23rd century

2265: Captain James T. Kirk takes command of the USS Enterprise to lead her on a single five-year mission.


Ovi, Murek's Dra'Zof tutor, is born.


Eeggor Malaar dies in a battle with the Bolians.


The USS Horizon NCC-1000, commanded by Captain Stuart Mann, is ordered to pick up transporter specialist Dr. Joseph Cady from planet Delinia II before proceeding into previously-unexplored space. Soon after, a distress call from Captain Antonio Saxon of the USS Wolfe leads to first contact with the Moropa, who had mistaken the Wolfe for a Bolian vessel. At this time the ship's crew includes FO Byron Haskins, science officer Edward Emick, helm officer Nicole Smits, a Tellarite engineer named Gnarr, CMO Elijah Underhill and transporter chief "TJ" Goodwin. Also aboard the Horizon are Stanley Mann, the captain's teenage son, and a young Vulcan student named T'Veris. The USS Wolfe's CEO is Leo Brownell.

The red Hetgarot, also known as the Hetgarot Adamah, break ties with the Hetgarot homeworld.

A Klingon bat'leth at one time owned by a teacher of Kuvak, and later by Kuvak himself, is not sharpened from this time onwards.


The first same-sex betrothals occur on Moropa Prime.

The Maldevians begin to research into the practical possibilites of time travel at around this time. After two centuries, they will have determined that time travel is impossible.



April 14: Tergin is born to Rigan and Lina on the El-Aurian home world. His sibling is Martia.


A large sub-light colonisation force leaves the Jerjoye system after it becomes apparent that their home star is entering its terminal phase. Millions move below the planet's surface in an attempt to survive.

The USS Horizon NCC-1000 is lost with all hands in the Alpha Quadrant, having been accidentally transplanted through time by Edmundus Wednesday and Gilbert Gerundimor. The ship is not seen until the USS Horizon NCC-825002 discovers it adrift in the Cocoon on stardate 15.0416.

The senior crew of the USS Horizon NCC-1000 at the time of her disappearance are apparently as follows: CO Captain Stuart Mann, FO Commander Abi Seldon, OPS LtCmdr. D'Artaigne Storm, CMO LtCmdr. Electra Threin, armory officer Lt. Nathan Cady, CEO Lt. Stanley Mann, and CSciO Lt<jg> Lonu. It is unclear whether these individuals are the "real" crew, or simply doppelgangers formed as a consequence of the severe temporal distortions the vessel experienced.

According to Stan the Man's confused memories in the 25th century, Stanley Mann's fiancee was Lt. Nicole Smits, and the USS Horizon NCC-1000 was once attacked by rogue Klingons. These events may have their parallels with events occurring in the future.


First contact is established between the Klingon Empire and the So-Shen Confederation at around this time, beginning the first of four border wars between the two powers.


April 11: Christopher Robin Richard Pike is born in Mojave, California, USA, on Earth.



March 22: James Tiberius Kirk is born to George and Winona Kirk in Riverside, Iowa, USA, on Earth.


In an alternate reality, the Romulan mining ship Narada, originating from the year 2387, encounters and attacks the Federation starship Kelvin. In this version of events, James Tiberius Kirk is born to Winona Kirk aboard a fleeing medical shuttle, and George Kirk is killed in the destruction of the USS Kelvin. This event sets into motion an entirely new alternate history, culminating in the destruction of the planet Vulcan in 2258. [NC]


A treaty is signed this year that will refer to planetary quarantine. Elijah Cassius will be in breach of this treaty upon extracting potential biological weaponary from Vagra III in 2411, as cited by Tergin.

2245 (or 2251)

At around this time, command of the famous USS Enterprise passes from Captain Robert April to Captain Christopher Pike at the end of a five-year mission.


Murek, Str'Chyn's Dra'Zof tutor, is born.

2248 (or 2254)


"The Cage" (Original "Star Trek" pilot episode)



The philosopher Endymatri is almost killed by Andorian assassins. As an indirect result of this event, the Federation passes the Freedom of Culture Act, banning the governmental supression of civilian literature and art. Some of Endymatri's writings include the Theorem of Unified Esoterica, which continues to be studied into the 25th century. However, the philosopher remains exiled from Andorian society until his death.

Also, the earlier Endymatri assassination attempt causes offense to the Rigellians, almost leading to war between the peoples of Rigel and Alpha Centauri.


At around this time, a landing party from a Starfleet vessel is transported back in time to ancient Connard IV. The only evidence of this will be the preserved corpse of a Vulcan team member named Semek, discovered by a team from the USS Horizon in 2410. [NC]



"Star Trek" [NC]

2260 (or 2265)


Captain James T. Kirk assumes command of the USS Enterprise. He will command the Enterprise on a single five-year mission.

