Hands of the Great Hope

The Hands of the Great Hope, commonly called the Purifiers, are a theocratical society in the Cocoon.

The following is a copy of a security report filed by the USS Horizon after their first encounter.


The Hands of the Great Hope—or as they are commonly being called, the Purifiers—were first encountered on stardate 12.0821 by the Cocoon Fleet Flagship, the USS Horizon NCC-825002. The Purifiers attacked the Horizon without known provocation and after quickly collapsing the Horizon's shields, boarded and began attacking the crew, with only this communication:

[We're the Hands of the Great Hope and, whether through your iniquity or ignorance, you have become Unclean in the Eyes of Hope. We are here to Purify you. This is a great day for you. Glorious is the Purification!]

The Horizon fought back in hand-to-hand combat, while simultaneously preparing an insertion counter-attack, but finally were victorious by soft-launching their full torpedo complement in a timed detonation within the Purifier vessel's shields.

Anthropological analysis

We have very little data on the sociology of the Purifiers at this time. What we do know is that their society and/or military seems to be based on theocracy. References were made to the "Great Hope", which appears to be their supreme deities, or possibly the collective name of a pantheon of deities, hence their self-referenced collective name, "Hands of The Great Hope". They apparently seek out what they believe to be 'evil' and attempt to 'purify' it. This 'purification' can take many forms, which will be discussed below.

No evidence of females of the species were found among the party that boarded the Horizon, therefore, they are most likely patriarchal in nature. Although the possibility exists that they are unisexual, no evidence of female reproductive organs was found in the autopsies of the boarding party. The males (as we hold it given that they are such) found after the Horizon's escape seem to be roughly equivalent to humans in appearance, with only minor surface differences, such as the elongated earlobes, vestigial third and fourth nostrils (appearing as half-moon indentations above and behind the true nostrils), and six digits on each hand and foot. Skin tone ranges in general type T hues similar to Terrans, Vulcans, Bajorans and such. Hair and eye colors follow type T hues as well.

Internal physiology is quite different (see appendix A), but is primarily an alternative organization of standard type T organs. As with humans, only a limited number of duplicate organs were found—in this case, the liver, stomach and lungs. Blood composition is standard type T, with elevated levels of magnesium, iron and arcorium, giving the blood an orange tint when exposed to oxygen. Muscle density is more consistent with type R humanoids such as Klingons and Boslic, giving strength advantages.

The most remarkable element of Purifier physiology is closely tied with the psi-capable status. Purifier's are apparently psi-enabled at level 4, slightly below Vulcans, but their psi-talents are extremely focused, rather than broad spectrum psionics as found in Betazoids. The psi-talent seems exclusively to implant a psycho-biological virus through skin-to-skin contact. It is actually a psycho-overlay reprogramming that affects the victim's mental control (see note on Purification).

Technological/tactical analysis


The Purifier's vessel could best be described as an elongated pyramid shape with rounded edges. The point of the pyramid seems to be directional as the front of the ship. Displacement is approximately 300% of the Tryfan class, although an exact number could not be determined. The Purifier vessel apparently has a sensor-resistant hull, which made accurate assessment difficult, particularly given the Horizon's state at the time of the attack. Speed, defensive capabilities, maneuverability, etc. are all unknown at this time. The vessel is capable of a type of transwarp conduit travel, similar to Borg TW conduits, but with frequency and modulation differences. From data sent back by the USS Nightingale, we have discovered that the power source for the vessel seems to be a contained subspace microfracture. A defensive limit seems to be the yield of 53 photon torpedoes at close, simultaneous detonation. Although, the Nightingale's data seems to suggest that such a large yield was not necessary. Due to the circumstances of the battle, we can not determine what the minimum yield requirement would be.


The Purifier vessel only used one method of attack—a burst of energy rings, which attached themselves around the shields of the Horizon, dispersing the shields and constricting until the shields failed completely. This method of attack was also used on a D-warp runabout which a newly-arriving officer attempted to use in aid of the Horizon upon arriving at the battle site. It appears there may be a minimum energy transfer ratio for the rings, as they collapsed the runabout's shields, then continued to affect the vessel until it was destroyed, an outcome that did not happen with the Horizon itself. The Purifier boarding party, also limited their weapons to one type—a bladed staff, approximately .75 meters long, composed of an unknown metal (metallurgical analysis still pending). The staff's composition draws energy such as phaser fire to it, acting as a sort of energy weapon shield for the bearer. Teams assigned to the study of this weapon have met with great difficulty in their analysis, and have not been able to determine the exact cause of the reaction, or where the absorbed energy is transferred to. Should the secret be discovered and capable of replication, this could mean great advances in personal and (possibly) ship-to-ship defense technology.


