Conspiracies and Genocide

Conspiracies and Genocide was a mission carried out by the Hood-class USS Horizon, NCC-61883, between stardates 9.0824 and 9.1211.

Mission orders

To: Captain Threin, CO, USS Horizon
From: Commodore Datun Yanten, Fleet XO, Cocoon Fleet
SD: 9.0824


The Horizon is hereby ordered to begin mapping a small star system close to Na'Chem territory… there have been reports of activity within the system that could indicate sentient life capable of warp. The system is Iggonus.

Good luck Captain,
Commodore Yanten
Cocoon Fleet Executive Officer

Intelligence Report:
The Iggonus system is close to known Na'Chem territory, although recent Na'Chem activity has been minimal. The Horizon should keep an eye out for Na'Chem vessels but under no circumstances is the vessel to engage in combat with the Na'Chem. The USS Tian An Men, a Hood class vessel, is on patrol in the region; if the Horizon is in any trouble then rendezvous with the Tian An Men.

Senior staff

CO: Captain Cassandra L. Threin
FO: Lieutenant-Commander Alex Slater
CMO: Lieutenant Kieran Joram
CNS: Lieutenant Phaegal
CEO: Ensign Cyrix Brakos
CSO: Ensign Ian MacKenzie
FCO: Ensign Hideki Satuma
CSciO: Ensign Tergin

Mission summary

The Horizon stopped at Starbase Omega to pick up some new crew members and exchange her mission pod which was a Colony pod for an Augur sensor array. After picking up the new pod, the Horizon went on a quick spin around the system and found that the integrity clamps attaching the Augur pod to the ship were faulty.

At the same time Captain Threin received a secret message from a mysterious figure requesting the Horizon's aid in a top secret mission. The Captain receiving these orders was a complete secret from the crew. The Captain arranged with doctor Kieran to have a complete identity check system ready, but she wouldn't tell the doctor for what. The Horizon received orders from Commodore Yanten to begin mapping the Iggonus system near Na'Chem territory.

The ship laid in course for the Iggonus system and upon arrival found a small Starfleet beacon floating in space. By doing a closer investigation of the beacon it was found by Ensign Tergin to be a space suit. While beaming onboard the space suit the Horizon attracted the attention of one of the ships in the system which came after the Horizon, once the space suit was aboard, the ship turned on a return course to Starbase Omega. Although once the ship was sure that the space suit was aboard it broke off pursuit. The suit was beamed directly to sickbay, where doctor Kieran properly identified the person as Commodore DiFalco, whom had gone missing some time before.

In sickbay the Commodore met with an assassin who tried to take his life, although the Commodore dealt with him fatally. The Commodore had been working with the Na'Chem to form a cease-fire between the Na'Chem and the Federation. In return for the cease-fire the Commodore was asked to investigate the planet Debraxa III for any sign that may have been the site of a Juun colony as well as the site of a mass genocide against the Juun colonists when they chose to become independent from Juun.

En route to Debraxa III the ship was hailed by a Juun transport called the Bamoth which was loosing life support. The Horizon was ordered by Commodore DiFalco to try to approach the planet as stealthily as possible. The Horizon hailed the Tian An Men and asked her to deal with the Bamoth.

The Horizon dropped out of warp close to the planet. The Captain got permission from the Admiral to go ahead with the mission as planned.

The planet Debraxa III was home to the Juun prison and the workers of the prison offered no interference with the investigation of their planet. Phaegal and MacKenzie beamed down to the prison to investigate it, Tergin and Kieran went down to the planets surface to try to find anything that was in the surrounding country that might be cause of a genocide, and Brakos and Satuma worked the sensors trying to find anything from the surface.

Satuma, while doing a scan of the planet form the ship, found evidence of structures beneath the El Sigla mountains. He beamed down alone and was soon captured by the Juun ‘sentinels' guarding the underground installation.

At the same time, Tergin and Dr. Kieran beamed down to the surface with a science team. The science team found evidence of trace elements in the soil and air that were key components in a biogenic weapon. After they found these they were soon captured by a group of Juun natives. Most of the natives were sick and Dr. Kieran quickly found they were suffering from the effects of the biogenic weapons. Tergin began talking to the natives trying to find out what had happened in their past.

