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HOLOWORLD FLEET is a Play-By-Email roleplaying game based around the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe. The club has been in existence since 1996 and remains one of the longest continuously running Star Trek roleplaying organizations, including some of the oldest PBeM units on the internet. Set in the early 25th century (approximately 50 years after the end of TNG), HWF is a literature-based game of collective storytelling where the players roleplay through writing the lives and adventures of characters serving in Starfleet.

SB Omega is the headquarters of Cocoon Fleet

Like all wiki sites, this is a work in progress. We hope it will serve both as a historical archive for a role playing experience that has spanned over a decade, as well as a useful tool for the current players. We encourage all players to participate in keeping the wiki up to date.
~HWF Historians

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