21st century

April 5th, 2063: After humanity, in the person of Dr. Zefram Cochrane, has exceeded the speed of light for the first time, the Vulcans initiate first contact.


August 19: In at least one timeline, Nathan Cady arrives in Sydney, Australia, on Earth, having been transported there from 2416 by an older version of Chug. Chug, who has been traversing the space-time continuum for ten subjective years using some of Edmundus Wednesday's technology, convinces Cady over the next few days to kill Nicholas del Pozo in retribution for the death of California Douglas.

September 2: "The Trial of Nathan Cady - Dead Authors"

During this period in time, the space-time continuum becomes "frayed" and fragmented due to the repeated temporal transit of Nathan Cady back and forth between moments before and after the apparent death of Nicholas del Pozo.

September 6: At this time in at least one timeline, Nathan Cady is incarcerated at the Saint Mary Psychiatric Hospital in Sydney, Australia, on Earth. He is treated by Doctors Lee, Hardy and Jennifer Higgins—possibly an ancestor of Renee Higgins—and is visited by an apparition of the individual known as Al, who is seemingly some kind of manifestation of a higher plane of reality. Both Nathan Cady and Chug eventually depart for the Telmarc homeworld in the year 2413, and Cady's memories of these events are subsequently repressed. The writings of "Crazy Nicky" del Pozo will be known to future generations of his family.


According to future records, an individual named Nathan Cady commits suicide whilst still incarcerated at the Saint Mary Psychiatric Hospital in Sydney, Australia, on Earth.


Rigan, the father of Tergin, arrives on Earth to pay a visit to his brother Keliv, who is living in New York. Vincent Vinnizoti is witness to their meeting, but he is unaware that they are actually aliens.


Nicholas del Pozo is married at around this time.


Nathan del Pozo is born, the first son of Nicholas del Pozo.


An unknown El-Aurian is born at around this time. By 2412, he will work with Atalya Kinosh in Starfleet Security. [C]


The Jah symbiont is born at around this time.


Fred Bordaq will own a Macware Tri-D television from around this time. In the 25th century, Bordaq will be a self-proclaimed expert on popular Earth music from this era.


Zefram Cochrane is born at around this time. Other accounts record his birth date as 2025.


On Earth, another period of war begins in the planet's violent 21st century: factions of genetic "supermen" remaining from the Eugenics Wars of the 1990s once again attempt to gain power across the globe. This conflict is referred to by some as the "Clone Wars", and despite its impact on humanity will become lesser-known in future generations - overshadowed by the imminent Third World War.


The defeat of the genetic "supermen" brings Earth's "Clone Wars" to an end. However, growing global tensions and political shifts mean that the planet's warmongering is sadly far from over.


Prior to World War III, the ancestors of Leyson Ayden worship a pantheon of gods.

Nuclear war breaks out on Earth, resulting in a brief nuclear winter. This war is later known as World War III.

The infamous Colonel Green, who is involved in Earth's World War III, is an ancestor of Murdoch Green.

In the period just prior to the Third World War, the music genre known as "jaded irony" becomes popular. Among these songs is one named "Forever", a piece familiar to Fred Bordak during his Academy days.

At around the same time, the teenage children of Martian settlers escaping war-torn Earth are pioneers in another new genre of "music", titles from which include "Worse than Death", "Farm Animals and Electricity Don't Mix" and "Take Your Helmet Off"—the latter apparently being a popular pasttime on Mars.



The Awk symbiont is born. Future hosts will include Thibor and Melissande.

"Star Trek: First Contact" (past)

April 5: Dr. Zefram Cochrane makes the first warp flight aboard his prototype craft, the Phoenix. This leads to first known contact between humans and Vulcans.

In the wake of "First Contact", a cultural movement emerges in Brooklyn, on Earth, aiming to preserve the city's culture in the face of Earth's first encounter with extra-terrestrial life.


The Drell symbiont is born. Future hosts include Leinad and Jadrik.


The Great Bolian War begins, between the Moropa and the Bolians.


Earth continues to recover from the Post-Atomic Horror in the aftermath of World War III.


December 12: Nicholas del Pozo dies in his sleep by his wife's side.


Antilla Monahan writes "Both of Two Hearts" at around this time.

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