Meanwhile, MacKenzie and Phaegal beamed down to the prison to begin their investigation. Before they could go far Phaegal was mentally attacked by another telepath. MacKenzie contacted the Horizon and the Dr. was beamed to assist the Counselor. The doctor recommended that Threin might be better suited to deal with the psychic attack since she was a very highly rated psi. Threin agreed and Commodore DiFalco took temporary command of the Horizon.

Brakos discovered that Satuma was missing, and found the coordinates where the esign had beamed down to. The Horizon contacted Tergin on the surface, who had finished learning all he could about the natives known as the First People and agreed to accompany Brakos and a security team in a search for Satuma. The natives lead Tergin and Brakos to the Citadel which was also known as Juun Installation 410. This is where Satuma was being held.

On the ship, the science department was working quickly to discover all they could about the compounds found on the planet. They found that there were actually two biogenic weapons used on the planet, and the combination of the two caused the Juun to retrogress, meaning that the natives found on the planet were direct decedents of those who had colonized the planet many years before.

Satuma finally escaped from his holding cell, and was on his way out of the compound when Brakos, Tergin, MacKenzie and some commandos freed him from the compound after a brief firefight. The result left Brakos unconscious.

MacKenzie, Tergin and Brakos returned to explore the installation in depth after all the Juun working there were arrested. Inside they found a number of the natives, who seemed to be mutilated and injected with a number of drugs. When consulting the Juun about it, they were told that the Juun scientists were trying to reverse the effects of the retrogression.

Up in space, four Wolf class frigates approached the Horizon, Commodore DiFalco ordered the Horizon to begin data transfers to Omega, DS101 and Cocoon One, as he was expecting trouble.

In the prison, Threin broke in on the link between Phaegal and her unknown mental assailant. She found that it was the former FO of the Horizon Asa Garn.

MacKenzie ordered Satuma back to the Horizon, for he felt that the Ensign's skills would better be used there.

The Juun ships continued to hail the Horizon desperate to find out what Starfleet knew about what was going on down on Debraxa III.

Tergin and MacKenzie finished exploring the installation and returned to the Horizon. The Horizon sent out the cadet's manual with the strictness codes accessible to them to make the Juun think they had lots of secret information being transferred. They also let the Juun know of a few key words such as genocide, biogenic weapon, coverup. The Juun ships launched a shuttle towards the planet.

The Horizon couldn't lock on with a tractor-beam, because the secondary computer was used to boost the Augur array. So DiFalco ordered a shuttle of the Horizon's to be launched to overtake the other craft. This gave Tergin and Brakos enough time to get the ship's tractor beam back on line.

Once the Horizon stopped the shuttle, the Wolf class ships began attacking the Horizon, but to the Juun's dismay the USS Fenris arrived just in time. One of the Wolf class ships broke off pursuit and the others stayed to fight. They were made short work of by the Horizon and the Fenris.

Down on the planet Dr. Kieran treated Asa, and was soon beamed up with the away team to the ship where he could give her proper medical attention.

DiFalco left the Horizon on the Fenris, and with the arrival of the Chase Barone and Esperance to watch over the happenings on Debraxa III, the Horizon sped back towards Omega with physical evidence of the happenings on the planet.

The Horizon returned to Omega and presented the evidence to Omega's forensic labs. Brakos was transferred to the coma treatment division on Omega.

Brakos woke up just in time to receive the promotions that Threin was giving to most of the Command staff. The crew of the Horizon had a party to celebrate the completion of their mission and their promotions. The party wasn't all fun and games as it was found out that Threin, Slater and Phaegal would be leaving for various reasons. The crew did manage to celebrate in their own ways and pay tribute to those departing from the ship. They eagerly awaited their next mission.


Commander Garn: promoted to commanding officer
Lieutenant Kieran: promoted to Lieutenant-Commander
Ensign Brakos: promoted to Lieutenant JG
Ensign MacKenzie: promoted to Lieutenant JG
Ensign Satuma: promoted to Lieutenant JG
Ensign Tergin: promoted to Lieutenant and first officer

Awards received

Distinguished Service Medals: Commander Asa Garn and Lieutenant-Commander Kieran Joram
Wounded Lion: Lieutenant Cyrix Brakos

Terraformers Award: Geoffrey Winder
Wingman Awards: Peter Miller and Adam West

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