A Romulan Murder Mystery and More...

A Romulan Murder Mystery and More… was a mission carried out by Deep Space 101 between stardates 10.0102 and 10.0201.

Mission summary

The inquiry into the murder of the Romulan who was disguised at the Vulcan T'Lek continued with a formal board of inquiry, made of Lt.Cmdr Hogan and former admiral Nixxa, sitting in a room on the mall level near security central. There were 4 suspects, Taavek (DS 101 FO), Kelen (Curie CEO), Kalayah (Curie CNS), and Rissa (owner of Club 101). Two of the 4 suspects (Kalayah and Taavek) were questioned thus far and then released, Taavek after spending a night in the brig. The question is, what is the connection between the murder of T'Lek and the framing of Rissa? Taavek asserts that if we answer that, we have found the murderer.

During the murder investigation, the FO of the CURIE crew has a post traumatic stress syndrom flashback in the arboretum upon hearing the waterfall there. Only Kelen, who had rescued her from the raging river on an away mission, was able to bring her out of the catotonic state.

A bio engineered virus was found to be aboard the station, which was airborn but had a short life of 2 hours in the air and an incubation period of 1 hour in the host before symptoms were evident. Dr. Dionysus found that radiation could destroy it, but could be deadly to children. Lt(jg) Bel found large concentrations of the airborn virus and devised a method of containing it. After Capt. Alyza ordered general quarters for 2 hours, the airborn virus was eliminated, and the 5 people who developed symptoms were likewise irradiated as were their quarters. The virus contained, visiting starships need only worry about the continued lock-down of the station due to the murder of T'Lek.

The virus that was on DS 101 was brought under control through the combined effort of DS 101's CMO and Ops officer, with some help from second shift science officer Barak. Dr. Dionysus found that the virus had been engineered by a Klingon and the search began for the one responsible. Lt. Bel located a probably suspect just before the end of the lockdown.

Capt Alyza had another run-in with the Bajoran Vedek, but made it clear to him that she had duties to perform. After the Vedek left, Taavek, who had just been released from the brig, filled Capt Alyza's mind with images of what was going on in the murder investigation with a single touch. He did this to show her that he did indeed trust her.

Cmdr Hogan detected a phaser being fired in one of the cargo bays and put the person under arrest. It turned out to be Rissa's former owner, who was in cahoots with former Admiral Nixxa in the murder of T'Lex.

Once the murderer was found, the lockdown ended and the Heracles could begin both shore leave, and patching things up with the Hetgarot for the prior beaming in of the Dergrad ambasidorial staff into the Shagrira's own bathroom.

A trader in antique weapons arrived on the station and the CEO went to aid in accessing the old CURIE's computer core.

Ens. Dionysus, CMO of DS 101 was promoted to Lt(jg).

The big office in the console room was finally finished being remodeled. Capt Alyza will be moving in and the makeshift office torn down as soon as those things that need to be moved are move to the remodeled office.

Rissa, after some hesitation, accepted Zack Hogan's proposal of marriage, a question he had put off when she had left to rescue Zahn Z'Dark of the CURIE.

Alyza, her sister Kari, and Taavek met for a lunch of Bajoran tuwili pie, joined soon by Bel Shaane. Vedek Hylan decided to show up also, trying to get Kari to let the Prophet's guide her. Tink poped up to voice her opinion that Kari should decide for herself. Taavek agreed and said so. Kari quoted a Bajoran proverb to the persistent Vedek. The Vedek eventually left disappointed.

Two new civilians wanting to open shops arrived on the station and made appointments to see Lt. Bel about renting space in the Mall.

The Bajoran antique arms dealer, Lita, is also aboard the station and using Mall space without permission. She is very interested in Dionysus and the civilian Kronus Furlong because of the antique weapons they have.

Security is looking for an escaped, cosmetically altered Klingon female who was responsible for the recent virus outbreak on the station. She managed to somehow blow her holding cell up from within. While there is no lockdown on the station, shields are up and thus no one can beam onto or off the station. Security is checking all who enter and leave the station via docks or shuttles.

The USS HERACLES began shoreleave on the station after apologizing to the Hetgarot. They have been spending their time in Club 101.

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