits Moropa Prime for the first time since the massacre—under unknown circumstances.

SD. 05.0731: Laura Bennett enters Starfleet Academy.

The USS Tiberious arrives in the Sol system after travelling for thirty-two years from the Delta Quadrant.

Banor T'Orell applies to Starfleet Academy.

The mercenary ship aboard which Kuvak is serving, is intercepted by a Starfleet vessel for inspection. The captain of the vessel, Beldar, is taken into custody after being found to have smuggled kemecite. Kuvak becomes intrigued by Starfleet and expresses his wish to join to the CO of the Starfleet vessel. However, the sceptical Starfleet captain refuses Kuvak because of his involvement with Beldar.

While the mercenaries of Kuvak's ship are being questioned by Starfleet, Beldar escapes to the engineering section of the Starfleet vessel with a phaser. Feeling responsible for recent events, Kuvak makes his way to engineering and overpowers Beldar. After this, the Starfleet captain, impressed by his selfless act, agrees to sponsor Kuvak's application into Starfleet Academy.

Kuvak enters Starfleet Academy.

SD. 05.1005: The USS Lynx, from the future, is brought out of temporal D-Warp after coming under attack from the Federation timeship Gaia, which is from the 29th century. The Lynx undergoes repairs before departing once again, heading for planet Moropa Prime on stardate 02.0401.

SD. 05.1011: Dhalit P'Nehbuddar is promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant JG and transferred to the USS Chetwell to serve as FCO/2O.

SD. 05.1031: N'Borga Vandenbergh enters Starfleet Academy.

SD. 05.1119: The Klingon military transporter aboard which Ian MacKenzie is serving is attacked and boarded by Romulans.
MacKenzie beams himself to the bridge of the enemy ship and captures the Romulan captain. After brief negotiations, both sides leave without further conflict.

SD. 05.1201: Ian MacKenzie receives a medal for valour in the face of the enemy, but is also reprimanded for not killing the Romulan captain.

SD. 05.1203: Cassandra Threin is promoted to full Lieutenant.

A lone Borg vessel near Federation space loses contact with the Collective. All drones aboard the ship shut down except for one, designated 5 of 13. This drone decides to work against the Collective; he heads towards a Federation space station and destroys his vessel. His escape pod is recovered and after he requests asylum, he is accepted by Starfleet and becomes a Special Agent, going by the name of Rico and working for Starfleet Security. Rico will later work as part of a special operations team aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 05.1231: Pol Canon closes his private counselling office on Betazed after finding his work unfulfilling.


T-Kata, an Atlantean descendant of T'Kee, pilots the Dolphin ship Starfin, the first warp-capable Atlantean ship. The Starfin later makes first contact with the Federation, namely the USS Agincourt. Later, T-Kata joins Starfleet Academy.

SD. 06.0123: Starfleet Academy counsellor Stephen King designs a hologram to help Cadet N'Borga Vandenbergh, who will later become CEO on the USS Hermes, cope with the death of his friend Stan the Man. The hologram is an exact copy of the original Stan the Man, programmed with counselling subroutines.

D'Artaigne Storm applies for entrance into Starfleet Academy. He fails the entrance exam.

After years of assaults by the Borg on the Romulan Star Empire, joint Federation and Romulan forces make a crucial victory at Starbase Gamma, near the edge of the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone. The Romulans continue to rely on Federation aide for at least the next decade. It is a situation they're not at all pleased with.

It is during this time that the USS Chetwell, commanded by Captain Ellen Childs, comes to the rescue of a Romulan starship commanded by Subcommander P'Ghal, damaged during a battle with the Borg for the colony world that is his home. Linia is P'Ghal's subordinate at this time. Senior staff aboard the Chetwell include FCO Dhalit P'Nehbuddar and CEO Alandra La Forge. [NC]

Gregory McNair, the father of Sonya McNair, is involved in an accident when out climbing with his daughter, Sonya.

SD. 06.0114: During a firewood excursion on Turkana IV, Nathan Cady discovers a derelict shuttle. He begins repairing the craft using anything he can get his hands on, all the while keeping its existence secret.

