24th century

October 5th, 2363: The USS Enterprise-D is launched. Captain Jean-Luc Picard will take command soon after to lead the ship on an ongoing mission of exploration.


Suvik, the brother of Kuvak, is born.


Tergin moves to Qo'noS with his father Rigan, who is now a Federation diplomat.


Rigan is killed in an accident while at the Federation embassy on Qo'noS. Following his father's death, Tergin is adopted into the family of Lu'ChaT.

A bottle of chech'tluth is made on Qo'noS during this year. By early 2409 it will belong to Phaegal.


July 13: Jean-Luc Picard is born to Maurice and Yvette Picard in LaBarre, France, on Earth.


The first manned Tal spacecraft leaves Jalan, but soon returns after a malfunction with the ship's engines.


Or'Nonya Matala is born on the Meparchkan homeworld.


By 2417, Conrad Sawyer owns a bottle of Klingon blood wine of this year's vintage.

The Cardassians first begin sending personnel into the Bajoran system. They annex Bajor nineteen years later, beginning an occupation that will last until 2369.


Sancho Valderez is born.


The Tomed Incident. The Romulan Star Empire enters an extended period of isolationism.

The planet Ullar Prime, in the Holack sector, is decimated by a civil war using atomic weaponary. The planet's surface is transformed from a class-M environment to a barren wasteland.

The Page symbiont is born. Future hosts will include Quien, Arris, Kaitlyn and eventually No'sun.


The first manned Tal spacecraft leaves the Tal home star system.


The coffee maker bought by William Patton on stardate 13.1014 apparently comes from this era.


At around this time, the largest theft occurs on Deserte prior to the looting of the Telmarc Trade Corporation warehouse on stardate 16.0419.

The USS Saskatchewan, commanded by Captain Lucrezia Crevelli, visits the Indaran homeworld to help negotiate the Indarans' admittance into the Federation. An investigation lead by Crevelli leads to the discovery of an artificial planetoid used as a secret base for a dissident faction seeking to disrupt the negotiations. Emilia Ziemann serves as helm officer aboard the Saskatchewan at this time. [NC]


Lucrezia Crevelli, the great-grandmother of Electra Threin, retires from Starfleet.

The religious group known as the Foundationists is founded at around this time, an order devoted to documenting the many names and faces of God known throughout the galaxy. The group is also known as the Fundamentalists. Samuel Dwight will be an adherent of this belief system.

Also beginning at around this time is an era of conflict and distrust between the Telmarc and the Anabarons. Over the next century, the two powers will engage in twenty border skirmishes and endure three periods of cold war. The Telmarc's House of Mothers is founded during this era.


Tergin attends the Ka'Tcha Military Academy.


At the Bonestell Recreation Facility at Station Earhart, Ensign Jean-Luc Picard instigates a fight with a group of Nausicaan warriors and is stabbed through the heart. This locale will be recreated on the holodeck of the USS Horizon by Vymora Einicrox in 2416.


The Cardassian occupation of Bajor begins.


The planet Debraxa III is settled by Juun separatists, who find the planet to be already inhabited by Juun known as the First People. The newcomers bring with them the Sickness, triggering a Great War between the two groups. By 2409, all that remain of the First People are the Old Fathers. [C]


Benjamin Lafayette Sisko is born to Joseph and Sarah Sisko in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, on Earth.

Leinad is born. He will later be joined to the Drell symbiont.


Saben is born on Vulcan. He later works as part of a special operations team aboard the USS Horizon.

The Tholians begin to develop mutagenic weapons. These will later be used in a war against Earth and Vulcan, in the alternate timeline experienced by the USS Horizon on stardate 13.0826.


March 9 (old stardate 11183.6): Millie Borden is born at around this time. She will later marry Casper Munroe. [C]

May 20 (old stardate 11383.6): Kathryn Janeway is born to Edward and Gretchen Janeway in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, on Earth.


The USS Enterprise-C, NCC-1701-C, is launched at around this time, under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett. [C]


Personal computers first become available on Jalan, the Tal homeworld.

Orrik is born. He will later be joined with the Jah symbiont.


April 5 (old stardate 17257.5): Pendar is born on the planet Kouros.

Sancho Valderez transforms into his adolescent form.


Yelda, Jarek Malaar's Dra'Zof tutor, is born.

This is the apparent age of a Starfleet tricorder discovered by the Horizon team on the planet Connard IV in 2411.


The Denjj found the first colony in their asteroid belt at around this time.


Banor T'Orell is born on Bajor.

July 15 (old stardate 20452.1): The USS Fearless, commanded by Captain Amanda Kincaid, investigates unusual sensor readings coming from an apparently deserted planet. An away team consisting of FO Beaumont Benteen, security officer Rodger Baker, science officer T'Mava and CMO John McPherson beams down to the surface wearing protective suits to shield themselves against high amounts of solar radiation. They discover a still-functioning temporal gateway device and accidentally activate it, finding themselves on the planet Connard IV in the as-yet-unexplored Cocoon, thousands of years in the past.

The away team from the USS Fearless returns from their adventure in the past. They are debriefed by Starfleet's Department of Temporal Investigations, who deem the entire incident classified. [NC]


At around this time, the Me'la'k begin colonizing the planet Tommon IV, located a few parsecs from the Badlands near the Cardassian border. The Me'la'k are the offspring of the Joyans, a race that used to live in the Cocoon.

According to one account, Valarn Taya witnesses the death of her father at the Detar Detention Camp.


The Cardassians—or rather, Bajoran slave labourers—complete construction on the ore processing facility Terok Nor. It will be renamed Deep Space 9 after the end of the Cardassian occupation in 2369.


March 27 (old stardate 24235.6): Orrik Jah suffers from clinical depression during his time at an academic insitution at the Federation colony on planet Aruthra Prime.

Maduk Kali, the mother of Sasha Kali, is born.


The Holack become extinct at around this time.

Arkanis is born to Wun'hurn, Dego'ralis and Quintaka on Muahijwe.

Tergin moves to Earth. He begins to learn the ancient Japanese martial art of Jujitsu, studying under Professor Uchida.

Kunta Kali, the father of Sasha Kali, is born.


John McPherson retires from Starfleet.

Tandro Landi is born. By 2416 he will be a Starfleet Admiral, serving alongside Admiral Tergin in Command Operations at Starbase Sapphire.


July 30 (old stardate 29579.1): Ekul is born to Dybrek and Yilka on Moropa Prime.

Millie Munroe is a fan of Jid Myer and Alka Forlamy vids during her youth. [C]


Jhon Malaar, the father of Jarek and Jarum Malaar, is born on Moropa Prime.

The sister of Banor T'Orell is born.

June 26 (old stardate 30490.4): A shuttlecraft from the Federation starship Tolstoy crash-lands on the previously-uncharted Muahijwe homeworld. The surviving team members—consisting of FCO Abraham Adele, CSO Charles Winston and engineer Dayton Booth—must last long enough on the surface for the Tolstoy to pick up the signal from their emergency beacon and rescue them. The not-quite-friendly Muahijwe known as Quintaka warns the Federation to keep its distance in future. Captain Herbert Brooks of the USS Tolstoy records this "first contact" with the Muahijwe in his log. [NC]

Blaze Starsinger is involved in an intimate relationship at around this time, his last prior to 2413.

Izac Lueken, an acquaintance of William Patton during his time in the Marine Corps, is born at around this time. He may have been involved in the creation of Mandella and Melody Cuen.

Craig Geofry Brant, future Section 31 operative, is born.


Irene Kyoto, the mother of California Douglas, is born.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Stargazer makes contact with the planet Chalna at around this time. By 2415, three members of the Chalnoth species will serve in Starfleet. USS Horizon yeoman Oqqre will be one of them.

