Hamas was a mission carried out by the USS Loki between stardates 9.0929 and 12.1208.

Mission summary

SD 9.0929: The USS Loki was on its way to a planet named Hamas, having had a briefing of the findings on the last planet they visited.

SD 9.1013: The LOKI decided to try and disguise the ship as a freighter so that they would be inconspicuous when they entered the Hamas system. They would also be emitting a false warp signature. Lykos assembled a crew to attach holo emitters to the hull so that they could do their best freighter imitation. Firestorm lead one of the two teams attaching the emitters, Lykos the other team. The emitters installed, the ship was ready to test them and see if they could be a convincing freighter.

SD 9.1019: The crew of the LOKI were working hard on giving the ship the illusion of being a freighter. They still had a problem with some shimmering by the nacelles, seen by the sensor buoys deployed by Ariadne McPherson, the ops officer. Lycos made some adjustments, and the ship's disguise passed the Captain's inspection. A D-warp shuttle was seen arriving, most likely carrying the ship's new flight control officer, Ens. Henry Thoreau.

SD 9.1103: The USS LOKI got a new flight control officer, Ens Thoreau. He arrived in a D-warp shuttle, and due to the disguised nature of the LOKI, sent out a distress signal. The shuttle was piloted through two shuttle bay doors, one illusionary that lead to the real shuttle bay doors.

SD 9.1109: The USS LOKI resumed its flight to the planet named Hamas at the speed of warp 2.2, still disguised as a freighter. With two hours to destination, Capt Spilling had Firestorm come to his ready room to inform him of the war with the Klingons and give him time to talk to his wife and make a decision whether to stay with the LOKI or return to the Klingon Empire. The two were concerned about their unborn twins but also Terry's son in the Klingon Empire. They didn't come to a decision.

The LOKI finnaly arrived at Hamas, and the ground controller allowed them to land, after informing them of the specials available at the port. It seemed the LOKI's disguise was working well, and Hamas did not know that the ship was technologically superior. The technology of Hamas was that of 21st-century Earth with only slow warp speeds available.

SD 9.1116: The away team of the LOKI split up, some to get information from one of the local libraries, some to gather information at one of the grimier bars in the port city. While they looked for info, they were to try and make a few deals with the gold they replicated. Trading was expected on this planet, as the inhabitants of the planet resembled Ferengis culturally, being obsessed with making a deal. There was also an undercurrent of violence in the society, people often using force or fighting to obtain the information they were looking for.

According to their civilian scientific advisor, Mikail Rostanchev, he of multiple personallities, there was a sameness to the minds of the people on this planet he had touched so far. He could not distinguish the difference between one mind and another, with the exception of Gour, the owner of a bar they entered to gather information.

SD 9.1124: Drewthor and Firestorm, still trying to get information from the library on Hamas, applied a bit of pressure to the librarian and two heavily armed guards. It seemed that violence was an expected and accepted way of getting information on this planet. They disabled the guards, took their weapons, and had the librarian subdued.

SD 9.1202: Lt. Telkor arrived on the EASTWOOD to the planet Hamas and the LOKI. He was to be the new assistant ops officer, but due to the death of the newly promoted ops officer Commander McPherson at the hands of Klingon Starfleet officers seeking to take over the LOKI for the Empire before Telkor's arrival, he was now the ops officer. Captain Spilling wisely changed the access codes to the LOKI and as he was the only one who knew them. His apparant death by a neuroparalizer used in Voodoo caused the Klingons to take a shuttle and leave to join the Klingons in fighting the Federation.

Last post

Shortly after this, the LOKI was decommissioned and the crew replaced by that of the USS SAGAN under Capt. Galen Savage. The following is an excerpt from the LOKI's last post by Andrew Roger:

The librarian looked at Firestorm and laughed. Firestorm was struggling to stay standing because of the wound in his side. Drewthor examined it quickly while Firesorm continued to watch the librarian. The wound did not appear to be fatal but it would be safer to get back to the ship then to risk another dangerous encounter. They began to back away from the librarian slowly keeping in their sight all the while.

Once they found an empty room, they closed the door and Firestorm contacted the LOKI and ordered that they be transported back to the ship for a medical emergency. They were both treated by the doctor and released shortly thereafter. Drewthor then headed to a science station to analyze the data that the had taken from the library.

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