The Dergrad are a xenophobic race whose homeworld is located in the Amgine Sector, and whose empire also includes parts of the Kyathane and Dergrad Sectors. They spend most of their time fighting with their alien neighbours. They are commanded by an emperor and a team of advisors. The judicial system is harsh on offenders. The Dergrad initiated hostilities with the Vurtedion Federation.


The Dergrad government is a dictatorship led by an Emperor.

A group of Advisors serve under the Emperor and control aspects of Dergrad life:

  • Military
  • Civilian control
  • Resource management
  • Science
  • Diplomacy

This is in order of importance to the Dergrad people. The Emperor of course has the last say in decisions made by the Advisors.

Laws and justice

Basic laws are if you defy the system, the Emperor or the Advisors you die. The majority of crimes on the Dergrad homeworld and their ships are punishable by death. The odd minor crime results in a punishment based on public embarrassment of the criminal and their family.


Technology-wise the Dergrad are inferior to the Federation (although not necessarily to Deep Space 101). Technology is around 60 years behind and mostly geared towards military use. Non-military technology is around the same levels as the Federation was in the mid-23rd century.

Alien relations

The Dergrad are hostile toward all alien races. They have seized control of several races' planets and won several wars against resistors. They do have a tolerance to aliens but at a very low level.

Military ranks

Rank Abbreviation Starfleet equivalent
Shild Shd. Ensign
Brofer-Trulan Br. Lieutenant JG
Brofer Br. Lieutenant
Brofer-Adel BrAdl. Lieutenant Commander
Adel Adl. Commander
Adel-Difio ADf. Captain
Difio Dfo. Commodore
Elidi Eld. Vice Admiral
Johinu-Elidi JhuEld. Admiral
Grenudis Grs. Fleet Admiral
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