22nd century

The 22nd Century…


At the beginning of this century, humanity is thriving again after the Clone Wars and World War III brought devastation to the planet Earth in the previous century. Most cities have been rebuilt to their old beauty, combined with the latest technological and architectonic achievements.

The current Loremaster of the Damorkin, Dolran Dal Kimbrale, is appointed at around this time.

The widow of Nicholas del Pozo dies at around this time.



The ECS Horizon is launched at around this time. It is a J class modular cargo ship with a capacity of 30 kilotons. It is equipped with two plasma cannons and has a top speed of warp 1.8. The engine is designed by Zefram Cochrane.


Moropa interstellar mission Horkath 1 departs from Moropa Prime on a deep trajectory to explore the area of space known as the Cocoon. Dor'Yok is the commanding officer.


Horkath 1, a deep space mission from Moropa Prime, penetrates the Cocoon and accidentally stumbles across the Celestial Tempest in the Til Oti system, a pocket in space created for the Bai'hadir by the Custodians. The Moropa spacecraft retreats after coming into direct contact with one of the Custodians, and the official log states only that a primitive society has been observed emerging on one of the inner planets of the system.



Jonathan Archer is born to Henry and Sally Archer in New York, NY, USA, on Earth.


The ancestors of Amy DeSantos begin living on Mars at around this time.


Moropa interstellar mission Horkath 1 returns to Moropa Prime.


The survivors of the destruction of the Indaran homeworld settle in the Intaka system at around this time. The Intaka system is thirty light-years from Betazed. [C]


According to some records, a primitive version of the "Federation" is first formed as an informal alliance structure between member worlds, but the United Federation of Planets' official foundation will not occur until 2161.


Raphi is born, the son of Fyndor. He will later be joined with the Jah symbiont.


Findreas MacOuidin writes "Happy August Picnic".


A little-known starship named Horizon is launched under unknown circumstances.


First contact is established between the Romulan Star Empire and the So-Shen Confederation.


"Star Trek: Enterprise", Season One (continues into 2152)


April: Captain Jonathan Archer takes command of the prototype Enterprise NX-01, the first human space craft that can reach and sustain warp 5. According to future classified records, this event, related events, and the following adventures of the NX-01 will eventually become the focus of the history-spanning Temporal Cold War.


"Star Trek: Enterprise", Season Two (continues into 2153)


"Star Trek: Enterprise", Season Three (continues into 2154)

Edmundus Wednesday and Gilbert Gerundimor accidentally arrive in this time aboard their timeship, the Tempus. Chug is travelling with them as a captive. While they are attempting to restore the Tempus' systems, they are detected by the starship Enterprise NX-01, commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer. Seeing a chance to escape, Chug stows away aboard Enterprise. Daniels, a temporal agent from the 31st Century, intervenes and asks Captain Archer to help him try to prevent Chug and the Tempus from damaging the timeline, but as a result Chug gets his hands on some of Daniels' technology and flees through time. Daniels agrees to help Wednesday repair his ship in exchange for their immediate departure.


"Star Trek: Enterprise", Season Four (continues into 2155)



The Romulan Wars, sometimes also referred to as the Earth-Romulan Wars, begin.


The Romulan Wars end.



The United Federation of Planets is officially founded.


December 30: At Earth Colony 12 on planet Canopus IV, Raphi Jah is one of the first Trill individuals to live among Humans. Whilst working late behind the bar of "Raphi's Palace", Raphi is paid a visit by his future self, who warns him that someone will attempt to kill him on New Year's Eve—before collapsing from alcohol poisoning and dying in his arms.

December 31: Raphi Jah again encounters his future self, who has returned from the future in order to murder him. After knocking his past self unconscious, future-Raphi soon realises that he has made a mistake and hops back in time by one day in order to try and warn himself of what is to about to happen.


January 1: At Earth Colony 12 on planet Canopus IV, Raphi Jah regains consciousness in his bar in the early hours of the morning, having survived his future self's attempt on his life. He is left with a fractured skull.


During this time on the planet Deserte, society is organised around a hydro-despotic system, in which kinship-based patriarchal clans known as Desertines wage war over the precious water sources that they control. Eventually, the most powerful Desertine clans conceive of the role of Desertine Emperor as a way of uniting the planet under one governing body. The Emperor's Privy Council is formed. Also at this time it is decreed that the Emperor must take a wife from each of the forty-five Desertine clans, and each male heir produced from the unions is eligible to become the next Emperor.


Stanley Mann of the USS Horizon NCC-1000 may have been born at around this time.


Eeggor Malaar, an ancestor of Jarek Malaar, is born on Moropa Prime.


T'veris, the mother of Kuvak, is born.



May 14: The Federation starship Horizon, NCC-1000, is launched with Captain Stuart Mann in command. It is a Horizon-class vessel, an extensive update from the Daedalus class.


Earth's scientific community discovers that the "voices" heard in many humans' minds may actually be the result of latent extra-sensory perception. [C]


The USS Horizon NCC-1000 visits Sigma Iotia II. The crew leaves a book entitled "Chicago Mobs of the Twenties" on the planet, causing severe cultural contamination. The ship is later destroyed by unknown cause, and its final distress call is not picked up until the mid 23rd century. According to an alternate account, these events may have happened to the crew of an earlier starship Horizon, the USS Horizon NCC-173, in the 2160s.

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