SD. 06.0119: The USS Antilles, with Dunaess Wodas as CNS, goes on a first contact mission to Drevar VI.

SD. 06.0122: Phryn is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

SD. 06.0205: Cyrix Brakos enters Starfleet Academy. It is during his time there that he goes on his last date prior to seeing Kristie Daala during the Horizon's mission to the Holack sector. He later recalls that this Academy date "damn near tried to kill him".

SD. 06.0210: Dhalit P'Nehbuddar is reprimanded for insubordination.

SD. 06.0309: Ian MacKenzie receives the rank of Lieutenant, and is transferred to the Klingon Bird of Prey IKC P'Rang, serving as CSO under the command of his uncle, Moourg.

SD. 06.0404: Cassandra Threin is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

Viviane Taliesen graduates from Starfleet Academy. [C]

SD. 06.0503: On the day that Jarek Malaar tells his foster father Ekul that he has decided to join Starfleet, the young Moropa comes close to discovering Ekul's secret past in the Moropa Coalition Security Force. Ekul hastily destroys all the relevent files to maintain his oath of secrecy.

Young Reeko Blackadder becomes interested in computers at around this time.

SD. 06.0520: Jarek Malaar enters Starfleet Academy. During his time there, he has two main friends: Mason Mytom, a Human, and Volek, a Vulcan. He meets "Human maverick pilot" Mytom after introducing him to Shuigu juice at a party. In his first year at the Academy, Malaar studies advanced-level science.

At some time prior to his career in Starfleet, Pol Canon and his brother Kris attend hospital to witness as their mother's life functions fade away into death.

The Kraa-Kree learn about the existence of the Hairies, creatures also created by the entity known as Xuundri.

SD. 06.0601: Pol Canon enters Starfleet Academy after it is recommended by a friend. Canon's girlfriend, Melinda Ashton, finds the idea upsetting. The two of them no longer speak after his departure. This is the last time Canon will been on his homeworld of Betazed prior to 2412.

At some point during this year, California Douglas lives near San Francisco, on Earth. With his friends, he invents the "Edge Games"; "You set yourself a task, and saw how far to the edge you could take it."

At around this time, D'Artaigne Storm attends Nelson Mandela High School in New Berlin, on Luna, where he suffers taunts regarding his sexuality from his fellow students. Storm hides the fact that he is being bullied from his father.

In Oklahoma, on Earth, Kay Ferguson sneaks out of her home on her favourite horse one night, and rides for two days to Tulsa, where she arranges transport to San Francisco and enrolls in Starfleet Academy exams.

SD. 06.0614: Kieran Joram and Bjelani Coloda are involved in a romantic relationship at around this time. Coloda brings the relationship to an end because of feelings of mistrust on her part.

SD. 06.0615: Cassandra Threin is transferred from the USS Forestral to the USS Odysseus.

Asa Garn graduates from the School of Telepathy and Empathy, with honours.

SD. 06.0620: Jarek Malaar, a Cadet at Starfleet Academy, takes the Kobayashi Maru test and is almost kicked out of Starfleet training. His solution to the no-win scenario is to destroy the simulated vessel in distress and retreat from enemy space so that the least number of lives are lost overall. He is eventually re-evaluated by his superior officers, including Admiral Kirayoshi O'Brien, and remains in Starfleet Academy.

Abi Seldon graduates from the Centauran Academy of Science.

SD. 06.0708: Hideki Satuma is reprimanded at Starfleet Academy for being racist, for the second time.

SD. 06.0730: N'Borga Vandenbergh suffers a severe knee injury. He is put out of Starfleet Academy because the doctors believe he is imagining the injury.

SD. 06.0801: N'Borga Vandenbergh joins the Starfleet Maintenance Corps as a field medic.

SD. 06.0816: Cassandra Threin is promoted to Captain.

SD. 06.0903: Cassandra Threin is transferred to the USS Krakatoa. Sometime during her time aboard, the ship comes under attack by Kzin forces; an event she will relive in 2408 thanks to the temporal distortions generated by the "space turtle" orbiting the planet Jasmine.

