The Cocoon is an expanse of space surrounded by a dense impenetrable mixture of space debris, dark matter and nebulae known as The Veil. The Cocoon's outer wall has been well charted and extends into the Alpha Quadrant beyond Bajor. For centuries however, its interior remained unexplored. In 2397 the USS Newton discovered a way through the Veil at a small opening. This opening, known as The Portal, exists as the only known way in or out of the Cocoon and is the Cocoon Fleet's only access to the outside.

Although Starfleet has been in the Cocoon for over a decade, much of it still remains unexplored; it hosts an unusually high number of class-M planets and a wide variety of native alien lifeforms. The Cocoon Fleet serves the Federation's interests in the region as well as providing protection and Starfleet assistance to the few member worlds that have joined the Federation since the Cocoon Fleet began its exploration of this isolated frontier. The Cocoon Fleet currently comprises several starships and starbases as it continues to "go where no person has gone before".


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