Darr'chuh is the commanding officer(CO) of the Threin-class USS DEMORA-SULU
[as of 21.0929 (which was RL September 29, 2009)]


Name: Darr'chuh
Species: Mov
Sex: Male
Physical Characteristics: 8.5 feet or ~2.6 m, 1,330 pounds or ~605 kg
Extremely similar in appearance to the larger subspecies of Terran brown bears,
Mov have a certain ponderous grace in the bipedal stance and a top speed of
about 30 mph or ~48.3 kph in the quadripedal stance

(NOTE: Adult Mov are ALWAYS embarrassed to be seen on all fours by another
adult [of any race] )

Age: 28 (as of 21.0517)

  • primary school completion 11.0613
  • Interstellar Defense Force(IDF) training completion 12.0811
  • Starfleet Academy completion 15.0523

Homeworld: Myrh (Rahhey II in the Mobdat sector)
Birthplace: Green Tree breleh farm in Hur'an province


  • mother, Des'lah, owner of Green Tree, deceased
  • father, Greh'zik, location and vocation unknown


  • brother, Darr'hal, IDF captain
  • sister, Darr'grih, new owner of Green Tree

Spouse: none
Children: none

Medical: blood type Abd
partially due to numerous injections affecting his neurochemical balance
21.0915, Darr'chuh is experiencing extrordinarily vivid nightmares every night
as of 21.0930

Traditions: every province gathers for a storytelling and song-singing festival
for 3 nights once a month, this functions also as a time for arranging
apprenticeships, indulging in flirtations, voting in Province Speaker elections
as well as on issues brought to the community's attention by the Province
Speaker, and organizing community projects such as road or irrigation

Beliefs: all Mov are practical, pragmatic, and tolerant, believing in one great,
spiritual being that made everything and expects all sentients to live in peace,
they compromise where neccessary to avoid conflict, relocate when compromise is
unsatisfactory, and fight, as a last resort, when relocation will not remove the

Quirks: although he's so big, he can't hold his liquor AT ALL and avoids
drinking it

Ambitions: to develop as an individual and uphold his family's record of
honorable service.

Annoyances: selfish or cowardly people, especially when they make his job harder
with their selfishness or cowardliness

Hobbies: oil-based painting and listening to Big Band (he picked up both hobbies
during his time on the COCHRANE)

Service Record:

  • 15.0627: Enlisted as Ensign/Cocoon transfer
  • 15.0630: Assigned CSO of USS COCHRANE
  • 15.1108: Promoted to Lt<jg>
  • 16.0513: Recalled to homeworld for family emergency
  • 19.0618: Requested re-enlistment
  • 19.0619: Re-enlisted/ Assigned USS NIGHTINGALE SAR leader
  • 19.0801: Field reassigned as USS NIGHTINGALE CSO
  • 19.1104: Promoted to Lt by LtCmdr Dennis Hanson aCO USS NIGHTINGALE
  • 19.1104: Assigned aFO by LtCmdr Dennis Hanson aCO USS NIGHTINGALE
  • 20.0120: Reassigned USS DEMORA-SULU FO with CO Hanson and CEO/2O Narvorr M'tress
  • 20.0525: Promoted to LtCmdr/Reassigned as CO of USS OLYMPUS-MONS
  • 21.0224: Promoted to full Commander by Admiral Tergin, Cocoon Fleet CO
  • 21.0929: Reassigned USS DEMORA-SULU CO by Admiral Tergin & promoted to captain
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