Deios II

Deios II was a mission carried out by the USS Loki between stardates 9.0824 and 09.0928.

Mission summary

SD 9.0824: The LOKI arrived at Deios II, a planet that may have had a space-faring culture about 2000 years ago, but which now has a fairly primitive one.

The LOKI sent 2 shuttles, the TRON and the Akira, down to the planet Deios II, the team having had cosmetic changes to enable them to interact with the natives of the planet without violating the Prime Directive. On their way down to the planet, the two shuttles encountered some kind of energy field, causing them to crashland.

The TRON, lead by LtCmdr. Firestorm, landed in a mountainous region, cold and snowy. The TRON was no longer spaceworthy, both because of the accident, and because the civilian advisor Mikail Rostanchev cut the door open with a phaser. It was learned that Mikail had multiple personallities, including his own, his father Boris, a paranoid soldier, and a doctor named William McDonald. The pilot, Sean, was injured, but Dr. Rey, with the aid of Mikail, was able to stop his bleeding and stablize his condition. Dr. Rey and Firestorm scouted the area, noticing a city some thirthy kilometres away, and having returned to the crash site, helped Mikail build a shelter for the night.

Meanwhile, the Akira crashed in a somewhat more hostipitable area (a tree-covered area) and was still spaceworthy, though damaged. This team was lead by a pregnant Lt. St.Jean-Trojan, and was rounded out by Lykos Tirna, Mike Drewthor, and Ariandne McPherson. Ariadne and Drewthor climbed a hill nearby to try and get better communications. Meanwhile, CEO Tirna worked on the shuttle's comm system, and was able to repair it, though they still could not communicate with the TRON. On the hill, Lt(jg) Mike Drewthor heard something rustling in the brush, which turned out to be some kind of cat. The two headed back for the AKIRA.

On the Loki, Captain Spilling was concerned about the loss of communications with the away teams, and noticed the energy field around the planet and requested the science department to launch probes to get data on the energy field.

SD 9.0907: The Tel Fun, whose job it was to make sure no one on the planet knew of the existence of aliens from other planets, were looking for the "UFOs", the UFOs being the two downed suttle craft. The ship in the most danger was the AKIRA, which was directly on the path of the Tel Fun search team—the camouflage would do the ship no good. Upon leaving the AKIRA, the team met a young girl who had just run away from the Tel Fun. At first, making a diversion to lead the Tel Fun away from the AKIRA was considered, but in the end, it was decided that in order to avoid violating the Prime Directive, the AKIRA had to be destroyed. The LOKI would, hopefully, be able to find the AKIRA's personnel using their subdermal transponders. With their cosmetic alterations, they would try to blend it and pass for natives until the LOKI retreived them.

Meanwhile, the TRON personnel managed to make a door out of vegitation for the TRON to keep them from freezing overnight. A native of the planet named Plitz Renard, having seen the UFOs crash, got in a truck to find the "truth" which he knew to be out there. :-) He located the TRON and offered the personnel a ride and help to avoid the Tel Fun.

The LOKI was working on a way to get past the shield that downed the two shuttle craft without activating it. The larger the object, the slower it must fly to go through the shield safely.

SD 9.0922: The away team of the LOKI was taken to Plitz Renard's house after a long and fairly miserable ride in his truck. After the garage door was closed, Firestorm sought to insure that the Prime Directive was obeyed. With that end, he destroyed most the TRON with a phaser set on overload, after explaining that it was an ancient ship made on the very planet they were on and that they were running from the Tel Fun. Plitz easily believed this story. After the discovery of a file on the Holack, apparantly a species that had caused the planet's inhabitants to give up space flight and disavow ever having met aliens, Firestorm had the rest of the TRON "vaporized" along with Renard's file on the Holack. Actually, the LOKI beamed up both the remains of the TRON and the file. With that, the team left Renard's and was soon back aboard the LOKI, which exited the shield. Unfortunately, a young native of the planet, apparantly Renard's daughter, was found to be on board after the ship exited the shield. Since the shield power had been increased, she could not be returned.

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