Death and Gratitude

Death and Gratitude was a mission carried out by Deep Space 101 between stardates 10.0202 and 10.0608.

Mission summary

Following an incident involving a female klingon spy onboard Deep Space 101, the assistant CSO, Lieutenant Marguerite Velez, was injured attempting to apprehend the spy, who nevertheless was killed during the attempted escape. Lieutenant Commander Hogan returned to duty early from his short vacation due to staffing issues related with Velez's injury.

Lieutenant Bel Shaane proceeded to err in 'suggesting' that a Bajoran shop owner, Lita have weapons on station in her antique arms shop. Captain Alyza quickly rectified this situation and informed Shaane of his error.

In the meantime, Hogan did return early from his short vacation with good news of his own. Rissa had accepted his marriage proposal and the two planned to get married immediately. Upon returning, Hogan proposed that joint manuevers be conducted on the station between his own security forces and those of the Hetgarot. Alyza and the Hetgarot soon agreed to this.

At about the same time, an unknown race of aliens from within the cocoon approached DS 101 with a business proposition. The Plisho as they called themselves, offered to exchange necessary raw materials with DS 101 for information as well as materials the Plisho themselves could not manufacture. With DS 101 in desperate need of raw materials due to the klingon war, the senior staff consulted with the Hetgarot who stated the Plisho were 'not what they seemed'. Reluctantly though, a deal was struck with the Plisho and soon trade relations began.

During this time, Barak, Captain Alyza's bonded mate died. His death was discovered through the severing of the bond with Alyza. His death was attributed to some strange inter-dimensional transports being conducted by uknown forces. Transports were being conducted on seemingly random members of the DS 101 inhabitants at intervals of approximately 70 minutes. Chances of surviving this type transport were estimated to be slim. Meanwhile, the CO was attempting to cope with her loss—a loss known to drive some Vulcans insane.

Due to the extreme nature of the situation, Lt.Cmdr. Hogan advised that Lt.Cmdr. Taavek and the captain leave the station. By now, the CO had become more or less paralyzed in her attempts to cope with her loss, and thus was confined to sickbay until a time when she was more in control of her mental faculties. Taavek assumed command. He immediately made the decision to take Alyza and leave DS 101, taking up station keeping some light years away in the HIKARU. Hogan was left in charge on the station.

Lt.Cmdr. Tinkerbell by now, had managed to isolate what dimension the transports were originating and taken herself to said dimension. The aliens she next encountered, those responsible for the transports, thought her a demon. Citing that the crew of DS 101 was guilty for some crime they had yet to commit, they had taken it upon themselves to kill the crew before their crime came into being.

Attempting to reason with the creatures was Tinkerbell, while Hogan took a security team and using technology developed by Shaane, beamed over to the other dimension. The aliens, far superior in technology, and besides fighting on their home ground, quickly decimated much of the security force. Those left began to converge on the alien control room, where Tinkerbell still remained trying to reason with the aliens.

Shaane finally was able to develop and interdimensional plexing beacon which allowed him to re-establish communications with the away team and beam them out of the other dimension.

Unable to convince the aliens of the fact that what they was doing was wrong, Hogan set out to destroy the equipment they used to bring them to the other dimension. Abhorring violence, Tinkerbell attempted to prevent this and did so, stopping the aliens and Hogan from doing more violence to each other. In the end, a stern talking to, to both parties was performed by Tinkerbell leading up to the creatures no longer interfering in the Federation's dimension. Hogan and his team were then returned to their own dimension.

During this, Taavek had mind-melded with Alyza to ease her suffering and enable her to cope with her loss. The meld was successful and Alyza returned to her controlled, calm self. With things relatively normal now on the station, the Bajoran Gratitude Festival was begun in earnest. With the good news came the bad though. Commodore Yanten had been killed in a skirmish and his funeral was to be held on the station. The high brass for the cocoon attended via holo-link. Words were spoken honoring the being for not only his accomplishments as Commodore but his great sacrifice for the Cocoon.

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