Academy Theses

This is an accounting of all Academy Theses published by individuals serving in the Cocoon Fleet.


"Warp Bubble Clusters in Null Time Singularities" by Rodger Fitzpatrick, REJECTED by the Vulcan Science Academy. It suggests that the re-routing of plasma 'would not over-load the core but instead lead to a shift in the universal constants'. This shift was proposed by the Fergun Theory, which itself has never been proven.


"Increased Healing Due to Psychosomatic Assistance" by Rodger Fitzpatrick,ACCEPTED by Starfleet Academy. It suggests using a Vulcan Mind-Meld as an alternate Medical Therapy, but taking some of the pain from a patient and decreasing the sareptin levels.




"Variables of Naturally Occurring Electromagnetic Energy Fields" by Paul Astar, ACCEPTED by Starfleet Academy. A method for allowing the helm and navigation control to function properly when encountering an area of increased electromagnetic energy was developed using this thesis.



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