Amgine Nebula — A nebula whose south end is located in the Amgine Sector, five lightyears from Deep Space 101. It is about thirty lightyears wide and stretches northwards, deeper into the Cocoon, for at least three sectors. An alien race known as the Nebula Dwellers is believed to reside within the Amgine Nebula, but no contact has been made so far.

Amgine Sector — A sector of space deep inside the Cocoon, approximately four weeks away from SB Omega at warp 9. It houses Deep Space 101, part of the Amgine Nebula, and parts of Dergrad and Vurtedion space, including both races' homeworlds. A map of the Amgine Sector is available.

Armstrong Sector


Bajor — One of the members of the Federation, located not far outside the Cocoon. It is presumed the Juun's original homeworld.


Balmoral Sector

Balorr Sector


Cadi Sector

Capree Sector



Outpost 721, also known as Cocoon 1, is a Starfleet marine outpost in the Negdren Sector, located within the second asteroid belt of the Nedrex System. Its purpose is to protect the Juun space lines between the Negdren and the Andepax Systems from the Na-Chem, and to act as a bridge for deeper exploration of the Cocoon. It was taken by the Telmarc in 2416 and retaken by Starfleet forces led by the USS Horizon in 2417.

Cocoon One — Also known as Outpost 721, Cocoon 1 is a Starfleet marine outpost in the Negdren Sector, located within the second asteroid belt of the Nedrex system. Its main purpose is to help protect the Juun space lines between the Negdren and the Andepax Systems from the Na-Chem, and to act as a bridge for deeper exploration of the Cocoon. It was taken by the Telmarc in 2416 and retaken by Starfleet forces led by the USS Horizon in 2417.

Council of Elders — The government of the Hetgarot, seated in the city of Noncharot and led by the Melka.


Deep Space 101

Debraxa III — A planet in the Iggonus system in the Irimada Sector, close to Na'Chem territory. It houses a colony of independent Juun as well as a Juun prison. In 2409, the USS Horizon discovered the Juun government had used a biogenic weapon against the colonists; see the mission summary "Conspiracies and Genocide" for more information.

Delot IV

Demeter — A J-class moon of the planet Gaia in the Gaia system in the eponymous sector. It houses SB Omega.

Dergrad — A xenophobic race whose homeworld is located in the Amgine Sector, and whose empire also includes parts of the Kyathane and Dergrad Sectors. They spend most of their time fighting with their alien neighbours. They are commanded by an emperor and a team of advisors. The judicial system is harsh on offenders. The Dergrad initiated hostilities with the Vurtedion Federation. A full profile is available.

Dergrad Sector

USS Destiny

DS101See Deep Space 101.

DwellersSee Nebula Dwellers.


E'ertu Sector


Fair Harbour — A small Juun mining colony on a moon on the far side of the Juun Union. It is in permanent need of external supplying.

FederationSee United Federation of Planets.


Gaia — Both a star system in the Gaia Sector and an N-class planet in that system. The system's star has a spectral type of G3. Orbiting the planet Gaia is the J-class moon Demeter, which carries SB Omega. A full report on the Gaia system is available.

Gaia Sector — The first sector of space inside the Cocoon, bordered on the south by the Portal Sector. It houses the Gaia system, which includes the J-class moon Demeter on which SB Omega is located. The Juun Union occupies the northern part of the sector.

Ghirna — One of the larger cities on Juun, in the province Heruan. An observatory located there is over 2,000 years old. The town is surrounded by cultivated land and located at the junction of two rivers.

The Great HopeSee Purifiers.

Grosnora Sector


USS Hamilton

The Hands of the Great HopeSee Purifiers.

HavocSee Point Havoc.

USS Hermes

Heruan — A province on Juun, containing the large city of Ghirna.

Hetgarot — Both a nocturnal race living in the Hetgarot Sector and that race's homeworld. The Hetgarot control a territory that takes up about half the sector. They are peaceful and somewhat xenophobic, always preferring to avoid conflict. They are ruled by the Council of Elders, led by the Melka, from the planet's capital city, Noncharot. A full profile on the Hetgarot is available.

