The Bolians are a humanoid species from the planet Bolarus IX. They are members of the United Federation of Planets.

General description

Bolians are bald and blue skinned with a vertical ridge running ventral and dorsal. Their homeworld is Bolarus IX, a member planet of the United Federation of Planets.


Bolians have appeared in a number of Star Trek episodes:

  • Captain Rixx of the USS THOMAS PAINE in 'Conspiracy' (1st season TNG)
  • Cadet Minena Haro in 'Allegiance' (the episode where Picard and three other 'specimens' were abducted (she turned out not to be a Bolian, actually))
  • Mr. Mot, the recurring barber on TNG
  • tactical officer on the SARATOGA in 'Emissary' (the DS9 premiere)
  • Ambassador Vadosia in 'The Forsaken' (DS9)
  • several extras, including an appearance in 'Time's Arrow' (Mark Twain sees one on the ENTERPRISE and refers to him as 'that blue fellow') and, most recently, in the galley of VOYAGER in 'Caretaker'


I extrapolate this from the few speaking appearances of Bolians I have noted.

Bolians seem outgoing, affable, and, apparently, love to give advice. This can take the form of good-natured suggestions to patronizing busy-bodiness.

I suspect that Bolians have fewer social barriers than most races and tend to have a limited sense of private and public space. They would tend to be very social and would tend towards the 'soft' sciences - Sociology, Psychology, etc.

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