Millie Borden falls in love with Casper Munroe, a Starfleet pilot. As a consequence she decides to enlist in Starfleet herself.


Preston Bennett, the father of Laura Bennett, is born.

Professor Eynar Elian, the father of Anur Eynar, is born.

Kabrik, the father of Fred Bordak, is born.

Larr O'Mally is born in Juun space. He will be a Juun faction leader at the time of the Horizon's mission to Stalus III.


Tergin enters the Daystrom Institute. During this time period he becomes acquianted with Quien Page, Professor of Cybernetics. In physical human terms, Tergin appears to be ten years old at this time.

Delkt, the mother of Fred Bordak, is born.

The future captain of the Desertian Star Ship Sirocco joins the Desertian space fleet at this time. The Sirocco will be involved in the civilian evacuation of Deserte in 2419.


Epulina, the mother of Jarek and Jarum Malaar, is born on Moropa Prime.

Jared Storm, the father of D'Artaigne Storm, is born.


Banor T'Orell leaves school and joins the Bajoran resistance.

At around this time, John Roberts' cryotube is opened, and an advanced alien computer program is implanted inside his brain. Upon his awakening permanently some centuries later, Roberts gains greatly increased mental ability, due to the alien program.

Soon later, Roberts is revived by the alien that originally placed him there. The alien kills the captain of the USS Galaxy and disguises Roberts in order to take the late captain's place without any suspicion on the part of the Galaxy's crew. Roberts eventually ends up on a deserted planet, the crew of the Galaxy believing him to be dead. The alien returns Roberts to his cryotube on Earth.


Gillian Bennett, the mother of Laura Bennett, is born.

The Noroba fail to return to Moropa Prime in accordance with the Prophecy.

Jella Thull, the father of Jethro Malex, is born.

Robert Waters is born.

Jhon and Epulina Malaar are married in a traditional Moropa betrothal ceremony on Moropa Prime. They are unusually young to be married, as betrothals only usually take place once the bride and groom have reached their mid-teens.

Nuxx and Lat, the future parents of Lorix, are born during this year.

Tergin leaves the Daystrom Institute.

Rain is born. She will be Ekul's companion during his time on Naoria.


Jalia Laran, the mother of Anur Eynar, is born.

Dariale E'Nethecolis is born on Trasior Prime.

Rishon and Kevin Uxbridge move to the Delta Rana IV colony.

Joanus Blackadder, the future father of Reeko Blackadder, is born.


Shanta Malex, the mother of Jethro Malex, is born.

Janice Tennison, the future wife of Oscar Tennison, is born.

Oscar Tennison is born on Earth. He will later marry Janice Tennison, and they will have children.

Leinad becomes host to the Drell symbiont.


October 5 (old stardate 40759.5): The USS Enterprise-D, NCC-1701-D, is launched. Captain Jean-Luc Picard later takes command.


"Star Trek: The Next Generation", Season One

A Bolian named Mot serves as ship's barber aboard the USS Enterprise during its service. Two of Mot's grandsons, one called Rixx and another also called Mot, will serve aboard the USS Horizon at around the time of its launch in 2408.

Banor T'Orell, working in the Bajoran resistance, becomes a cell leader.

India Baker is born to Rodger Baker and Ramadya Singh, on Earth. Captain Singh is the CO of the USS Jester at this time.


"Star Trek: The Next Generation", Season Two

Ekul is abandoned by his parents at this time.

Ergit is born on the Xilfan homeworld. He will be the Xilfan representative at the Hetgarot Summit/Noo'ach Conference of 2412.

June 29 (old stardate 42494.8): The USS Enterprise discovers and provides aid for the victims of a genetic engineering disaster at the Darwin science station on Gagarin IV. Electra Threin will refer to this incident when attempting to develop a cure for Nathan Cady's accelerated aging in 2415.


"Star Trek: The Next Generation", Season Three

February 24 (old stardate 43152.4): The Delta Rana IV colony is discovered destroyed by the USS Enterprise, with the exception of two apparent survivors. Eventually it is discovered that survivor "Kevin Uxbridge" is a Douwd being responsible for the extermination of the Husnock race.

Jhon and Epulina Malaar, the parents of Jarek Malaar, leave Moropa Prime to live on one of the colony worlds near Federation space. They are only children, but since their betrothal ceremony six years ago, they are responsible for their own actions.


"Star Trek: The Next Generation", Season Four

At some point during this year, prior to the Battle of Wolf 359, John McPherson is reinstated into Starfleet.

January 1 (old stardate 44001.4): The Battle of Wolf 359 occurs, in which a Federation fleet of over 39 vessels engage a Borg cube near Earth's solar system. The USS Saratoga, a vessel fighting in this conflict, is destroyed. Casper and Millie Munroe, officers aboard the Saratoga, escape the ship's destruction and are later reassigned to the USS Volkmar.

Also involved in the Battle of Wolf 359 is the USS Tolstoy, aboard which serve John McPherson, medical officer, and Lt. Adele, grandfather of Cassandra Threin. McPherson escapes death by being placed into suspension, but is pronounced dead in official records. McPherson's wife Katie, his two sons and daughter, all die at Wolf 359.

The Telmarc's House of Wind is founded during this era.

August 17 (old stardate 44624.9): Jhon and Epulina Malaar come to live on the Moropa Coalition colony world of Jhaarin II.

September 9 (old stardate 44690.4): Strakh, a Moropa physicist on Jhaarin II who is the direct descendant of Dor'Yok, opens a doorway to the realm of the Custodians in his laboratory with the help of Jhon Malaar. A Custodian emerges and Jhon, Epulina and Strakh all learn the plans of the Custodians to destroy the Federation. Acting desperately, Epulina makes a deal with them ensuring the Federation's safety, but in return she later discovers that she must allow data to be genetically stored in her body once she becomes pregnant with a suitable "host".


"Star Trek: The Next Generation", Season Five

Yrn-Tik-Eee is born. By late 2418 she will serve aboard the USS Horizon.

According to one source, following the discovery of an artificial wormhole leading to the Gamma Quadrant and conflict with the Dominion in 2368, the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire together construct space station Deep Space 12. The Federation and the Romulans continue to guard the wormhole's entrance for well into the 25th century. [C]

James T. Walsh is born at around this time in Aberdeen, Scotland, on Earth. His father is Jubal Earl Walsh. James later serves aboard the USS Dakota.

At Starfleet Academy, members of Nova Squadron are severely reprimanded for having attempted the forbidden Kolvoord Starburst manouevre, which resulted in the death of Cadet Joshua Albert. This is the last such incident for the next forty years.

The Juun colony on the planet Jasmine is settled at around this time, consisting of a population of genetically-engineered "guinea pigs" designed to be psionic "supermen", relocated from the Juun homeworld. Among the original victims who crash-land on the planet is the father of Pel Allsar.


"Star Trek: The Next Generation", Season Six

T'Salek is born to Sendar and T'Mava, on Vulcan.

Elven Gan is born. She will later serve aboard the USS Horizon under Samuel Dwight.

Arkanis kills for the first time, and receives his knife. A celebration is held in his home village for both Arkanis and his friend Kun'tor, who received his knife the week previously.

At around this time on the planet Deserte, the traditional Desertine caste system is challenged, and eventually abandoned, in what will be known as the "Equality Movements". The Desertine People's Congress is formed and Desertian women gain substantial civil rights.

April 1 (old stardate 46246.6): The Moropa Coalition collapses. However, Ekul is recruited into the continuing secret Moropa Coalition Security Force.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", Season One

April 24 (old stardate 46309.6): Future Captain Amsterdam of the USS Van Speijk is born at around this time.

May 19 (old stardate 46379.1): The Cardassian occupation of Bajoran space ends. They withdraw from station Terok Nor, handing it over to the Bajoran Provisional Government. The Bajorans request help from the Federation, who rename the station Deep Space 9. Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko takes command.

