A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste was a mission carried out by Deep Space 101 between stardates 9.1223 and 9.1230.

Senior staff

Captain Alyza
Lieutenant Taavek
Lieutenant Zachary Hogan
Lieutenant Junior Grade Bel Shaane
Lieutenant Commander Tinkerbell
Ensign Jake Edwards
Ensign Dionysus
Chief Petty Officer First Class Romana Stewart

Mission summary

written by Kevin Thigpen

While the HIKARU and most of the senior staff was on an away mission gathering raw materials to solve the station's shortage crisis, a medium built, handsome man arrived on the station. His calm, comforting demeanor soothed even the meanest person. The man's name was Roland Broan, leader of a fanatical cult known as the Ra'beam. His ship the PARADISE was packed with followers willing to do whatever he commanded…instantly.

Soon Roland began 'recruiting' certain junior personnel on DS 101, a weapons specialist, a customs officer….and so forth. It didn't take long for the station's ACSO to discover something strange about the Broan. Investigating for herself, and nearly falling victim to Broan's 'recruitment style', Velez and Alyza realized that Broan was using his amazing telepathic powers to mentally invade people's minds and force them to become his followers.

A background check revealed that Broan studied under the famous Tiban Monk, one of the most reknowned telepaths in the known galaxy. It also became evident to Captain Alyza that Broan's plans for DS 101, were far from noble. Immediately she recalled the HIKARU and her senior staff to deal with Roland Broan and his growing group of followers on the station.

Captain Alyza contacted the only other known student of Tiban Monk's, a Lt(jg) Caleb Wills, an FCO aboard the USS CURIE-A. Meanwhile, Broan continued 'recruiting' people on DS 101.

The HIKARU returned, shooting erupted and the PARADISE, one of the cult ships, was heavily damaged as a result. Angered, as Broan, had yet done anything illegal that could hold up in a Federation court, he requested a meeting with Captain Alyza.

Alyza quicky remodeled her office to allow Hogan and her mate to view the meeting with Broan, to ensure that if she were coopted, her officers would know.

Taavek made 'other' preparations to stop Broan. Lt(jg) Shaane became coopted by Broan and one of his followers. Alyza used her intense mental discipline to strengthen Hogan's own mind in preparation of her meeting with Broan.

The meeting with Roland went as anticipated. He attempted to influence Alyza's mind, but met with considerable resistance, and lost interest in his attempts to coopt. Broan figured that he could far more easily coopt the other station personnel, following which Alyza would become useless to him anyway.

Meanwhile, the CURIE-A arrived, and Lt(jg) Wills confronted Broan and the two engaged in a test of wills, mental combat. Wills defeated Broan in the test of wills. Enraged that he was bested, Broan attempted to kill Wills using an energy weapon, but Broan was shot by Lt. Hogan, ending the maniac's attempt to seize control of DS 101.

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