Betazoids are a humanoid species native to the planet Betazed. Betazed is a member of the United Federation of Planets. Physically, Betazoids are similar to humans. Distinguishing characteristics of Betazoids are their almost completely black eyes and usually, dark curly hair.

Betazoids are telepathic and empathic. Full Betazoids can read the thoughts and emotions of other Betazoids and other races. Ferengi, Breen, and Doptherian minds, due to the construction of their four-lobed brains, are immune to Betazoid telepathic and empathic abilities. Half-Betazoids are usually telepathic with full Betazoids, and empathic among other races. The Betazoid REM frequency is different from most humanoids. By nature, Betazoids are non-violent.

Most Betazoids develop their telepathic abilities in adolescence. The few individuals with their telepathic abilities active from birth generally lack the ability to shield thier minds from the thoughts of others. This usually results in extreme irritability or, in extreme cases, insanity if therapy is not provided.

Betazoid women are not considered "mature" until they have reached the age equivelent of 40 Earth years. Sometime thereafter, they enter "the phase," marked by a temporary quadrupling of their sex drive. Betazoid children are sometimes promised to each other for marriage by their parents, but the obligation to follow through is not rigid. The Betazoid wedding ceremony is traditionally conducted in the nude. The Betazoid gestational period is 10 months.

Betazoids are generally uncomfortable around those whose minds they cannot read. Also, they tend to prefer small creatures as the minds of larger animals can be somewhat frightening. Betazoids are completely honest, sometimes to the discomfort of those around them. They never think twice about speaking their mind.

"Imzadi" is the Betazoid word for "beloved."

Betazed is well-known for its diplomatic delegations. Betazed participated in a diplomactic conference on the planet Pacifica (TNG Stardate 42859.2). The biennial Trade Agreements Conference held on Betazed in 2366 (TNG Stardate 43930.7) was disrupted by an uninvited Ferengi delegation and the abduction of some of its participants.

Betazed, homeworld to Betazoids, is a Class-M planet. Several active arachaeological sites exist on Betazed. These sites are closely guarded. Betazed is considered one of the most beautiful worlds in the Federation.

========== CURRENT HWF RULING ==========

In an effort to enhance game play, current HWF rules do not allow for characters with full telepathic abilites. Empathic characters are allowed, as are characters with tacticle (touch) telepathy. It is acceptable for Betazoids to be telepathic among other Betazoids only. How or why your Betazoid character is not fully telepathic could form a significant part of the character's background.

[Drawn from information in "The Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Reference Guide to the Future," "Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future," and "Star Trek Universe" data cards. All of these sources are sanctioned by Paramount Pictures Corp. For more information on the HWF ruling, please contact the Fleet Adminstration.]

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