Hidden in the Depths

Hidden in the Depths was a mission carried out by Deep Space 101 between stardates 9.0911 and 9.1027.

Senior staff

Captain Alyza
Lieutenant Commander Johnathon Roberts
Lieutenant Taavek
Lieutenant Zachary Hogan
Lieutenant Commander Tinkerbell
Chief Petty Officer Romana Stewart

Mission summary

written by Aly Shapiro

The planet Delot IV, is in a solar system was the sector mapped by the USS CURIE under Commander Dapo's command. This sector adjoins the Amgine sector, towards Omega. That would put the sector within 2 light years of M'Sagro system. The Hetgarot system is in the same sector.

The USS BANGALORE, DS 101's support ship, carrying a specially modified runabout, the USS ATLANTIS, did a more detailed survey of the Delot system and its fourth planet. The following is Captain Alyza's log entered after the mission was complete:

"Captain's log, star date nine-one-zero-two-four point one-one-four-five. We have successfully completed an away mission to the fourth planet of what we are calling the Delot system. The planet, having a gravity similar to Vulcan is a world of 93% ocean, is home to 3 distinct sentient species. The Delotians, the cetaceans, and the island dwellers. The Delotians are colonizers who originally came from another world they called Delotia. The cetaceans were seeded on this planet by a probe ship sometime in the planet's past. The island dwellers, we did not learn what they call themselves, appear to be native to this planet based on their DNA and that of the other plant and animal life.

"The Delotians have the ablitity to make artificial worm holes, and seemed to have bipassed warp technology all together. How the make their worm holes is unknown. The Delotians have their own version of the prime directive. They physical appearance of the Delotians is very much like a huminod body with a head similar to an Earth bottle-nosed dolphin.

"The island dwellers inhabit the 7% of the planet that it dry land. Since the planet is larger than the Earth, being closer to Vulcan in both size and mass, the total area of dry land is approximately that of the Earth's Eurasian continent, though widely scattered. Only one of the islands was surveyed, an island in the southern hemisphere roughly the size of the island of New Guinea on earth. The away team noted a large number of coastal cities that appeared to have a fishing industry of some kind. There were also unihabited areas of coast, presumably due to their lack of a good harbor. The away team observed that on the island surveyed at least, the island dwellers (who look humans with hair the color of the planet's sky through the sea)"

Alyza paused and entered a picture of a native into the computer from the tricorder readings of the away team.

"The away team found that the inhabitants used animals for transport and had at least 1 factory of some kind in the city (located near the southern end of the island) surveyed. They also observed that people of differing professions, wore a differently colored version of what appears to be the dress of the island surveyed. All those seen wore a long tunic and matching pants. Whether other islands have the same dress is unknown. Lt<jg> Barak speculated that one possible explaination for the differing dress is that they island dwellers may have something similar to the d'jaras on Bajor. There are, of course, other possible explainations, including government ordered identifying dress. Only further study will reveal what the reson for all the farmers wearing black, a man of high status wore red, street sweepers wore gray, and shop keepers all wore blue.

"The city surveyed had was compact, perhaps owing to the small amount of dry land on the planet. All shops had dwelling units, above them of 5 stories in height. Another indication that these people do not waste space and are in need of more space, at least on the island observed, was a village of sorts living in stilt houses upon the shallow shelf to the north and east of the island's coast.

"Lt.Cmdr Roberts stated that 'The farm land ended, and the city began abruptly. The city resembled, more than anything else, a densely packed Greek city of the early industrial age, without the monumental ruins that were found in Greek cities.'

"It is my recommendation that Starfleet send a team of anthropologists to the system to do a more in-depth study of the island dwellers."

A copy of the log was sent to Starfleet command on SB Omega.

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