The Bajoran wormhole is discovered by Benjamin Sisko, providing a stable passage to the Gamma Quadrant. The Bajorans refer to the wormhole as the Celestial Temple, believing it to be the house of their gods, the Prophets. Indeed, the wormhole is home to extra-temporal energy beings.

According to one account, Julian Bashir, part of the senior crew of station Deep Space 9, will be become famous for his holo-novels by the early 25th century.


"Star Trek: The Next Generation", Season Seven

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", Season Two

In a timeline where the android Lore was not deactivated by his brother Data, Lore escapes his fate and commandeers a Borg sphere that was once controlled by the renegade Borg led by "Hugh". Eventually, Lore reaches Borg space and is voluntarily assimilated into the collective. The sharing of Borg technology with Soong-type technology leads to the creation of two "offspring" androids. One will describe herself as a "daughter of Lore" and will be known as "Arabella Delphi" by the 26th century. The other, intended to one day assume the role of "Borg King", will eventually enter Starfleet and serve aboard the USS Horizon: Kallesin 'n Galeda.

March 12 (old stardate 47194.5): The Ring of Fire terrorist group becomes known for the first time on Moropa Prime after they destroy an important government building.

Following the end of the Cardassian occupation, Banor T'Orell leaves Bajor and comes to Deep Space 9, where he plans to travel through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. However, he meets a member of the Maquis, and after forming a friendship with him, decides to leave with him for the Badlands.

During his time with the Maquis, Banor meets a retired engineer named Dayton Booth while on a planet somewhere in the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone. A drunken Banor and his friends reprogram Booth's food replicators to produce horse dung; Booth later exacts his revenge by transporting a tonne of the same dung into a bar where Banor is celebrating, an event that triggers the beginning of friendship between the two men. Booth comes to believe that Banor's skills are being wasted on terrorist activities, and that he should join Starfleet.

Young India Baker falls in love for the first time in his life, but the object of his affections moves off-world shortly afterward.

May 17 (old stardate 47372.6): William Patton is born to William and Sarah Lucan Patton on Luna Mining Base Alpha. Later on that very same day, Sheila Sova is born to David and Gelma Sova. She will later marry Olaf Marevic.

May 22 (old stardate 47391.2): The USS Enterprise encounters a multitude of alternate versions of itself after a breakdown in the quantum barriers between realities. During the USS Horizon's mission to the Tass sector in 2411, Silus Jaxom compares the abundant temporal disortions at Icefall II to this event.

Sancho Valderez goes through primary education at around this time.

June 2 (old stardate 47416.1): The USS Enterprise and the USS Jester take part in a joint mission to establish official diplomatic relations between the So-Shen Confederation and the United Federation of Planets. The Jester's Trill FO Thibor Awk and ship's counselor Adrianna Jah, also Trill, are romantically involved during this time. During the mission, Jah stumbles upon a conspiracy to overthrow the current So-Shen government and is killed as a result. Aboard the Enterprise, Dr. Crusher is successful in saving the Jah symbiont and transfers it to a new host, but due to Trill traditions the new host is forbidden from "reassociating" with Thibor Awk. Captain Ramadya Singh of the Jester accepts Jah's request to transfer off the ship. [NC]


"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", Season Three

The Starfleet comm badge logo is redesigned. The new design features a rectangular bar behind the standard arrowhead.

February 19 (old stardate 48135.7): Jhon and Epulina Malaar, the parents of Jarek Malaar, leave their colony home and travel back to Moropa Prime aboard the USS Enterprise-D. They try to contact Captain Picard to tell him of their encounter with the Custodians, but their message falls on deaf ears.

"Star Trek: Voyager", Season One

April 26 (old stardate 48315.6): The USS Voyager is officially launched under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway. It later goes missing after being drawn into the Delta Quadrant by an entity known as the Caretaker.

"Star Trek: Generations"

Norta, second-in-command to future Juun leader Larr O'Mally, is born.

September 25 (old stardate 48734.2): While lost in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Voyager encounters the non-corporeal Komar within a dark matter nebula. By the time of the USS Horizon's mission to the Katarian sector, this incident will be part of official Starfleet records regarding dark matter anomolies.


"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", Season Four

"Star Trek: Voyager", Season Two

January 5 (old stardate 49011.4): The Klingons suspend the Khitomer Accords and take up hostilities against the Federation and the Cardassian Union.

Kara, the future mother of Reeko Blackadder, is born.

October 30 (old stardate 49827.5): The USS Enterprise-E is launched.


"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", Season Five

"Star Trek: Voyager", Season Three

June: Kirayoshi O'Brien is born to Miles and Keiko O'Brien aboard station Deep Space 9. By the time Jarek Malaar attends Starfleet Academy, O'Brien will be an Starfleet Admiral.

The Starfleet uniform is redesigned. The new uniforms replace the coloured shoulder bar with a grey, padded shoulder bar. The department colour is featured on the shirt beneath the jacket.

July 26 (old stardate 50564.2): The Dominion joins the Cardassian Union in its hostility towards the Federation. The Klingons reinstate the Khitomer Accords and joins forces with the Federation to battle the Dominion-Cardassian threat. This point marks the beginning of the Dominion War.

The Maquis are destroyed by the Dominion, although they will later partially reform.

Millie Monroe takes a leave of absence of absence from Starfleet after the Dominion War breaks out to continue to raise her children, on Earth. Casper Munroe, her husband, is later killed in the War.

July 30 (old stardate 50579.1): Agent Ekul, on a secret mission investigating the possible infiltration of the Moropa Coalition by the Orion Syndicate, follows a trail of clues to station Deep Space 9. He befriends a girl named Rain, the daughter of a freighter captain, and working together the two of them discover that the Orions have captured an apparently-abandoned timeship called the Rising Star. Ekul encounters Brant, a young man working for Section 31, who also has an interest in the timeship. The Orion Syndicate becomes aware of Brant's operation and Ekul, realising how dangerous the Rising Star could be in the wrong hands, destroys it, unfortunately leaving him with more questions than answers. Ekul returns to Moropa Prime, but not before Rain promises him that their paths will cross again in the future. [NC]

September 5 (old stardate 50676.7): Steve O'Brady, the future father of Robert O'Brady, is born to Jack and Zoe O'Brady in Paris, on Earth.

November 23 (old stardate 50893.5): "Star Trek: First Contact" - The Borg attempt an invasion of Earth.

During the Borg incursion, the Maquis colony where Banor T'Orell lives on the edge of the Badlands comes under attack from the Borg. Banor's life is saved by Dayton Booth, who shoots him in the neck to prevent him from being assimilated by a Borg drone. Banor manages to escape the colony aboard a small shuttle pod, but not without a permanent scar as proof.

The USS Tiberious discovers Banor T'Orell in his shuttle pod, and brings him aboard. The Tiberious continues on its way to meet with the fleet of Federation ships ordered to intercept the Borg cube entering the Sol system. The Tiberious is the first to arrive, and is caught inside a Borg transwarp conduit and transported into the Delta Quadrant, thirty years away from Federation space. The ship's computer automatically engages a course for the Sol system.

Linia is born on Romulus. By the time she is forty, she will live on Risa.

Marc Slater is born on Luna, Earth's moon.


"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", Season Six

"Star Trek: Voyager", Season Four

During the Dominion War, the movements of Federation fleets are tracked by a massive hidden sensor array used by the Founders. The array is later destroyed by the USS Defiant. In 2417, Vymora Einicrox will speculate that the Anabarons are using a similar hidden array to collect data. [C]

Also during the War, the Dominion make use of a particular kind of anti-personnel mine that hide themselves in subspace. Because of their apparent disappearance, Starfleet forces nickname these weapons "Houdinis".