SD. 06.0921: Theophrastus Hamelin enters Starfleet Academy. On one occasion during his time there, he will be roped into visiting a Ferengi nightclub, an experience he finds unpleasant. There, he purchases a pair of earplugs from the club's Ferengi owner, earplugs he will use at future social events.

K'Trina enters Starfleet Academy at around this time. Two months before graduation, she will be engaged to J'Dak. [C]

SD. 06.0922: The IKC P'Rang battles a Romulan Warbird, but the conflict is unresolved. Ian MacKenzie receives an award for valour and tactical skill.

At some point before his graduation from the Academy, Zach Comstock meets D'k'm'n'r, a Xenexian who tells him that if he ever needs a CMO, he would be calling the "little punk doctor" up. [C]

A family photo of the O'Bradys is taken at this time. It will be a cherished possession of Robert O'Brady at the time of his arrival aboard the USS Horizon in 2417.

SD. 06.1007: Fred Bordaq spends his third ever Tuesday on the planet Earth. He records a personal log entry commenting on how small he finds humans to be.

SD. 06.1017: Fred Bordaq records another log entry during his time on Earth, telling of how he was late for a class because he spent half an hour watching his shadow.

SD. 06.1019: Ingel Rademach graduates from Starfleet Medical and is invited to be trained as an operative of Starfleet Intelligence Division. He is transferred to the Aidmol Training Facility, and will spend the next several years on classified missions.

SD. 06.1025: Arkanis receives a Commendation for Valor in a holodeck training exam.

SD. 06.1030: Nvii't Sh'aall is promoted to Chief Petty Officer, and is made head of transporter operations under the USS Tarzan's CEO, Maxwell Green.

Melody Cuen becomes interested in the planet of her origin, Earth. She will eventually return there to enroll in Starfleet Academy.

SD. 06.1120: Following Jarek Malaar's entrance into Starfleet Academy, Ekul moves from Starbase Epsilon to live on the planet Naoria.

SD. 06.1215: Zach Comstock graduates from Starfleet Academy, with a major in life sciences.

SD. 06.1222: James Burke is assigned to the USS Adair, ranked Ensign. The Adair disappears without a trace while patrolling the border between Romulan and Federation space, in actuality having been attacked by a Romulan task group and captured. The senior officers of the Adair are interrogated for information before being killed, and the remaining crew are put to work in various concentration camps.

SD. 06.1226: Phryn is promoted to full Lieutenant.


D'Artaigne Storm applies for entrance into Starfleet Academy for the second time. He passes the entrance exam and enters the Academy.

A Greek girl and the son of the Tal Ambassador to Earth successfully conceive a hybrid child using a combination of genetic manipulation and artificial fertilization. William Patton is involved in the process. The child is delivered and survives, but the mother later dies in a transporter accident. It is the first known incident of Tal-Terran interspecies procreation.

According to Bordaq in 2414, the Tal-Terran cross-conception is a fictional event conceived as part of a Ferengi fraud to convince foreign investors that new ground is being broken in genetic engineering.

SD 07.0216: On Bolarus IX, Lorix is wed to Turan.

SD. 07.0223: Jarek Malaar, at Starfleet Academy on Earth, unknowingly witnesses Dr. Simon Linus arrive from the future in the timeship Rising Star. This incident results in the creation of three separate timelines. This event is seen by Pol Canon in a dream around stardate 11.0228.

SD. 07.0223: Jack Tennison and Lorix enter Starfleet Academy. They will later serve aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 07.0317: Jarek Malaar, at Starfleet Academy, becomes a member of Zeta Squadron. He will remain a part of the team for at least a year. Sonya McNair will also be part of the Squadron, and Jarek will become secretly infatuated with her during his time as part of the team. Malaar's friend Mason Mytom will apparently be leader of Zeta Squadron at some point.

SD. 07.0321: The USS Avenger, aboard which Phryn is FCO, is attacked by a group of renegade Breen vessels. The bridge crew of the Avenger are killed, but Phryn pilots the ship to safety within a Mutara class nebula until other Starfleet vessels come to the rescue. Unfortunately, the Avenger is damaged beyond repair.

