20th century

1999: In pursuit of Dr. Simon Linus, the Horizon crew arrives at Earth from the 25th century. At the time of their visit, the development of the human race has been accelerated by a high number of technological, scientific, political and sociological breakthroughs in the course of the century.


The Moropa first begin to explore space.

December 17: The Wright Brothers build and fly the first motorized airplane in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA.


On the Anabaron homeworld, the Order of the Behemoth is outlawed.

The cottage outside Doolin in Ireland where Epona O'Leary will spend her youth is built at around this time. Over the years it will be modified and replaced to maintain its original appearance.


The last tree grows on the planet Horolambas. A chair that Phryn later owns is made from the wood of this tree.


The Indaran homeworld is destroyed during this time period, bringing to an end a great civilisation of galactic explorers.


During this era on the planet Anabaron, democracy begins to replace the old feudal system. The legendary
Order of the Behemoth is disbanded—or so it is believed. The original imperial family is murdered at around this time, although some surviving family members are moved into hiding so that the bloodline would continue and the Illuminated Empire could one day be restored.



The Moropa develop faster-than-light travel, leading to contact with other alien races. The first alien race the Moropa encounter are the Bolians. The initial meeting is not exactly friendly, and hostility continues between the two races for centuries.


October 14: Captain Charles "Chuck" Yeager makes Earth's first supersonic flight in his aircraft, the Bell X-1, at Muroc, California, USA.



October 4: Sputnik I becomes Earth's first artificial satellite, marking the dawn of Earth's Space Age.


January 2: The Luna 1 probe is launched from Earth. It will be the first human spacecraft to visit Earth's moon and to achieve a solar orbit.

A farm house in the mid-west of the USA is deserted at around this time. It will later be the hiding place of one of the segments of the Custodians' Omnikron weapon.

September 12: The Luna 2 probe is launched from Earth. It will be the first Human spacecraft to impact on the surface of Earth's moon.


April 12: Yuri Gagarin is the first human to achieve orbital space flight. He circles Earth once in his craft, the Vostok I.

August 12: The Berlin Wall is erected in the city of Berlin, in Germany, on Earth. It will become a resented symbol of the divide that embodies the Cold War.


August 27: The Mariner 2 probe is launched from Earth. It will be the first human spacecraft to visit Venus.


Michael Biranovic is born in Kosovo, on Earth.

November 28: The Mariner 4 probe is launched from Earth. It will be the first human spacecraft to visit Mars.


The comic-book hero the Golden Condor is created during this time period. His adventures will be re-enacted in the Horizon's holodeck by Pol Canon and friends. [C]



Natalya Biranovic is born in Kosovo, on Earth.

July 20: Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to walk on Earth's moon.


Jennifer Higgins is born at around this time. By the year 2000, she will work at the Saint Mary Psychiatric Hospital in Sydney, Australia. [C]


March 2: The Pioneer 10 probe is launched from Earth. It will be the first human spacecraft to travel through the Sol asteroid belt and to visit Jupiter. As such, it will also be the first human deep space probe.

March 25: Kris Olson is born in Minnesota, USA, on Earth.


April 5: The Pioneer 11 probe is launched from Earth. It will be the first human spacecraft to visit Saturn.

November 3: The Mariner 10 probe is launched from Earth. It will be the first human spacecraft to visit Mercury.



April 20: John Roberts is born to Jason and Grace Roberts in Whittier, California, USA, on Earth.


August 20: The Voyager 2 probe is launched from Earth. It will be the first human spacecraft to visit Uranus and Neptune.



February 20: The first human habitat in permanent Earth orbit, the Mir space station, begins construction with the launch of its core module.

"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" (past)


December 31: Some kind of "dimensional incursion" occurs in New Mexico, on Earth—the fourth recorded. By the year 2412, such phenomena will be known to Atalya Kinosh, a phenomenon analyst, and an unknown El-Aurian, both of whom work in Starfleet Security.



On Earth, the Eugenics Wars begin, after Khan Noonien Singh and his genetically engineered followers attempt to dominate the planet.

Tergin's uncle, Keliv, lives on Earth during the Eugenics Wars. According to Tergin, some of the cities spared destruction in the War include Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires and Tokyo.

John Roberts earns a degree for the completion of secondary school education.

June: John Roberts goes to see an opera in Los Angeles. Upon entering the opera house, Roberts blacks out. He is taken by an unknown individual to a cave within Arrowhead mountain in California, where he is placed inside a cryogenic container of alien origin. A cloaking device prevents the container from being discovered for over four centuries.


According to future records, an individual named Nathan Cady and his mother emigrate from their home in Holland to Australia. [C]



The Eugenics Wars on Earth end, as Khan and his followers are overthrown. He flees from the planet aboard the SS Botany Bay.

According to Tergin, the aftermath of the Eugenics Wars will see NATO reduced to only four countries: the United States, Great Britain, Canada and France.

Jason Munro will be a fan of basketball from around this time period.

The antique pen-knife that Reeko Blackadder's grandfather Trent will one day own is made during this era.

Kris Olson and John Roberts meet on South Mountain and begin living together in Phoenix, Arizona, on Earth at this time—according to Olson's later accounts. Roberts's future recollection of these events will be confused.


The Moropa Coalition is formed.

May 16. An image of John Roberts dating from this time will be discovered by Dr. Lite on stardate 12.0322.

Gallic and the android Trax, both friends of Kris Olson, spend some time in this historical period, attempting to determine the truth about John Roberts' brother, Michael. They remain cloaked and "out-of-phase" with normal matter, so as not to disrupt the timeline. They track Michael Roberts's fragmented temporal signature to a remote planet at the edge of the galaxy, where he has been taken with other Humans for the purposes of experimentation; Michael's genetic profile is recorded and Michael is killed, but a new version of Michael is recreated from fragmented data after his alien abductors are attacked by another race. Gallic and Trax eventually return to Deep Space 101, timeframe 2412.

June: John Roberts disappears.

November 20: The Zarya/FGB control module, the first element of the International Space Station, is launched into space.


Vincent Vinnizoti, an ancestor of Zach Comstock, resides in Brooklyn at this time. He is owner of the "Vinnizoti's U-Stor-It" business.

February: NATO forces begin bombing raids over Kosovo, Yugoslavia, attempting to destroy remaining eugenics labs in the country after the native government refuses to dismantle them. The raids affect the lives of the Biranovic family, and many others.


April: The crew of the USS Horizon arrives from the future and helps prevent the destruction of the timeline by Dr. Linus. Linus attempts to take the place of astronaut Paolo Chiradia and sabotage the International Space Station under construction at the time. He is stopped in his tracks after being tricked into believing he will be returned safely in exchange for temporal coordinates.

During this time, the USS Lynx arrives at Earth from the future. Jarek Malaar beams down to a farm in the mid-west of the United States to recover the fourth segment of the Omnikron weapon. There he meets the Instigator, who originally stole the Omnikron from the Custodians. The two of them fight and Malaar is severely wounded, but, after being contacted by the Custodians, he returns from the brink of the death and kills the Instigator.

In the meantime, the 29th century timeship Gaia arrives in this time and attacks the USS Lynx into dropping her temporal shields. Captain Clarkson's crew beam aboard the Lynx to take it into custody, but a future version of Malaar, Nathan Cady and the others escape to the Gaia as the Lynx disintegrates. They beam Jarek Malaar off Earth's surface and set a course for their own time.

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