A class M planet is discovered within a dark matter nebula by Captain Benjamin Sisko, after his commandeered Jem'Hadar vessel crash-lands there. By the time of the USS Horizon's mission to the Katarian sector, this incident will be part of official Starfleet records regarding dark matter anomolies.

May 4 (old stardate 51336.9): Starfleet ground forces capture a Dominion stronghold on a planet in Cardassian space. Carmine Comstock—the future uncle of Zach Comstock—meets and befriends pilot Casper Munroe during this time. The USS Excalibur, commanded by Captain MacKenzie Calhoun, ferries their teams to another hotspot of Dominion activity, and the two men fight side by side against Jem'Hadar soldiers attacking a Federation outpost.
After Munroe is killed in the line of duty, Comstock takes it upon himself to write a letter of condolence to his widow Millie, even though the two men had only known each other for a short time. [NC]

Starfleet issues a second version of its EMH program for use aboard starships, named EMH-2.

June 19 (old stardate 51462): The EMH program of the USS Voyager makes contact with Starfleet in the Alpha Quadrant, making them aware of their existence.

September 21 (old stardate 51721.3): The Romulans Star Empire declares war against the Dominion-Cardassian alliance, joining the Federation and Klingon forces.


"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", Season Seven

"Star Trek: Voyager", Season Five

Pel Allsar is born. By 2408 he will be Second Adjutant of the Juun on the planet Jasmine.

After twenty-five years of training, Tergin achieves the rank of fifth-degree black belt in Jujitsu. Also at this time, he begins his search for more of his own people. After a number of years travelling the galaxy without finding any more El-Aurians, he returns to Earth.

It is presumably during his time travelling that Tergin, resembling a Terran twelve-year-old in appearance, lives on the desert planet Rigel VII. He is sold a Urian IV land speeder with a faulty reactor coil by a Yridian trader. Attempting to get the speeder's climate control to work properly one cold desert night, Tergin flies the speeder at maximum velocity, resulting in a core meltdown—and ejection from the craft.

January 12 (old stardate 52030.1): Dunaess Wodas is born to Bunai and Buoshara Wodas.

"Star Trek: Insurrection"

The USS Enterprise-E visits the Ba'ku homeworld. During this mission, Preston Bennett, the father of Laura Bennett, serves as an Ensign aboard the Enterprise.

The secret Starfleet research project that will eventually lead to the creation of Melody Cuen and Mandella—codenamed "Project Symphony"—begins at this time.

November 11 (old stardate 52860.2): Captain Anthony Perkin of the USS Avenger discovers the existence of Project Symphony after two rebelling marines in the employ of Starfleet Intelligence—Arris Page and Izac Lueken—leak classified information to him before disappearing without a trace. Disobeying a direct order from his superiors, Captain Perkin discusses events with his senior staff and the Avenger begins the search for the installation where the illegal biological engineering is taking place. They are tracked down and attacked by the USS Gateway, but the Avenger succeeds in disabling the Gateway's engines. Upon reaching the classified co-ordinates the Avenger finds only an asteroid field where a planet should be. Captain Perkin faces trial for his actions, and both Page and Lueken make statements, but neither of them appear to remember anything to do with Project Symphony. Avenger science officer Volek is able to confirm that their memories have been erased.

At this time the senior crew of the starship Avenger are FO Tessa Shaw, CSO Leinad Drell, CSciO Volek, CEO Masklin Banks, CMO Gora, counselor Brittany Baird, FCO Phoenix Conn and OPS officer Allison Kennedy. [NC]

November 21 (old stardate 52890.4): Satisfied with the Kraa-Kree, Xuundri creates the creatures later known as the Hairies on the planet Icefall II.

The Cardassians rebel against their Dominion allies, and join the Federation, Klingons and Romulans to bring an end to the Dominion War. The Dominion forces return to the Gamma Quadrant, but they will return in later years. Cardassia is left in ruins. Captain Benjamin Sisko ascends to the Celestial Temple, where he will live with the Bajoran Prophets. The war over, station Deep Space 9 is left under the command of Colonel Kira Nerys.

Mortus Ulinian is born on Bolarus IX. He later works as part of a special operations team aboard the USS Horizon.


"Star Trek: Voyager", Season Six

At around this time, Viviane Taliesen is born on Sarum III to unknown parents. She will later be adopted by an orphanage.

Maria is born, the future mother of Nathan Cady. She later marries Rory Cady.

Simon Linus is born at around this time.

The Jolan family are among the first settlers of a new joint Romulan-Federation colony in the aftermath of the Dominion War.


"Star Trek: Voyager", Season Seven

Triana S. Paganini is born in Florence, Italy, on Earth. She will later serve as a nurse aboard the USS Horizon, NCC-825002.

March 14 (old stardate 54198.4): Phryn becomes interested in the Federation. He considers becoming a Starfleet officer.

November 5 (old stardate 54843.8): In the Delta Quadrant, the USS Voyager, commanded by Captain Kathryn Janeway, encounters a powerful alien entity named Thlethl, who captures and collects spacecraft from around the galaxy to create his own personal "museum". Voyager is drawn into Thlethl's subspace pocket-domain, where it is discovered that he has also captured another Federation ship, the USS Tiberious, with its sole living occupant, Banor T'Orell, frozen inside. A team from Voyager beams aboard the Tiberious and revives Banor, who uses his engineering skills to help in Voyager's plan to escape Thlethl's domain, racing against time before they succumb to the life-draining effects of the subspace pocket. Half-way through their break-out attempt,
Thlethl realises what is happening and recaptures Banor and returns him to the Tiberious. However, Voyager uses a modified deflector weapon to destroy the subspace pocket, releasing all the starships contained within. The USS Tiberious resumes its automated course back to Earth, and Voyager follows suit on its own journey home. [NC]

December 23 (old stardate 54973): The USS Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant.


Slor is born on the Gorn homeworld. By late 2418 he will serve aboard the USS Horizon.

Nvii't Sh'aall is born to Ress'claa and J'rlle Sh'aall on the Federation colony of Iboria XII.

Nin Vestra is born on the Juun homeworld at around this time.

Pel Allsar is encouraged by his dying father to travel into space, away from the planet Jasmine.


January 3 (old stardate 56005.5): Pol Canon is born to Parn and Nara Canon in Capital City, on Betazed.

On Jalan, Kabrik and Delkt, parents to Fred Bordak, become council members.

March 6 (old stardate 56175.5): Jadrik is born on the Trill homeworld to unknown parents. He will later be known as Drell.

The Federation offer membership to the Moropa, but they decline.

Kuvak experiences Pon Farr for the first time. He flees his homeworld in shame after he is unable to deal with his feelings. He wanders nearby space until eventually signing up as a crew member on a mercenary ship.

November 4 (old stardate 56844.9): "Star Trek: Nemesis"

The famous android Starfleet officer Data of the USS Enterprise apparently loses his life in what will be referred to by some as the "Nemesis Incident". Despite this, according to some sources the android will be "resurrected" within the body of his surviving "brother", B-4, and Captain Data may, in one version of events, command the USS Enterprise by the year 2387. Captain Data will also pay visits to a young James Burke in the late 2390s.


Dariale begins working as an aerodynamic engineer for the Trasien government. She continues to do so until the USS Mauritania establishes contact with her people.

March 16 (old stardate 57204.5): Ingelate "Ingel" Rademachadjulate Mamestafine is born on Nanderii IX, the youngest of nine siblings. He will be more commonly known as Ingel Rademach.

First contact between the Federation and the Nanderians occurs sometime during this year.

Orlando R. Navarro is born in Guantanamo, Cuba, on Earth at around this time.

Volek leaves Starfleet. He will rejoin in 2406.

May 30 (old stardate 57409.8): Ta'Vern is born on Qo'noS. His mother, B'etorra, is a prostitute and all she knows about the father of her son is that he is a Klingon warrior.

