An android is an advanced form of robot, equipped with a self-aware artificial intelligence and made with the purpose to imitate humanoid lifeforms in at least rudimentary physical form.

Androids began replacing other forms of robots in the late 22nd century when it became clear that a more lifelike appearance was needed for successful interactions with humanoids. The biggest challenge that androids continually had was their inability to fit seamlessly into society.

Androids were generally used for tasks that humanoids found either dangerous or tedious such as trash collection or cleaning up hazardous materials. Androids were generally many times stronger than the people who built them and therefore were much better able to survive in poor environmental conditions. This ability made them very useful to their creators but also made them more likely to be destroyed, an issue that Federation ethicists debated for some time.

The first truly successful android in the Federation was the Soong-type android Lieutenant Commander Data of the USS Enterprise-D. His eventual growth beyond his original programming created renewed interest in the field of humanoid robotics.

Non-Federation androids


Centuries ago an android race of servants was created on the planet Exo III. Over time, the people of Exo III attempted to deactivate the androids, out of fear. These people, called the "Old Ones", were unsuccessful and were killed by the androids.

Much later, in 2266, Dr. Roger Korby discovered the remains of the android technology. Korby found a way to transfer his consciousness into an android body. The transfer was successful and Dr. Korby lived until the android body was destroyed.

The Makers

A group of beings from the Andromeda Galaxy, called "the Makers", populated an outpost in the Milky Way with androids. Around 2267, Harry Mudd landed on this planet and was adopted by the android population as "Lord Mudd". They subsequently named the planet Mudd. The only wish they refused to grant Mudd was his freedom. It is unknown what happened to Mudd and this race of androids after the USS Enterprise left the planet.

Rayna Kapec

In 2239, the planet Holberg 917G was purchased by a Human named Flint. Flint was an extraordinary Human being, nearly immortal. He was born in 3834 B.C.. In order for him to have companionship that would live as long as him, Flint created an android woman named Rayna Kapec.

Rayna fell in love with Captain James Kirk, but then, seeing that she was hurting Flint, she died. Soon after, Flint discovered that he was dying also.

Soong-type androids

Dr. Noonien Soong was a brilliant cyberneticist and considered Earth's foremost robotics scientist. His greatest achievement was his creation of a positronic brain. On the Omicron Theta colony, he created the android Lore. Lore was activated around 2336 and had Human emotions. However, the colonists felt threatened by Lore and he was deactivated. Dr. Soong then created Data, who was almost identical to Lore, except he had no emotions.

In 2365, Dr. Bruce Maddox, a noted cyberneticist and student of Dr. Soong's works, attempted to legally force Data into being dismantled. Maddox claimed that Data was Starfleet's property and wished to learn enough about Data's construction to build more Soong-type androids. Judge Advocate General Phillipa Louvois ruled that Data was a sentient being and left Maddox's request up to Data. Although Data refused, he continued to aid Dr. Maddox in other ways.

Androids in the Cocoon Fleet

A number of androids serve in the Cocoon Fleet or have done so in the past. Among them are:

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