Elterapi and Laramie Bros.

Elterapi and Laramie Bros. was a mission carried out by the USS Nova, NCC-1776, between stardates 6.1201 and 7.0301.

Senior staff

Captain Calvin A. DiFalco
Commander Careth Broll
Esn. Rick Slick
Esn. Benjamin Kearney
Lt <jg> T'Kara
LtCmdr. Daniel Laramie

Mission summary

When returning to Earth to deliver the retrived cloaking device to the Head of SFIA, LtCmdr Laramie learns that his brother Arthur, Cadet at SF Academy, disappeared a few days ago. A girl he has been with has been found severely injured. Laramie, relieved from his duties due to the sudden death of Captain Chared of the Diamondback during an interview with him and the pending investigation conducted by Commander Broll, decides to try to follow his brother, assuming he has been abducted. Stealing a runabout from the Nova he leaves earth.

After his absence is noticed and the direction of his journey is found out about, Captain DiFalco manages to acquire a mission in the same sector the runabout has gone to. Dr. von Ail and Counselor Kearney stay on earth to investigate, the Nova travels to Elterapi where a moon has been pushed from it's orbit by a wandering black hole and threatens to destroy the valuable digging sites under Federation archeology administration with floods and earthquakes.

After getting through the dangerous asteroid belts the staff learns that there is a way to move the moon back into it's old orbit, using tractor beams and a gravitational mine, fired from the separated saucer section. Preparing for the blast, Kearney and von Ail return to the ship with the results of their investigation.

Meanwhile Laramie crash landed the runabout on Devran III, a hostile desert world with violent lightning and sand storms and a savage fauna. He barely manages to survive as he is attacked by beasts, only his genetically altered body providing him with the talents to live. At the same time his body and personality changes rapidly, turning him into a savage, dangerous beast himself, final result of the alterations of his genetic code.

Managing to move the moon back into proper orbit and saving most of the digging site, even revealing a new insight into the history of Elterapi by cracking open a new level of ruins when the gravitational wave hits the planet, the Nova leaves for the Devran system, following the runabout dispatched under the command of Cmdr. Broll. They, meanwhile crash landed nearby Laramie's runabout themselves, manage to follow him and find him altered into something scary and dangerous. Slick and Laramie fight, both get injured, but suddenly Laramie heads off, deeper into the desert, listening to a call only he can hear.

There he finds Arthur and the man that lured him away from the Academy. They fight and Pwyll, the opponent, proves to be immortal, nearly killing Daniel, but finally Arthur finds the strength to decapitate Pwyll, ending his awful existance. With his death, the electric storms subside and the Nova manages to retrive the ships and crew. A distress call from Starbase Gamma under attack from the Borg calls the ship back, ending the fights and assisting the disabled Federation ships.

The end of the mission also means that the Nova moves to Green Fleet while the crew transfers to the new Blue Fleet Flagship, the prototype USS Fenris. Concluding the events, the report on the investigation on Captain Chared's death is presented. Admiral Scott-DiFalco decides that Laramie will have to stand answer in a trial on earth. He leaves the ship to justify his actions.

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