June 4 (old stardate 57424.7): Nova'Song is born on the Third Intaka Moon.

September 11 (old stardate 57694.0): On Moropa Prime, the Ring of Fire seems to have been eliminated by covert Moropa Coalition forces. However, the group lives on under a new leader, a woman named Nussa Kelmorra.

Ekul is disavowed from the Moropa Coalition Security Force and becomes a merchant, sworn to secrecy for the rest of his life.

The father of William Patton is killed in a bar fight on Mars.

December 21 (old stardate 57969.9): Electra Lucrezia Threin is born to Hector and Alyssa Arno Threin, on Betazed.


Kelsi Biaret is born on the tenth day after the second moon of the Rigellian year. She is sold into slavery on the planet Rigel XII, unsure if it is her true birthplace, but nonetheless her home. During her youth she works as an exotic dancer to entertain miners at the Radmira tavern, one of six slaves kept by Mariok Demor.

In a timeline that exists alternate to the history of the USS Horizon, the Borg Collective cease to exist during this year after becoming absorbed by the Caeliar gestalt. Similar events may (or may not) have happened in the Horizon's timeline, in which the Borg remain a threat to the Federation for many years to come. [NC]

May 16 (old stardate 58369.9): Charles Devok Noor is born to James Noor and T'Pana Devok, in San Francisco, on Earth.

July 23 (old stardate 58558.5): Stan the Man is born in San Francisco, on Earth.

September 5 (old stardate 58676.7): Phaegal is born aboard a Ferengi cargo ship. Her father, known as Shr Tao T'iao in Chinese, is involved in a company called Fastercorp, who run out of the Verinus system.

Sean O'Leary, older brother of Epona O'Leary, is born.


January 1 (old stardate 59001.3): Dhalit P'Nehbuddar is born to Nok and Vhesha P'Nehbuddar, at Alpha Centauri.

March 2 (old stardate 59165.3): N'Borga Vandenbergh is born to M. Vandenbergh and G'er in Jerusalem's Lot, Maine, USA, on Earth. His mixed Human/Vulcan heritage cause him lots of problems through his early childhood.

Hanara is born on Bosla.

On Jalan, Tal scientists begin to create their first theoretical models for warp flight.

Prior to his career in Starfleet, India Baker had intended to become a poet. [C]

Georgina Doriana Thayer, the older sister of Alex Thayer, is born.

October 5 (old stardate 59761.6): The Custodians launch an attack against the Kraa-Kree. The attack fails unexpectedly, and the Custodians realise they need to construct a new type of weaponry to defeat the insectoid race.

Cassandra Lucrezia Threin is born.

Hank Douglas and Irene Kyoto are married on Earth.


January 31 (old stardate 60082.2): Kris Canon, the brother of Pol Canon, is born.

March 9 (old stardate 60183.6): Kieran Joram is born to Kieran Boral and Alis, in Jalanda City, on Bajor.

Theophrastus Jacob Hamelin is born on Jamblic IV, a Human colony annexed to Cardassia. He is born into a militant tribe known as the Graak.

Tomas Mackenzie Thayer Jr., the older brother of Alex Thayer, is born. He will become a holofilm actor.

June 17 (old stardate 60459.5): The mother of Ingel Rademach dies of natural causes on Nanderii IX.

Craig Geofry Brant works for Starfleet Security at this time.

Martelli Benovitz becomes a freighter captain.

Paul Jerome enters Starfleet at around this time. By 2413 he will work aboard the Arkon station.

Jared Ireland is born to William and Lily Ireland at around this time. He later serves aboard the USS Dakota.

Asa Ellsyn Garn is born.

Sasha Kali is born to Kunta and Maduk Kali in Africa, on Earth. It is during Sasha's youth that she enjoys hovercar rides with her uncle.

Michael Douglas is born to Hank and Irene Douglas in New Johnstrumm, on Earth.


January 23 (old stardate 61060.1): Hideki Attena Satuma is born in Hiroshima, Japan, on Earth.

Jason Munro is born to James and Christine Munro, in San Diego, on Earth.

February 12 (old stardate 61114.8): Trinity Layne is born to William P. and Virginia K. Layne, in Reno, Nevada, on Earth. Upon her birth, she receives the name Desert Lily from her grandfather, because her skin is so much fairer than his own.

Craig Geofry Brant is captured by Romulans.

Lonu is born to Mapo and Nuki, on the Qura home world. Lonu's elder is Yewa.

En'hel Malaar, the older sister of Jarek Malaar, is born.

Nariktakri'ilma G'Smanvanorn Shalktfrimashkitat is born on the Andorian homeworld at around this time. In future years he is referred to simply as Narik. He later serves aboard the USS Horizon. By 2412, he will be the oldest of seventeen children, and his siblings will include Adkuik and Kavril.

Patrick O'Leary, older brother of Epona O'Leary, is born.

H'llstam is born. She later works as part of a special operations team aboard the USS Horizon.


Cyrix Brakos is born in a spacecraft on its way to Earth.

March 9 (old stardate 62183.6): Ian Angus MacKenzie is born to Kendric and Cara MacKenzie in Gairloch, Scotland, on Earth.

Dr. Elia Eynar, sister of Anur Eynar, is born.

Luis Mateo Thayer, the older brother of Alex Thayer, is born. He will become an actor touring with a theatre company.

July 18 (old stardate 62544.5): Hal Marty is born to Ernie and Aline Marty, in Canada, on Earth.

Paul Astar is born. By the time he is 23, he will serve aboard the USS Horizon.

Kristina Burton is born. She will later serve as CMO aboard the USS Renegade.


Kabrik, the father of Fred Bordak and Tal council member, gives the Tal warp project his full support.

James Tomas Burke is born to Ambrose and Elizabeth Burke.

Pol Canon attends a family wedding. The experience sparks his later interest in interspecies relations.

Samuel Layne, the brother of Trinity Layne, is born.

Tordock is born in a small suburb of the capital city of the planet Benzar.

Korrt is born on Qo'noS.

Xathras Riban is born to Erasmus and Brianna Riban on the Trill colony world of Leturis. He will later be joined with the Jah symbiont.

Zachariah Thaddeus Vinnizoti-Comstock is born in Brooklyn, New York, USA, on Earth.

March 31 (old stardate 63243.8): Davis Porter is born.

Caleb Wills is born.

Dexter Allen is born. His father is Joseph Allen. [C]

Sarah Lucan Patton, the mother of William Patton, is killed whilst travelling by shuttle from Earth to Luna. The shuttle's hull is penetrated by orbiting debris, resulting in a loss of all hands.

William Patton enlists to the Starfleet Marine Corps. He will be acquainted by Bernard Montgomery and a marine named Jake during his time in the Corps.

Luntas is born on Qo'nos, the daughter of Morok. She later works as part of a special operations team aboard the USS Horizon.

Darlene Houston is born to George and Maria Houston in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on Earth.

At around this time, the T-6 base concept is conceived of by the inhabitants of the Telmarc system, whereby a hollowed-out planet serves as an undetectable starbase. By 2416, planet Telmarc VI will be such a base.


On Jalan, the Tal homeworld, the project to create their first warp driven vehicle is given the go-ahead.

January 2 (old stardate 64002.7): Laura Bennett is born to Preston and Gillian Bennett, in Harrogate, England, on Earth.

Novak is born on Vulcan.

N'Borga Vandenbergh moves to San Francisco at around this time.

Epulina Malaar becomes pregnant with twin sons, Jarek and Jarum Malaar. The Custodians emplant secret data inside her, according to the deal that was made between them years earlier.

Peter Douglas is born to Hank and Irene Douglas, in New Johnstrumm, on Earth.

Suria is born. She will later serve aboard the USS Horizon.

According to one account, Nin Vestra was born during this year.

