The Akkadians are natives of a class-O planet circling a binary star. Adapted to their homeworld's eight seasons per year and isolated land masses, they are capable of flight. Two gas giants in the system periodically align causing the Roche lobes of the suns to overlap. When this occurs, the suns exchange mass in a spectacle easily visible from Akkadia. The planet is encircled by the demolished remains of a moon, giving it a ring also visible from the surface.

Akkadians are a humanoid race with wings and eyes similar to a dragonfly's.


Akkadian history is filled with legends and myths. One which explains the binary mass exchange is particularly colorful:

'Once there were two lovers who were so perfect together, so well suited, and so in love that they burned with a brightness that made the gods jealous of them. Finally, in their anger the gods took the lovers and fixed them in the sky set apart from each other. They could not touch but only see each other. Dancing around each other, though, their love burned even brighter. One goddess finally took pity on the lovers, but she could not undo what had been done completely. She instead decreed that when the lock and key aligned the two lovers could finally touch.'


Akkadians, being a flight capable species, have a very high metabolism and must consume a relatively large number of calories per day to maintain their health. With a diet primarily composed of fruit, Akkadians are partial hematophages to compensate for the lack of protein. Without much terrestrial fauna on their world, the blood is normally collected from aquatic animals. Mildly claustrophobic as well, this race needs space to stretch their wings both literally and figuratively.

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