SD. 07.0322: The USS Newton is dispatched to explore and map the unexplored region of space known as the Cocoon, extending into the Alpha Quadrant behind Bajor.

SD. 07.0323: Phryn is awarded for bravery and transferred to Starfleet Academy to be an instructor.

Davis Porter receives a doctorate in thermostatical fluids and applied plasma physics at New Berlin University on Luna during this year.

SD. 07.0402: Nathan Cady completes the restoration of his secret shuttlecraft and leaves Turkana IV, but not before Chug offers to let him join his gang. Cady declines and takes off, fleeing his past life.

SD. 07.0405: The shuttle of Nathan Cady, which has no warp capability, becomes caught in the gravitational field of the planet Turkana VII. Cady activates a distress beacon and is later intercepted by an Andorian freighter in the area. The Andorians take him to Starbase 457.

SD. 07.0405: Sancho Valderez graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the Cocoon.

SD. 07.0409: Nathan Cady arrives at Starbase 457 aboard an Andorian freighter. He is granted amnesty by Admiral Joyce Toykos, XO of Emerald Fleet.

SD. 07.0417: India Baker is assigned as CSO aboard the USS Pearl, under the command of Captain Edward Darwin.

SD. 07.0419: The USS Newton penetrates the Cocoon, becoming the first Starfleet vessel to do so. One of the first civilisations they discover inhabiting the Cocoon are the Juun, an offshoot of the Bajoran race. Bajor sponsor the Juun's application into the Federation.

SD. 07.0429: Nathan Cady leaves Starbase 457 and begins a journey to Earth.

SD. 07.0506: Arkanis graduates from Starfleet Academy in the top 5% of his class.

SD. 07.0515: Arkanis is assigned to the USS Cairo to work in general security.

Nathan Cady arrives on Earth, and applies for Federation citizenship.

SD. 07.0530: Nathan Cady undergoes psychological and intelligence testing at Starfleet Medical.

Melody Cuen uses her Q powers to visit Earth for the first time, stopping off at Starfleet Academy. She briefly meets Cadet Sebastian Gale before returning to her home at Gallos Prime.

Elven Gan applies to be joined with a Trill symbiont, but her application is denied.

SD. 07.0608: Natalie and Simon O'Brady, Robert's mother and brother, are killed in an accident during a routine shuttle flight at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars.

SD. 07.0610: Steve O'Brady, father of Robert, takes a leave of absence from Starfleet to mourn the recent loss of his wife and son. During this time Robert stays with his grandmother Zoe.

SD 07.0625: At Starfleet Academy, Lorix receives a commendation for record reaction times in a piloting simulation.

SD. 07.0802: Nathan Cady is granted Federation citizenship.

SD. 07.0811: Nathan Cady enters Starfleet Academy. During his time there he will learn to swim, but not once will he venture out of San Francisco.

SD. 07.0821: Robert O'Brady's father Steve, having been deemed psychologically fit, returns to Starfleet duty in the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 07.0825: The IKC P'Rang is ambushed by two Cardassian warships while patrolling the Klingon-Cardassian border. The P'Rang destroys both vessels, but not without sustaining major damage and many casualties. Ian MacKenzie is mortally wounded and rushed to hospital. He is saved, but the scars remain down his entire left side.

Senzi Xadar is born to Jaeden Xadar and a human mother.

SD 07.0901: Fourth-year cadet Jason Munro goes on a training cruise to Bajor with a group of various Starfleet trainees. During the trip he meets third-year cadet Laura Bennett and two first-year cadets who are already friends, Lorix and a short Klingon nicknamed "Mouse". While on Bajor, the cadets witness the theft of an Orb of the Prophets by a man later identified as Shonta. Acting without orders, they commandeer a Bajoran runabout and pursue Shonta to his rendezvous point where they discover that he is working for Moropa terrorist Nussa Kelmorra. The cadets recover the Orb but are pursued by a one-man vessel piloted by Kelmorra's young prodigy, Jarum Malaar. Jason Munro modifies their runabout's engines and they manage to outrun Malaar back to Bajor. They are given a warning by their Starfleet superiors for their irresponsible actions, but are also commended for returning the Orb. [NC]

SD. 07.0903: Juun joins the Federation, becoming its 304th member.