The Klingon Empire starts invading Cardassian space again, occupying many of their systems. The Cardassians are still weakened from the Dominion War and can do little to keep the Klingons away. The Federation colonies in the region are resettled; only some Maquis stay and continue to fight the Klingons, but having lost most of their resources, there isn't much they can do.

At around this time the Klingon scout vessel IKS Nga'Chuq leaves Qo'nos to settle a new home on planet Jamblic IV, a Terran colony. Aboard the Nga'Chuq is a large Klingon family consisting of Dowa'Glac, ship's captain; Morok, his mate; Luntas and Batok, their young twin daughters, and Bu'kaH, Dowa'Glac's sister. Upon arrival at Jamblic IV, they discover that the colony has been taken over by Cardassian forces. Realising that they must find another place to settle, Dowa'Glac and his family nonetheless help a colonist named St. John Hamelin set up an activist group against the Cardassian occupation. The group is christened the Graak. [NC]

Soska is born on a Boslic trading vessel. He will be Dhalit P'Nehbuddar's assistant at the time of her assignment to the USS Horizon.

At around this time - in a timeline that exists alternate to the history of the starship Horizon - Ambassador Spock fails to prevent the destruction of the planet Romulus during the supernova of the Hobus star. The nova's effects are subsequently neutralised using "red matter" technology, but the resulting quantum singularity draws both Spock's ship - the Jellyfish - and the vessel of the vengeful Romulan Captain Nero - the Narada - back through time to different points in the history of an alternate past reality. During this time period, Jean-Luc Picard is a Federation Ambassador, Worf is a General in the Klingon Empire, and Captain Data - resurrected in B-4's body - is the Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise. The Jellyfish was designed by Geordi La Forge.

Events similar to these may (or may not) have occurred in the Horizon's timeline, in which Romulus was not destroyed by the Hobus supernova. [NC]

October 23 (old stardate 64808.2): Silus Jaxom is born in Greenfield, Indiana, on Earth. He is the first of seven children later to be born.

James Mauler is born to Elizabeth H. Mauler and an unknown father in Alabama, USA, on Earth. At some point during his youth, two officers from Temporal Investigations will visit the Maulers' home, questioning Elizabeth, who serves as a LtCmdr. in Starfleet at this time. This event will give James Mauler a negative view of Temporal Investigations.

Abi Seldon is born to two scientist parents on Centauri's southern continent.

December 15 (old stardate 64953.4): Kendric and Cara MacKenzie, parents to Ian MacKenzie, are lost in space.


January 1 (old stardate 65001.4): Ian MacKenzie is taken by his aunt and uncle, Marian and Moourg MacKenzie, to live on Qo'noS. Moourg performs the Klingon R'uustai ceremony with Ian, and he is raised in the Klingon and the Highland tradition.

January 16 (old stardate 65043.1): Jarek and Jarum Malaar are born to Jhon and Epulina Malaar in Gnilliard, Eiskh, on Moropa Prime. They possess genetically coded information hidden within their brains by the Custodians. This is not discovered until later, as the young Malaars' parents choose to keep the truth secret from their sons.

Mason Mytom is born. He will later serve as FO aboard the USS Renegade.

At around this time, Kay Ferguson is born to Minor and Janice Ferguson in Stillwell, Oklahoma, USA, on Earth. She later serves aboard the USS Dakota. According to another account, she grows up in Checotah, Oklahoma.

April 2 (old stardate 65249.3): Gendry Lockhart is born to Carson and Jennifer Lockhart.

K'Tana is born. She will later serve as OPS aboard the USS Renegade.

July 14 (old stardate 65532.8): Jay McMadeth is born to Roy and Mary McMadeth on the Federation colony of Rygeen II.

Suven is born to Ravis and Ilnas in the city of Anriada, on Delta IV.

Starfleet orders the USS Agamemnon to planet Keptar VII, where two warring species, the Chriei and the Matupesk, are on the verge of destroying each other. The Chriei, who are allies with the Federation, inform Agamemnon captain Ellsyn Garn that they believe Matupesk archeologists have unearthed a fabled weapon of great power and are planning to use it against them. Garn contacts the Matupesk government but is unable to prevent them from activating the ancient technology and causing the tragic massacre of thousands. This infamous incident will be later known in Starfleet circles; during the USS Horizon's mission to the Connard system in 2411, Fred Bordaq will compare this event to the potential situation on Connard IV.

The senior staff of the USS Agamemnon at this time include FO Saben, helm officer Paul Jerome, science officer Naomi Wildman and security chief Ambrose Burke. [NC]

Melissande is born on the Trill homeworld.

Rachel Layne, the sister of Trinity Layne, is born.

Travis Meadows is born.

Harry Peterson is born.

Peter Tennison is born to Oscar and Janice Tennison, on Earth.

Tuvar is born. He will later serve as FCO aboard the USS Renegade.

H'zard Trobul is born to a minor house on Qo'nos.

Wolf Henrickson is born. He later works as part of a special operations team aboard the USS Horizon.


Perr Alton is born on Bajor.

Sonya McNair is born to Gregory McNair.

Lana Polditz is born. By late 2418 she will serve aboard the USS Horizon.

Edward Dwight and Maria Shapleigh, the future parents of Samuel Dwight, meet after Maria is assigned as a nurse to the Bajoran Medical Centre. They are soon after married.

Edwin Morton is born.

Laurel MacAfee is born on Earth.

At around this time, Anais Markham is born to Billy and Kendra Markham in San Francisco, USA, on Earth.

The sister of Cyrix Brakos is born.

September 6 (old stardate 66679.4): Jim Peterson is born in New Berlin, on Luna.

Irene Douglas is contacted by the University of California. She leaves her husband, Hank, and travels across the globe to the United States to teach students in the field of temporal biological theory. During the three months she is away, she meets a certain individual with pale white skin and black eyes. Irene conceives a child through him, and is to name him California.

Sebastian Gale is born at around this time. [C]

December 12 (old stardate 66961.5): Jack Tennison is born to Oscar and Janice Tennison in North Carolina, USA, on Earth.

December 31 (old stardate 66999.8): Lorix is born to Nuxx and Lat on Bolarus IX.


At around this time, the Starfleet comm badge logo may be redesigned. The new design features a hollow arrowhead placed upon a background field consisting of two vertical trapezoids. A variation of this design will be used on Starfleet vessels based in and around the Cocoon in the early 25th Century, but it is probable that the design is not universal in Starfleet, with different designs and uniforms being used through the Federation. [C]

Early in this decade, a couple of Bolian engineering Cadets notorious for being pranksters enroll in Starfleet Academy. Among the twins' practical jokes is the reprogramming of flight simulators to make all Cadets who used them feel queasy. By the time of the USS Horizon NCC-61883's launch, the Bolians work on the planet Gaia.

Crown Prince Tamal Jehune is born to Emperor Jiha Jehune of the Deserte and the Emperor's favourite wife, Istala Tamal-Vagon. From very early in life he is selected as one of six possible successors to the Emperor.

Alex James Slater is born to Thomas and Melissa Slater, in London, England, on Earth.

Joanna Dwight, the older sister of Samuel Dwight, is born.

Murdoch Green is born to an English father and an American mother.

April 5 (old stardate 67257.5): William Greyhawk is born in Oklahoma, on Earth.

At around this time, N'Borga Vandenbergh is mutilated by a group of fifteen-year-olds, who claimed they hated aliens. They cut off the tip of his left ear.

August 13 (old stardate 67616.4): Pelora, one of the exiled Nam'Ra, is witness to the construction of the Polyhedron, a giant crystalline transmitter designed and built by the Custodians to keep track of Jarek and Jarum Malaar, holders of the Secret.

September 5 (old stardate 67678.5): Hal Marty begins his education at Elementary school.