The Purifiers appear quite suddenly, and accurately to their intended target, and their attack, while quick, is nonchalantly executed. While 'purifying' they do not seem particularly concerned with defense or stealth. Their attack patterns suggest full confidence in their victory, regardless of odds or evidence to the contrary. In short, they are very casual.

Threat rating

8 of 10 (unlikely to attack and overconfident, but with power and technology advantages)


The Purifiers seem to be set on one goal, much like the Borg, although not quite as dangerous or single-minded. This goal is the 'purification' of 'evil'. It is believed that the Purifier vessel specifically targeted the USS Horizon, although the exact nature of what 'evil' they hoped to find there is unknown. Several recent events on the Horizon could have triggered their interest. The Horizon was recently involved in the Hetgarot-hosted diplomatic conference where they made first contact with many other new races, and where they also encountered a nebulaic anomaly that was possibly sentient (although the USS Hikaru was also involved in this mission and was not attacked by the Purifiers); a cadet named California Douglas (file XCCD95002541.03) assigned to the Horizon was recently possessed and destroyed by a long-living death-focused entity; the Horizon's flight control/second officer Jarek Malaar was recently given psionic abilities by a race of extra-dimensional entities (file DCJM75329773.99); and the chief engineer Fred Bordaq (file JCFB88395592.74) has also been documented as having unwilling communication with a separate group of extra-dimensional entities. Any one of these events have created situations that might seem to match with the Purifier's psionic modus operandi so far as we know.

Purification itself is a psycho-biological virus inflicted by skin-to-skin contact. It is a psychological program that rewrites the victim's neurological program, in effect 'brain-washing' them with the Purifier's belief system and goals. The virus is communicable, and once a victim is infected they are driven to infect others. The virus apparently works within the mitochondria of neurons, supercharging them as it redirects the synaptic patterns into Purifier-congruent thought. This gives a number of mental and physical advantages, including enhanced motor-control, increased reaction speed, heightened metabolism and raised adrenaline levels. The result is basically a stronger, faster, smarter humanoid. Luckily, the singular focus of the victims devotes all of the increased intelligence capabilities toward desiring the Purification of others. To summarize: They think more and they think it faster, but they're only thinking about a singular goal, making them vulnerable to surprise and tactical strategy.

In a small number of victims (approximately 4%), the brain is more resistant to the Purifier virus. Although the neural rewriting is resisted, the resistance sends the victim into a coma with only 2% brain activity.

Both reactions are curable and treatable, with a combination of controlled neural cortex stimulation and doses of ezoxycene, nandoporpramine-z, and mirtax (see report T'Salek & Vestra SFM-2499021-AABR-32). Recovery is full and complete in approximately 72 hours.

It is believed that the virus, when successful and unchecked, develops into a natural and free-will state, allowing the victim to function as a normal individual, with the Purifier belief system as the primary guiding factor. Based on autopsies of the Purifier boarding party, they seem to have developed highly advanced stages of the same virus. It is unknown how long before the virus is incurable, or if the Purifiers themselves might be curable of their own weapon.


Deeds and Wonders- Term for the beliefs and doctrines of The Great Hope

Father- Term used for commanding officer of a Purifier vessel

Father Boke- CO of the Purifier vessel that was destroyed by the USS Horizon on SD 12.0821

Great Expanse- The universe, space, the galaxy

The Great Hope- deity or pantheon of deities worshiped by the Purifiers

The Great Hope's Breath- Purifier term for a transwarp conduit

Hands of The Great Hope- the Purifier's name for themselves

Heathen- An un-Purified person

Hegemony- Guiding body of the Purifier military

Impurity- 'Evil', or possibly anything incongruent with Purifier theology

Lariat of Truth- Purifier term for the shield-draining energy ring weapons

"May I be Humbled?"- Request of a Purifier to make suggestions to a superior

Muky- Right Hand of the first encountered Purifier vessel and leader of the boarding party that attacked the USS Horizon

Old Father- Term for the primary leader of the Purifiers

Passage through the Great Hope's Breath"- Transwarp journey

Penance- Rite performed by a Purifier to show their devotion to the Great Hope

Purification- Term used to describe the transmission of the virus and assimilation of its victims

"Purification is Glorious!" or "Glorious is the Purification!"- Battle cry used by the Purifiers

Purifiers- Collective term for the Hands of the Great Hope as coined by Horizon personnel

Right Hand- First officer of a Purifier vessel

Sign of Blessing- A hand gesture used when granting an inferior permission to speak

Unclean in the Eyes of Hope- 'Evil'

Vow of Uncleanliness- Rite performed by a Purifier consisting of abstenance from bathing or grooming in order to remind other Purifiers of the vileness of Impurity

Weapons of Submission- The Purifier arsenal used in Purifying heathens

Writ of Weakness- Purifier term for a tactical analysis

Further information

For further information, see appendices A-J and referenced files.

Respectfully submitted,
Lt. Nahur Anala
SFSec Anthropological Specialist, SB Omega

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