Starbase Omega is built on the moon Demeter, orbiting the planet Gaia, within a system at the entrance of the Cocoon. The starbase is to become the headquarters of the Cocoon Fleet, a Starfleet division posted to this unexplored area of space.

SD. 07.0908: N'Borga Vandenbergh is reassigned to the Starfleet Mobile Water Purification Squad.

SD. 07.1029: In the "Cardassian-Tholian" Timeline, the Cardassian Union has almost completely conquered the Klingon Empire. The Federation begins talks with the two powers to establish common ground, and start working towards a truce between them. Cardassian agent Glinn Tarko attempts to assassinate the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, and incites war between the Federation and the newly-formed Cardassian-Tholian Alliance. Starfleet vessels lost in the war include the Katana and the Athene, and Demitrius Simms is among the fatalities. Soon after, the USS Curie returns from the far end of the Cocoon via a wormhole, bringing news of the Tallonid race. Starfleet Command orders two vessels through the wormhole to negotiate a truce, and the Tallonid begin fighting alongside the Federation. Eventually, the Tallonid will turn on the Federation themselves, and one of the resultant fatalities is Lt. Jarum Malaar.

Blaze Starsinger enters Starfleet Academy.

SD 07.1114: On Reeko Blackadder's 11th birthday, he receives a special gift from his archaeologist grandfather Trent; a pen-knife retrieved from an archaeological dig.

SD. 07.1119: Ekul communicates with Jarek Malaar for the last time prior to 2410.

SD. 07.1223: The USS Tarzan is lost. Nvii't Sh'aall awaits his next posting.


SD. 08.0101: Catherine Scott-DiFalco is promoted to Admiral and assigned to take command of the Cocoon Fleet at Starbase Omega. Ambassador Kal is to join her.

After completing several years of university schooling on Benzar, Tordock decides to join Starfleet.

Murdoch Green enters Starfleet Academy. During his time there he will date an Andorian woman.

Fred Bordak leaves the planet Jalan behind and enters Starfleet Academy, the first Tal to do so. Within his first week there, he is injured after a holodeck malfunction causes part of a step to materialise inside his foot. He undergoes surgery and makes a full recovery. It is during this time at the Academy that Bordak befriends Amy DeSantos, Griffin P. Griffin—DeSantos's boyfriend at the time—and Sarah Derkens. Jamie Shield is also an acquaintance of Bordak during his Academy days. Also during his time at the Academy, Bordak will "sign more than a hundred petitions" for the rights of holographic life-forms. One of Bordak's Academy teachers is called Laura.

Two fellow Cadets who are acquaintances of Fred Bordak during his Academy days are the Aushni shapeshifter Dornim, and a short Klingon nicknamed "Mouse". These two Cadets aren't particularly fond of each other.

More Academy acquaintances of Bordak include Maggy, Nimaiacta the Breen, and the shape-shifting Xyx. After Maggy's death, caused by an energy burst of some kind, Bordak will be ordered not to reveal the details of her demise.

SD. 08.0109: Cadet Fred Bordaq records a personal log entry telling of how Amy DeSantos kissed him on the cheek.

SD. 08.0111: Ian MacKenzie returns to the IKC P'Rang after leaving hospital.

SD. 08.0112: Ian MacKenzie is challenged by another Klingon warrior. MacKenzie kills his challenger, but not without interruption from Moourg, his uncle. He is unable to stand the disgrace, and unwilling to challenge Moourg.

SD. 08.0113: Nvii't Sh'aall is assigned to the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 08.0114: Ian MacKenzie begins the Starfleet officers exchange program.

