Gaia Sector

The Gaia Sector is the sector of space in which the Portal to the Cocoon resides. SB Omega guards the Portal as is located in the Gaia System. This sector has been referred to on several occasions as the Cocoon Sector.


Systems within the Gaia Sector

Gaia System

The Gaia System is home to SB Omega located on the moon Demeter orbiting the M-Class planet Gaia. The moon Demeter once supported life, with an extensive fossil record. [1]

Damaris System

The Damaris System is the nearest system to SB Omega and contains 3 planets. They are currently non-inhabited, but habitable as a K-Class planet. There is a healthy Oort Cloud largely consisting of an unestimated number of comets, mostly small sized, entering the solar system roughly every 103 years. [2]

The largest comet is Damaris LXXI with a diameter of 4.3 kilometers. It orbits the star once every 34 years. Currently Damaris LXXI is under heavy WARNING, as it has a strange electromagnetic field emanating from it for unknown reasons. There is enough information to warrant a further investigation. [2]

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