"Where No Man Has Gone Before" (second "Star Trek" pilot episode)

"Star Trek", Season One (continues through to 2261)

Early in Captain Kirk's five-year mission, the Enterprise crosses the Galactic Barrier, the energy field that surrounds the galaxy. LtCmdr. Gary Mitchell is endowed with "god-like" psionic powers as a result of the energy field's effect. This event will be part of Vymora Einicrox's historical research in her quest to learn the fate of Epona O'Leary in late 2418. Epona herself will later theorise that powerful beings who originate from the Barrier are behind the "luchrupan" objects that have been following her throughout her Starfleet career.

2262 (or 2267-2268)

"Star Trek", Season Two

The USS Enterprise encounters a "planet-killer" doomsday weapon that will eventually be the inspiration for Jonathan Walker's "Annihilator 2417" weapon in the 25th century.

2263 (or 2268-2269)

"Star Trek", Season Three

The USS Enterprise establishes first contact with the Melkotians.

The USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Kirk, encounters Lokai and Bele, from the planet Cheron. The two of them later return to that planet.

"Star Trek: The Animated Series", Season One (continues into 2264) [NC]

2264 (or 2269-2270)

"Star Trek: The Animated Series", Season Two

The crew of the USS Enterprise tackle the affliction known as the "Long Death" plague on the planet Eeiauo. Lt. Nyota Uhura's study of native songs leads the Enterprise to the planet Sivao to find a cure for the plague. MoonRising, a future crew member of the USS Horizon, will be a Sivaoan.


The El-Aurian homeworld is conquered by the Borg. The El-Aurian population flee the planet and scatter throughout the galaxy.


Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise encounter a pair of mysterious refugees aboard a damaged scout vessel. They are an El-Aurian named Damon and his Trill life-partner, Harmyn Xadar, both of whom are species the Federation is not familiar with at this time. Damon and Xadar, having fled their home after it was destroyed by the Borg, travel briefly aboard the Enterprise before being dropped off at a nearby Federation colony. [NC]

Captain James T. Kirk completes his five-year mission aboard the USS Enterprise. The Enterprise returns to spacedock for an extensive refit and Kirk is promoted to Admiral.

2267 (or 2272)


"Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

The first planetwide government is formed on the planet Anabaron at around this time.


The Constitution class starship USS Legacy is probably operational during this era. By the early 25th century, John Roberts will privately own and refurbish this retired Starfleet vessel for his own personal use, based around station Deep Space 101. [C]


The USS Lynx is launched, a top-secret prototype timeship developed by Starfleet to undergo covert surveillance missions.

Tergin makes the decision that he never wants to have children—a choice he will take back in later years.


The Klingon Empire suffers heavy casualties following a failed invasion attempt upon the planet Ranaan, a base of a So-Shen Confederation. As a consequence, for years to come the Klingon code of honour demands bloodshed upon encountering the Shen.


Volek is born on Vulcan. He will be a classmate of Jarek Malaar's at Starfleet Academy.


The Melkotians become Federation members at around this time.


According to Pol Canon, most of the senior staff of the original USS Enterprise are reassigned during this year.

2287 (or 2285-2286)

"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"

"Star Trek III: The Search for Spock"

"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"

The Denjj begin to explore space at around this time.

2288 (or 2287)

"Star Trek V: The Final Frontier"

The USS Legacy, commanded by Bolian Captain Dorthan, is assigned to escort Kindel diplomat Craeden Starsinger to the border between Moropa and Bolian space to mediate a truce between the two warring races. The military representatives involved are General Haro of Bolarus and General Murek of Moropa Prime. The talks are successful and an indefinite ceasefire is called. At this time, the FO of the starship Legacy is Petra Seldon. [NC]

The Great Bolian War, between the Moropa and the Bolians, ends. However, both sides remain bitter towards each other for the conflict.

2291 (or 2293)

"Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"


Blaze Kanalin Starsinger is born to Craeden and Elasia Viilia Starsinger, on Kindela.


"Star Trek: Generations" (prologue) - The USS Enterprise-B is launched. On its maiden voyage it receives a distress call from the El-Aurian refugee ship Lakul, which is trapped inside the Nexus energy ribbon. Tergin and Rigan, who are aboard the Lakul, are rescued by the Enterprise, but Lina is left behind. It is assumed she is still within the Nexus.

The Tal race receive the first images from beyond their solar system, thanks to artificial satellites.


Magna Roma joins the United Federation of Planets.

Str'Chyn, Yelda's Dra'Zof tutor, is born.

Betazed becomes a member of the United Federation of Planets. Lucrezia Crevelli, the great-grandmother of Electra Threin, immediately applies for Starfleet Academy. After later graduating with honours, Crevelli serves in Starfleet for over two decades.


Kuvak is born on the Vulcan science vessel T'Leng to T'veris, a Vulcan scientist. Her pregnancy is the result of her rape by a Klingon pirate after the ship comes under attack.

According to Pol Canon, most of the senior staff of the original USS Enterprise are retired by this year.


Emilia Ziemann is born. She will later serve aboard the USS Horizon.

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