SD. 08.0115: Cassandra Threin is assigned to the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 08.0115: Admiral Scott-DiFalco arrives at Starbase Omega and takes command of the Cocoon Fleet. Current activities include the completion of the planetary defences on Gaia and vast tasks of exploration and diplomatic activity throughout the Cocoon to solidify the position of the Federation. A program to prepare qualified Juun with Starfleet Academy support has been started. Four older Starfleet frigates have been commissioned in the Juun Militia to enhance their self-defence capabilities.

SD. 08.0117: At Starfleet Academy, the Zeta Squadron of pilots are involved in an accident while training around Saturn, in Earth's solar system. Team leader Dexter Allen is seriously injured when a plasma conduit in his cockpit ruptures, and two of the training ships are destroyed, but the rest of the team undergo an emergency beam-out and remain unharmed. Zeta Squadron consists of Cadets Dexter Allen, Tuvar, Sonya McNair, K'Tana and Jarek Malaar.

SD. 08.0121: Ian MacKenzie leaves Klingon space, much to the disappointment of his uncle, Moourg. He joins Starfleet Academy, where he stays for a year.

SD. 08.0126: Arkanis is promoted to Lieutenant JG by Captain Jonathan Deems, the CO of the USS Cairo.

Nova'Song enters Starfleet Academy during this year. She majors in starship operations. During her time at the Academy she will be visited by Doctors Asif and Andhow, analysts researching the Indarans.

SD. 08.0210: Ingel Rademach is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

SD. 08.0215: Hal Marty graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 08.0231: Jason Munro finishes training at Starfleet Academy.

SD. 08.0307: Jason Munro is assigned to the Cocoon sector, near Bajor.

SD. 08.0309: Alex Slater applies for transference to the Cocoon Fleet.

SD. 08.0311: Alex Slater arrives at the Cocoon.

SD. 08.0316: John Roberts completes his holodeck training at OTC.

SD. 08.0321: Kieran Joram graduates from Starfleet Medical. He is 27th in a class of 311. He also passes the basic command qualification test.

SD. 08.0323: Jason Munro and Asa Garn begin training at OTC, in holodeck 3, under Lt<jg> Shelby.

Xathras Jah graduates from Starfleet Academy.

SD. 08.0324: Alex Slater begins training at OTC, in holodeck 3, under Lt<jg> Shelby.

SD. 08.0327: Hal Marty enters OTC at Starbase Omega.

SD. 08.0330: Alex Slater completes training at OTC.

SD. 08.0331: Jason Munro and Asa Garn graduate from OTC, holodeck 3.

SD. 08.0401: Kieran Joram is assigned to OTC.

Alex Slater is offered any position aboard the USS Horizon, save for CO and FO. He is assigned there as CSO. After finding himself the first member of the senior staff to arrive aboard the ship is launched, he sees to it that is completed.

Viviane Taliesen is assigned to the USS Damascus as OPS.

SD. 08.0402: Asa Garn is offered the position of counsellor aboard the USS Regulator. She turns the offer down.

SD. 08.0402: Hal Marty reports to holodeck 3 at Starbase Omega to begin his training.

SD. 08.0403: Jason Munro reports for the CEO position aboard the USS Horizon.

SD. 08.0404: Hal Marty begins his training in holodeck 3 at Starbase Omega.

SD. 08.0406: Asa Garn is offered various positions aboard various units, including operations officer aboard the USS Horizon, which she accepts. She reports for duty.

In an alternate timeline later experienced by Tergin, Asa Garn never serves aboard the Horizon.

SD. 08.0407: The USS Horizon crew receive their first assignment prior to launch: the re-location of Juun colonists from Procastas III, a planet with a decaying orbit. The planet is also known as Jasmine, or Jas.

SD. 08.0408: At around this time, the USS Horizon's colonisation pod is tampered with by the notorious Bolian twins of the early 2390s. Engineering officers aboard the Horizon re-calibrate the necessary systems.

SD. 08.0411: Kieran Joram is assigned to the USS Horizon, as CMO.

SD. 08.0412: Fred Bordaq proves his professor wrong during a science seminar at Starfleet Academy. He records a personal log entry about it.

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