Hetgarot Sector — A sector of space in the Cocoon, located directly south-west of the Amgine Sector. It contains the Hetgarot homeworld, the planet Delot IV, and at least eleven other L- and M-class planets. The Hetgarot's territory is located entirely within this sector. A map of the Hetgarot Sector is available.

Holack Sector

USS Horizon


IggonusSee Debraxa III.

Irimada Sector


Jawiq Sector

Jura Sector

Juun — Both a race living in the Cocoon and that race's homeworld, located in the Juun Sector. It is believed a group of Bajorans moved into the Cocoon about ten thousand years ago and settled on what is now known as the Juun homeworld. This group of people developed into the Juun. One striking difference with the present Bajorans is that the Juun do not believe in the Prophets. The Juun have colonized nine other planets and one moon, which together form the Juun Union. A full profile is available.

Juun Minx — An eight-legged rodent of up to 30 cm in length. It is similar in appearance to a Cardassian vole and is also known to cause occasional technical problems aboard stations and starships.

Juun Sector — A sector of space in the Cocoon, located directly north of the Gaia Sector. It contains the Juun homeworld and belongs entirely to the Juun Union.

Juun Union — The whole of the eleven world colonized by the Juun. The Juun Union spans an area of space about fifty lightyears from east to west and forty from north to south. Centered on the Juun Sector, it includes a part of each of the eight surrounding sectors. The eleven inhabited worlds are the Juun homeworld, nine other K-, M- and N-class planets, and one moon. In recent years, some of these worlds have expressed a desire to become independent from the Juun homeworld.


Katarian Sector

Ketuba Sector

Kyathane Sector



Melka — The leader of the Council of Elders, the Hetgarot government. The Melka serves for one year at a time, on a rotational basis between three of the Elders. One must be born with certain instincts to become a Melka, and these are more common among female Hetgarot.

Metrall Sector

MinxSee Juun Minx.

Mobdat Sector

M'Sagro System, M'Sagro III



Narojab Sector

Nauv Sector

Nebula Dwellers

Nedrex System

Negdren Sector

USS Nightingale

Noncharot — The capital city of the Hetgarot homeworld. Like many cities on Hetgarot, it is built in the trees. The Council of Elders, the Hetgarot government, is seated in Noncharot.


Starbase Omega

Outpost 721See Cocoon One.


Pieri Sector

Point Havoc — The most studied and most predictable of eight known temporal disturbances in Federation space, located at a few days' travel outside the Cocoon. It is under a continuous heavy Starfleet guard and its location is highly classified.


Portal Sector


Purifiers — A theocratic race or organization from the Thola Sector deep inside the Cocoon. They attacked the USS Horizon in the Katarian Sector in 2412. Subsequently, the Horizon travelled through a transwarp conduit to the Thola Sector to neutralize their threat. They are considered dangerous, but no more contact has been reported since the Horizon's mission. Fore more information, see the Horizon's mission summary "Hope and Despair" or the accompanying Starfleet Security report.



Red Hetgarot

Renrael Sector

Renrael system


Saishan Sector


Sector — An area of space, 20 lightyears wide by 20 lightyears long by 20 lightyears high.

Seeffoc Sector


StarbaseFederation starbases are alphabetized by name, excluding the Starbase prefix.



Tamrood Sector

Tass Sector


Terellian Sector

Thola Sector


Ullar Prime

United Federation of Planets

USSFederation starships are alphabetized by name, excluding the USS prefix.




Vurtedion Sector


Wolf Class — A Juun fregate.

Wolf Sector

Woodland Foundation — A civilian research organization, operating throughout the Federation and sometimes beyond its borders. They are independent from Starfleet, although a certain level of cooperation does exist. In particular, Starfleet provides the Foundation with easy access to most of its resources. Starfleet has also donated a number of older science vessels to the Foundation. In return, the Foundation shares all of their findings with Starfleet Science and sometimes conducts research at the specific request from Starfleet Science. The Foundation has an office and laboratory on SB Omega and is looking into the possibility of opening a similar setup on Deep Space 101. Professor Arahan, a Caldonian, leads the Foundation's work in the Cocoon.



USS Yeager

Yretsym Sector


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