California Douglas is born to Irene Douglas. It is not her husband Hank's child, and California's birth signals the beginning of the deterioration of their relationship.

Melody Cuen and her sister "Mandella" are born, the product of secret genetic engineering by Starfleet. Mandella is the first-born. Cuen is later discovered alone aboard the USS Gateway by two members of the Q Continuum, who raise her.

Charles Winston the Third is born at around this time, presumably the son of Charles Winston the Second. He will be more commonly known during his lifetime as "Chug". [C]


Pol Canon begins taking piano lessons.

Asa Garn sees the planet Betazed from space for the first time whilst visiting her mother aboard the USS Agamemnon.

March 4 (old stardate 68171.5): D'Artaigne Storm is born to Jared and Salema Storm, in New Berlin, on Luna.

March 14 (old stardate 68194.4): Dhalit P'Nehbuddar is sent to Burburus Children's Academy.

Horu Grino, Bordak Grino's older brother, is born.

Sven Ayden, an ancestor of Leyson Ayden, is born to Albamar and Martha Ayden, in Sweden, on Earth. His sister is Gina, and his grandfather is Robert.

Amy DeSantos is born on Mars, to a family of architects. Her mother is half-Trill.

June 9 (old stardate 68435.6): Alexandra Elena Thayer is born to Thomas Mackenzie Thayer Sr. and Andrea de la Cruz in Los Angeles, California, on Earth. In 2419 she will be assigned to the USS Horizon as chief operations officer.

Based on the seven-year cycle, T'Salek experiences pon farr at around this time.

Griffin P. Griffin is born on Mars.

Yelda, Jarek Malaar's Dra'Zof tutor, begins his martial arts training at this time.

Sarah Derkens is born on Earth.

Talia Bester is born. She will later serve as CSciO aboard the USS Renegade.

The Atlantean race begins to be created through genetic manipulation at Alpha Draconis. The experiments are performed on Earth dolphins by Dr. Foster of the Daystrom Institute. After six months, the project is forced to relocate to planet New Atlantic due to pressure from the director.

December: Edward Dwight, the expectant father of Samuel Dwight, is killed in a rock-slide during an archeological expedition to Bajor's Fire Caves.

December 12 (old stardate 68948.0): Commodore Fred A. Ross leads the mission that establishes first contact between the Federation and the planet Jalan, the Tal homeworld. As a result, Bordak, a Tal born to Kabrik and Delkt in the city of Talquil on the same day, is given the extra name Fred in honour of the occasion. Bordak is regarded as a good omen for the Tal people, but his twin brother, Datkib, born only a few hours later, is not.

During his school years, Fred Bordak attends both a Federation school aboard station Deep Space 82, and a Tal school.

"Hex" Lexington is born. By the time she is twenty-two, she will live on Risa.


The Tal race are granted Federation membership, shortly after completing their first warp flight.

Jethro Malex is born to Jella Thull and Shanta Malex, on Earth.

February 10 (old stardate 69109.6): Samuel Edward Dwight is born to Maria and the late Edward James Dwight, on Bajor. His name is a corruption of the Bajoran name Samilojain, meaning "man of the Prophets".

Ethan Two-Crows is born at around this time. [C]

Jonathan Walker begins his enlisted service in Starfleet. By 2417 he will serve aboard the USS Horizon under Vymora Einicrox.

Valarn Taya is born.

Bordak Grino is born to Ringo Grino and Captain Grino of the USS Vadosia at around this time.

Sheila Sova graduates from Starfleet Academy at around this time. Her first assignment is as FCO aboard the USS Middlemount, corvette assigned to station Deep Space Four. Over the next four years she will be promoted to Lieutenant and work aboard Deep Space Four itself.

Othello Jones is born. He will later serve as CSO aboard the USS Renegade.

May 5 (old stardate 69342.5): Counsellor Judas Horne submits a report of India Baker during his time at the Academy.

It is during his time at the Academy that India Baker breaks his spine for the first time whilst sneaking out of a fifth-floor dormitory window. By 2411, he will have broken his spine another four times.

A lone Hirogen scout vessel controlled by two hunters arrives in Klingon space under unknown circumstances and crash-lands on the surface of an outer colony world, killing one of the hunters. The survivor runs rampage in a nearby settlement, killing several people and raping a woman named Bu'kaH, before being tracked down by Klingon warriors and killed. Bu'kaH becomes pregnant and later gives birth to Kor, the first known Klingon-Hirogen hybrid.

India Baker graduates from Starfleet Academy.


Barbra Gillis and Thorthanal Einicrox may have been married during this year.

January: India Baker meets Captain Arthur Doyle for the first time, in a bar in San Francisco. During his time in Earth Security, his team deals with a group of Bolian terrorists.

India Baker is promoted to Lieutenant JG and formally assigned to Earth Security, Mobile Squad, under the command of Captain Arthur C. Doyle. He will meet and become lovers with a woman in his regiment during his time serving under Doyle. His lover will later be among his comrades killed during a ground assault movement after Doyle's team responds to a distress call from the Federation protectorate world of Parlax III. In the wake of the tragedy, Baker vows never again to let himself become attached to co-workers.

Joseph Allen, a commercial freighter captain, begins to train his son Dexter to become a pilot.

Jarek Malaar enters private school on Moropa Prime, where he is the victim of bullying by some of the older children. These experiences lead him to develop a strengthened personality later in life. Young Malaar also has a phobia of the dark.

The planet Miranda IV is settled by Federation colonists. Its initial population is roughly fifteen thousand.

June 6 (70427.3): Lucille "Lucy" Freeman is born to Juanita Haynes.

Young James Burke is visited in his dreams by his six-year-old future daughter Cassandra at around this time, who delivers the message "Crewman Mark Seven". The statement will become important many years later.

Kor is born to Bu'kaH, the first known Klingon-Hirogen hybrid.

Lekta, the sister of Fred Bordak, is born.

November 15 (old stardate 70873.5): Vymora Einicrox is born to Thorthanal Einicrox and Barbra Gillis in Vernex City, on Andor.


India Baker is promoted to full Lieutenant.

According to another account in 2411, India Baker becomes a Cadet during this year.

In Brooklyn, on Earth, young Zach Comstock and his friends are ordered to help clean out the former home of the recently-deceased "Voodoo Lady". Comstock loses his nerve from the overwhelming stench of the place and vomits, leading to weeks of "social punishment" from his peer-group.

At some point during this year, Chug is forced to eat the flesh of his own mother in order to survive.

At around this time, N'Borga Vandenbergh's father and the father of his best friend, Stan the Man, are believed to be assimilated by the Borg. Young Stan is killed in the incident. Vandenbergh later learns his and Stan's father were in fact not assimilated.

Alexander Charles McRae is born to Alan and Colleen McRae in San Francisco, USA, on Earth.

April 18 (old stardate 71293.2): Rendash Kuaar is born to William Teria Kuaar II and Jacalyn Kuaar, in Wellington, New Zealand, on Earth.

While Trinity Layne is growing up, her father spends much of his time away from their family, and as Layne becomes older she learns he is being unfaithful to her mother.

Kabrik, the father of Fred Bordak, is elected as Head Council Member of the Federation Council, and becomes an official ambassador.

Anur Eynar is born to Eynar Elian and Jalia Laran in Antos, on Delta IV.

Trinity Layne's grandfather dies.

Riaco and Chinta, twin brother and sister, are born. They are the siblings of Fred Bordak.

Viviane Taliesen leaves the orphanage at which she was raised.

William Patton is involved in an incident at an unknown Embassy after which Patton spends a year in rehab. The Embassy incident will be recreated as part of medical evacuation training in late 2412.

Madwyn Border is born. By the time he is nineteen, he will live on Risa.


Arkanis is made 3rd Chief of his tribe on the Muahijwe homeworld, following the death of his second father, Wun'hurn.

