Explosive Devices

Jem'Hadar Incendiary Devices

Background Information

Jem'Hader incendiary devices are nearly impossible to transport. The shielding that the frequency modulation of the annular confinement beam would trigger a detonation. Jem'Hadar procedure is to place several devices interlinked so that if one detonated, then all would detonate, thereby efficiently destroying the base killing everyone, but leaving the basic structure in place to be refitted by the Founders. A monitoring system would be put in place to monitor all actvity on the station, from the status of power generators, to the strength of the defences. If the discovery of an incendiary device is entered into the computer's log, it will cause detonation. [1]

Disarming the Devices

First vent all plasma from the device. When it reaches the air, it will cool into a gaseous state rather quickly. All devices need to be vented simultaneously, or they will detonate. To locate them all (a base the size of SB Omega would hold ~30 to ~50 devices) scan the station for abnormal plasma fluctuations and be sure to keep the scan separate from the main computer or it will activate the detonation. [1]

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