Twins Pete Extra Jones and Repete Spare Jones are born at around this time, the sons of farmers of the American grain fields. Pete is the older twin by twenty seconds. Both will serve aboard the USS Horizon by 2417. [C]

By this time, Phaegal has travelled and seen her entire sector of space. It is presumably at some point prior to this that she lives for three years on the planet Ingyris III, also referred to as Ingyris the Third. Other planets she has lived on include Silmarand and Auo Luong. [C]

August 1 (old stardate 72580.8): Nathan Joseph Cady is born to Rory and Maria Cady, on Turkana IV.

Prior to the birth of Nathan Cady, the planet Turkana IV has been free of non-Humans for several years. During his youth, Cady will hear rumours of Betazoids surviving on the planet by posing as Terrans.

August 11 (old stardate 72608.2): Pol Canon enters the Planetary University on Betazed.

August 12 (old stardate 72611.0): On Turkana IV, the infant Nathan Cady, in hiding with his parents, stops breathing temporarily. He is revived.

William Patton meets Shania Townsend while he is recovering in a Marine hospital. The two are married later in the year.

Franklin del Pozo is born at around this time. [C]

India Baker becomes OPS officer aboard the USS Montgomery, under the command of Cmdr. Sterling Hyde. It is during his time aboard the Montgomery that he is part of an away team that discovers a planet composed entirely of giant jellyfish-like creatures.

Fred Bordak enters school and begins his education on Jalan, the Tal homeworld.

Ixan Einicrox, the brother of Vymora Einicrox, is born.

Late this year, William and Shania Townsend-Patton go on a month-long honeymoon cruise aboard a starliner. Patton's son, George, destined to die unborn, is conceived during this honeymoon.

Dak Munroe is born to Millie Munroe at around this time. [C]


Connemara Single Malt whiskey of this vintage will be drunk by Epona O'Leary and friends in the aftermath of her Telmarc abduction ordeal.

T'Kee, a specimen of the developing Atlantean race, breeds, producing many promising children.

Hanara begins to work as a junior pilot and tactical officer aboard a Boslic Trade Union freighter.

Tolna, the sister of Fred Bordak, is born.

Fred Bordak leaves his home star system for the first time.

Epulina Malaar tells eight-year-old Jarek Malaar the fable of Kladius, an mythical ancient warrior who wished to see into the future.

June 20 (old stardate 73467.5): Hal Marty graduates from Elementary school.

Fred Bordak enters Federation school.

Alorna Sel is born to Alorna Garef and Nyace, on Bajor.

August 29 (73657.3): Gabriel Goose is born to Crispin and Muriel Goose.

Sheila Sova transfers to the USS Avatar, to serve as OPS/2O.

The planet Miranda IV comes under attack from Borg forces. James Burke is one of the only survivors. He lives for the next two years on his home colony's emergency rations and indigenous plants and animals, educating himself in the library and repairing a warp shuttle using a combination of Starfleet and Borg technology. This shuttle will become known as the Revenge.

October 14 (old stardate 73783.6): Reeko Blackadder is born to Joanus and Kara Blackadder in Cork, Ireland, on Earth.

Epona Rosslynn O'Leary is born to Karen Byrne and Eamon O'Leary, on Vulcan.

Likab, a member of Fred Bordak's family, dies.

Shania Townsend-Patton, the spouse of William Patton, dies during childbirth. Shania's father blames Patton for his daughter's death. Patton resigns from the Starfleet Marine Corps and is soon admitted to the Leonard McCoy Medical School, on Mars. In the alternate timeline experienced by the Horizon crew on stardate 13.0826, Shania Patton does not die. This timeline may deviate from the "real" one at this point.

William Patton will keep an interactive hologram of his late wife Shania.

December 7 (old stardate 73931.7): The Kieran family move from Bajor to Betazed. Kieran Boral is hired as a professor of sculpture at Betazed Intergalactic University. Pol Canon will study under Boral at that University for some time.

Pol Canon and Heather begin dating at this time.

December 25 (old stardate 73980.8): Steve O'Brady, the future father of Robert O'Brady, marries Natalie Ball in San Francisco, on Earth.


January 1 (old stardate 74001.4): Dunaess Wodas enters Starfleet Academy.

The Cardassian Military overthrows the civilian government after a decade of failure in driving the Klingons away. Under the new leadership the Cardassians begin to fight back, and the Klingons are slowly repelled.

At some point during this year, Kathy Rhule experiences a dream-like vision in which she sees the man who will be the love of her life: William Patton.

Jadrik enters Starfleet Academy. He will later serve aboard the USS Horizon.

Young Fred Bordak loses interest in Tal history and gains an interest in Human history.

Jethro Malex develops a desire to explore the galaxy.

May 31 (old stardate 74410.9): Sancho Valderez enters Starfleet Academy Marine Corps.

A travelling fair moves through Jarek Malaar's home village on Moropa Prime. It will be three years before it returns.

Dactin, Brecta and Brela, siblings of Fred Bordak, are born.

The Tal race are officially declared non-humanoid by the Federation. Admiral Ross attempts to explain to a confused Fred Bordak why this has been done, but to no avail.

T'Pana Devok, the Romulan mother of Charles Devok Noor, disappears.

October 5 (old stardate 74758.9): Robert and Simon O'Brady are born to Steve O'Brady and Natalie Ball in San Francisco, on Earth.

Viviane Taliesen graduates from the University of Salisbury, on Earth, with a major in bio-engineering.


Pol Canon attends an archaeological dig on the far side of Betazed's second moon.

James Burke is discovered on Miranda IV by a Starfleet rescue party from the USS Montgomery, dispatched to the colony to investigate the unexplained communication silence. Burke spends the next four years living in various foster homes on Earth, undergoing psychological and physical therapy. Also during his time in foster care, Burke is visited over the course of several weeks by the android Captain Data, whose patient support and encouragement help James to interact with the world around him once again.

As a child, Sonya McNair visits the woods near her home in Florida with her father, who is a Lieutenant serving aboard the USS Norton at this time.

Based on the seven-year cycle, T'Salek experiences pon farr at around this time.

Ta'Vern enlists with Starfleet.

James Walsh is contacted by Starfleet Intelligence and recruited to do some undercover work on Romulus. The mission is a success, but the details remained classified for years to come.

September 1 (old stardate 75667.5): Hal Marty enters United Military Flight College in Canada, on Earth.

Davis Porter enters Cambridge University on Earth during this year.

On Rigel XII, Kelsi Biaret befriends a miner named Tradok, who secretly teaches her unarmed combat and weapons training. After her master, Mariok Demor, discovers their friendship, Tradok is killed and Biaret is severely punished.

Nvii't Sh'aall joins Starfleet.

As a child, Sonya McNair visits the woods near her home in Florida with her father.


The planet Debraxa III attempts to gain independence from the Juun during this year.

Young California Douglas is caught shooting cans by his father.

Lopez is born at around this time. He will serve aboard the USS Horizon.

Pol Canon attends an archaeological dig on planet Keptar VII.

Sheila Sova is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander and is assigned as FO to the USS La Paz. Shortly after her assignment she meets and marries Olaf Marevic, the La Paz's CSciO.

On Jalan, the Tal homeworld, the Velnol virus is believed to have been destroyed; eliminated by a combination of awareness education and a synthetic drug designed to speed up the Tal immune system.

September 25 (old stardate 76646.6): Nvii't Sh'aall graduates from basic training.

September 30 (old stardate 76660.3): Nvii't Sh'aall is assigned to the USS Beta Renna, under Captain Beash Sh'vell.

India Baker is promoted to Lieutenant-Commander while serving aboard the USS Montgomery, but is soon later assigned to Earth Security, Detective Squad.

Terna, the sister of Fred Bordak, is born.

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